Sources and Methods of Foreign Nationals Engaged in Economic and Military Espionage: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, September 15, 2005, Volume 4

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Page 21 - The People's Republic of China is a socialist State under the people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants. The socialist system is the basic system of the People's Republic of China.
Page 58 - Counterintelligence means information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, or assassinations conducted for or on behalf of foreign powers, organizations or persons, or international terrorist activities, but not including personnel, physical, document or communications security programs.
Page 32 - States as may be designated, and the Academy shall, whenever called upon by any department of the Government, investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science or art, the actual expense of such investigations, examinations, experiments, and reports to be paid from appropriations which may be made for the purpose, but the Academy shall receive no compensation whatever for any services to the Government of the United States.
Page 39 - Commission's view, the inadequacies of our systems of research and education pose a greater threat to US national security over the next quarter century than any potential conventional war that we might imagine.
Page 31 - Second only to a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) detonating in an American city, we can think of nothing more dangerous than a failure to manage properly science, technology, and education for the common good over the next quarter of a century".
Page 6 - Wulf is President of the National Academy of Engineering and Vice Chair of the National Research Council, the principal operating arm of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering.
Page 7 - Mr. Chairman. I do have a prepared statement I would like to submit for the record.
Page 32 - I am on leave from the University of Virginia to serve as President of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).
Page 71 - R&D Programme was officially launched by the Chinese government in March 1986, so the China's hi-tech R&D programme is often called "863 Programme". Concentrated on limited targets, seven areas were selected in this programme, which include biotechnology, space technology, information technology, laser technology, automation technology, energy technology and advanced materials. The total budget is 10000 million Chinese dollars (about 1.2 billion US dollars). Advanced computing system is the most...
Page 9 - I would like to submit for the record, if I may, Mr. Chairman, a couple of items.

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