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General Record of British and Foreign Literature ;


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NOTICE.–Subscribers in the Country are particularly requested to remit the Subscriptions that become due at the beginning of the year, to prevent disappointment in the delivery.-One Dozen copies are supplied on each publication day for gratuitous distribution at a very reduced annual subscription, which includes printed wrappers, with the distributor's name and address.

*** Retail Booksellers will find this a most advantageous method of introducing to their customers a complete list of every new work.

The Number for January 15 will be the usual SCHOOL NUMBER, and any Subscriber who can advantageously distribute One Dozen Copies may be provided with the same (gratuitously), or 100 Copies in a neat wrapper, with name and address, for 16s., by addressing a Letter to the Publisher on or before the 12th instant.

169, Fleet Street: Jan. 1, 1852. The end of the year 1851, it will be seen by our list of publications issued during the last fortnight, presents no falling off in the number usually incident to a month of December. Some idea may be formed of the literary pressure exercised by the season, by the fact that during Christmas Eve alone the débût was made of no less than twenty-three new publications by being delivered to the trade. Neither is a 1st of January much less prolific with literary productions : it generally is the starting-time for new serials; and amongst other contributions to periodical literature for the new year are the following, whose first number bears the present date:-A new “ Quarterly Review, and Digest of Current Events." Chambers's “ Pocket Miscellany," a readable, portable series of reproduced articles deserving such re-issue,-their cheapness and appearance commending it to those who read much, but buy little. “The Men of the Time, or Sketches of English Notables in 1852.” “ The Biographical Magazine," announced in a previous “ Circular.” “ The British Monthly Review,” a new monthly literary, and religious magazine, price 6d., aims at the support of all religious denominations.” “The Leisure Hour,” a weekly penny paper, issued by the Tract Society. “I'he Cottage Lamp, or Aid to Happiness n this World and the next.” A similar paper, edited by the authoress of “Safety in Peril,” “My Flowers," &c.

MR. CHARLES KNIGHT, always foremost in providing something new and promising for a new year, commences a " Companion Edition of Shakspere,” in Parts,—"Travelling Hours," in occasional Parts, -and “Half-Hours with the best Letter Writers," as well as “The best Story Tellers,”—both in Weekly Numbers. MESSRS. ORR commence the Biographies of the Useful Knowledge Society under the title of “The Portrait Gallery,” illustrated with seven portraits in each part; and MESSRS. TAYLOR and WALTON, Dr. Smith's “Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography," in Quarterly Parts. A republication of Dr. Gill's “ Commentary on the Bible,” is announced, without abridgment, in 25 Monthly Parts: this appears to be attempted under the combined view of being able to establish a self-supporting, industrial printing school at Bonmahon, Waterford county.

The new Number of “The Traveller's Library'' comprises “ Macaulay's Essays upon Addison and Walpole.” MR. HENRY MAYIEW, the Author of “London Labour and the London Poor," has announced a new Publication in Parts, entitled “Low Wages, their Causes and Consequences ; consisting chiefly, it appears, of the opinions en rendered in the mind of the Author in the course o his collecting the facts for his former works. M . BOGUE has publisied since ourlust, a rew Juvenile

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