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1. receiving a copy of such report under subsection (a) to 2 supply his name and address and the name of the person or 3 organization, if any, on whose behalf he is requesting such 4 copy and to pay a reasonable fee in any amount which the 5 Comptroller General finds necessary to recover the cost of 6 reproduction or mailing of such report excluding any salary 7 of any employee involved in such reproduction or mailing. 8 The Comptroller General may furnish any copy of such 9 report without charge or at a reduced charge if he deter10 mines that waiver cr reduction of the fee is in the public 11 interest because furnishing the information can be considered 12 as primarily benefiting the public. 13 (c) (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to inspect or 14 obtain a copy of any report

, 15

(A) for any commercial purpose; 16

(B) to determine or establish the credit rating of 17 any individual; or 18

(C) for use directly or indirectly in the solicitation 19 of money for any political, charitable, or other purpose. 20 (2) The Attorney General may bring a civil action 21 in any district court of the United States against any per22 son who inspects or obtains such report for any purpose 23 prohibited in paragraph (1). The court in which such ac24 tion is brought may assess against such individual a penalty 25 in any amount not to exceed $1,000.



(d) Any report received by the Comptroller General

2 shall be held in his custody and made available to the public 3 for a period of five years after receipt by the Comptroller 4 General of such report. After such five-year period, the 5 Comptroller General shall destroy any such report. 6 (e) The House of Representatives, the Senate, the

7 Director of the Administrative Office of the United States

8 Courts, the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, and

9 the head of each agency shall make provisions to assure that 10 each report shall be reviewed in accordance with any law or 11 regulation with respect to conflicts of interest or confidential 12 financial information of officers or employees of the House of 13 Representatives, the Senate, the United States courts or each 14 such agency or in accordance with such rules and regulations 15 as may be prescribed. 16 (f) (1) The Comptroller General shall, under such regu17 lations as he may prescribe, conduct on a random basis audits 18 of approximately 5 per centum of the reports filed with him 19 under section 5 (a) (1). 20 (2) The Comptroller General shall audit during each 21 term of an individual holding the office of President or Vice · 22 President at least one report filed by such individual under 23 section 5 (a) (1) during such term.

(3) The Comptroller General shall, during each six25 year period beginning after the date of enactment of this



1 Act, audit at least one report filed by each Member of the

2 Senate and the House of Representatives during such six

3 year period.

4 (4) (A) In conducting an audit under paragraph (1), 5 (2), or (3), the Comptroller General is authorized to re6 quire by subpena the production of books, papers, and other 7 documents. All such subpenas shall be issued and signed by

8 the Comptroller General.

9 (B) In case of a refusal to comply with a subpena 10 issued under subparagraph (A) 11

(i) the Comptroller General is authorized to seek 12 an order by any district court of the United States hav13 ing jurisdiction of the defendant to require the produc

tion of the documents involved; and



(ü) such district court may issue such order and enforce it by contempt proceedings.




SEC. 8. The Civil Service Commission and the Depart

19 ment of Justice shall each analyze regulations and proce

20 dures presently in effect with regard to financial conflicts 21 of interest among employees of the Federal Government and 22 recommend to the appropriate committees of Congress for

23 their consideration such legislation as may be necessary.

24 Such reports shall be delivered within six months of the

25 enactment of this Act.

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SEC. 9. If any part of this Act is held invalid, the

3 remainder of this Act shall not be affected thereby. If any

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4 provision of any part of this Act, or the application thereof 5 to any person or circumstance, is held invalid, the provisions 6 of other parts and their application to other persons or 7 circumstances shall not be affected thereby.




Sec. 10. There are authorized to be appropriated such 10 sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this

11 Act.



13 Sec. 11. The first report required by this Act shall be 14 due ninety days after the date of the enactment of this

15 Act.



H. R. 6142


APRIL 6, 1977 Mr. KASTENMEIER (for himself, Mr. RAILSBACK, and Mr. FORD of Michigan)

introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

A BILL To require candidates for Federal office, Members of the Con

gress, and officers and employees of the United States to file statements with the Comptroller General with respect to their income and financial transactions.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

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SECTION 1. This Act may be cited as the “Financial

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(1) the term "agency" means cach authority of the Government of the United States;


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