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of J–c B oe, Efqr.

A Man who can follow his own hard ^blows, without feeling those given by his adversaries; is likely, on most occasions, to carry his point.

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THIS lucky gentleman was, but a few

7 years since, a Lieutenant, in the worst · military service in Europe.

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W E wish his Lớp had been as atten

tive to the facred rites of R-l nas of the people : and then he would not have given such large preferment, to fo contemptible a fellow, as the Ror of St. Gthough he had married half a dozen of his cousins.

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Of L-d P- h. THOUGH his L-p is no toper, yet, - he has been accused of being partial to punch.

Of the E-1 P-y. A Nobleman of many virtues ; but more ** cut out for a retired, than a public life ; it is therefore to be lamented, that his connections have not all, proved quite happy.

Of L-d R- d. HIS L-d makes a good bow, and a

tolerable foreign M r .

Of L-d W- d. HIS L-p makes one constantly, at the

parish vestry, and smoaks a pipe or two with the Church-Wardens.

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THOSE, who believe happiness to con

fist in great wealth, must conclude his G- to be a very happy man,

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I -y Mmy W- M- left him, a gold

snuff box in her will, on purpose to mortify his Lordly Brother, whose name 'does not appear there;

Of the D- of DENQUIRE at the Portico House, the

upper end of St. James's Street.

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Of j-n R-ft, Efq;

H E fings, a good song, and accompanies

it, with a wet finger on a mahogany table, he lives next door to a Pr--n--e, where he moved ; in hopes of being taken in, as his private Secretary : He is taken in.Hear him sing.

White is the Swan, Esc.

Of L-y R--m.

H ER L-p should never sing, her face;

which is rather elegant when compos’d, or in conversation, is vulgar to a singular degree ! while exerting her vocal talents : particularly in her favourite song— ala Min


Vefpone a perdersi nel mare in fido &c.

Of the celebrated Mr. W-d.

W E have remarked, that those men who

have made themselves very singular in the present age ; were, to make ufe of a vulgar saying: born in the middle of the week, and look two ways for Sunday. Mr. W-d the Methodist ! Mr. St. Andre the Anatomist ! Mr. Taylor the Occulist! Mr. W-s the Patriot of England! Dr. L-ditto of Ireland.

of the D-r 1-y T


HER L-p has lately found out, that

in spite of all her talents, an old woman will ; and must be looked upon, as. an old woman : fhe, who could pour out wit upon us like a torrent, has now, nothing to pour forth but tears ! or to join issue with L-y H-n, to build a Chappel of eafe.


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