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Spring Garden Institute (Pa.), 170.
Spring Hill College (Ala.), 7.
Springfield College (Mass.), 88.
Springfield Junior College (III.), 53.
Staley College of the Spoken Word, The (Mass.), 88.
Stanford University (Calif.), 23.
State College of Agriculture and Engineering (N. C.).

See University of North Carolina, 143.
State College of Washington, 208.
State Normal and Industrial College (N. Dak.), 145.
State Teachers College. See particular State, town,

or name of institution.
State University of Iowa, 63.
State University of New York, 132.
Stephen F. Austin State College (Tex.), 194.
Stephens College (Mo.), 108.
Sterling College (Kans.), 68.
Stetson University (Fla.), 36.
Steubenville, College of (Ohio), 147,
Stevens Institute of Technology (N, J.), 118.
(Stevens Point) Wisconsin State College, 216.
Stillman College (Ala.), 8.
Stockton College (Calil.), 23.
Stonehill College (Mass.), 89.
Stout State College (Wis.), 215.
Stratford College (Va.), 204.
Strayer College of Accountancy (D. C.), 34.
Sue Bennett College (Ky.), 72.
Suffolk University (Mass.), 89.
Sul Ross State College (Tex.), 194.
Sullins College (Va.), 204.
(Superior) Wisconsin State College, 216.
Susquehanna University (Pa.), 172.
Swarthmore College (Pa.), 172.
Sweet Briar College (Va.), 204.
Syracuse University (N. Y.), 135.


Shepherd State College (W. Va.), 211.
Sherwood Music School (III.), 52.
(Shippensburg) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171.
Shorter College (Ark.), 11: (Ga.), 41.
Shurtleff College (II.), 52.
Siena College (Tenn.), 186.
Siens College, St. Bernardine of (N. Y.), 131.
Siena Heights College (Mich.), 96.
Sierra College (Calif.), 22.
Simmons College (Mass.), 88.
Simpson Bible College (Calif.), 22.
Simpson College (Iowa), 63.
Sinclair College (Ohio), 151.
Sioux Falls College (8. Dak.), 181.
Skagit Valley Junior College (Wash.), 208.
Skidmore College (N. Y.), 132.
(Slippery Rock) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171.
Smith College (Mass.), 88.
Smith's College of Arts and Sciences, Paul (N. Y.), 130.
Smith University, Johnson C. (N. C.), 140.
Snesd Junior College (Ala.), 7.
South Carolina State College, 179.
South Carolina, University of, 179.
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, 181.
South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Me-

chanic Arts, 182.
South Dakota, University of, 182.
South Georgia College, 41.
South Macomb Community College (Mich.), 96.
South Teras College, 193.
South, University of the (Tenn.), 187.
Southeast Missouri State College, 108.
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (N. C.),

South-Eastern Bible College, Inc. (Fla.), 36.
Southeastern Louisiana College, 75.
Southeastern State College (Okla.), 157.
Southeastern University (D. C.), 34.
Southern Baptist College (Ark), 11.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ky.), 72.
Southern California Bible College, 23.
Southern California, University of, 24.
Southern College of Pharmacy (Ga.), 41.
Southern Minois University, 53.
Southern Methodist University (Tex.), 194.
Southern Missionary College (Tenn.), 186.
Southern Oregon College of Education, 160.
Southern Seminary and Junior College (Va.), 204.
Southern State College (Ark), 11.
Southern State Teachers College (S. Dak.), 182.
Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical

College (La), 75.
Southwest Baptist College (Mo.), 108.
Southwest Mississippi Junior College, 104.
Southwest Missouri State College, 108.
Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 194.
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Tex.),


Tabor College (Kans.), 68.
Taft College (Calif.), 23.
Talladega College (Als.), 8.
Tampa, University of (Fla.), 37.
Tarkio College (Mo.), 108.
Tarleton State College (Tex.), 194.
Taylor University (Ind.), 58.
Teachers College of Connecticut, 30.
(Tempe) Arizona State College, 9.
Temple Junior College (Tex.), 195.
Temple University (Pa.), 172.
Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State Uni-

versity, 186.
Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, 186.
Tennessee, University of, 187.
Tennessee Wesleyan College, 186.
Territorial College of Guam, 42.
Texarkana College (Tex.), 195.
Texas Christian University, 195.
Texas College, 195.
Texas College of Arts and Industries, 195.
Texas Lutheran College, 195.
Texas Southern University, 195.
Texas Southmost College, 195.
Texas State College for Women, 196.
Texas Technological College, 196.
Texas, University of, 197.
Texas Wesleyan College, 196.
Texas Western College, 196.

Southwestern College (Kans.), 68.
Southwestern Junior College (Tex.), 194,
Southwestern Louisiana Institute, 76.
Southwestern at Memphis (Tenn.), 186.
Southwestern State College (Okla.), 157.
Spartanburg Junior College (8. C.), 179.
Spelman College (Ga.), 41.
Spring Arbor Junior College (Mich.), 96.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 205.
Virginia State College, 206.
Virginia Theological Seminary and College, 205.
Virginia Union University, 205.
Virginia, University of, 204.
Viterbo College (W s.), 215.
Voor boes School and Junior College (8. C.), 180.

W Wabash College (Ind), 58. Wagner Lutheran College (N. Y.), 136. Wake Forest College (N. C.), 143. Waldorf College (Iowa), 63. Walla Walla College (Wash.), 208. Warren Wilson College (N. C.), 143. Wartburg College (Iowa), 64. Wartburg Theological Seminary (Iowa), 64. Washburn University of Topeka (Kans.), 69. Washington College (Md.), 81. Washington and Jefferson College (Ps.), 173. Washington Junior College (Fla.), 37. Washington and Lee University (Va.), 206. Washington Missionary College (D. C.), 35. Washington State Teachers College (Maine), 77. Washington University (Mo.), 109. Washington, University of, 208. Watson School of Physiatrics, D. T. (Ps.), 163. Wayne State University (Mich.), 96. Wayland Baptist College (Tex.), 197. (Wayne) Nebraska State Teachers College, 113. Waynesburg College (Ps.), 173. Weber College (Utah), 198. Webster City Junior College (Iowa), 64. Wellesley College (Mass.), 90. Wells College (N. Y.), 137. Wenatchee Junior College (Wash.), 208. Wentworth Institute (Mass.), 40. Wesley Junior College (Del.), 32. Wesleyan College (Ga.), 42. Wesleyan College, Roberts (N. Y.), 130. Wesleyan Methodist College (8. C.), 180. Wesleyan University (Conn.), 30. Wessington Springs College (8. Dak.), 182. (West Chester) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171. West Contra Costa Junior College (Calll.), 25. West Georgia College, 42. West Liberty State College (W. Va.), 211. West Texas State College, 197. West Virginia Institute of Technology, 211. West Virginia State College, 211. West Virginia University, 211. West Virginia Wesleyan College, 211. Westbrook Junior College (Maine), 77. Westchester Community College (N. Y.), 137. Western Carolina College (N. C.), 143. Western College for Women (Ohio), 152. Western Illinois State College, 53. Western Kentucky State College, 74. Western Maryland College, 81. Western Michigan College, 96. Western Montana College of Education, 111. Western Reserve University (Ohio), 153. Western State College of Colorado, 28. Western Theological Seminary (Pa.), 174. Western Washington College of Education, 208. (Westfeld) State Teachers College (Mass.), 89.

Thiel College (Pa.), 172.
Thornton Junior College (II.), 53.
Tift College (Ga.), 41.
Toledo, University of (Ohio), 152.
Topeka, Washburn University of (Kans.), 69.
Tougaloo Southern Christian College (Miss.), 104.
(Towson) Maryland State Teachers College, 79.
Transylvania College (Ky.), 73.
Trenton Junior College (N. J.), 118.
(Trenton) New Jersey State Teachers College, 116.
Trevecca Nazarene College (Tenn.), 186.
Trinidad State Junior College (Colo.), 27.
Trinity College (Conn.), 30; (D. C.), 35; (Vt.), 200.
Trinity Seminary and Bible College (III.), 53.
Trinity University (Tex.), 196.
Tri-State College (Ind.), 58.
(Troy) State Teachers College (Ala.), 8.
Truett-McConnell Junior College (G8.), 41.
Tufts University (Mass.), 89.
Tulane University of Louisiana, 76.
Tulsa, University of (Okla.), 157.
Tusculum College (Tenn.), 186.
Tuskegee Institute (Ala.), 8.
Tyler Junior College (Tex.), 196.

Union College (Ky.), 73; (Nebr.), 113.
Union College and University (N. Y.), 135.
Union Junior College (N. J.), 118.
Union Theological Seminary (N. Y.), 136; (Va.); 204.
Union University (Tenn.), 187.
United Theological Seminary (Ohio), 152.
University of — See most significant term.
Upland College (Calif.), 25.
Upper Iowa University, 63.
(Upper Montclair) New Jersey State Teachers College,

116. Upsala College (N. J.), 118. Upstate Medical Center (N. Y.). See State Univer

sity of New York, 135.
Ursinus College (Pa.), 173.
Ursuline College (Ky.), 73; (Ohio), 152.
Utah State Agricultural College, 198.
Utah, University of, 198.

Valdosta State College (Ga.), 42.
(Valley City) State Teachers College (N. Dak.), 145.
Valley Forge Military Junior College (Pa.), 173.
Valparaiso Technical Institute (Ind.), 58.
Valparaiso University (Ind.), 58.
Vanderbilt University (Tenn.), 188.
Vassar College (N. Y.), 136.
Ventura College (Calif.), 25.
Vermont Junior College, 200.
Vermont and State Agricultural College, University

of, 200. Vermont State Teachers College (Castleton), 199;

(Johnson), 199; (Lyndon Center), 199.
Victoria College (Tex.), 197.
Villa Madonna College (Ky.), 73.
Villa Maria College (Pa.), 173.
Villanova University (Pa.), 173.
Vincennes University (Ind.), 58,
Virginia Junior College (Minn.), 101.
Virginia MIlitary Institute, 205.

Westmar College (Iowa), 64.
Westminster Choir College (N. J.), 118.
Westminster College (Mo.), 109; (Pa.), 174; (Utah),

199. Westminster Theological Seminary (Md.), 81; (Ps.),

Westmont College (Calif.), 25.
Wharton County Junior College (Tex.), 188.
Wheaton College (II.), 54; (Mass.), 90.
Wheelock College (Mass.), 90.
(Whitewater) Wisconsin State College, 216.
Whitman College (Wash.), 208.
Whittier College (Ca)il.), 25.
Whitworth College (Wash.), 209.
Wichita, University of (Kans.), 69.
W Oberforce University (Ohio), 153.
Wilkes College (Pa.), 174.
Willamette University (Oreg.), 161.
William Carey College (Miss.), 104.
William Jennings Bryan University (Tenn.), 188.
William Jewell College (Mo.), 109.
William and Mary, College of (Va.), 201.
William Penn College (Iowa), 64.
William Smith Colleges, Hobart and (N. Y.), 125.
William Woods College (Mo.), 109.
Williams College (Mass.), 90.
Williams College, George (III.), 47.
Williams Junior College, Roger (R. I.), 176.
Willimantic State Teachers College (Conn.), 31.
Wilmington College (N. C.), 144; (Ohio), 153.
WIJson College (Ps.), 174.
Wilson College, Lindsey (Ky.), 71.
Wilson College, Warren (N, C.), 143.
Wingate College (N. C.), 144.
(Winona) State Teachers College (Minn.), 101.

Winston-Salem Teachers College (N. C.), 144.
Winthrop College (8. C.), 180.
Wisconsin Institute of Technology, 215.
Wisconsin State College (Eau Claire), 215; (La Crosse),

215; (Oshkosh), 216; (Platteville), 216; (River Falls), 216; (Stevens Point), 216; (Superior), 216; (White

water), 216.
Wisconsin, University of, 215.
Wittenberg College (Ohio), 153.
Wofford College (8. C.), 180.
Woman's College of the University of North Carolina,

Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 174.
Woods, College, William (Mo.), 109.
Wooster, College of (Ohio), 147.
Worcester Junior College (Mass.), 90.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Mass.), 90.
(Worcester) State Teachers College (Mass.), 89.
Wyoming, University of, 217.
Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute (Pa.), 174.

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Available from the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government

Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C., at the prices staced

Scholarships and Fellowships: A Selected Bibliography, Bulletin

1957, No. 7 by Richard C. Mattingly. 15 cents.

Financial Aid for College Students: Graduate, Bulletin 1957,

No. 17 by Richard C. Mattingly 50 cents.

Financial Aid for College Students: Undergraduate, Bulletin 1957,

No. 18 by Theresa B. Wilkins. $1.00.




Washington, D.C. The committee met at 10 a.m., pursuant to adjournment, in room 356, Old House Office Building, Hon. W. J. Bryan Dorn presiding.

Mr. Dorn. The committee will come to order.

But I do want our visitors to understand that so many of our members are tremendously busy. I might say that this is my 12th year in the Congress, and every year there is an increasing amount of mail and an increasing number of errands to run, and it is just almost impossible to get around. I have 2 days' mail about this high to get to sometime today, I hope, plus a dinner with constituents from South Carolina tonight.

In other words, I leave before my family gets up tomorrow morning, and I tiptoe in late tonight; so I live with them, but I do not get to see them. I do hope to see them Saturday.

Mr. Teague is unable to be here this morning, because he is presenting the $600 million budget of the Space Agency. Obviously this is very important.

We will place in the record at this point a letter of February 24, 1960, from Maurice H. Stans, Director, Bureau of the Budget, and a letter of February 21, 1960, from Edward Aderkas, with respect to the proposed legislation. (The letters referred to follow :)



Washington, D.C., February 4, 1960. Hon. OLIN E. TEAGUE, Chairman, Veterans Affairs Committee, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

MY DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN : This is in reply to your letter of July 23, 1959, requesting the recommendations of the Bureau of the Budget regarding S. 1138, a bill "To provide readjustment assistance to veterans who serve in the Armed Forces between January 31, 1975, and July 1, 1963."

The proposed bill would provide three types of benefits for peacetime exservicemen: vocational rehabilitation for the service-disabled ; educational and vocational training allowances; and home and farm loan guarantees and direct loans. The estimated cost would be more than $3.2 billion through June 30, 1973, and some expenditures would continue beyond that date.

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