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L A N S D 0 W N E’S P O E M S.


Of antique stock her high defcent nie hrings, EARL OF PETERBOROUGH,

Born to renew the race of Britain's Kings ;

Who could deferve, like her, in whom we see On bis bappy Accomplishment of the Marriage between United, all that Paris found in three.

bis Royal Highness and ibe Princess Mary d'Efe, O equal Pair ! when both were set above of Modera. Written several years after, in imita- All other merit, but each other's love. tion of obe Style of Mr. Waller.

Wcicome, bright Princess, to Great Britain's shore, in

As Berecynthia to high Heaven, who bore

That shining race of Goddesses and Gods So Fate ordains, that all our hopes may be,

That fill'd the skies, and rul'd the blest abodes : And all our prospect, gallant York, in thee.

From thee, my muse expects as noble Themes, By the same with aspiring Queens are led,

Another Mars and Jove, another James ; Each languishing to mount his royal bed ;

Our future hopes, all from thy womb arise ; His youth, his wisdom, and his early fame

Our present joy and safety, from your eyes, Create in every breast a rival fame :

Those charming eyes, which shine to reconcile Remnet Kings fit trembling on their thrones,

To harmony and peace, our stubborn Ine. As if no distance could secure their crowns ;

On brazen Memnon, Phebus casts a ray, Fearing his valour, wisely they contend

And the tough metal, so salutes the dıy. To bribe with beauty lo renown'd a friend ;

The British Dame, fam'd for refiftlefs grace, Beauty the price, there need no other arts,

Contends not now, but for the second place, Love is the sureft bait for heroes hearts :

Our love suspended, we neglect the fair Nor can the Fair conceal as high concern,

For whom we burn'd, to gaze adoring here. To see the Prince, for whom, unseen, they burn.

So sing the syrens with enchanting sound, Brave York, attending to the general voice,

Enticing all to listen and be drown'd; At length resolves to make the withd-for choice,

Till Orphous ravish'd in a nobler strain, To poble Mordaunt, generous and just,

They ccasid to fing, or, finging, charm'd in vain. Of his great heart, he gives the facred trust :

This bleft alliance, Peterborough, may “ Thy choice, said hc, fhall well direct that heart,

Th’indebred Nation bounteously repay « Where thou, my best belov'd, haft such a part, Thy ftatues, for the Genius of our land, « In council oft, and oft in battle try'd,

With palm adorn'd, on every threshold stand. " Betwixt thy master, and the world decide."

-Utinam modo dicere i firm The chosen Mercury prepares t' obey

Carmina digna Dea : Cerie of Dea carmine digna. This high command. Gently ye winds convey And with auspicious gales his fafety wait, On whom depend Great Britain's hopes and fate. So Jason with his Argonauts, from Greece To Cholcos fail'd, to seck the Golden Fieece. Spoken by the Author, being then not twelve years of As when the Goddeftes came down of old

Age, to her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, On Ida's hill, s many ages told,

at Trinity College in Cambridge. With gifis their young Dardanian Judge they try'd, And cach bade high to win him to her fide;

Great, So tempt they him, and emulousy vie

Descend to view the Muses humble reat, To bribe a voice that empires would not buy ; Though in me olives, they their vait joys declare, With balls and banquets, his pieas d sense they bait, Yet for Sincerity and 'i ruth, they dare And Queens and Kings upon his pleasures wcit. With your own Tasso's mighty self compare.

Th'impartial Judge surveys with vast delight Then, bright and merciful as Heav'n, receive All that the fun surrounds of fair and brigbt,

From them such praises, as to Heav'n they give, Then, frictly just, he with adoring eyes,

Their praites for that gentle influence, To radiant Efte gives the royal prize,

Which chote auspicious lights, your eyes, dispense ; Vol. V.



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WHEN järed in one, the Good, the Fair, the

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