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Of S- W- D----..

SIR W was as unfortunate in his

attack upon Junius, as Mr. Sharp was upon the Customs and Manners of the Italians : Had there been no Junius, S-Wwould have appeared a good, and able writer! had there been no Barretti, sharp would have appear’d an entertaining Traveller.

Of S

J-n F--d.

TWO Country gentlemen in the Reign

of Charles the Ild. kept each a fool, ono fool being lost, the whole village searched an adjacent Wood for him, some days, without success ! at length the other fool was sent out alone, for the fame purpose; and as he passed through the wood, he continually called out “ ee-ee I see you now !--till he “ came near enough to hear his chum reply, “ – ney but you don't."--The fool caught the fool.


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W E knew this gentleman when he was

a t in the N-y, but little did we think then, we should ever know him an A l and capable (as no doubt he is) of

being trusted with a command.

Of Governor E.-S.

THIS gentleman's success in life, is a

proof that merit does not always pass unrewarded, we remember to have seen him in the dress and occupation of a common failor in the Mediterranean, in which capacity he earned his passage to England! yet to our astonishment we have seen a letter under this ingenious but Irigh gentleman's name, giving so dreadful an account of the intense heat in an infant Colony of ours in America'; that it would have deterred every reader, 'never to go there ! except he had been bred an Anchor Smith, or born under the torrid zone.


Of G-1 C-o-te.

THIS gentleman who has been so lucky

on the other side of the Globe, set out on this, very unfortunately; he was broke at a Court-Martial in S d while under the command of the D- of C d ! but soon after gained an opportunity to convince H. R. H. he merited restoration : his brother a Captain of Invalids meanly refused to lend him thirty pounds when he left England! and as meanly when he returned, follicited his favour! the favour was nobly granted.

Of A-e S-g-ton, Esq;

MR. Sn; Go-Son we should

have said, commands a paultry Fort somewhere in Essex, of which he is Deputy G- r.-yet we have frequently seen (it costs but two Shillings) a paragraph in the news-papers to this effect. “ Yesterday set out from his house (alias a snuff (hop up two pair of stairs) Governor S n , for his Government &c. G-1 H-W-y got him a COMPANY to get rid of his Company.

Of Col. L-m—t.

S Ometimes a man is punished for not doing

his duty ; Col. L- t has suffered for doing it! this gentleman (though born in Ireland) cannot conceive, that a man can be in a particular place in company with five hundred other men, and yet be seen there by nobody :-not recollecting, that it was at a particular time, when every man thought it best, to look to himself,


Of G- Nobody.

66 THE Man who fights, and runs away,
" May live to fight another day.
And he, who well maintains his ground,
In these sharp times ! be guilty found,
Judges are upright, oft men fay,
But Gould can justice over-lay.

Of L-d B-1_ke.

THERE is fomething uncommonly fingu

lar, agreeable ; and entertaining in this Nobleman ; the very Lady whom he married, and with whom he is no longer connected; announced herfelf, for fome time, to be the happiest woman on earth; we must therefore conclude flie is now the most wretched. .

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