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Educational Works—continued.


A COMPOSITION contained in the “ PRAC. 1 addition of Notes, and also of the Accents and

TICAL GUIDE to the STUDY and GRAMMAR Quantity; with a New Version of all the Latin Rules


Feiling, German Master at the Royal Military and Examples. By T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. 25th Edition, revised and corrected, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

Academy, Woolwich, and the City of London School. cloth lettered. - Also,

1 vol. 12mo. 4s. cloth. EDWARDS'S ETON LATIN ACCI. D. Nutt, 270, Strand; who has also published, by DENCE; with the Stress and Quantities correctly the same Author, marked. l1th Edition, 12mo. ls. cloth lettered. A PRACTICAL GUIDE to the STUDY

EDWARDS'S LATIN DELECTUS; or, and GRAMMAR of the GERMAN LANGUAGE. First Lessons in Construing, adapted to the Rules of 12mo. 5s. roan. Syntax of the Eton Latin Grammar: with all the

COURSE of GERMAN LITERATURE. Accents and Quantities marked. 10th Edition, 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth lettered.

12mo. 6s. roan.

(132) A KEY to ditto. 4s. cloth.

EDWARDS'S SENTENTIÆ SELECTÆ; MERMAN THEORY and PRACTICE; or, Select Latin Sentences for Progressive Lessons U or, a Progressive, Clear, and Practical Course in Latin Construing : with the quantity of the penult of the German Language (chiefly adapted from Mei. of every word of more than two syllables marked ; dinger's “Grammaire Allemande Pratique"); conbut the quantity of the other syllables, and the taining a Practical Grammar with Exercises, Intro.! accents of the words, are not marked. 4th Edition, duction to Translation, ą Vocabulary, and Explana. 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth lettered.

tory Notes to the Reading Lessons. By J. N. VLIE. A KEY to ditto. 4s. cloth.

LAND, Author of “ French Theory and Practice," Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. (129)

&c. &c. 12mo. 5s. half-bound.

London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.; and Hamil. A NEW GREEK DELECTUS, adapted

ton, Adams, and Co. Norwich : Thomas Priest. A to the Arrangement of the Rev. C. Words.

(133) worth's Grammar; with a Lexicon and Appendix.

MHE CHILD'S GERMAN BOOK. Bv. By the Rev. H. C. Adams, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford ; and late Assistant Master at Win.

1 Ann. 16mo. 3s. neatly bound in cloth. chester College. 1 vol. 12mo. 3s, 6d. cloth.

** The Author of this little book has endeavoured D. Nutt, 270, Strand.

to make the German language an easy plaything. *** A LATIN DELECTUS, by the same Author, | Published by Franz Thimm, German Bookseller, ji is in the press. (130) 88, New Bond Street.



A facilitate the acquirement of the various Changes A Lord Archbishop of Dublin, on the effect which

| in the different Conjugations of Regular and Irregular i his Work, “ Elements of Logic,” has had in retard.

Verbs. For the Use of Beginners. 8vo. 3s. ing the progress of English Metaphysical Philosophy, begun but left imperfect in Locke's Essay. By B. H.

George Bell, 186, Fleet Street. (135) Svart. 8vo. Is.

MERMAN WORD-BOOK: a Comparative By the same Author,

U Vocabulary displaying the close affinity between A COURSE of ENGLISH," in four separate the German and English Languages ; with the Al. but uniform volumes, 12mo. roan, as follows: phabet, Rules, and Examples for a correct Pronun

ciation. By ADOLPHUS BERNAYS, Phil. Doc., Pro. 1. ACCIDENCE of GRAMMAR; MANUAL of fessor of the German Language and Literature in EXERCISES; and KEY. 12mo. 48. bound. Also, King's College, London. 3s. in cloth, each part by itself, Accidence, ls. ; Manual,

By the same Author, 2s. 6d. ; Key, Is.

GERMAN GRAMMAR. 8th Edition, 5s. 2. PRINCIPLES of GRAMMAR, 4s. ; 38. 6d.

GERMAN EXERCISES. 10th Edit. 5s.6d. cloth.


Exercises. 5th Edition, 3s. 3. MANUAL of RHETORIC, and of LOGIC, 4s. 6d. Also, in cloth, each by itself, Rhetoric, 2s. ;

GERMAN READER. 5th Edition, 5s. Logic, 25. 6d.


2d Edition, 5s. 4. The PRACTICE of ELOCUTION; a Series of Exercises for acquiring the several requisites of a

| GERMAN POETICAL ANTHOLOGY. good Delivery ; with an Outline Course of English | 4th

ish 4th Edition, 78. Poetry. 12mo. 5s. bound.


With Introduction and Notes, by Prof. Bernays, of HISTORICO-SHAKSPEARIAN READINGS,

King's College. from the Chronicle and Roman Plays, with connecting SCHILLER'S MAID of ORLEANS. 2s. Memoranda. 12no. 6s. cloth.

SCHILLER’S WILLIAM TELL. 2s. Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. (131) John W. Parker and Son, West Strand. (136)


German Eleinentary Books, Williams and Norgate, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden.

APEL'S GERMAN GRAMMAR AND EXERCISES. Third Edition. A Grammar of the German Language, on Dr. Becker's System, with copious Exercises,

Examples, and Explanations, for the use of Schools and Self-Tuition. By H. Arel, German Master to King Edward's School, Birmingham. 3d Edition, greatly enlarged and improved. 7s. 64. cloth bds.

BECKER’S GERMAN GRAMMAR. Dr. K. F. Becker's Grammar of the German Language. Second Edition, greatly improved, edited by Dr. Bernh. Becker. 6s. cloth boards.

The whole of the Edition having now passed into the hands of the present Publishers, there will be no longer any difficulty in obtaining any number of copies.

HEILNER’S GERMAN GRAMMAR. The Grammar of the German Language philosophically developed by G. M. HEILNER, for

upwards of Forty years Professor of the German Language and Literature in London, Cloth boards extra, (pub. at 10s. 6d.) now reduced to 7s. 6d.

Heilner's is without doubt the best German Grammar for the scholar, who desires an acquaintance with the philosophy of that language. It is based on the researches of modern philologists of celebrity


containing Forty Thousand Words more than the late London or any other Edition. 2 very thick vols. 8vo. Leipsic. Cloth lettered (pub. in Germany at £2, 5s.) 31s. 6d.

Copies are kept strongly and handsomely bound in half-russia or half-morocco, price £2. No discount to the Trade.

This, the Third GENUINE Edition of the above celebrated work, has been completely revised and considerably augmented. The additions and corrections in this Edition are the fruits of seven years' untiring industry and research, and have placed this Dictionary in the first rank among works of a similar character.

Caution. The public is cautioned to be particular in ordering the Author's Edition published at Leipsic, and sold by WILLIAMS and Norgate.

(BLACK'S] GERMAN DICTIONARY. Theme's (F. W.) Complete Grammatical German Dictionary, in which are introduced the

Genitives and Plurals, and other Irregularities of Substantives, the Comparative Degrees of Adjectives, and the Irregularities of Verbs, arranged in the Alphabet, as well as under their Roots ; also, the Pronunciation, Composition, Construction, and Government of Words throughout the Language. Third Stereotyped Edition, strongly whole bound, 7s.

CAUTION.-As there are several other German Dictionaries by the same Author, it will be necessary to distinguish the present as—"Thieme's Grammatical German Dictionary, published by WILLIAMS and NorgATE."

SCHNEIDER'S GERMAN DICTIONARY. For Travellers and Students, compiled with a special regard to Pronunciation and Accentuation

after Heinsius and Walker (Stereotype). Square 8vo. A Second Edition, in which the GermanEnglish portion has been completely remodelled, the Genitives and Plurals, the Irregularity of Verbs, of Substantives and Adjectives have been added throughout. 7s. 6d. strongly bound in roan.

BERNSTEIN'S GERMAN READER. Second Edition. Selections from the best German Authors in Prose and Poetry, also containing Commercial Letters,

by Dr. Ludwig BERNSTEIN, of Berlin University, Professor of German in Manchester, with a Recommendation by Dr. A. Erman, F.R.S., Professor of the University, and Member of the Academy of Berlin. Second Edition, improved and enlarged. 6s. 6d. cloth bds.

WILLIAMS'S GERMAN AND ENGLISH CONVERSATIONS, And Elementary Phrases. Eleventh enlarged Edition. 3s. 6d, cloth boards.

A sale of 34,000 copies of this eminently useful little book testifies sufficiently to its excellency. It is introduced into numerous first-rate colleges both here and abroad.

SCHILLER’S WILLIAM TELL (Hamiltonian System.) The German Text with an Interlineal Translation, Grammatical and Historical Notes, aud an

Introduction, containing the Elements of Grammar, by L. BRAUNFELS and A. C. WHITE. 8vo. (London, 1847). 5s. cloth bds.

With the help of this book and it alone, a student may gain a considerable knowledge of the German Language and German Grammar, learning it practically as he gets through the play. A traveller may learn German in a railway carriage with this book for his guide. *** With the exception of Flügeľs Dictionary (which the publishers sell for the Author), a liberal discount will be allowed to the Trade and to Schools.

A Select list of Elementary Books for Foreign Languages will be sent on application gratis.


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By the late J. C. TARVER, French Master, Eton College.

£. 8. d. l

£..... Backker, Le Souterrain. Royal 18mo. cloth. New

Levizac, French Grammar. 12mo. roan.......... 0 5 0 Edition ...

..0 2 6 Manuel Epistolaire. 12mo. roan. Chateaubriand, Itinéraire de Paris à Jérusalem. Ollendorff', New Method of Learning French. 8vo. 12ino. roan ..................

.. 060 cloth ........................................ 0 12 0 Dufief's Nature displayed in her Mode of Teaching

- Key to ditto. 8vo. cloth.............. 0 7 0 French, 2 vols. 8vo. boards ....

:::... 0 16 0

Tarver, Eton French and English Dialogues. 12mo. - French and English Pronouncing Diction


.... 036 ary. Svo. cloth ...,

... o 120 – Progressive Oral Lessons for French. Gerrard's Lessons for Translating English into

12mo. cloth

........... 0 3 6 French. 12mo. ......

--- Key to ditto, or French Translation. 12mo. Lamartine, Voyage en Orient, by Davenport


.... 036 Royal 18mo. cloth .

... 0 7 0
Dante. 2 vols. crown 8vo.....

10 Lenoir, French Spelling Book. 8vo. boards...... 0 6 Öl

Albrecht, German Delectus. 12mo. cloth........ 0 6 0 Ollendorff, Key to the New Method of Learning
Ermeler, German Reader. 12mo. cloth ...... ... 0 5 0 German. 8vo. cloth.

070 Flügel, German and English Dictionary. 2 vols.

-- Introductory Book to the New Method. Svo. cloth .................................... 1 8

12mo. cloth ..... ............... ......... 0 5 0 - ditto, Pocket Dictionary. 16mo. roan.... 070 Rowbotham, Deutsches Lesebuch 12mo. cloth.. 080 Ollendorff, New Method of Learning German.

German Grammar. 12mo. bound ..070 Part 1, 8vo. cloth...

Dialogue. 12mo, cloth ....O 3 0. Cloth ................ 0 12 0

Benelachi, l'Interlocutore Italiano. 12mo, cloth ( 3 6, ONendorff, New Method of Learuing Italian. 8vo.
Doca, Triglott Grammar, in Italian, English, and


... 0 12 0 French, 12mo. ...... ..............0 0

Key to ditto. 8vo. cloth...........
Goldoni, Comedie Scelte. 12mo.................0 4 6 Pellico, le Mie Prigioni. 12mo.....
Manzoni, Promessi Sposi. 2 vols. 12mo. ....

Petronj and Davenport, Italian, English, and
Nardini, Novelle Scelte, by Bruno. 2 vols. 12mo.. 0 12 01 French Dictionary, 16mo, roan ....

............0 8 0 SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE. Alcala, Spanish Grammar. 12mo. roan.......... 0 6 0 | Vieyra, Portuguese Grammar. 12mo. roan......070 Delmar, Guide to Spanish Conversation. 12mo. cl. O 4

--- and English Dictionary. 1 vol. Neumann and Baretti, Spanish Dictionary. 2 vols.


........... 0 10 Svo. boards ...

0 12

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J INSTRUCTION, Languages, Writing, Draw. “ The exercises in this work have been selected and ing, Music, Mathematics, &c. Is. 6d. arranged with considerable skill."-ATHENÆUM.

GUIDE 10 PARIS. 3s. E. T. Whitfield, 2, Essex Street, Strand. (139)



Svo. 5s. 60.


pages, 2s. 60. Assistant : containing a Series of Theoretical, Practi

-- MODEL Book. 100 French Lessons,

with Poetry, 9s. cal, and Progressive Lessons, in which every difficulty

-- EASY French LESSONS FOR THE is explained, either in Notes at the end of each Exer.

FIRST AGE. ls. 3d. cise or by References to preceding Rules. Sth Edition, 5s, half-bound.-Key to the same, 3s.

Longman and Co. ; Simpkin and Co.; D. Nutt;

(141) TXERCISES on FRENCH CONVERSAU TION; or, a Selection of English Sentences to

WANOSTROCHT'S FRENCH GRAMMAR AND EXERCISESbe translated into French, and in wbich the difference

REVISED BY TARVER. of the Idioms, Genius, and Phraseology of the French MRAMMAR of tbe FRENCH LANGUAGE: and English Languages may be readily distinguished. U with Practical Exercises. By N. WANOSTROCHT, 6th Edition, 18mo. 3s. 6d. half-bound.-Key to the LL.D. Revised and enlarged by J. C. TARVER, same, 2s.

Eton. 22d Edition, 12mo. 4s. roan lettered. THE TOURIST'S FRENCH COM.

A KEY to the EXERCISES in ditto. 12mo. 1 PANION; or, Familiar Conversations on every

3s, cloth.—Also, subject which can be useful to the Continental Travel.

WANOSTROCHT'S NUMA POMPILIUS. ler or the French Student in general. 14th Edition, By FLORIAN. 12mo. 4s. roan lettered. 18mo. 48. 6d.

WANOSTROCHT'S ABRÉGÉ de *** The sale of more than 30,000 copies of this l'HISTOIRE de GIL BLAS. New Edition, by work strongly attests its value. The sentences are TARVER, 12mo. 5s. roan lettered. expressed in elegant language, and in order to facili. | London: Longman and Co. ; Simpkin, Marshall, tate the pronunciation, the silent letters are printed

and Co.; Hamilton and Co.; Whittaker and Co. ; in italics.

Dulau and Co.; B. Fellowes ; Houlston and Co. ; London: Longman and Co.; Hamilton and Co.; Darton and Co.; D. Nutt; C. H. Law; Routledge Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. ; Whittaker and Co.; and Co.; Hall and Co.; and C. H. Palmer. W. Allan ; and Aylott and Jones. Norwich : Cbas. Liverpool : G. and J. Robinson, Derby : Mozley Muskett; and all Booksellers. (140) and Sons.



A NEW PUBLICATION BOARD, for exhibiting the Current Number of The Publishers'


U These Portfolios are recommended for the convenience with which works published periodically may be preserved and referred to, affording all the advantages of a bound volume, with the facility of adding each part or number as published.

Sampson Low, 169, Fleet Street.

Just published.

REMOVAL-AND NEW CATALOGUE. HATCHARD PALMER'S NEW TOHN RUSSELL SMITH, Bookseller and U. CATALOGUE BOOKS for SCHOOL USE, S Publisher, has removed from No. 4, Old Compof all descriptions, may be obtained gratis, post free, ton Street, to No. 36, Sobo Square. by parties requiring the same sending their addresses to Part I. of his CATALOGUE for 1852, containing C. Hatchard Palmer, (late HARVEY and Darton,) 1500 articles, will be ready at the end of the month. 55, Gracechurch Street, London.

Gratis, on application, or sent by Post on receipt of


No. 36, Soho Square, London. in Town or Country, by a steady, active, young Man,

finish! mo PUBLISHERS. — An Artist in the a good General Binder, who can do forwarding, finishing, and edge-gilding; also blocking, stationery, &c.,

1 Country is desirous of furnishing Designs for if required. The advertiser is in possession of tools,

n of tools. Book Illustrations. A Specimen will be sent on appliand would feel disposed to treat with any party for cation to X. X., Post Office, Exeter. their work, either on their premises or at home. Good references can be given as to character, abili. 1 TO PRINTERS.- Wanted, by a respectable ties, &c., from several former employers.-Apply by Young Man, & SITUATION in a Book or A. B., at Mr. Jones's, 33, Cambridge Road, Mile

Jobbing Office, Town or Country. Has a knowledge End, London.

of the business, and can be fully recommended.

Would have no objection to assist in a shop.-Address mo BOOKBINDERS.-A Finisher is in C. S., care of Messrs. Sothern and Sons, Booksellers. I want of a SITUATION in the Country. Can

Great Yarmouth; or Hamilton and Co., Paternoster forward, &c., if required; but would prefer Finishing Row, London. only. The advertiser is a steady, good workman, of which respectable reference can be given.--Address,

WANTED, a JUNIOR ASSISTANT, in stating wages, to R. W.G., 19, Great Warner Street, W a Bookseller and Stationer's Shop.-He must Clerkenwell, London.

be well acquainted with the Trade, of good address,

and obliging manners. He must be a Churchman, no PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, STA and will have to live in the house. --Apply, by letter, 1 TIONERS, and BOOKBINDERS. -To be stating references, to B. C. T., Publishers' Circular disposed of, with immediate possession, a first-class | Office, 169, Fleet Street, London. BUSINESS in the above line, situated in an improving Market Town in the Mineral Districts; WANTED, a YOUNG MAN who has had established for 50 years. About £1500 required. Y some experience in the Country department of The above offers great advantages to any party wishing one of the houses in Paternoster Row. No others to commence business : satisfactory reasons assigned need apply. Also an active YOUTH, who has been for the Proprietor retiring.-Address, by letter only, accustomed to the Number trade.--Apply personally to W. M., at Mr. Wright's, 141, Noel Street, Soho, to W. Kent and Co., Paternoster Row. London.


T BARRETT and Co. having had con1 Wanted.-A Young Man, who has a thorough

J. tinued proofs of the success of their Letterpress

) practical knowledge of the above business, is desirous of meeting with an ENGAGEMENT. He can

Printing Ink, have every confidence in further recomassist in a front shop, or at bookbinding. First-rate

mending it to the notice of the Trade.

The manufacture of this Ink is conducted on sound testimonials given. --Address C. Butler, Mr. Pres.

Chemical Principles, under the personal supervision grare's, Bourn, Lincolnshire.

of an eminent Chemist, a Fellow of the Royal So. mo BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS. ciety, who, for many years, bas given his attention I Wanted by a Young Man, age 21, of good

and research to the perfecting of Letterpress Ink. address, a SITUATION in the above. Has been

This Ink possesses the property of keeping the in the Trade four months, and would give his services

Roller in good working order, so as never to loose for a time, where he might meet with opportunities

the grip. It distributes freely-works sharp and for improvement.--Address, Y. Z., 5, Dover Street,

clean-washes easily off the types—dries readily on Piccadilly, London.

paper, and sets off but little. Colour deep and per

manent, never changing to the brown. WANTED, by a Bookseller and Stationer | It does not skin in the barrel or dry on the roller,

TY in the Country, a Young Man as ASSISTANT and is entirely divested of that unpleasant efiluvium in the Shop. As the Printing and Bookbinding busi- so injurious to the health of the workmen. nesses are also carried on, a knowledge of them is Lists of prices and terms will be forwarded on desirable ; and if the applicant be acquainted with the application to routine of a stamp office it would be an additional Jeremiah Barrett and Co., Varnish and Colour recommendation.- Address W. H., care of Mr. Low, Manufacturers, Nos. 130, 218, and 219, Bradford Publishers' Circular Office, 169, Fleet Street, London. I Street, Birmingham.

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Complete in 10 vols. post 8vo. with the addition of Plates and Indexes, price 35s.

Each of the Works may also be had separately. WASHINGTON IRVING’S WORKS. *** Notice.—By arrangement with Mr. MURRAY and Mr. BENTLEY, MR. BOHN is now the only person entitled to publish the Complete Works of WASHINGTON IRVING. Any Edition of the following Works not published by Mr. Bohn, Mr. Murray, or Mr.Bentley, are illegal, and liable to an injunction :- The Sketch Book—Tales of a Traveller-Tour on the Prairies—Conquests of Granada and Spain-Life of Columbus—Companions of Columbus - Captain Bonneville--Astoria-Tales of the Alhambra - Abbotsford and Newstead-and Bracebridge Hall.

London: HENRY G. BOHN, York Street, Covent Garden.

NOTICE.-NEW YORK TRADE SPRING-SALES. MESSRS. BANGS, BROTHER, and Co. of New York, solicit from the Publishers of M Great Britain consignments of

Books, Stereotype Plates, Stationery, either for Sale by Auction or upon Commission.

Their Sales are patronised by the leading and most extensive Houses, and afford means superior to any other for the introduction to the notice of the American Trade of both Surplus and new Stock suitable for circulation in the United States, being numerously attended by the dealers of the various States of the Union end the Canadas,

Consignments for the Spring Sales should be shipped by the middle of February. Mr. Sampson Low, of London, will afford all needful explanations. 169, Fleet Street: January 1852. Now ready, elegantly printed, 8th Edition, revised and improved, One Broad Sheet, ls. ; Stamped, ls. 22. DAWSON'S NEWSPAPER and PARLIAMENTARY LIST. Presenting at Oue View a

correct account of all the Newspapers in the United Kingdom, with the Number of Stamps issued, showing the circulation of each Newspaper for the Year 1851, compiled from the last Official Returns of the Select Committee on Newspaper Stamps just published; the Days and Places of Publication—when established, &c. : made up to the present date, the Politics of each Paper being indicated by different coloured inks ; also, upon the same sheet, the Names of the Members of the House of Commons, corrected to the present time; with the Politics of each denoted by appropriate colours.

Published by W. Dawson and Sons, Newspaper and Advertising Offices, Abchurch Yard, and 74, Cannon Street, London. *** Newspapers, Books, and Perlodicals, regularly supplied. A List for 1852 sent, GRATIS, on application. mo BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, and TXTENSIVE LIBRARY, BOOK and

1 PRINTERS.–To be disposed of, in the V STATIONERY BUSINESS, to be disposed Country, a BUSINESS in the above line, which has of, in a first-rate inland Town, conspicuous for its been carried on successfully for nearly half a century, Educational Establishments, and as a place of fashion. the parties having realised handsome competencies. | able resort. The above business has been established Amount of Stock about £400. No goodwill required, upwards of 30 years : it is situated in the principal and immediate possession may be had. Satisfactory street, and has a large and comfortable Reading Room reasons for relinquishment will be given.- Address attached. The present offers an excellent opportunity A. B., care of Mr. Kitson, 20, Conipton Street, for a person who has a knowledge of the trade, and London.--A portion of the purchase money may re. | the command of about £1800.–For particulars apply main on security.

to Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria Lane, London.

BOOKS WANTED TO PURCHASE. *** Letters to be addressed to Mr. Sampson Low, Office of the Publishers' Circular, stating lowest price, carriage free. Asiatic Researches, 4to. Vol 12.

Hooker's Icones Plantarum. Parts 10, 11, 13, & 14. Beechey's Voyage.' Parts 1 to 5, 7 and 11 to.

Horner on Land Surveying. Belcher's Nautical Surveying. 4 Copies.

Irving's Ben Ezra. Vol. I. Botanical Miscellany. Vol. 1, Nos. 1 and 2.

Leach on Proboscideous Insects. Edinb. 1817. Supplement to Botanical Miscellany, 4to. Part 1.

Lindley's Gen. & Spec. Orchidiarum. Botanical Register, Vol 15 to.

Loudon's Arboretum, Abridged. No. 2. Brewster's Edinb. Encycl. Vol. 9.

Macartney on Inflammation. British Essayist. Vol. 30.-The Lounger. Vol. 1.

Manton's Twenty Select Sermons. Burns' Works, by Currie, 4 vols. demy 8vo. 1820.

Materials for Thinking. Chronicles of Lady Jane Gray (Camden Society).

Miller's Christian Guide for Young People, 12mo. 10 copies. Clark's Observations on the Genus Oestrus, 4to. Lon. 1796. Milton on the Bubo. Companion to Botanical Magazine, Vol. 2. Nos. I to 8. Mores Catholici, 11 vols., 1831-1842. Vol. 1. Cooke's Topography-Yorkshire, Devonshire, Sussex, and Nicholas' Memorials of Lady Jane Gray. Middlesex.

Nieuwenberg's Review of Lives and Works of the Painters. Cowper's Anatomy of Human Body, folio. 1698.

Path of Life. Dessellert's Icones Plantarum. Vol. 5 to.

Phrenological Journal. 20 vols. boards. Erskine's Works. 10 vols. 8vo.

Rose Unique (The); or, Errors Expiated. Fitzgerald, Lord, Life of, by Moore.

Sick Room (The), by a Lady. Forbes's California, 8vo.

Young's Nautical Dictionary. Gilchrist's Songs in Newcastle Dialect.

Webster's Dramatic Works, 4 v Gooch's Medical Observations, 3 vol. 1772-3.

Wells on the Old Testament. Havard's Life of Lady Jane Gray.

Wesley (John) Life of, 8vo. 1791. Hooker's Journal, Nos. 11 & 12, 1840; October 1848; Jan. Wilson's Sanscrit Dictionary, 4to. large Edition. 1849 to end of 1850.

| Wooten's (Thomas) Book of Heraldry, about 1726.

Printed at 57, Skinner Street, Snow bill, in the City of London, by ELIEZER CHATER WILSON, of 6, Palmer Terrace, in

the Parish of St. Mary, Islington; and published by SAMPSON Low, of 14, Great James Street, in the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, at the Office, 169, Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West.-Thursday, Jan.15,1853.

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