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3 the Postmaster General at such times and in such form as

4 he may by regulations prescribe. The Postmaster General 5 shall at least once monthly transfer all collections from this 6 source to the Treasury as internal-revenue collections: Pro7 vided, That adhesive-stamps-shall be sold be postmasters at

8 their face value-without-discount.


Sec. 808 807. That the collectors of the several distriets

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12 in their respective collection districts a suitable quan13. tity of adhesive stamps for sale. In such cases the 14 collector may require a bond, with sufficient sureties, 15 to an amount equal to the value of the achesive 16 stamps so furnished, conditioned for the faithful return, 17 whenever so required, of all quantities or amounts undisposed 18 of, and for the payment monthly of all quantities or amounts

19 sold or not remaining on hand. The-collectors shall supply 20 their-deputies with a sufficient quantity of sueh stamps and 21 may sell to other parties within their respeetive-distriets 22 who may-make-application therefor-adhesive-stamps-upon 23 the same terms allowed by laworunder the regulations of the 24 Commissioner of Internal Revenue, who-is hereby-author 25 ized to make sueh other regulations, notinconsistent-here

1 with, for the seeurity of the United States and tho-better 2 Accommodation-of-the publie, in relation to the matters 3 hereinbeforementioned, as he-mar-judge-necessary--and 4 expedient. The Secretary of the Treasury may also from 5 time to time make such regulations as he may find neces6 sary to insure the safe-keeping or prevent the illegal use of 7 all such adhesive stamps.




1. Bonds of indebtedness: Bonds, debentures, or



tificates of indebtedness issued on and after the first day of



nineteen hundred and seventeen, by any

12 person, corporation, partnership, or association, on each $100 13 of face value or fraction thereof, 5 cents: Provided, That 14 every renewal of the foregoing shall be taxed as a new issue: 15 Provided further, That when a bond conditioned for the 16

repayment or payment of money is given in a penal sum 17 greater than the debt secured, the tax shall be based upon 18 the amount secured.

19 2. Bonds, indemnity and surety: Bonds forindemnifying 20 any person, corporation, partnership, or corporation who shall 21 have become bound or engaged as surety, and all bonds for the

22 due execution of performance of anycontraet, obligation, or pe 23

quirement, or the duties of any offiee or position, and to ae24 count for money received by virtue thereof, and all other 1 bonds of any deseription, except sueh as may be required in 2 legał proceedings, not otherwise provided forin this sehedule, 3 50-cents: Provided, That where-+ premium is charged for 4 the exceution of sueh bond tho-tax shall be paid at the rate Ś of one per centum on each dollar or fractional part thereof of 6 the premium charged: Provided further, That polieies of 7 reinsurance shall be exempt from the-tax-imposed by this

8 subdivision.

9 2. Parcel-post packages: Upon every parcel or package 10 weighing more than four ounces transported from one point 11 in the United States to another by parcel post, a tax of 1 cent

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12 for each 25 cents or fractional part thereof charged for such 13 transportation, to be paid by the consignor.

No such parcel or package shall be transported until

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15 a stamp or stamps representing the tax due shall have been 16 affixed thereto.

17 3. Capital stock, issue: On

each original

original issue, 18 whether on organization or reorganization, of certificates of 19 'stock by any association, company, or corporation, on each 20 $100 of face value or fraction thereof, 5 cents: Provided, That 21 where capital stock is issued without face value, the tax shall 22 be 5 cents per share, unless the actual value is in excess of 23 $100 per share, in which case the tax shall be 5 cents on 1 The stamps representing the tax imposed by this part2 graph subdivision shall be attached to the stock books and

24 each $100 of actual value or fraction thereof.

3 not to the certificates isstied.


4. Capital stock, sales or transfers: On all sales, or

5 agreements to sell, or memoranda of sales or deliveries of, or


6 transfers of legal title to shares or certificates of stock in any 7 association, company, or corporation, whether made upon

or shown by the books of the association, company, or cor9 poration, or by any assignment in blank, or by any delivery, 10 or by any paper or agreement or memorandum or other evi11 dence of transfer or sale, whether entitling the holder in 12 any manner to the benefit of such stock or not, on each 13 $100 of face value or fraction thereof, 2 cents, and where

14 such shares or certificates of stock are without par value,


the tax shall be 2 cents on the transfer or sale or agreement


to sell on each share or-eertificate, unless the actual value

17 thereof is in excess of $100 per share, in which case the tax 18 shall be 2 cents on each $100 of aetual value or fraction thereof:

19 Provided, That it is not intended by this title to impose a tax 20 upon an agreement evidencing a deposit of stock certificates 21 as collateral security for money loaned thereon, which 22 stock certificates are not actually sold, nor upon such 23 stock certificates so deposited: Provided further, That the 24 tax shall not be imposed upon deliveries or transfers to a 25 broker for sale, nor upon deliveries or transfers by a broker

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1 to a customer for whom and upon whose order he has pur2 chased same, but such deliveries or transfers shall be ac3 companied by a certificate setting forth the facts: Provided 4 further, That in case of sale where the evidence of transfer 5 is shown only by the books of the company the stamp shall 6 be placed upon such books; and where the change of owner7 ship is by transfer of the certificate the stamp shall be placed 8 upon the certificate; and in cases of an agreement to sell 9 or where the transfer is by delivery of the certificate 10 assigned in blank there shall be made and delivered by 11 the seller to the buyer a bill or memorandum of such 12 sale, to which the stamp shall be affixed; and every bill 13 or memorandum of sale or agreement to sell before men14 tioned shall show the date thereof, the name of the seller,

15 the amount of the sale, and the matter or thing to which it 16 refers. Any person or persons liable to pay the tax as herein 17 provided, or anyone who acts in the matter as agent or 18 broker for such person or persons who shall make any such 19 sale, or who shall in pursuance of any such salo deliver 20 any stock or evidence of the sale of any stock or bill 21 or memorandum thereof, as herein required, without hav22 ing the proper stamps affixed thereto with intent to evade 23 the foregoing provisions shall be deemed guilty of a misde24 moanor, and upon conviction thereof shall pay a fine of not

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