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which others have not found before you: nothing which you may not easily withstand and overcome. Remember, that there is One who sees and approves your conduct; who in due time will roll away every reproach from His believing people, and will put to shame those who now oppose and revile them. Be not then weary in well-doing. Regard not the sneers and reproaches of ungodly persons.

Behave to them with meekness and kindness. Overcome their evil with good. Wait for them.

The time perhaps will come when they will think and feel differently. The same grace which has been sufficient to turn and dispose your heart to love the Lord Jesus Christ, is sufficient to turn and dispose theirs also. Pray then for them. Pray that the Lord will take away their selfish covetous natures, and will give to them a new nature, even making them new creatures in Christ Jesus. And pray also for yourselves. Pray that you may be guided, and strengthened, and prospered in every good work. Undertake nothing without imploring the Divine blessing on your work. Bear in mind that “one may sow, and another may water, but that it is God alone who giveth the increase.” See that you are yourselves indeed the servants of Jesus Christ. See that whatever you do, you do it in simplicity and sincerity before Him, in faith on His sacrifice

for sin, in dependence on His spirit, in love of His name and person, with a view to his honour and glory. Let Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom. Strive to approve yourselves in every thing to Him, to whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid.' Let Him be able


you, “ They love much.” do what they can.”

And then, though you may not indeed be honoured on earth, and stand exalted in the notice of your fellowcreatures; yet the memorial of and love wit be recorded on high, and your name will be written in the Book of Life.

to say

“ They

your faith



John, vi. 37. And him that cometh to me, I will in no wise

cast out.

In preaching the Gospel, two dangers are to be avoided. The hearts of the righteous are not to be made sad, whom the Lord hath not made sad; while the unsound professor of religion is not to be encouraged in his errors and vain confidence. The truths and promises of Scripture are to be so explained and enforced, that on the one hand the poor

in spirit are to be supported and comforted; and on the other hand, the presumptuous and the ungodly are to be exposed and checked.

This remark is of considerable importance, and must especially be kept in view in any attempt to explain the passage in the text. May we be directed to a right and profitable use of it; and may the Lord bless the dis

cussion of it, to the comfort of those who are
his people, and to the conviction of those
who are not ! -" Him that cometh to me, I
will in no wise cast out." These were the
precious words of Christ Himself, and are
full of grace and truth. We may consider
them as containing two things,
I. A Duty,

“ Him that cometh to me."
II. A Promise, “ I will in no wise cast him


Let us attend to them in order.
I. The Duty. 66 Him that cometh to me.”

I call this a Duty, not because it is here expressly stated to be one, but because it is really and virtually so. To “come to Christ” is an act which every man to whom the Gospel is preached, is invited to perform. But it is not an act which he is at liberty to leave unperformed, without contracting the deepest guilt . It is at every man's peril

, if he comes not to Jesus Christ'; for in fact the whole Gospel is one great command, enforced by a variety of motives and arguments, to come to Him; and woe be unto those that come not! I have made this statement to shew in what sense and on what grounds I call the act here presented a Duty.

Let us now see more distinctly what the Duty is; what the coming to Christ means and implies. It is an expression which frequently recurs in Scripture, and therefore



needs to be frequently explained. It is a very important expression, involving, as we have seen, a most momentous Duty, and therefore cannot be too clearly understood. If you are all bound, at the peril of your soul, to come to Jesus Christ, that is a sufficient reason why not one of you should

be ignorant of what is meant by coming to Him.

I need hardly remind you, that coming to Jesus Christ does not a personal coming to Him ; a coming into his presence. To come thus to Him, is now impossible, for Christ is in heaven, whither we cannot personally go: and consequently this cannot be a Duty enjoined on us. Neither does this expression mean the mere coming to Him in His house, and in His ordinances. For though it be true that Christ is in a peculiar manner present in His house and in His ordinances; and therefore to come to them might be said to come into His presence; yet we must remember that this presence is only a spiritual presence, and consequently merely to bring our bodies to His house, and to bow them in prayer, is no real coming to Him. The coming here intended is a spiritual coming. It is coming to Him with the heart. It is to draw near to Him inwardly with the soul, with spiritual desires and affections, in faith and humility, in hope and trust. It is cordially and sincerely to close with Him

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