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IT is an unquestionable truth, that an ex

ceeding cunning man ; will always overreach exceeding sensible men! his Lốp has dealt out the great men of this nation into so many different suits ; and exhibited them fhuffted together in fo many disadvantagious lights; that it is become difficult, for cool, dispassionate lookers on ; to know which way, or on what fide ; to direct their wishes. His Lớp was not more wise, than his betters, in his choice of a favourite. A sharking contemptible wretch, now dead, and forgotten ; was his principal adviser ; and did all his cunning bufiness. His travelling under a feigned name, is a piece of vanity and arrogance, which plainly shews the world, in what light he considers himself : And we need not say, in what light the world ; and this nation in particular ; confider him,

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of the late E- of ETHE brave, and gallant man ; by whose

hands he fell ; will make as good a figure in the annals of history, as his Lordships life or death can lay claim to. We lament the fate of C-1; because we fear, had he fell in the scuffle, L-d Ewould have stood his ground. .. .

Of L-d 0-1.

J F it be true, that he sent Colonel Toynin

with a formal challenge to Governor T- after he had prosecuted him into terms of forbearance, and large securities to keep the peace ; and with-held that Eclaircissement when the field was fairly open We know not which to despise most, the challenger, or the messenger ! his —p acted more wisely ; when he resigned his militia Corps.

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Of L-y 0-1.

HER L-p had once a good forehand;

and is still fond of exhibiting it.

Of L-y

PERHAPS this Lady, (whose youth

ful charms were succeeded by an artful address, and a good person) has had more opportunity, than any other woman of the present century, to do mischief by her turn for intrigue, and wanton example : her connections, and walk in life, has been such ; that perhaps " it may be justly said, the customs and manners of the times, would not have risen to such a pitch of lewdness, and debauchery, within a certain circle; had not this woman lived so long, and proved a fatal example ; that with birth, fortune ; and address : the best face may be put upon the worst actions! and that the rich only, have a right to fin with


impunity : this lady possesses one species of honor however, so singular, that it ought to be recorded : namely, that she never admitted the men she liked to her embraces; till the mischief to her perfon was done by the man she hates, and despises !

Of the El of L-t-d.

W E know no nobleman who possesses

more good sense, nor any one, who employs it, to more good purposes.

Of L-d M-t. HIS Lớp is a very little man.

. Of the E-1 of H-_. HIS L-p was on the verge of matri

mony with a Lady of immense fortune, at a time too, that a tythe of it would have been acceptable ; but finding he had but half a heart to give her, he generously


declined the connection! an act, in this degenerate age ; that will do more honor to his private character ; than any 'offcial mea. fures as a minister, can well overturn,

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HIS L-p merits the pity, and the ap

plause of the public.

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A Meaner, contemptible, insignificant wretch,

was never Sp--w--d forth from the Land of famine : we never had an audience of this great man but twice, and we found him both times, drying his huckaback dirty hand towel at the fire, in order to enable it to serve another month! without the aid of a blanchisseufe.

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