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TO BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, and STATIONERS. — D. Cussons, Printer, Stationer, Bookseller, Bookbinder, Valuer and Appraiaer, Market Place, Horncastle, respectfully informs the Trade that having had considerable experience as a VALUER, and possessing a practical knowledge of every branch of the trade, he begs to offer his services to those who are about to enter upon or relinquish a Business.—To persons disposing of their Businesses, or wishing to purchase, every assistance will be rendered free of charge.—References are permitted to Gentlemen by whom he has been engaged, and also to the principal London Houses.

TO BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, STATIONERS, and others seeking any of the before mentioned Trades. —MR. PAGE, Trade Valuer, Auctioneer, and Accountant, 8, Coleman Street, London, begs to intimate that he has a great variety of valuable Concerns for sale in Town and Country, from £100 to .£3000 in value.—A List will be forwarded on application.



MEDICINE BUSINESS for disposal, in a thriving

market-town. Incoming about £125. — Address

A. B., Mr. Wilding's, Chemist, Kirkdale, Liverpool.

T~0 STATIONERS"; PRINTERS; a~nd others.—Near to Oxford Street.—MR. PAGE is directed to sell an eligible PRINTING BUSINESS, tbe Office furnished with a variety of modern type, two iron presses, &c, and there is a respectable connection. From £300 to £400 required. There is a FANCY STATIONERY TRADE annexed, with increasing returns, which may be entered upon for £250.—Apply to Mr. Page, Valuer to the Trade and Auctioneer, 8, Coleman Street.

TO PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, and others.—MR. PAGE is instructed to sell a high class BOOKSELLING, STATIONERY, and PRINTING BUSINESS; together with an extensive Public Library and valuable News Agency. The concern is eligibly situate .in a first-rate neighbourhood, a few miles from town. It has been conducted with great success for more than half a centnry, and is now in excellent trade. There is a valuable Lease. About £2400 required, two-thirds of which may remain upon approved security.—Apply to Mr. Page, Valuer to the Trade and Auctioneer, 8, Coleman St.

A-WelTcRtablisiieir Bookselixng^sta"TIONERY, and ENVELOPE BUSINESS to be Disposed of, in a fashionable Sea Port of rising mercantile eminence. Incoming about £750. Could be reduced to suit the views of a purchaser, or a prospective PARTNERSHIP might be entertained.— Address A. E., Publishers' Circular Office, 47, Ludjate Hill.

TO BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS.— To be Disposed of, by Private Contract, an old-established BUSINESS in the above branches, in the Town of Carnarvon. The Stock, Fixtures, and Furniture, may be worth about £G00.—Apply to Mr. Morgan, Bank, Carnarvon.

TO~"B OTTrTsirLl7E~RSr"STATIONERS", PRINTERS, &c. &c—The friends of a welleducated YOUTH, aged 17, who has been in a good Printing-Office during the last 18 months, are desirous of now placing him in a Retail Establishment in the above lines, where he may have the opportunity of acquiring the other branches of the Business, in a good town out of London.—Address T. W., care of Messrs. Orr, Paternoster Row.

THERE is a VACANCY, in an extensive Bookselling and Stationery Business, for a YOUNG MAN who has a knowledge of the Sta. tionery Business.—Address, with lull particulars of former experience, to Smith, Elder, and Co., 65, Cornhill, London.

TO BOOKSELLERS' ASSISTANTS.Wanted one who thoroughly understands the Business to take an active management under the Principal in a large Country Town.—Address, with particulars of former duty, to X. Y. Z., 32, Charterhouse Square, London.

*** A good salary will be given.

THO PRINTERS SEEKING a BUSINESS. -*• —A Stationer having a connection which is increasing, and requiring too much of his time, would dispose of it to a Young Man of respectability to carry on for mutual benefit. Part of the capital would remain if necessary. None but suitable parties need apply, as the best references will be given and required.—Address X. X. X., Mr. Sampson Low, 47, Ludgate Street, London.

CIRCULATING LIBRARY for SALE; consisting of from 500 to 600 volumes, well selected. The whole in very good order, being nearly new. Price 30 guineas. A Catalogue will be sent on application,—For particulars, address B. H., PubUshers' Circular Office, 47, Ludgate Hill, London. rno-BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, and 1 STATIONERS.—A desirable opportunity offers for any one wishing to succeed the Proprietor of an old-established BUSINESS in the above line, who is about to retire. The connection is of the first class— the returns remunerative—the stock of the most select and saleable description—and the whole in every way worthy the attention of any one wishing to enter upon a good Country Business, who can command a capital of £800.—For particulars, apply B. B., care of Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.. London.

TO BOOKSELLERSrSc^-Light and spa^ cious OFFICES to LET, suitable either for 1 Business or for Warehouse Rooms.—For particulars, apply between nine and twelve to Mr. J. F. Shair, 21, Paternoster Row.

71O PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, and 1 STATIONERS.—Wanted, by a Young Man, in his Ninetenth Year, a SITUATION in the above business. — Apply to J. D. M., Mr. Wakeford, Printer, &c, Cardiff.

'PO MASTER BOOKBINDERS. A BOOKSELLERS, &c —A respectable and steady good general Workman, who perfectly understands his business in all its branches, can forward, finish, block, gild the edges, &c. &c. is open for an ENGAGEMENT. No objection to a good Country place. Can give references as to character and abilities. Any party who is in want of such a hand will find the Advertiser of great service. He has also a good stock of Finishing Tools, &c. and can show specimens of his work.—Address to A. B., 5, Minerva Street, Hackney Road, London. 'pO BOOKSELLERS, STATlONERS,&c

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Wanted, by a Young Man who has had eight years' experience in the trade, a SITUATION in the above business. Satisfactory references can be given.—Address B., Publishers' Circular Office, 47, Ludgate Hill, London.

T»0 PRINTERS and STATION ERS—Waii£ ■1 ed, by a Young Man, a SITUATION, who hai a practical knowledge of the Printing and Stationery Business. Has been used to keeping accounts and waiting in the shop.—Address A. Z., care of Mr. H. Brooks, Warwick Square, Paternoster Row. mO BOO KSELLERS ^STATIONERS. 1 PRINTERS, &c—A Gentleman who has had 15 years' experience, and a practical knowledge of every branch of the Trade, is desirous to meet with a SITUATION, in which he would devote bis whole energy to the interests of his Employer. He is thoroughly conversant with Book-keeping, and would have no objection to an Engagement as Clerk, Towd or Country Traveller, to a Wholesale House.—Address Cymro, Publishers' Circular Office, 47, Ludgate Hill

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CHARLES GOODALL And SON respectfully solicit the patronage of the Trade for their popular and much admired Playing Cards. The NEW PATTERNS, from designs by the first Artists, Sporting, Floral, and Gold Backed, are now ready. Specimens, with prices, will be sent to any part of the Kingdom on application.

C. G. and Son have prepared an elegant Glass Case to exhibit their Playing Cards, and thus materially assist the sale. It ia charged at the mere cost of the materials and labour, and is sent out with 18 Packs, assorted, of the best Sporting, Floral, and Gold Back Enamelled Moguls at £2. 15s.— Size, 19 by 16$.

N.B.—In order to encourage the introduction of their Cards amongst the Country Trade, C. G. and Son will make up an assorted sample dozen, of the best quality, containing three different patterns of Sporting designs, six of the Floral, and three of the Gold Backed; thus enabling local Stationers to lay before their customers the same variety of splendid patterns as can be done by those in the largest cities.

*#* Orders to be accompanied by a Post Office Order, and instructions as to the mode of conveyance.

"On the improved patent Playing Cards furnished from Goodall and Son's well-known Manufactory at Camden Town, a cleverly designed Military pattern on the back of each, has, with admirable taste, superseded the unassuming stars and crosses, which for long have passed current as ornamental. The original drawing was designed by an Officer in a highly-distinguished Cavalry Regiment, and the excellent effect which the Messrs. Goodall's ingenuity has produced in multiplying the idea on the 'Great Mogul,' merits much praise. No member of a Military Club, or Regimental Mess, when seated at a quiet game of Whiat, should deal with any other than Goodall's new Military Pattern."—Royal Military Magazine. MANUFACTORY, CAMDEN TOWN, LONDON.


*♦* Letters to be addressed to Mr. Sampson Low, Office of the Publishers' Circular, stating lowest price, carriage free.

Alison's Europe, 8vo. Vol. 9.

Bethune's Poems, 12 mo.

Biblia Polyglotta Waltoni, 1C57. Vols. 4 and 5.

Boyle (Capt.), Voyages and Adventures. ■

Bourgerie's Anatomical Plates.

Boot of Beauty, 1849 and 1850. (Portraits of Queens.)

Bourrienne's Napoleon. Vol. 2. (Constable's Miaceilanv,

18mo. 1831.)
British Essayists, 1823. Vol. 32.
Butroan's Lexilogus.

Carleton's Traits and Stories of Irish Peasantry, 8vo. 1844.
Carlyle's Essays, 3d edition, post 8vo. 1847.
Clan Albin, 4 vols. 12mo.
Confessions of an Opium Eater.
Cooper on Hernia.
Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, by Carlyle, 2d edition,

8vo. 1846. Vol. 1.
Dickson's Husbandry of the Ancients, 2 vols.
Doctor. Vols. 4 and 7.
Dryander's Catalogue Bibliothecae Historico - Natural is

Josephi Banks. Vols. 4 and 5.
Edgeworth's Tales, &c. 9 vols. fcp. 8vo. 1848. Vol. 5.
Edwin and Emma, 1776. Is.

Emanuelli's Alvari Institutiones Grammatical Latimc.
False Friend (The), a Drama.

Fauna: Boreali-American a?, by Richardson, 4to. 2 vols.
Finden's Illustrations of Byron, 1832. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4,10,
Gilbert's History of Cornwall, 1. p. 1820. Vol. 1. [18,24, to
Godwin's Caleb Williams, 3 vols. St. Leon, 3 vols

G rise Ida, translated from the Gerraan,by Sir R. Anstruther.

Grant (Mrs.), Superstitions of the Highlands.

Haldanes (The) of Ales Haldane, Memoirs of.

Halstead's History of Kent, 1778-99. Vols. 2, 3, 4.

Hogarth's History of Music.

Honor O'Hara.

Horticultural Transactions, old series. Vols. 1 and 3.

Howitt's Wanderings of a Journeyman Tailor.

Hume's England, 13 vols. 24mo. (Cadell, 1791.) Vol. 10.

Home's England, 8vo. (Without Smollett's Continuation.)

Hunt's Photography, 2d edition.

Ingoldsby Legends, 1st and 2d series, blue cloth.

Jainieson's Scottish Dictionary.

Jones's Animal Kingdom. Vol. 4.

Lavater's Essays on Physiognomy, 1788. Nos. 13 to 18,

large paper.
Liebuj's Agricultural Chemistry, 1st edition.
Leybourne's Mathematical Repository. No. 25, and after.
Macaulay's England. Vol. 1.

Macghee's Notes on theDouayBibleandRhenishTestament.
Macghee's Statutes of the Catholic Bishops of Leinster.
Marroile(L. De) Hist, of his Sufferings, by J. Martin,12mo.
Martin (Rev. John). Sermons, 2 vols. 8vo.
Memoirs of the Duchess D'Abrantes. (Bentley.)
Moore's Poetical Works, 10 vols. 1841. Vol.4.
Morgan (Lady), Wild Irish Girl.

Murray's United States (Ed. Cab. Lib.), 1844. Vol. 2.
Mysterious Discovery (The).
Notes and Queries. Vol. 1.
Patriarchal limes.

Perjury Refuted, by the Princess of Wales.
Practical Mechanic's Magazine, Oct. 1842.
Prescott's Conquest of Mexico, 8vo. Vol. 1.
Reeves' History of English Law, 4 vols. 1814.
Robson's British Herald, or Cabinet of Armorial Bearings.
Rushworth's Historical Collections, 1. p.
Smith's Collectanea Antiqua. Vol. I.
Smollett's England, 8 vols. 24mo. 1801. Vol. 5.
Southey's Brazil, 4to. Vols. 1 and 2, or Vol. 1.
Southey's Cowper. Vols. 8, 9,10.

Spencer (Hon. W.) Poems, with Life, 18mo. (Cochrane.)
Sprengell's Chemistry.
Strickland's Queens, post 8vo. Vol. 5.
Strickland's Queens. Vols. 2 and 7.
Synodus Anglicana, 8vo.
Thompson*sChemistry. V. 2, Organic Bodies. Beforel842.
Tooke's Diversions of Purley, 8vo. (Tegg.)
Topham's Railway Guide, Jan. 1850.
Transactions of Microscopic Society. Vols. 1 and 2.
Tyrrell on the Eye, 2 vols.

Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum, edit. Kennicott. Vol. 2.
Voyage Pittoresque de Naples et de Sicile, par St.-Non.

vols, containing plates 41 to 48.
Wakefield's England and America.
Waverley Novels, old 8vo. edition. Concluding series from

Quentin Durwardto the end, with Notes, clean, in bds. Whittaker's History of the Original Parish of Whalley and

Honor of Clitheroe, 4to. 1818.


By SIR WALTER SCOTT. New Edition, including all his

latest Copyright Notes, Various Readings, and Additions. Exquisitely Illustrated by Birket Foster and John Gilbert, uniform with the Illustrated Editions of Campbell, Rogers, Thomson, Goldsmith, and Longfellow's Poems, forming a beautiful and appropriate Gift-Book for Christmas.

The Illustrations of the Scenery are from sketches drawn on the spot dur'.ig the past summer by Mr. Foster expressly for this work, and comprise all the principal places alluded to in the Poem.

Extra. Cloth, Gilt Edges, 15s.; Morocco Elegant Ok Antique, 21s.; Morocco Elegant, bound by Hayday, 24s.

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Messrs. Black are preparing for Publication a very profusely Illustrated Edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin, suitable as a Drawing-Room Table and Gift Book. This Edition will be printed in the most elegant style, uniform with the Illustrated Editions of Longfellow's, Campbell's, and Rogers' Poems, and Sir Walter Scott's Lady or The Lake. From the labour and expense incurred in the production of this Work, the Publishers trust that, in the beauty and number of its Illustrations, it will not be surpassed by any other Edition.

It icill be elegantly bound in Cloth, gilt edges, price 10s. Gd.; Morocco, gilt edges, Sixteen Shillingsand form one of the most beautiful and suitable of the Annuals for 1853.


Printed at 57, Skinner Street, Snowhill, in the City of London, by Eliezeh Chater Wilson, of 6, Palmer Terrace, in the Parish of St. Mary, Islington; and published by Sampson Low and Son, of 14, Great James Street, in the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, at the Office, 47, Ludgate Hill, in the Parish of St. Bride.—December 3,1S52.


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Early in January will be published,


91 Briu Cransrtatton,


A New and beautiful Edition,

With 600 Illustrations by William Harvey.

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