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Of L-y. T= . HER L-p sounds the German Flute very

agreeably, and talks B-y to her footmen, avec une veritable bonne grace.

Of L-y V—t.

SHE has the prettiest foot of any woman

in England ; and touches the guittai, in a most enchanting style !

of Mr. J- A— G-d. W HEN he has got his cue, from his

vis a vis neighbour ; no man is more adroit at his business, though his lack lustre eye, like the owls, is often Mut, upon the strongest lights.

Of L-y Y- g. HER favourite, the pretended Marquis de ** Rochfaucault ; has now the honor to be attached to an oar in the gallies,

Of L-d B-r-n. FOR his private character, enquire of

L-y + his public one; is to be known, at the dog and duck, in St. Giles's Fields.

| Of Co D Ữy Efqr. HE seems to forget, what many of his

acquaintance still remember, namely, his education at a charity school in Northamptonshire, and that, till old B-t was in his black box : Esq; D-y, was only poor Kit !

Of L-d G- S-~e. CREAT Abilities often make a man's

fortune, it was however, his Lordships singular fate; to be almost undone by poffeffing them.

Of W-e E--s, Efqr.

A Fellow who always looks as if he had

by his breeches, and afraid of being fmelt out.

Of L-d C- J- M- d. No man looks more like a gentleman on

the bench, than his Lordship ; but it is a place, where we never should chuse to meet him.

Of the late L-d C-J

W - s.

H AD we an intricate just cause to be

tried, he was of all the Judges of his time ; the Judge, before whom we would have wished it to be heard.

Of the present J– W—s. HIS father was a man of great abilities.


Of the M-s of L-i-n.

A good hand at putting a cork in a bottle,

saving the bottoms of bottles said the late General Huske, is two, and half per cent.

Of the D-s of HA Fine Woman !

of the late L-y CA Silly Woman !

Of L-y B-e. HER noble father had many virtues.

Of L-d B- e. HIS noble father had many vớs.




: Of L-y V e. W e had not the honour to know this

" lady during the flower of her youth, and therefore we can only fay, that she is at this day, a most agreeable companion. :

Of L-d V--e. IT is to be lamented, that her L-p, did

not think of his L-p; as we do of her, for he is certainly, a polite, well bred man.

Of G-1 0-g-e.

Onsidering how long this squeeking old

fellow, has been practising the art of Speaking ; it is to be wondered at, that he has not been yet able, to find any body who will hearken to him. His politics in England, are as nautious, as his Phyfic was in Flanders,

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