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Published on the 1st and 1
IStliofeach Month. J

London: January 16, 1852.

/ Subscription,
18s. per Annum.


Works Published Prom December 30 To January 14 -33—25

Books Now Pirst Advertised As Published, New Editions, And Books In The Press 25—31

Industrial Arts And Oppicial Illustrated Catalooue Op The Great Exhibition 29

Hall, Virtue, and Co.'s List of School Books 34

Hughes's Educationnl Works 32—33

Manuals of Geography 33

Jarrold and Son's Bo k* for Teachers and Families .. 43

Longman and Co.'s School Catalogue 49

— Classical School Books 45

Mast rs' School Works 42

M rray's List of Standard School Books 44

J. H. Parker's School and College Li.t 53

Religious Tract Society's Educational Series 31

Rouillon's French School Works 58

Simpkiu and Co.'s Miscellaneous School List 33

Sutherland and Knox's New School Books , 47

Taylor, Walton, and Maberly's List of New Works for

Schools and Colleges 44

Tegga d Co.'s Educa ional List, Classical, &c. .. 50—52
Varty and Owen's Important Works for the Young 3G—37

Ward and C .'s Juvenile and School Publications 42

Whittaker and Co.'s Selection of Works for Schools, &c. 55 Williams and Norgate's German Educational Works .. 57 Miscellaneous 59

Educational Works:

Allen nnd Cornwall's Educational Works 47

Arnold (T. K.) Classical Works 54

Bell's List of (lassical Books 43

Bernays' (Dr.) German Works 56

Binns and Goodwin's List of Juvenile and School Books 40
Blackwood's School List, including Johnston's Atlases 34

Butter's Spelling, &c 47

Corner's (Miss) Juvenile Histories 35

Family Economist Series of Ciitechisma 42

DarUm's School Library, &c 46

Dulau and Co.'s List of F* ench Ecucational Works .. 58

Freund's Latin-English Lexicon, by Andrews 49

French Wor*8 58

Gleig's School Series 41

Grant and Griffith's Educational Works 46

Griffin's School Books, chiefly from the " Encyclopedia

.Metropolitana" 39

Harris's Questions on Geography of the British Isles,

and on ttie Scriptures 35

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Tbe Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, &c. printed during 1851, it is hoped, will be ready by the 2d of February.

169, Fleet Street: Jan. 16, 1852. In usual course, the present Circular is devoted chiefly to Works connected with Education, and comprising the lists of nearly every publisher of such books, it will be found a fair synopsis of the School Books of the day, and on this account a valuable assistance to Masters of Colleges and Schools, and persons engaged in tuition generally. Its judicious circulation is recommended to Retail Booksellers amongst their respective connections, for which purpose every facility will be afforded upon applicaticn to the Publisher.

Mf,ssks. Longman have just published an entirely new " Gazetteer of Great Britain," in 2 vols. 8vo. edited by Mr. Sharpe; also new editions of M'Cullcch's "Commercial Dictionary,'' and Blaine's "Encyclopedia of Rural Sports."—Mr. Caird's nc^v work, "On the Agricultural State of the


.ing's College.

Clergymen and all interested in the direction of Ecclesiastical affairs, has been published by Sir. Cox, containing a record of Church legislation and occurrences during the year, entitled "The Churchman's Year-Book."

Mb. Bancroft has, we are glad to see, availed himself of Lord Campbell's jutliinent to secure the copyright of his new work "On the American Revolution," by arranging forjts simultaneous publication in England and America.—"The Cape and the Kafirs, or Notes of a lire-Years' Residence in South Africa," by Alfred W. Cole, is a promising title during the interest excited hy thej present crisis of affairs at the Cape.—M. Dumas, the French novelist, has tried a work of Ironic


Travel, which, if the reviewer speaks true, it evidences as much imagination as his avowed fictions. —" Memoirs" of several persons of note and interest are presented in this month's literature, amongst others of the "Marquis of Rockingham and his Contemporaries," by the Earl of Albemarle— "Life and Letters of Story," the great American Judge, by his Son—"Life of Niebuhr ;*' also JNew Editions of Carlyle's "Life of Sterling," and Ilenworth Dixon's "Life of Penn and his Contemporaries." Mr. Dixon has likewise just ready a "Life of Admiral Drake."

The Authoress of "Amy Herbert" is about to publish, in Three Parts, the "Journal of her Summer Tour, adapted for the Children of a Village School,"—the First Part, comprising "Ostend to the Lake Constance," is ready.—" Three Weeks in Wet Sheets" is the inviting title of a literary record of such experience. —Mr. Collins has a second edition ready of his "Rambles beyond Railways."—A similar Guide to that of the Great Exhibition appears to have induced " How to see the British Museum in Four Visits:" this has long been wanting.—Mr. Bogue anticipates, from, the avidity with which it has been seized in Paris, a large sale for liis reprint of "The Bonaparte Plot.'" —The Author of "Alton Lock" has commenced a new Tale in Eraser's Magazine.

Authors and Publishers desirous of searching the Public Records for literary purposes may now do so upon obtaining permission of the Deputy Keeper, Sir Francis Paigrave, under certain restrictions, without fees.—"The Evidences of Christianity as exhibited in the Writings of its Apologists down to Augustin," is the given subject of the Hulsean £100 Prize Essay for the year; and "Mammon," the subject for the Seatonian Prize Poem.—The prize of £100, offered by Mr. Gilbart for the best Essay on "Practical Banking," has been awarded to Mr. Granville Sharp, Accountant at Norwich.—Messrs. Butterworth and Co. have obligingly forwarded a notice to Authors and the Trade, that a letter, soliciting works for review, signed "J. B. E;irdlcy Wilmot," does not proceed from Sir J. E. Eardley Wilmot, Bart.; and, by a communication from that gentleman, there appears every reason to believe " the name is a fictitious one, and assumed for sinister purposes."

Mr. Thackeray has resumed his literary lectures with the first of a course at the Marylcbone Literary and ScientiCc Institution, on the humorous writers of the last century, the subjects comprehending Swift, Congrevc, Addison, Steele, Prior, Gay, Pope, Hogarth, Smoilctt, Fielding, Sterne, and Goldsmith. The promises for Murray's "Reading for the Rail'' include two essays, by a Lady, on "Music" and "Dress;" a volume of anecdotes of the British navy, to be entitled "Deeds of ATaval Daring;" and "Political Experience from the Wisdom of the Ancients, with Notes."—Messrs. Sceley have issued proposals for a cheap and uniform edition of the Works of the Rev. Edward Bickersteth, offering advantages to subscribers thereto, similar to the plan pursued with their late issue of Scott's Bible; the proposed edition will be commenced so soon as the names of 2000 subscribers shall be received.

Professor Vlielasd, author of various French and Italian educational works, has just issued one of similar character on the German language, called "Theory and Practice," contaiumg a Practical Grammar, Conversational Exercises, &c.—Messrs. Clark, of Edinburgh, have in preparation a Translation of DSrner's work on " The Person of Christ," by the Rev. Thomas L. Kingsbury, Chaplain to the East India Company. Also, of Dr. Julius Miiller on "The Doctrine of Sin; of " The Israel of the Alps, or History of "the Waldenses," by Dr. Muston: both translated, the first under the eye, and the last with the consent, of the authors. They have also in progress a Translation of Bengel's "Gnomon of the New Testament," by the Rev. Peter Holmes, of the Plymouth Grammar School; and the Continuation of Gieseler's "Ecclesiastical History."

A Paragraph in the weekly papers states, that the number of works printed in all languages, at

Paris, during 1851, was 7350; musical works, 485; engravings and lithographs, 1014; maps and

plans, 133; and that during the last ten years, 64.50S works have been published. The correctness

of this wc have no means of testing, but in our next "Circular" hope to furnish similar details of the

literature of Great Britain during 1851 that may be depended upon.


Published Krom The 29th Of December 1851 To The 13th January 1852.

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ARTHUR (W.)-The Successful Merchant: Sketches of the Life of Mr. S. Budgett. By W. Arthur. 12mo. cloth, 5s [408

BARBER (M. A. S.)—The Hearths of the Poor; or, True Stories from Real English Life. By M. A. S. Barber. 18mo. pp. 130, cloth, Is. 6d [409

BATTLES of the Bible. By a Clergyman's Daughter. 12mo. pp. 310, cloth, 3s. fid [410

Bayes (W.)— On Nervous Affections connected with
Dyspepsia. By William Hayes. 2d edition, post 8vo.
pp. 9fi, cloth, Ss. 6d [411

BEKNAY'S (A.)—German Word Book: a Comparative
Vocabulary displaying the Close Amnity between the
Greek and English "Languages. By A. Beruays. S.uare,

pp. 160, cloth, 3s [412

(Vide Adv. 132.)

BLAINE'S Encyclopedia of Rural Sports; illustrated with several hundred wood engravings. New edition (1852), corrected to the present time, with copious additions and many new illustrations. 8vo. pp. 1230, half-bound, 50s (Vide Adv. 34.) * rm

BOLTON (A.)—Lighted Valley; or, the Closing Scenes of the Life of Abby Bolton. New edit. 12mo. pp. 170, cloth, 3s. 6d [414

BONAPARTE PLOT (The). By A. G. De Cassagnac.

12mo. sewed, 6d [415

(Hooks for the Rail, the Road, and the Fireside, No. 4.)

BRIDGE (M.)—The Christian in Business; or, Brief Me-
morials of Miss Mary Bridge. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 128, cloth,
Is. 4d.; cloth gilt, 2s [416

BROWN (F.)-'Pwo Stories for my Young Friends:—The
Ei icksons. The Clever Boy; or, Consider Another. By
Mihs Frances Brown. 18mo- pp. 150, boards, Is... [417

CALDER(F-)— A Familiar Explanation of the Higher Parts of Arithmetic. By the Rev. Frederick Calder. 1). A. 2d edition, 12mo. (Chesterfield), pp. 232, cloth. 3«. fid.; or, with Answers, 4s. 6d (Vide Adv. 42.) [418

CARLINGTON CASTLE: a Tale of the Jesuits. By C.G. H. 12mo. pp. 470, cloth, 6s [419

CHE8NEY (Col.)—Observations on the Past and Present State of Fire-arms, and on the probable Effects in War of the New Musket. By Col. Chesney. 8vo. pp. 390, cloth, 12s. 6d [420

CHINESE Commission which was sent to Report on the Great Exhibition. By 3. Edwards. Square, sd. Is. [421

CHURCHMAN'S (The) Year Hook; or, the Ecclesiastical Annual Register for 1832. 12mo. cloth, 7s [422

COBBIN (I.)—Domestic Bible. By Ingram Cobbin. Cr. 4to. cloth, reduced to 21s [423

COBWEBS to Catch Flies. 1st and second series. New edition, 12mo. cloth, Is. each [424

COLE (E. S.)—The Architectural Beauties of Wells and Glastonbury, illustrated in 16 plates from origiml drawings. By Edward S. Cole. With short historical introductions and descriptions of the plates, by a .Member of Trinity College, Cambridge, and of the Theological College. Wells. Imp. 4to. (Wells), cloth, 10s. 6d... [)25

CONDER (J.)—The Poet of the Sanctuary. By Josiah Cornier. Fcp. 8vo. reduced to 3s. 6d [426

COX (F. A.)—Biblical Antiquities, illustrating the Language, Geography, and History of Palestiue. By F. A.

Cox. Post 8vo. pp. 470, cloth, 7s. 6d [427

(Vide Adv. 9S). (Encyclop. Metropolitans, Vol. 20.)

COX (J.E.)—Protestantism Contrasted with Romanism by the Acknowledged and Authentic Teaching of each Religion. By John Edmund Cox. 2 vols. Svo. pp. 680, cloth, 2ss [428

CROSBY'S Builder's Price Book for 1832. Crown Svo. sewed, 4s [429

CRYSTAL PALACE: a Sequel to "The Country and London." Square lOmo. cloth, 3s. 6d [430

CUM.M1NG (J.) —Church of Christ: Two Lectures at

Manchester. Svo. sewed, Is IL*Sl

(Vide Adv. SG.)

CCMMING (J.)—Romish Miracles: a Lecture at Birmingham. 12mo. sewed, Is [432

(Vide Adv. 86.)

CUM.Ml SG (J.)—Voices of the Night. By the Rev. John Cumming. New edition, 12mo. pp. 460, cloth, 7s. [433

DELORMU(C.)-The Marvellous Adventures of Charles Thunderbolt in the Moon. By Charles Delormc, Esq. 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d [434

DE VER1CI )UR (R.)—Introductory Lectures on Education and Literature. By Raymond De Vericour. Svo. (Dublin), pp. 40, c:oth, sewed, Is.' [435

D1HB (J. E.)—Registries of Deeds: Suggestions for the Improvement of the Yorkshire Offices. By John Edward Dibb. Svo. (Wakefield), pp. 32, sewed, 2s 6d [436

DICKENS (C.) — The Household Narrative of Current Events for 1851. By Charles Dickens. Royal Bvo. cloth, 3s [437

DOD (C. R.)—Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland, 1832. By Charles Dod. 12mo. pp. 650. cloth, 10s. fid [433

DON QUIXOTE.—Translated from Cervantes. By C. Jarvis. Illustrated by Tony Juhannot. 2 vols, royal Svo. pp. 800, cloth, 21s [439

DRUMMOND (J.)-A Forest Flower; or, a Memorial of Daniel M'Killican. By James Drummond. 18uio. pp. 80. cloth, I s. fid [440

DUFF1ELD (G.), WORDSWORTH (T.), and GAUNT (J.) —Trial of G. Dutneld, T. Wordsworth, and John Gaunt, for Conspiracy. 8vo. (Wolverhampton), sd. 10s. 6d. [441

EAGLE (P. A.)—The Life Assurance Manual; comprising the Principles of Assurance, Modes of Institution and Division of Profits, Applicability of Life Assurance to Investment, comprehensive Tabular Rates of Premium of the Principal Aletropoliia i Offices, and the leading features of each, with their Date of Incorporation; to which are added Tables of Mortality and Value of Annuit es on Lives. By Philip A. Eagle. Svo. cloth, Ss.fid [«2

ELLIOTT (M.)—Tales for the Young. By Mary Elliott. 18mo. boards. Is [443

Tales for Girls. By Mary Elliott. 18mo. bds. Is.[444

EMILY HOWARD: a Novel. By Mrs. Dunlop. 3 vols.

post Svo. pp. 900, boards, 31s. fid [445

(Vide Adv. 17.)

EVANS (J. H.)—Memoir and Remains of the Rev. James Harrington Evans. Elited by the Rev. James Joyce

Evans, M.A. Svo. pp. 694, cloth, 12s [446

(Vide Adv. 70.) EXCELSIOR; or, the Realms of Poesie. ByAlastor. 2d

edi ion, square 8vo. pp. 164, cloth, 6s [447

(Vide Adv. 64.) EXHIBITORS'(The) Almanack for 1852; with Alphabetical List of Prize Holders, svo. sewed, 6d [448

FAIRY FOLK and Wonderful Men. Edited by Madame De Chatelnin. 18mo. illustrated with 60 pictures, bds.

la. T449

FAMILIAR Things of Christmas: a Story of a Family

Party. Square, sewed, fid.; cloth, Is [450

FAMILY PASTIME; or, Homes made Happy. 1852.

12mo. cloth, Is [451

FARRAR (J.)—A Biblical and Theological Diction ry, illustrative of the Old and New Testament. By John Farrar. 12mo. pp. 670, cloth, 7s [452

FERGUSON (R.)-Pipe of Repose; or. Recollections of Eastern Travel. By Robert Ferguson. Pp. 230, squa cloth. 4s. fid [45S

FORSTER(H. R.) Pocket Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, 1852. By Henry Rumsev Forster. ISmo. pp. 550. cloth,5s (Vide Adv. 67.) [454

FUNNY RHYMES and Favourite Tales. Edited by Madame De Ch^tetain. lsnio. illustrated with 80 pictures, boards, Is [455

GAULTIER'S (A BUE) Familiar Geography. 13thedition, square, cloth, 3s [456

GAWTHORN CORRESPONDENCE: the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Rev. W. Brudenell Barter's "Few Words." Svo. sewed, Is [457

GRENVILLE PAPERS (The). From the Archives at Stowe ; including Mr. Grenville's Political Diarv. i dited by W.J.Smith. Vols. 1 and 2, Svo. cloth, 32s.'.... [458 (Vide Adv. 60.)

HARRINGTON (E. O—A Letter, &c. on the55th Canon, and the Kirk of Scotland; with an Appendix. By K. C. Harrington, A.M. Svo. pp. 100. sewed, 3s. 6d [459

HARRIS (G.)-Parliamentary Reform. The True Theory of Representation in a State; or, the Leading Interests of the Nation, not the mere Preponderance of Numbers, proved o be its Proper Basis. By George Harris. 8vo. sewed. Is [460

HARRISON (J. B.)—The Medical Aspects of Death, and of the Human Mind. By James Bower Harrison. 12mo. pp. 170, cloth, 3s. 6d [461

HAWKER (R.)-The Dying Pillow made Easy for a Death Bed. By the Rev. Robert Hawker. 12mo. cloth, reduced to Is. 6d [462

HERE a Little and there a Little; or, Daily Manna lor the Lambs of Christ's Fold; consisting of Daily Texts.

18mo. pp 220, cloth, 2s [463

(Vide Adv. 105.)

HISTORY of a Ship (The), from her Cradle to the Grave. Square (Ramsgate), cloth, reduced to 3s. fid [464

HOGG (J.)—The Pract cal Guide to the Iron Trades: or, Workshop Companion. By Joseph Hogg. 12mo. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), pp. 133, roan, 3s [465

HOWITT (W.)—The Year-Hook of the Country; or, the Field, the Forest, and the Fireside. By William Howitt. New edition, post Hvo. pp. 450, cloth, fis [466

INNES (H.)—Rhetorical Class-Book. By H. Innes. 5th edition, 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d [4liS

IRON'S )W. J.)—The Judgments on Baptismal Regeneration, printed in Parallel Columns, by the Couns of Arches and Privy Council. With App-ndices, containing a Reply to the Kev. VV. Goode's Letter; to which is prefixed a Discourse on Heresy and 0*>en Questions. By the Rev. W. J. Irons, B.D. Svo. cloth, 5s [419

JtJLLlEN'S KEEPSAKE for 1852. Folio, sewed, 5s. [470

KATTERN (1).)—Sermons. By Daniel Kattern. Bvo. pp. 460 cloth, 12s [471

KEY (The) to the Examination Questions; contain wr the Examiners' Quest'nus from 1335 to 1331, with Full Answers. By the Editor of the Law Students' Magazine. Division 3, Conveyanc ng; Division 4, Bankruptcy; Divisions, Criminal Law. New editions. 8vo sewed, 7s. 6d. each [472

Ditto, ditto. Division 2, Part 1, The Principles of

Equity. 8vo. sewed, 4s. fid [473

KHAN (P. I.)-Memoir of Peer Ibraheem Khan. Bahadur, British Agent at the Court of his Highness the Xawwab of Bliauwalpur, and now on a Visit to England. 12mo. pp. 84, cloth, 3s. 6d [474

KOSSUTH, Esterhazy, and Batthynnyi; being Answers to Aspersions contained in Letters published in "The Times;" and a Vindication of Kossuth, &c. By J. Toulmin Smith. Svo. sewed, 3d [475

LAW STUDENT'S (The) Magazine. New series. Vol. 3, 8VO. pp. 720, cloth, 20s [477

LAXTON'S Builders' Price Book for 1352. 12mo. cloih, 4s [478

LEGAL Practitioner and Solicitors' Monthly Journal. NewserisB. Vol. 3,8vo. pp. 528, cloth, 15s [479

LONDON (The) Catalogue of Periodicals, &c. for 1x52.

Royal 8vo. ewed, Is [480

(Vide Adv. 5.)

LOWELL (J. R.)—The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell; with Introduction by A. R. Scoble. 18mo. pp. 330, cloth, 2s [481

M'CULLOCH (J. R.)—A Treatise on the Pr nciples and Practical Influence of Taxation andtheF ndmgSystem. By J. R. M'Culloch Esq. 2d edition, corrected, enlarged, and greatly mproved. Svo. i p. 530, cl. 16s. [483 (Vide Adv. 34.)

A Dictionary, Practical, Theoret cal, and Historical,

of Commerce and Commerc al Navigation. By J. R. M'Culloch, Esq. New edition, corrected to 1852; with a Supplement. 8vo. pp. 15*0, with maps.and plans, cloth, 50s.; half-russ a, 55s.—The new Supplement, separately, sewed, 4s. 6d (Vide Adv. J4.i [484

MAGAZINE for the Young, 1851. 18mo. hf.-bd.2s.6d.[485

MAJA'S Alphabet. Illustrated by 26 Pictures. Square, sewed, Is [486

Lesson Book. Wiih 100 illustrations. Square, cloth,

2s. 6d [488

. Primer Illustrated by 40 Pictures. Sq. sd. Is. [489

Reading Book. Illustrated by 12 Pictures. Squart*,

sewed ,1s [490

Spelling Book. Illustrated by 12 Pictures. Square,

sewed, Is [491

MAMA'S Lessons for Little Boys and Girls. 1U1. edit.

square cloth, plain, 2s. 6d.; coloured, 3s. 6d [492

MANNER1NG (E.)—Bible Fruit for Little Children. Gathered by the Kev. E. Monnering. 18mo. pp. 1G0, cloth.

Is. 6d [493

MARCUS (L.)—A Comparative Vocabulary of the German and English Languages. By L. Marcus. Square, pp.

112, cloth [494

MAKK(R.)—Retrospect, or Review, ol Providential Mercies. Bv R. Mark. 12mo. pp. 330, cloth, 5s [495

MATHEWv. HARTY and STOKES.—Authentic Report of the most important and interesting Trial of Mathew v. Harty and Stoke*, Dec. 11, 1851. Svo. (Dublin), pp.

138, sewed, 2s. 6d [496

MAURICE (P. E.)—On National Defence in England. ByBaron P. E. Maurice. Translated by Captain J. K. Addison; with a Map of the Channel and adjacent Coasts.

Post Svo. pp. 88, sewed, 2s. Gd [497

MEMORIALS from Ben Khydding concerning the Place

its People, its Curse. Post 8vo. pp. 230, cloth, 5s. [498

MILLER (E.) —Sermons Preached at Bognor. By the

Rev. Edward Miller. 2d Series, Svo. pp. 416, boards,

10s. 6d [499

MONTHLY (The) Christian Spectator, 1851. Vol. 1, 8vo.

cloth,7s [500

MORNING WATCHES. By the Author of "Night

Watches." 32mo. sewed, 8d.; cloth, Is [501

MOSHEIM'S Ecclesiastical History. By J. Munlock.

8vo. (Belfast), cloth, reduced to Gs [502

MURRAY (R.)—Rudimentary Treatise on Marine Steam

Engines and Steam Vessels. J 2mo. sewed, 2s [503

(Weale's Rudimentary Treatise.) MY COUNTRY j Time Past. Part 1, 1850. Svo. pp. 64,

sewed, Is [504

NAPIER (Mrs.)—The Lay of the Palace. By Mrs. Napier.

Svo. pp. 20, Is [505

NEANDER (Dr. A.)—General History of the Christian Religion and Church. By Dr. Augustus Neander.

Editedby J.Torrey. Vol. 7, 8vo. pp. 376 [506

NOTES on the Book of Common Prayer. By Anglicanus.

12mo. pp. 130, sewed, 3s [507

NURSERY Heroes, &c. Editedby MadameDeCbateluin.

18mo. illustrated with 40 pictures, boards, Is [508

NURSERY Heroines, &c. Edited by MadanicDeChatelain.

lSmo. illustrated with 40 pictures, boards, Is [509

OLSHAUSEN (H.) and WIESINGER (L. A.(-Biblical Commentary on the Philippiuns, Titus, and 1st Timothy: a Continuation of the Work of Olshausen. Svo. pp. 450,

cloth. 10s. 6d [510

PAPERS and Despatches relating to the Arctic Searching Expeditions of 1850—51, with Remarks as to the Probable Course pursued by Sir John Franklin. Svo. illustrated by a general chart of the Field of Search, and a

map of Beechey Island, sewed, 2s. 6d [511

PASCAL(B.)—Provincial Letters. ByT. MCrie. 12nio.

cloth, reduced to 3s. (id [512

PENN (W.)—Historical Biography of, founded on Family and State Papers. By H. Dixon. 2d edition, 12mo. pp.

376, cloth, 7s [513

PENROSE (F. C.)—The Principles of Athenian Architecture; or, the Results of a Recent Survey, conducted chiefly with reference to the Optical Instruments exhibited in the Construction of the Ancient Buildings at Athens. From a Survey by Francis C. Penrose, M.A.

Folio, 40, plates, J*5. 5s [514

PFEIKFER (I.)—A Woman's Voyage round the World.

By Ida Pfeiffer. Post svo. cloth, 2s. 6d [515

(National Illustrated Library.) (Vide Adv. 28.) PHILIP (R.)—The Elijah of South Africa; or, the Character and Spirit of the late Rev. John Philip, D.D. Unveiled and Vindicated. By Robert Philip. Fcp. Svo.

pp. 72, cloth, Is [516

POCOCKE (E.)—India in Greece; or, Truth in Mytholo* .

By E. Pococke. Post Svo. pp. 400, cloth, 12s [517

(Vide Adv. 33.) POETICAL Chronology (A) of Great Britain, from 1100 B.C. to the Present Time; with Notes from the best Authorities, Historical Recreations, and numerous Questions. 8vo. sewed, Gd [51s

P RENTICE (A)—Historical Sketches and Personal Recollections of Manchester. By Archibald Prentice. 2d

edition, post Svo. pp. 440, cloth, 6s [519

PRIVATE DEVOTIONS, as enjoined by the Holy Eastern Church, for the use of her Members. Translated from

the Original. 24mo. pp. 54, sewed, Is [520

PUNCH. Vol. 21, 4to. cloth, 8s [521

PYNE(H.)—Tables of the Value of Tithe Rent Charges,

1852. 8vo. sewed, Is [522

RANKING (W. H.) — The Half-Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences. By W. H. Ranking. Vol. 14, post

Svo. cloth, 6s. 6d |523

REPORT of the Proceedings at a Public Meeting of the Merchants, Bankers,and Traders of the City of London, held at the London Tavern, December 3,1851, for a Reform of the Board of Customs: to which is added a Report of the Deputation to Lord John Russell. Parts

1 and 2, sewed, each la.; Part3,6d [524

ROGERS (W.)—A Short Account of the St. Thomas Charterhouse School. By Win. Rogers. Svo. sewed, Is. [526

SCRATCHLEY (A.)—Observations on Life Assurance Society s and Savings Banks. By Aithur Scratchley. Part l,8>o. cloth, 5s [527

SERMONS:— LYON (W. P.)-The French Revolution of December 1851: Christianity the Weal of England; Popery and Infidelity the Woe of France. Preached Dec. 4, 1851. liy the Rev. W. Lvon, li.A. 12mo. pp. 24, sd. 4d. "S'29 LYTTELTON (W. H.)-The Leaven of the Kingdom of God; or, Christianity Leavening Common Lite andConversation. By the Hon. and Rev. W. H. Lj Melton.

M.A. 8vo. sewed, 4d [530

MILLARD (J. O—The Christian Knight: an Address to the Boys of Magdalen College School, Oxlord, Nov.

9,1851. 24mo. sewed, IJd [531

OXFORD (UP. OF.)-The Planting of Nations a zreat Responsibility; preached at the Church of St. Marv the Virgin, Oxford. By Samuel Lord Bishop of

Oxford. Svo. sewed, 6d. ... (Vide Adv. 62.) [532

ROWl)i:N(G. C.)-TlieChristian'sRetrospectof the \ear 1851 considered, in Two Sermons. By the Kev. G. C.

Rowden. svo. pp. 34, sewed, Is. Gd [533

THOMAS (D.)—'Ihings for all Lands and all Tunes: a New Year's Address, rep. Svo. pp. 16, sd. 4d... [534 SHARP (J. A.)—A New and Complete Gazetteer; or, Topographical Dictionary of the British Islands al.d Narrow Seas; containing a Description of about Sixty Thousand Places, Seats, and Objects of Note. By James

A. Sharp. 2 vols. Svo. pp. 2060, cloth, jfc'2. lGs T535

(Vide Adv. 34.) SMITH (W.)-A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography, liy various Writers. Edited by Dr. William Sim h. 11 ustrated with Coins, Plans of Cities, Districts, ami Battles, &c. Part 1, svo. 4s [537

SPENCE (J.;—The Religion for Mankind: Christianity adapted to .Man in all the Aspects of his Being. By

James Spence. 12mo. pp. 280, cloth, 4s [539

STANBUKY (G.)—The Practical Guide to Lithography.

By G. .stanbury. Svo. pp. 16, boards, 2s. Gd 1540

STEPHENSON'S Modern Double Check Family Washing

Book. Ladies, 6d.; Gentlemen's, Gd [541

STERLING (J.)-Life of John Sterling. By Thomas Carlyle. 2d edition, post Svo. pp. 346 cloth, 10s. 6d... [542 STuLL (W. H.)-Handbook of the Religion and Mythology of the Greeks. Translated by the Kev. R. Paul, and Edited by the Rev. T. K. Arnold. 12mo. pp. ISO, cloth,

S» [543

(Vide Adv. 34.) STORY (The) o Nineveh. By the Author of " Faith/ul

Protniser." Square, pp. GO, cluth, Is [544

STORY (The) without an End. From the German. liv S. Austin. New edit, square, cloth, 2s.6d.; silk, 4s.[545 TATE (T.j—Exercises on Mechanics and Natural Philosophy, Key to. 12mo. pp. 170, cloth, 3s. 6d f54G

(Vide Adv. 34.) TAYLEK (C. B.)—Arthur and his Mother; or, the Child of the Church of England, a Book for Children. By Charles B. Tayler, M.A. Square, pp. 138, cl. 3s. .. [547 (Vide Adv. 61.) THOMAS (W. C.)—Suggestions for a Crystal College or New Palace of Glass, for Combining the Intellectual Talent of all Nations: or, a Sketch of a Practical Philosophy of Education. By W. Cave Thomas. Svo. sewed,

2s [54s

TOURRIER.—Jacotot's Method of Universal Instruction.

12mo. Is. 6d [550

(Vide Adv. 141.) TOWNE'S Highway Rate Book. Cr.8vo. Is. [551

Highway Katellccci|it Check Book. [552

Poor Kate Receipt Check Book. Oblong, [55J

TRACTS on Popular Education. 12mo. cloth, 2s.... [554 TRADESMAN'S Register of Money taken in Business,

1852. Long Svo. Is [555

TRUE STORIES: from English History Chronologically Arranged. 6th edition, 12mo. pp. 370, cloth, 5s.; haltbound, 6s [556

TRUTH (The) about Rome: a short Treatise on Supremacy. !2mo. cloth, 2s. Gd [557

TWEEDIE (W. K.)—Lights and Shadows in the Lite of Faith. By the Rev. W. K. Tweedie. 121110. pp. 400,

cloth, 4s rjjs

(Vide Adv. II.); VAUGHAN (C. J.)—Independence and Submission: the Use and Abuse of each. Two Addresses, delivered at the close of the Summer Quarter, 1851. By Charles John

Vaughan, D.D. Svo. Is. od [559

VERNON (The) Gallery of British Art. Edited by s. C. Hall, Esq. 2d Series, 39 plates, folio, cl. jf2. 2s. .. I5G0 VETCH (J.)—The Plans ot Capt. James Vetch, R.E., for the Sewerage of the Metropolis, accompanied by a descriptive Essay, by Professor Gordon, and also by an Appendix on the subject of the Water Supply, Notes,

Maps, Plans, and Sections. 8vo. swd. 5s [561

WATKIN (E. W.)—A Trip to the United States and Canada, in a Series of Letters. By Edward W. Watkin.

Post Svo. pp. 160, sewed, 2s [jti'i

WAVERLEY NOVELS, Abbotsford Edition, 12 vols. Svo. Jcio. 16s. Separate Vols. 18s. each; separate Novels, 10s. each [5oj

WESLEYAN MISSIONS. An Examination of the Sources from which the Income of the Wesleyan Missionary Society is derived; with Practical Suggestions for its Increase. Fcp. 8vo. (Nottingham), pp. 38, sewed, Gd. [564 I

WHISH (J. C.)-Tbe Great Exhibition Prise Essay. By j the Rev. J. C. Whish. 4th edition, 121110. pp. 100, sewed, Is [565

By Sydney Whiting. New edition, royai izmo. pp. ton, .cloth, 5s [566

WIDE, WIDE WORLD; or, the Early History of Ellen Montgomery. Edited by a Clergyman of the Church of

England. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 872, cloth, 12s [567

(Vide Adv. 93.)

WILLIAMS (D.)—The Preceptor's Assistant; or, Miscellaneous Questions in General History, Literature, and Science. With numerous engravings.' New edition, enlarged. By the Rev. David Williams, M.A. 12mo. 3s. bound [568

WILSON (1).) —The Christian Character Illustrated. 12mo. cloth, reduced to 2s [5C9

WILSON (J. H.)—Early History of Christianity in Scotland. By James H. Wilson. 12mo. pp. HO, ci. 2s. [570

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The Internal Evidence of the Four Gospels.

By the Rev. T. R. Birks, M.A.

Post 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth. .



New Edition, revised, fcp. Svo. price 6s. cloth.


Designed to assist Christians in general in acquirinj

Religious Knowledge.

With Lists of Books adapted to various classes.

By the Rev. E. Bickersteth.

4th Edition, fcp. 8vo. 7s. cloth.



18mo. 3s. 6d. roan.


18mo. Is. cloth.

Seeleys, Fleet Street; and Hanover Street, Hano

ver Square. (52)

VERSES for 1851. In Commemoration t the Third Jubilee of the Society for the Props gation of the Gospel. Edited by the Rev. Ernes Hawkins. Cloth, 2s., gilt edges, 2s. Cd.

"ThiB little volume of poems might claim hononrab mention of its own account. It forms a collection of poen mostly of a religious or ethical description, the work various hands, but all of them distinguished by eleganc purity of taste, and that precision of language which b speaks University training."—Globe.

Published for the Society by George Bell, 18 Fleet Street; Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly. (53]

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