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This SUPPLEMENT comprises many hundreds of additional Memoirs of persons of eminence,

which were of necessity-owing to the price and limits of the ENGLISH CYCLOPÆDIA—omitted in

the Original Edition. Memoirs of Living Persons, of historical importance, who have attained

distinction since, have also been freely introduced; as well as Supplementary Notices of those

who were included in the Cyclopædia as Living Persons, but who have since passed away.

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The abbreviations E.C. and E.C.S. signify the English Cyclopædia and the English Cyclopedia Supplement.

The asterisk * prefixed to the name indicates that the subject of the memoir is still living.

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A A, CHRISTIAAN KAREL HENDRIK VAN DER, an )ential treatise, entitled, “ De Privilegiis Creditorum CommenA eminent divine of the Lutheran Church at Haarlem, was tarium,' Antwerpiæ ; apud Johannem Bellerum, 1560, 8vo. The born on the 25th August, 1718, at Zwolle, of which town his principal topics discussed in this work are,– The Origin and father was an assistant minister. He studied theology succes- general Doctrine of Privileges ; what Creditors are privileged ; sively at Leyden and Jena ; in 1739, was called to the pastorate Forms of Procedure, by which Creditors can claim their Rights; of the Lutheran Church at Alkmaar, and three years after to what Heirs are liable to the Creditors of a Person deceased. that of Haarlem. Here he remained until his death, which In the year 1562, Van der Aa succeeded John Ramus as Profestook place in the night between the 22nd and 23rd September, sor of the Institutes in the University of Louvain. He was ap1793. In the previous year, 1792, he had celebrated the jubilee pointed assessor to the Supreme Court of Brabant at Mechlin, in or fiftieth anniversary of his ministry at Haarlem, in com- 1565 ; and in 1574 was promoted to an office which he held till memoration of which festival a silver medal was struck by his death twenty years after, the Presidency of the High Court J. G. Holtzhey, an artist of reputation. His portrait, engraved of Justice in Luxembourg. He does not appear to have interested by Vrijdag, is given in Chalmot's · Biographisch Woordenboek himself greatly in the politics of his age and country. His life der Nederlanden. His motto,“ God is Love," was the constant was rather practical and professional; and, with the exception rule of his pastoral conduct, and the motive of a system of of the three years during which he lectured on the Institutes divinity which had the characteristic of liberality. As a preacher at Louvain, he was occupied in the discharge of his judicial he had a distinguished reputation. His chief claims to general functions. consideration rest, however, on his connection with the Scientific AA, PIETER VAN DER, was a distinguished geographer Society, Hollandsche Maatschappij van Wetenschappen,' which and bookseller of Leyden, where he commenced business about he largely contributed to establish at Haarlem, in 1752. He the year 1682. Of his death nothing is known more precisely continued, to the time of his death, one of the most zealous and than that it took place some time between the years 1729 and enlightened secretaries of this Society, to the Transactions of 1735. It is probable that he was the grandfather of the which he contributed several articles in Natural History; and in Lutheran pastor and savant, Chr. K. H. Van der Aa, noticed which he was mainly instrumental in instituting, in 1778, a above. Among the works published by Pieter Van der Aa are separate branch (Deconomischen tak) for the furtherance of the great collection of Gronovius on Greek Antiquities, TheEconomical Science.

saurus Antiquitatum Græcarum,' (Lugd. Bat. 1697,) in thirteen AA, HILDEBRAND VAN DER, a Dutch engraver who volumes; that of Grævius on Roman Antiquities, Thesaurus flourished in the early part of the 18th century. He was the Antiquitatum Romanorum, (Traj. ad Rhen. 1694,) in twelve brother of Pieter Van der Aa, the celebrated bookseller of volumes; that by Grævius and Burmann on the Antiquities and Leyden, noticed below, for whose publications he engraved History of Italy, 'Thesaurus Antiquitatum et Historiarum Italiæ,' numerous plates. Many of these are unsigned, and are coarsely (Ludg. Bat. 1704-23), which consists of nine parts in thirty executed business rather than artistic works. Among the best volumes. He also published a similar work, with a similar title, known plates to which he put his name are the set of twelve by the same editors, on Sicily, in fifteen volumes (Lugd. Bat. portraits of members of the Visconti family; the portrait of 1723-5); and Leclerc's edition of the works of Erasmus, in eleven Archbishop Otho in the Illustrium Virorum Imagines,' and volumes (Lugd. Bat. 1703-6). All these works comprise eightyAdrian Pars' frontispiece to the ‘Index Batavicus,' 1701.

six volumes in folio, of standard books, a number which no pub'AA, PIETER VAN DER, a celebrated jurist, known also lisher before or since has equalled. Towards the close of his under the Latinized form of Petrus Vanderanus, was born at life he published, under the title of the ‘Pleasant Gallery of the Louvain about the year 1530, and died at Luxembourg in 1594. World, La Galérie Agréable du Monde,' (Leide), a work in His parentage is unknown; but it has been claimed for him that sixty-six thin folio volumes, often bound in thirty-three or he was of an ancient family of Brabant, several of whose mem- twenty-two, consisting almost entirely of copper plates, and made bers had been variously distinguished for their position and up in a very inartificial manner from reprints of the embellishpatriotism. His first work, published when the author “had ments scattered through many of his previous publications. He scarcely ceased to be a learner," was called “Prochiron sive was, moreover, the publisher of several works in Dutch, devoted Enchiridion Judiciarium, libris quatuor ; cum ampla et utilis- to an illustration of modern geographical enterprise and travels sima Præfatione de Ordine Judiciario apud Veteres usitato,' in various parts of the world. The works of Van der Aa are Lovanii: typis Steph. Valerii, 1558, 8vo. Van der Aa took his now rather remarkable for their voluminousness, than trusted degree as Utriusque Juris Doctor on the 3rd of October, 1559; for their accuracy. and the next year published his small but suggestive and influ-l ABBADIE, JAMES, D.D., Dean of Killaloe, was a native of


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