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Brigham Young University (Utah), 198.
(Brockport) New York State Teachers College. See

State University of New York, 134.
Brooklyn College (N. Y.), 12).
Brooklyn College of Pharmacy (N. Y.). See Long

Island University, 127.
Broome Technical Community College (N. Y.), 121.
Brown University (R. I.), 175.
Brown University, John (Ark.), 11.
Bryan University, William Jennings (Tenn.), 188.
Bryant College (R. I.), 176.
Bryn Mawr College (Pa.), 161.
Bucknell University (Pa.), 162.
Buena Vista College (Iowa), 59.
Buffalo, College for Teachers at (N. Y.). See State

University of New York, 133.
Buffalo, University of (N. Y.), 136.
Burlington College (Iowa), 59.
Butler College (Tex.), 189.
Bulter University (Ind.), 54,

Bates College (Maine), 76.
Bay City Junior College (Mich.), 91.
Baylor University (Tex.), 189.
Beaver College (Pa.), 161.
Beckley College (W. Va.), 209.
Belhaven College (Miss.), 101.
Bellarmine College (Ky.), 69.
Belmont Abbey College (N. C.), 138.
Belmont College (Tenn.), 182.
Beloit College (Wis.), 212.
(Bemidji) State Teachers College (Minn.), 100.
Benedict College (8. C.), 177.
Benedictine Heights College (Okla.), 154.
Benjamin Franklin University (D. C.), 33.
Bennett College (N. C.), 138.
Bennett College, Sue (Ky.), 72.
Bennington College (Vt.), 199.
Berea College (Ky.), 69.
Berkeley Baptist Divinity School (Calif.), 12.
Berkeley Divinity School (Conn.), 28.
Berry College (Ga.), 38.
Bethany College (Kans.), 65; (W. V8.), 209.
Bethany Lutheran College and Theological Seminary

(Minn,), 97.
Bethel College (Kans.), 65; (Ky.), 70; (Tenn.), 183.
Bethel College and Seminary (Minn.), 97.
Bethune-Cookman College (Fla.), 35.
Bible, College of the (Ky.), 70.
Bible Institute of Los Angeles, The (Calif.), 12.
Biblical Seminary in New York, 120.
Birmingham-Southern College (Ala.), 6.
Bismarck Junior College (N. Dak.), 144.
Blackburn College (III.), 44,
Black Hills Teachers College (8. Dak.), 180.
Blinn College (Tex.), 189.
Bloomfield College and Theological Seminary (N. J.),

(Bloomsburg) State Teachers College (Pa.), 170.
Blue Mountain College (Miss.), 102.
Bluefield College (Va.), 200.
Bluefield State College (W. Va.), 209.
Bob Jones University (S. C.), 177.
Boise Junior College (Idaho), 43.
Boone Junior College (Iowa), 59.
Boston College (Mass.), 83.
Boston Conservatory of Music (Mass.), 83.
Boston School of Occupational Therapy (Mass.), 83.
Boston University (Mass.), 83.
Bouve Boston School (Mass.), 83.
Bowdoin College (Maine), 76.
(Bowie) Maryland State Teachers College, 79.
Bowling Green College of Commerce (Ky.), 70.
Bowling Green State University (Ohio), 146.
Bradford Durfee Technical Institute (Mass.), 83.
Bradford Junior College (Mass.), 83.
Bradley University (III.), 44.
Brainerd Junior College (Minn.), 97.
Brandeis University (Mass.), 83.
Brenau College (Ga.), 38.
Brescia College (Ky.), 70.
Brevard College (N. C.), 138.
Brewton-Parker Junior College (Ga.), 38.
Briar Cliff College (Iowa), 59.
Briarcliff College (N, Y.), 120.
Bridgeport, University of (Conn.), 30.
Bridgewater College (Va.), 201.

Caldwell College for Women (N. J.), 115.
California College of Arts and Crafts, 13.
California Concordia College, 13.
California Institute of Technology, 13.
California Maritime Academy, 13,
California School of Fine Arts, 13.
California State Polytechnic College, 13.
(California) State Teachers College (Pa.), 170.
California, University of, 23.
Calvin College (Mich.), 91.
Calvin Theological Seminary (Mich.), 91.
Cambridge Junior College (Mass.), 84.
Cameron State Agricultural College (Okla,), 154.
Campbell College (N. C.), 138.
Campbellsville College (Ky.), 70.
Canal Zone Junior College, 25.
Caney Junior College (Ky.), 70.
Canisius College (N. Y.), 121.
Capitol Radio Engineering Institute (D. C.), 33.
Capitol University (Ohio), 146.
Carbon College (Utah), 198.
Cardinal Stritch College, The (Wis.), 212.
Carey College, William (Miss.), 104.
Carleton College (Minn.), 97.
Carnegie Institute of Technology (Pa.), 162.
Carroll College (Mont.), 110; (Wis.), 212.
Carroll University, John (Ohio), 148.
Carson-Newman College (Tenn.), 183.
Carthage College (III.), 44.
Carver School of Missions and Social Work (Ky.), 70.
Cascade College (Oreg.), 157.
Case Institute of Technology (Ohio), 146.
Casper Junior College (Wyo.), 216.
(Castleton) State Teachers College (Vt.), 199.
Catawba College (N. C.), 138.
Catholic University of America (D. C.), 33.
Catholic University of Puerto Rico, 175.
Cazenovia Junior College (N. Y.), 121.
Cedar Crest College (Ps.), 162.
Centenary College (La.), 74.
Centenary College for Women (N. J.), 115.
Centerville Community College (Iowa), 59.
Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Kans.), 65.
Central Bible Institute (Mo.), 104.

Colorado State College of Education, 28.
Colorado State University, 26.
Colorado, University of, 27.
Colorado Woman's College, 26.
Columbia Bible College (8. C.), 178.
Columbia College (8. C.), 178.
Columbia College (N. Y.). See Columbia University,

Columbia University (N. Y.), 12.
Compton District Junior College (Call.), 15.
Concord College (W. V8.), 200.
Concordia College (Ind.), 64; (Minn.), ; (Oreg.), 188;

(Wis.), 212.
Concordia Seminary (Mo.), 105.
Concordia Teachers College (DI).), 48; (Nebr.), 111.
Concordia Tbeological Seminary (I.), 46.
Connecticut College, 28.
Connecticut, Teachers College of, 30.
Connecticut, University of, 30.
Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary (Colo.),


Central Christian College (Okla.), 184.
Central College (Iowa), 58; (Kans.), 66; (Mo.), 104.
Central Michigan College, 92.
Central Missouri State College, 104.
Central State College (Ohio), 146; (Okls.), 155.
Central Washington College of Education, 206.
Centralla Junior College (Wash.), 206.
Centre College of Kentucky, 70.
Chaminade College of Honolulu (T. H.), 42.
Chapman College (Calil.), 13.
Charleston, College of (8. C.), 178.
Charlotte College (N. C.), 138.
Chatham College (Pa.), 162.
Chattanooga, University of (Tenn.), 187.
Chestnut Hill College (Pa.), 162.
Chicago City Junior College (Ni.), 45.
Chicago College of Chiropody and Pedic Surgery (III.),

Chicago College of Osteopathy (11.), 45.
Chicago Conservatory (III.), 45.
Chicago Evangelistic Institute (Iowa), 59.
Chicago Medical School (N.), 45.
Chicago Teachers College (III.), 45.
Chicago Theological Seminary, The (III.), 45.
Chicago, University of (III.), 53.
Chicago-Kent College of Law (III.), 46.
Chico State College (Calls.), 13.
Chipola Junior College (Fla.), 35.
Chowan College (N. C.), 138.
Christian College (Mo.), 105.
Christian College, Abilene (Tex.), 188.
Christian College, Jarvis (Tex.), 191.
Church Divinity School of the Pacific (Calif.), 13.
Cincinnati, University of (Ohio), 152.
Cisco Junior College (Tex.), 189.
Citadel, The (8. C.), 177.
Citrus Junior College (Calll.), 14.
City College of the City of New York (N. Y.), 121.
Clafin College (8. C.), 177.
Claremont Men's College (Calif.), 14.
Clarinda Junior College (Iowa), 60.
(Clarion) State Teachers College (P8.), 170.
Clark College (Ga.), 38; (Wash.), 206.
Clark College, Lewis and (Oreg.), 158.
Clark University (Mass.), 84.
Clarke College (Iowa), 60.
Clarkson College of Technology (N. Y.), 121.
Cleary College (Mich.), 92.
Clemson Agricultural College (8. C.), 177.
Cleveland College (Ohio). See Western Reserve

University, 153.
Cleveland Institute of Music (Ohio), 146.
Clinton Junior College (Iowa), 60.
Coe College (Iowa), 60.
Coffeyville College of Arts, Science, and Vocations

(Kans.), 65.
Cogewell Polytechnical College (Calif.), 14.

ker College (8. C.), 177.
volby College (Maine), 76.
Colby Junior College for Women (N. H.), 114.
Colgate Rochester Divinity School (N. Y.), 121.
Colgate University (N. Y.), 121,
College Misericordia (Pa.), 162.
College of - See most significant term.
Colorado College, 25.
Colorado School of Mines, 26.

Conservatory of Music of Kansas City (Mo.), 105.
Converse College (8. C.), 178.
Cooper Union (N. Y.), 123.
Copiah-Lincoln Junior College (Miss.), 102.
Coppin State Teachers College (Md.), 78.
Cornell College (Iowa), 60.
Cornell University (N, Y.), 123.
Corpus Christi, University of (Tex.), 196.
Cortland, Teacbers College at (N.Y.). See State Uni-

versity of New York, 134.
Cottey College (Mo.), 105.
Creighton University (Nebr.), 111.
Creston Junior College (Iowa), 60.
Crozer Theological Seminary (Pa.), 162.
Culver-Stockton College (Mo.), 105.
Cumberland College (Ky.), 71,
Curry College (Mass.), 84.
Curtis Institute of Music, The (Ps.), 163.


D. T. Watson School of Physiatrics (Pa.), 163,
Dakota Wesleyan University (8. Dak.), 180.
Dana College (Nebr.), 111.
Danbury State Teachers College (Conn.), 28.
Danville Junior College (10.), 46.
Dartmouth College (N. H.), 114.
David Lipscomb College (Tenn.), 183.
Davidson College (N. C.), 139.
Davis and Elkins College (W. Va.), 210.
Dayton, University of (Ohio), 152. *
Decatur Baptist College (Ter.), 189.
Deep Springs College (Calll.), 15.
Defiance College (Ohio), 147.
Delaware State College, 32.
Delaware, University of, 32.
Delta State College (Miss.), 102.
Denison University (Ohio), 147.
Dental School of the University of Oregon, 158.
Denver, University of (Colo.), 27.
De Paul University (III.), 46.
De Pauw University (Ind.), 54.
Des Moines Still College of Osteopathy and Surgery

(Iowa), 60.
Detroit Bible Institute (Mich.), 02.
Detroit College of Law (Mich.), 92.

Detroit Institute of Technology (Mich.), 02.
Detroit, University of (Mich.), 96.
Dickinson College (Pa.), 163.
Dickinson School of Law (Pa.), 163.
(Dickinson) State Teachers College (N. Dak.), 145.
Dickinson University, Fairleigh (N.J.), 115.
Dillard University (La.), 74.
District of Columbia Teachers College, 33.
Dixie Junior College (Utah), 198.
Doane College (Nebr.), 111.
Dominican College (Wis.), 212.
Dominican College, Sacred Heart (Tex.), 193.
Dominican College, St. Mary's (La.), 75.
Downstate Medical Center (N. Y.). See State Uni-

versity of New York, 133.
Drake University (Iowa), 60.
Drew University (N. J.), 115.
Drexel Institute of Technology (Ps.), 163.
Drury College (Mo.), 105.
Dubuque, University of (Iowa), 63.
Duchesne College (Nebr.), 111.
Duke University (N. C.), 139.
Dunbarton College of Holy Cross (D. C.), 33.
Durfee Technical Institute, Bradford (Mass.), 83.
Duquesne University (Pa.), 163.
D'Youville College (N. Y.), 123.

(Elizabeth City) State Teachers College (N. C.), 142.
Elizabethtown College (Pa.), 164.
Ellsworth Junior College (Iowa), 60.
Elmhurst College (III.), 46.
Elmira College (N, Y.), 124.
Ely Junior College (Minn.), 48.
Emerson College (Mass.), 84.
Emmanuel College (G8.), 38; (Mass.), 84.
Emmanuel Missionary College (Mich.), 92.
Emmetsburg Junior College (Iowa), 61.
Emporia, College of (Kans.), 65.
(Emporia) Kansas State Teachers College, 66.
Emory and Henry College (Va.), 201.
Emory University (Ga.), 38.
Endicott Junior College (Mass.), 84.
Episcopal Theological School (Mass.), 86.
Erie County Technical Institute (N. Y.), 124.
Erskine College (S. C.), 178.
Eureka College (III.), 47.
Evangelical Theological Seminary (III.), 47.
Evansville College (Ind.), 56.
Eveleth Junior College (Minn.), 98.
Everett Junior College (Wash.), 206.



Earlham College (Ind.), 54.
East Carolina College (N. C.), 139.
East Central Junior College (Miss.), 102.
East Central State College (Okla.), 155.
East Contra Costa Junior College (Calif.), 15.
(East Stroudsburg) State Teachers College (Pa.), 170.
East Los Angeles Junior College (Calif.), 15.
East Mississippi Junior College, 102.
East Tennessee State College. 183.
East T. xas Baptist College, 189.
East Texas State Teachers College, 190.
Eastern Arizona Junior College, 9.
Eastern Baptist College (Pa.), 163.
Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Pa.), 164.
Eastern Illinois State College, 46.
Eastern Kentucky State College, 71.
Eastern Mennonite College (V8.), 201.
Eastern Michigan College, 92.
Eastern Montana College of Education, 110.
Eastern Nazarene College (Mass.), 84.
Eastern New Mexico University, 119.
Eastern Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical

College, 155.
Eastern Oregon College of Education, 158.
Eastern Pilgrim College (Pa.), 164.
Eastern Washington College of Education, 206.
Eastman Dental Dispensary and School for Dental

Hygienists (N. Y.), 124.
(Eau Claire) Wisconsin State College, 215.
Eden Theological Seminary (Mo.), 105.
Edgewood College of the Sacred Heart (Wis.), 212.
(Edinboro) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171.
Edwards Military Institute, Pineland Junior College

and (N. C.), 141.
El Camino College (Calif.), 15.
El Dorado Junior College (Kans.), 65.
El Reno Junior College (Okla.), 155.
Elgin Community College (III.), 46.

Fairbury Junior College (Nebr.), 112.
Fairfield University (Conn.), 28.
Fairleigh Dickinson University (N. J.), 115.
Fairmont State College (W. Va.), 210.
Faith Theological Seminary (PQ.), 164.
Farmington State Teachers College (Maine), 77.
Fashion Institute of Technology (N. Y.), 124.
Fayetteville State Teachers College (N. C.), 139.
Fenn College (Ohio), 147.
Ferris Institute (Mich.), 92.
Ferrum Junior College (Va.), 201.
Finch College (N. Y.), 124.
Findlay College (Ohio), 147.
Fisk University (Tenn.), 183.
(Fitchburg) State Teachers College (Mass.), 89.
(Flagstaff) Arizona State College, 9.
Flat River, Junior College of (Mo.), 106.
Flint Junior College (Mich.), 93.
Flora Macdonald College (N. C.), 139.
Flora Stone Mather College (Ohio). See Western Re-

Serve University, 153.
(Florence) State Teachers College (Ala.), 7.
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, 35.
Florida Southern College, 35.
Florida State University, 35.
Florida, University of, 36.
Fordham University (N. Y.), 124.
Forestry in Syracuse, College of (N. Y.). See Stato

University of New York, 133.
Fort Hays Kansas State College, 65.
Fort Valley State College (Ga.), 38.
Fort Wayne Art School (Ind.), 55.
Fort Wayne Bible College (Ind.), 55.
Francis Payne Bolton School of Nursing (Ohio). See

Western Reserve University, 153.
Frank Phillips College (Tex.), 190.
Franklin College of Indlana, 55.
Franklin and Marshall College (Pa.), 164.
Franklin Technical Institute (Mass.), 85.
Franklin University (Ohio), 148.

Fredonia, Teachers College at (N. Y.). See State

University of New York, 134.
Freed-Hardeman College (Tenn.), 183.
Freeman Junior College (S. Dak.), 181,
Fresno Junior College (Calif.), 15.
Fresno State College (Calif.), 16.
Friends University (Kans.), 66.
Friendship Junior College (8. C.), 178.
(Frostburg) Maryland State Teachers College, 79.
Fuller Theological Seminary (Calif.), 16.
Fullerton Junior College (Calif.), 16.
Furman University (S. C.), 178.

Grand Canyon College (Ariz.), 9.
Grand Rapids Junior College (Mich.), 93.
Grand View College (Iowa), 61.
Grays Harbor College (Wash.), 207.
Great Falls, College of (Mont.), 110.
Green Mountain Junior College (Vt.), 199.
Greenbrier Junior College (W. Va.), 210.
Greenbrier Military School (W. Va.), 210.
Greensboro College (N. C.), 139.
Greenville College (III.), 47.
Grinnell College (Iowa), 61.
Grove City College (Pa.), 165.
Guilford College (N. C.), 140.
Gustavus Adolphus College (Minn.), 98.
Gwynedd-Mercy Junior College (Pa.), 165.



Gainesville Junior College (Tex.), 190.
Gallaudet College (D. C.), 33.
Gammon Theological Seminary (Ga.), 38.
Gannon College (Pa.), 164.
Garden City Junior College (Kans.), 66.
Gardner-Webb Junior College, Inc. (N, C.), 139.
Garland School, The, a Junior College (Mass.), 85.
General Assembly's Training School for Lay Workers

(Va.), 202.
General Beadle State Teachers College (8. Dak.), 181.
General Motors Institute (Mich.), 93.
General Theological Seminary (N. Y.), 124.
Geneseo, Teachers College at (N. Y.). See State

University of New York, 134.
Geneva College (Pa.), 164.
George Peabody College for Teachers (Tenn.), 183,
George Pepperdine College (Calif.), 16.
George Washington University (D. C.), 33.
George Williams College (III.), 47.
Georgetown College (Ky.), 71.
Georgetown University (D. C.), 34.
Georgetown Visitation Junior College (D. C.), 34.
Georgia Institute of Technology, 39.
Georgia Military College, 39.
Georgia Southwestern College, 39.
Georgia State College of Business Administration, 39.
Georgia State College for Women, 39.
Georgia Teachers College, 39.
Georgia, University of, 42.
Georgian Court Co Hege (N. J.), 115.
Gettysburg College (Pa.), 164.
(Glassboro) New Jersey State Teachers College, 116.
Glendale College (Calif.), 16.
Glenville State College (W. Va.), 210.
Goddard College (Vt.), 199.
Gogebic Community College (Mich.), 93.
Goldey Beacom School of Business (Del.), 32.
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Calif.),

Golden Gate College (Calil.), 16.
Gonzaga University (Wash.), 206.
Good Counsel College (N. Y.), 124.
Gordon College (Mass.), 85.
Gordon Military College (Ga.), 39.
Gorham State Teachers College (Maine), 77.
Goshen College (Ind.), 55.
Goucher College (Md.), 78.
Grace Bible Institute (Nebr.), 112.
Grace Theological Seminary and Grace College

(Ind.), 55.
Graceland College (Iowa), 61.
Grambling College (La), 74.

Hagerstown Junior College (Md.), 78.
Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital (Ps.), 165.
Hamilton College (N. Y.), 125.
Hamline University (Minn.), 98.
Hampden-Sydney College (Va.), 202.
Hampton Institute (Va.), 202.
Hannibal-La Grange College (Mo.), 106.
Hanover College (Ind.), 55.
Harcum Junior College (Pa.), 165.
Hardin-Baylor College, Mary (Tex.), 191.
Hardin-Simmons University (Tex.), 190.
Harding College (Ark.), 11.
Harpur College (N. Y.). See State University of

New York, 134.
Harris College, Young L. G. (Ga.), 42.
Harris Teachers College (Mo.), 106.
Hartford Art School, Inc. (Conn.), 28.
Hartford College (Conn.), 29.
Hartford Seminary Foundation (Conn.), 29.
Hartnell College (Calil.), 16.
Hartt College of Music (Conn.), 29.
Hartwick College (N. Y.), 125.
Harvard University (Mass.), 85.
Harvey College, Morris (W. Va.), 210.
Hastings College (Nebr.), 112.
Haverford College (P8.), 165.
Hawaii, University of, 43.
Hebrew Teachers College (Mass.), 86.
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

(Ohio), 148.
Heidelberg College (Ohio), 148.
Henderson County Junior College (Tex.), 190.
Henderson State Teachers College (Ark.), 11.
Hendrix College (Ark.), 11.
Henry Ford Community College (Mich.), 93.
Herron Art School, John (Ind.), 56.
Hershey Junior College (Pa.), 165.
Hervey Junior College (N. Y.), 125.
Heston College (Kans.), 66.
Hibbing Junior College (Minn.), 99.
Highland Park Junior College (Mich.), 93.
Hillsdale College (Mich.), 93.
Hillyer College (Conn.), 29.
Hinds Junior College (Miss.), 102.
Hiram College (Ohio), 148.
Hiwassee College (Tenn.), 184.
Hobart and William Smith Colleges (N. Y.), 125.
Hofstra College (N. Y.), 125.
Hollins College (Va.), 202.

Holton Arms School and Junior College (D. C.), 34.
Holy Cross, College of the (Mass.), 84.
Holy Names College (Wash.), 207.
Holy Names, College of the (Calif.), 14.
Hood College (Md.), 78.
Hope College (Mich.), 93.
Hopkins University, Johns (Md.), 78.
Houghton College (N. Y.), 125.
Houston, University of (Tex.), 196.
Howard College (Ala.), 6.
Howard County Junior College (Tex.), 190.
Howard Payne College (Tex.), 190.
Howard University (D. C.), 34.
Hudson Valley Technical Institute (N. Y.), 125.
Humboldt State College (Calif.), 16.
Hunter College of the City of New York (N. Y.), 126.
Huntingdon College (Ala.), 6.
Huron College (S. Dak.), 181.
Huston-Tillotson College (Tex.), 190.
Hutchinson Junior College (Kans.), 66.

John Brown University (Ark.), 11.
John Carroll University (Ohio), 148.
John Herron Art School (Ind.), 56.
John Marshall Law School (Ill.), 48.
Johns Hopkins University (Md.), 78.
Johnson Bible College (Tenn.), 184.
Johnson C. Smith University (N. C.), 140.
(Johnson) State Teachers College (Vt.), 200.
Joliet Junior College (III.), 48.
Jones County Junior College (Miss.), 102.
Joplin Junior College (Mo.), 106.
Judson College (Ala.), 7.
Juilliard School of Music (N. Y.), 126.
Juniata College (Pa.), 166.
Junior College of - See most significant term.



Kalamazoo College (Mich.), 94.
Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design (Mo.),

Kansas City Bible College (Mo.), 106.
Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery (Mo.),

Kansas City, Conservatory of Music of (Mo.), 105.
Kansas City, Junior College of (Mo.), 106.
Kansas City, University of (Mo.), 108.
Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied

Science, 66.
Kansas State Teachers College (Emporia), 66; (Pitts-

burg), 66.
Kansas, University of, 68.
Kansas Wesleyan University, 66.
(Kearney) Nebraska State Teachers College, 112.
Keene Teachers College (N. H.), 114.
Kendall College (III.), 48.
Kent State University (Ohio), 148.
Kentucky State College, 71.
Kentucky, University of, 73.
Kentucky Wesleyan College, 71.
Kenyon College (Ohio), 148.
Keuka College (N. Y.), 126.
Keystone Junior College (Pa.), 166.
Kilgore College (Tex.), 191.
King College (Tenn.), 184.
King's College (Pa.), 166.
King's College, The (N. Y.), 127.
Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery (Mo.),

Knox College (III.), 48.
Knoxville College (Tenn.), 184.
(Kutztown) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171.


Idaho, College of, 43.
Idaho State College, 43.
Idaho, University of, 43.
Iliff School of Theology (Colo.), 26.
Illinots College, 47,
Illinois College of Chiropody and Foot Surgery, 47.
Illinois College of Optometry, 47.
Illinois Institute of Technology, 47.
Illinois State Normal University, 47.
Illinois, University of, 53,
Illinois Wesleyan University, 48.
Immaculate College (Pa.), 165.
Immaculata Junior College (D. C.), 34.
Immaculate Heart College (Calif.), 17.
Incarnate Word College (Tex.), 190.
Independence Community College (Kans.), 66.
Indiana Central College, 56.
Indiana State Teachers College, 56.
(Indiana) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171.
Indiana Technical College, 56.
Indiana University, 56.
long College (N. Y.), 126.
Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts,

Iowa State Teachers College, 61.
Iowa, State University of, 63,
Iowa Wesleyan College, 61.
Itawamba Junior College (Miss.), 102.
Ithaca College (N. Y.), 126.

Jackson Junior College (Mich.), 93.
Jackson State College (Miss.), 102.
Jacksonville College (Tex.), 191.
Jacksonville College of Music (Fla.), 36.
(Jacksonville) State Teachers College (Ala.), 7.
Jacksonville University (Fla.), 36.
Jamestown College (N, Dak.), 144.
Jamestown Community College (N. Y.), 126.
Jarvis Christian College (Tex.), 191.
Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia (Pa.), 165.
(Jersey City) New Jersey State Teachers College, 116.
Jewell College, William (Mo.), 109.
Jewish Theological Seminary of America (N. Y.), 126.

(La Crosse) Wisconsin State College, 215.
Ladycliff College (N. Y.), 127.
Lafayette College (Pa.), 166.
La@range College (Ga.), 39.
Lake Erie College (Ohio), 149.
Lake Forest College (III.), 48.
Lakeland College (Wis.), 212.
Lamar Junior College (Colo.), 27.
Lamar State College of Technology (Tex.), 191.
Lambuth College (Tenn.), 184.
Lane College (Tenn.), 184.
Langston University (Okla.), 155.
LaSalle College (Pa.), 166.

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