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The roll of graduates carries the names of the Rev. Dr. Edward Robinson, Ex. U. S. Senator David Jewitt Baker, Hon. Charles P. Kirkland, Hon. Gerrit Smith, the Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Taylor, first President of Madison University, Hamilton, N. Y., the Rev Albert Barnes, Prof. Charles Avery, Judge W. J. Bacon of the Supreme Court, Dr. Samuel B. Woolworth, Secretary of the Board of University Regents, Vice-Chancellor Geo. W. Clinton, the Rev. Dr. Asa Mahan, Ex-President of Oberlin College, the Rev. Dr. Augustus W. Smith, Ex-President of Wesleyen University, the Rev. Dr. Daniel D. Whedon, Dr. A. C. Kendrick, Professor of Greek in Rochester University, and Member of the American Committee for the Revision of the New Testament, United States Senator Henry B. Payne, Hon. A. P. Willard, Ex-Gov. of Indiana, Dr. John N. Pomeroy, the well known jurist and legal author, whose portrait the University of New York has just hung on her walls, and to whose memory the University of California has erected a statue, Dr. William Hague, Dr. Oren Root, Dr. Theo. W. Dwight, of the Columbia College Law School, Dr. Edward North, the Rev. Dr. Anson J. Upson, Professor in Auburn Theol. Seminary, the Rev. Dr. James Eells, Professor in Theol. Seminary, San Francisco, and in Lane Theol. Seminary, the Rev. Dr. Thos. S. Hastings, President of Union Theol. Seminary, N. Y. City, Ex. U. S. Senator Daniel D. Pratt, U. S. Senator Joseph R. Hawley, Dr. Edward Orton, Ex. Pres. of Antioch College and of Ohio State University, and State Geologist, the Rev. Dr. Joel Parker, the Rev. Dr. Alex. McLean, Sec. American Bible Society, the Rev. Dr. Frank F. Ellinwood, Sec. Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, the Rev. Dr. Henry Kendall, Secretary Presbyterian Board of Home Missions, the Rev. Dr. Herrick Johnson of the Presbyterian Board of Aid for Colleges, the Rev. Dr. Henry A. Nelson, Editor of "The Church at Home and Abroad," the official organ of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, the Rev. Dr. Arthur T. Pierson, Joint-Editor of the "The Missionary Review," the Rt. Rev. Dr. Theo. B. Lyman, Bishop of North Carolina, the Rev. Dr. Wm. E. Knox, Dr. D. H. Cochran, President of Brooklyn Polytechnic, Dr. Isaac H. Hall, the scholar and antiquarian, Dr. Edwin C. Litchfield, who endowed the Litchfield Observatory, Hamilton College, Dr. John A. Paine, Dr. W. C.

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Winslow, the Egyptologist, Hon. G. W. Scofield, Judge of the Court of Claims at Washington, and President of the Washington Hamilton Alumni Association, Brigadier General John Cochrane, Charles Dudley Warner, Hon. John Jay Knox, Ex-Comptroller of the United States Currency, Hon. Abram B. Weaver, Hon. Chan Laisun, Chinese Commissioner of Education, Professors D. W. Fiske, S. G. Williams, Francis M. Burdick, Geo. Prentice Bristol, Brainard G. Smith, (Chair of Journalism,) and Dr. A. C. White of the Cornell University Faculty, Dr. Henry A. Frink of the Amherst College Faculty, Prof. Chas. A. Borst of Johns Hopkins University, Prof. Jermain G. Porter, Director of Observatory at Cincinnati, Ohio, Professors Kelsey, Hopkins, Root, Brandt, Hoyt, Evans, and Scollard of the Hamilton College Faculty, the late John Jay Lewis of the Madison University Faculty, the Rev. Dr. Charles E. Knox, President of the German Theol. Seminary, Newark, New Jersey, the Rev. Dr. Willis J. Beecher, Professor of Hebrew in Auburn Theol. Seminary, Professor Charles K. Hoyt of Wells College, Dr. Adelbert J. Schlager, Professor of Hebrew in the German Theol. Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa, the Rev Dr. Wm. A. Bartlett, Washington D. C., Hon. Elihu Root, Ex-United States Attorney, New York City, Hon. R. A. Elmer, Ex-Second Assistant Postmaster-General, Judge Charles H. Truax, Ex-Pres. N. Y. Association of Hamilton Alumni, Judge Alfred C. Coxe, the Rev. Dr. J. H. Ecob of Albany, the Rev. Dr. Rufus S. Green, President of the Buffalo Hamilton College Alumni Association, the Rev. Dr. David R. Breed, President of Western Association of Hamilton Alumni, the Rev. M. Woolsey Stryker, and the Rev. Charles F. Goss of the Chicago pulpit, the Rev. Dr. George William Knox, Professor in Imperial University, Tokyo, Japan, the Rev. Dr. Edward C. Ray of Topeka, Kansas, the Rev. Dr. Wm. N. Page, Ex-President of the Mid-Continent Association of Hamilton Alumni, the Rev. Dr. Robert L. Bachman of Utica, A. H. Eaton, M. D., Prof. Henry B. Millard, M. D., Seldon H. Talcott, M. D., Chief of Corps of Physicians, Middletown State Asylum, A. Nor ton Brockway, M. D., Trustee of Hamilton College, Emmons Clark, Col. of 7th Reg., N. Y. City, Hon. Horatio C. Burchard, Ex-Superintendent of U. S. Mint at Philadelphia, Hon. Wm. J. Wallace, LL. D., Judge U. S. Circuit Court, N. Y. State, Judge Joseph S. Bosworth, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, N. Y. City, Hon. Milton H. Merwin, Judge of New York State Supreme Court,

Hon. William H. H. Miller, United States Attorney-General, Hon. Willard A. Cobb, Regent of the University and editor of the Lockport Daily Journal, Milton H. Northrup, of the Syracuse Courier, S. N. D. North, formerly of the Albany Express, now editor of the Quarterly Bulletin of the National Association of Wool Growers, Chester S. Lord, managing editor of the New York Sun, E. M. Rewey, also of the New York Sun, A. L. Blair, of the Troy Daily Times, Henry C. Maine, of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, George E. Durham, editor-in-chief of the Utica Press, and Hon. Fred. Dick, State Superintendent of Public Schools, Colorado. Many other honored names are recorded in the Catalogue of Hamilton graduates.

The College also has a long roll of honor, luminous with the names of patriot scholars, "History's graduates." The wealthy American, who will erect on College Hill a monument to the memory of these heroes, who laid down their pens to grasp swords and do battle for native land, will honor himself while honoring them. Hamilton furnished to the army 110 officers, 14 Chaplains, 9 Surgeons, and 41 private soldiers—174 in all.

The scholarship and services of the College have been recog nized by other learned bodies. One turning the pages of the Catalogus Collegii Hamiltonensis reads the names of many colleges which have titled Hamilton Alumni. Among them the University of Halle, Germany, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, Amherst, Brown, Rutgers, Union, Madison, Lafayette, Marietta, New York University, Wabash, University of Vermont, Dartmouth, Bowdoin, University of Wooster, Williams and Knox. With pardonable pride the Editor of the Alumniana in the Hamilton Literary Monthly writes at the head of his department, "Quae regio in terris nostri non plena laboris?"

An institution of learning which has graduated so many eminent men and in which, to-day, New England, the Middle, Southern, and Western States and foreign countries are represented by under-graduates, commands attention. Its history must interest all who are of a studious habit. An American scholar, who had been listening to the chronicles of Hamilton College said, "Surely the history of an institution of learning is a source of a part of its For this reason many prefer influence upon the students." college with the ivy on it." The vine of history creeps over the old college at Clinton. ›



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