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Manuel F. Cohen, Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission;

accompanied by Philip A. Loomis, Jr., General Counsel..

TUESDAY, August 1

Francis S. Williams, chairman, board of governors, Investment Company

Institute; Joseph E. Welch, member, executive committee and chairman

of Federal Legislative Committee; John E. Haire, chairman, SEC rules

committee; Robert L. Augenblick, president, Investment Company

Institute; accompanied by: Robert J. Fahey, Arthur D. Little Inc.;

Jesse Markham, professor of economics, Princeton University; Ralph

E. Demmler, attorney -

Father Gervase J. Soukup, O.S.B., professor of economics, St. John's

University, Collegeville, Minn..


Prof. Paul A. Samuelson, institute professor, Massachusetts Institute of


Cornelius Roach, chairman, Association of Mutual Fund Plan Sponsors,

Inc.; accompanied by J. Edward Day, former Postmaster General of

the United States; John D. Case, president, First Investors Corp.;

John H. Kostmayer, vice president, First Investors Corp.; and Raymond

Grant, executive vice president, Investors Planning Corp. of America..


Robert M. Gardiner, chairman, Board of Governors, National Association

of Securities Dealers; accompanied by Robert L. Cody, chairman,

Investment Companies Committee; s. 'Whitney Bradley, governor-at-

large; Ray Moulden, director, Investment Companies Department;

James Ratzlaff, secretary, Investment Companies Committee; Lloyd

Derrickson, general counsel; and Ralph Burgess, chief economist-

H. Lawrence Bogert, president, Investment Bankers Association; ac-

companied by Donald T. Regan, vice president for governmental rela-

tions; Gordon L. Calvert, executive director and general counsel;

Rucker Agee, member, board of governors; W. Bruce McConnel, Jr.,

chairman, Federal Securities Acts Committee; and Franklin R. Johnson,

chairman, Investment Companies Committee.

James E. Day, president, Midwest Stock Exchange; accompanied by

Scott Davis, chairman of the board; Frank Rothing, senior vice presi-

dent; John G. Weithers, vice president and secretary of the Midwest

Stock Exchange; and Joseph N. Morency, Jr., legal counsel, Midwest

Stock Exchange and partner of the firm of Spray, Price, Hough &


Frederick Moss, president, Boston Stock Exchange.

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