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1 The Bishop shall then procoed lo thefoxen, and shrep, and doves, and the

Communion Service. T'he following changers of money sitting: And when skall be the Collect, Epistle, und Gos he had inade a scourge of small cords. pel, for the occasion.

he drove them all out of the temple, and The Collcct.

the sheep, and the oren, and poured out O . of

ledge that we are not worthy to the tables, and said unto them that sold offer unto thee any thing belonging un- doves, "Takvihese things hence; ipaké to us ; yet we beseech thee in thy great uot iny Father's house an house of mer goodness, graciously to accept the dedi-chandise." And his disciples reinem cation of this place to thy service, and bered that it was written, The zeal or lo prosper this our undertaking; receive thine house haih eaten me up. the prayers and intercessions of all those $ Then shall le said or sung the 1000 thy servants, who shall call upon thee in this house; and give them grace to pre

Psalm. pare their hearts to serve thee with re- i Here shall follow the Sermon. verence and godly fear; atfect them with an awful apprehension of thy Divine Majesty, and a deep sense of their 1 The Sermon being ended, the Bishop own unworthiness; that so approaching shall proceed in the service for the thy sanctuary with lowliness and devo Communion, if it is to be administered tion, and coming before thee with clean at that time, thoughts and pure hearts, with bodies 1 After the Communion, or if it is not undefiled, and minds sanctified, they administered at that time, after the may always perform a service accepta

Scrmon, and immediately before the ble to thee, through Jesus Christ our final Blessing, the Bishop shall sey Lord. Amen.

the following Prayer. The Epistle. 2 Cor. vi. verse 14 to B it

LESSED be thy slame, O Lord God, verse 17. E ye not unequally yoked together thy babitation among the sons of inen, ship hath righteousness with unrighte- of the saints upon the earth; bless, we ousness? And what communion bath beseech thee, the religious perforinance light with darkness? And what concord of this day, and grant that in this place hath Clirist with Belial? Or what part now set apart to thy service, thy holy hath he that believeth with an Infidel?suame may be worshipped in truth and And what agreement hath the temple of purity through all generations, through God with Idols ? For ye are the teinple Jesus Christ ou Lord. Amen. o intha veying Goods , as God liath said, I TI peace of God

, which pastile mele and I will be their God, and they shall and minds in the knowledge and love of be my people.

God, and of his Son Jesus Christ our The Gospel. St. John ii. verse 13. Lord; and the blessing of God Almigh

atid Jesus went up to Jerusalem, Ghost, be amongst you, and remain with and found in the temple those that sold you always. Amen.

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; , councils of the blessed Apostles, and host promisel, through thy Son Jesus Christ, to be with thy Church to the end of the world; we beseech thee to be present with tiecome!! c thy Church here assembled in iliy name and presonce. Save them from all error, ignorance, pride, and prejudici; and of thy great mercy vouchsafe, we beseech thee, so to direct, sanctify, and govern us in our present work, by the miglity power of the Holy Ghost, that the comfortable Gospel of Christ may be truly preached, truly received, and truly followed, in all placex, to the brcaking down the kingdom of sin, satan, and death; till at length the whole orthy diapersød shcep, being gathered into one fold, shall become pariakers of ever lasting use, through the merits and death of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen


INTO PARISHES OR CHURCHES, frescribed by the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America' established in General Convention of the Bishops, the Clergy, and Laity, 1204 and set forth, with Alterations, iu General Convention, 1808.

The Bishop having received due Notice of the Election of a Minister into a
Parisk or Church, as prescribed by the Canon" concerning the Election and
Institution of Ministers," and being satisfied thut " the Person chosen is 4
qualified Minister of this Church," may transmit the following Letter of
Institution, for the proposed Rector, Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister,
to one of his Presbyters, whom he may appoint as the Institutor.
In any State or Diocese the concluding Paragraph in the Letter of Institu
tion may be omitted, where it interferes with the Usages, Laws, or Charters
of the Church in the same.

To our well-beloved in Christ, A. B. Presbyter, Greeting." Nigillum. ing, Diligence, sound Doctrine, and Pruderice, we do fully con

: fide, our License and Authority to perforın the office of a Priest in the Mignat.

Parish (or Church) of E. And also hereby do institute you into şaid

Parish (or Churcle) possessed of full power to perform every Act of sacerdotal Function among the People of the same; you continuing in com. munion with us, and complying with the rubrics and canons of the Church, Rud with such lawful directions as you shall at any time receive from us.

And as a canonically instituted Priest into the Office of Rector (Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister, as the case may be) of Parish (or Church, jyou are faithfully to feed that portion of the flock of Christ which is now entrusted so you; not as a inan-pleaser, but as continually bearing in mind, that you are accountable to us here, and to the Chief Bishop and Sovereign Judge of all hereafter,

And as the Lord hath o:dained, that they who serve at the altar should live of the things belonging to the altar;"so we authorise you to claim and enjoy all the accustomed temporalities appertaining to your cure, until some urgent reaJon or reasons occasion a wish in you, or in the congregation committed to your charge, to bring about a separation, and dissolution of all sacerdotal relation between you and thein; of all which you will give us due notice: and in case of any difference between you and your congregation, as to a separation, and dissolution of all sacerdotal connection between you and them, we, your Bishon with the advice of our Presbyters, are to be the ultimate arbiter and judge.

la witness whereof we have hereunto affixed our Episcopal seal and signature, at this day of A.D. and in the year of our consecration, # In the case of a Minister to be instituted in a State or Diocese in which there is no Bishop, the Clerical Members of the Standing Committee shall send the following Letter of Institution, for the proposed Minister, to the Presbyter whom they may appoint as Institutor.

To our well-beloved in Christ, A. B. Presbyter, Greeting Sigillum. in e.

TE do by these Presents authorise and empower you to exerciso virtue of the power vested in us, do institute you into said Parish (or Church,] possessed of full power to perform every Act of sacerdotal Function among the neople of the sume; you complying with the rubrics and canons of the Church,

And as a canonically instituted Priest into the Office of Rector (Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister, as the case may be) of Parish (or Church,] you are to feed that portion of the flock of Christ which is now entrusted to you; not as a man-pleaser, but as continually bearing in inind, that you are ac. countable to the ecclesiastical authority of the Church here, and to the Chief Bislop and Sovereign Judge of all hereafter.

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Bishop, by the Clerical Members of the rar Church,) I do receive and ac

And as the Lord hath ordained that they who serve at the altar should real she things belonging to the altar; so you have our authority to claim and enjoy all the accustomed temporalities appertaining to your cure, until some urgent reason or reasons occasion a wish in you, or in the congregation committed to your charge, to bring about a separation, and dissolution of all sacerdotal connection between you and them; of all which you will give us due notice : and in case of any difference between you and your congregation, as to a separation, and dissolution of all sacerdotal connection between you and them, the ecclesiastical authority of the Church in this diocese (taking the advice and aid of a Bishop) shall be the ultimale arbiter and judge.

lu witness whereof we have hereuuto set our hands and seals, this day of

in the year The day being appointed for the new choosing to go on with the Service, he Incumbent's Institution, at the usual shall next icad the Letter of Institu kour of Morning Prayer, the Insti tion, and then shall the sen Warden, tutur, attended by the new Incumbent, (or the Member of the Vestry supply and one or more Presbyters appointed ing his place) present the keys of the by the Bishop, (or, where there is no Church to the new Incumbent, saying,

N name and behalf of Parish Standing Committee) for Loat purpose, shall enter the Church: Then, all the knowledge you, the Rev. A. B. as Priest Clergy present standing with ut the and Rector, for Associated Rector, or rails of the Altar, except the officiating Assistant Minister) of the same, and in Priest, who shall


into the riesk; the token thereof, give into your bands the Wardens, (or, in case of their neces- keys of this Church. sary absence, two Members of the 1 Then the new Incumbent shall say, Vestry) standing on the right and left of the Altar, without the rails; the I, at ,

A. B. receive these keys of the senio: Warden, (or the Member of the Vestry supplying his place) holding pledges of my Institution, and of your the keys of the Church in his hand, in parochial recognition, and promise to be

a faithful Shepherd over you, in the open view, the officiating Priest shall read Morning Prayer.

name of the Father, and of the Son, and

of the Holy Ghost. Proper Psalms are,

17 Hero the Instituting Minister shall Psalmexxii. Psalm cxxxii. Psalm cxxxiii.

begin the Ofice. Proper Lessons

Min. The Lord be with you.

Ans. And with thy Spirit. First. Ezek. Chap. xxxiii, verse 1 to verse 10.

Let us pray Second. St. John,

Chap. 2. verse 1 to D'RECT SOL ora, ju all our doing verse 19.

further us with thy, continual help, that Morning Prayer ended, the Priest who

in all our works begun, continued, and acts as the Institutor, standing within ended in thee, we may glorify thy isoly the rails of the Altar, shall say,

name, and finally by thy mercy obtain FARLY beloved in the Lord, we everlasting life, through Jesus Christ

to instituting the Rev. A. B. into this Parish unto thee, 0 Almighty Father, in his (or Church) as Priest and Rector for prevailing name and words,Associated Rector, or Assistant Minister] Our Father, who art in Heaven, Halof the same; and we are possessed of lowed be thy Name; Thy Kingdoni your vote that he has been so elected; as come; 'Thy Will be done on Earth, as it also of the prescribed Letter of Institu- is in Heaven; Give us this day our daily tion. But if any of you can slow just bread; And forgive us our trespasses, cause why he may not be instituted, we as we forgive those who trespass against proceed no further, because we would us; And lend us not into iamplation; not that an unworthy person should But deliver us from evil: For thine is minister among you.

the Kingdom, and the Power, and the 1 If any objection be offered, the Priest Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

who acts as the Institutor shall judge Then shall the Priest who acts as the whether it afford just cause to suspend Institutor i eceive the Incumbent with the service. No objection being offered in the rails of the Altar, and me or the Pricst who acts as the Institutor! sent him the Bible, Book of Commm

Let us pray.

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Geners and Books of Canons of the

and State Convention, saying Mgood and perfect gifts, who of thy as follows:

ECEIVE these books; and let thein wise providence hast appointed divers pensing the divine word, in leading the beseech thee, to thy servant, to whom devotions of the people, and in exercis- the charge of this congregation is now tng the discipline of the Church; and committed ; and so replenish himn with be thou in all things à pattern to the the truth of thy doctrine, and endue him flock committed to thy care.

with innocency of life, that he may faith! Tron shall be said or sung the fol- fully serve before thee, to the glory of lowing Anthem.

thy great name, and the benefit of thy Laulate Nomen

holy Church, through Jesus Christ our PRAISE the Lord, laud ye the name only Mediator and Redeemer. Amen. of the Lord. Psalm cxxxv. verse 1. to thyself an universal Church, and

2 Ye that stand in the house of the last promised to be with the Ministers Lord; in the courts of the liouse of our of A postolic Succession to the end of the God. Verse 2

world; be graciously pleased to bless 30 praise the Lord, for the Lord is the ministry and service of him, who to gracious: O sing praises unto his naine, now appointed to offer the sacrifices of for it is lovely. Verse 3.

prayer and praise to thee in this house, 4 The Lord is gracious and merciful, which is called by thy name. May tho long-suffering and of great goodness. words of his mouth, and the meditation Psalm cxiv. verse 8.

of his heart, be always acceptable in 5 The Lord is loving unto every man; thy sight, O Lord, our strength and our and his mercy is over all his works. Redeemer. Amen. Verse 9. Aliny works praise thice, O Lord: O GODHoly Ghost, Sanctifier of the

Faithful, visit, we pray thee, this and thy Saints give thanke unto thee. congregation with thy love and favour; Verse 10.

cnlighten their minds more and more 7 The Lord doth build up Jerusalem; with the light of the everlasting Gospel and gather together the outcasts of Is-graft in their hearts a love of the truth ract. Psalm cxlvii. verse 2.

increase in them true religion; nourish 8 He healeth those that are broken in them with all goodness; and of thy great beart; and giveth medicine to heal their mercy keep them in the same, o blessed sickness. Verse 3.

Spirit, whom with the Father and the 9 The Lord's delight is in them that Son together we worship and glorify as fear hiin, and put their trust in bis mer- one God, world without end. Amen. cy. Verse 11.

Benediction. 10. Paraise the Lordveerusalem : THE God of peace, who brought again

il For he hath made fast the bars of Christ, the great Shepherd of the sheep, thy gates; and hath blessed thy children through the blood of the everlasting co within thec. Verse 13.

venant, make you perfect in every good 12 He maketh peace in thy borders; work to do his will, working in you that and filleth thee with the flour of wheat. which is well-pleasing in his sight, Verse 14.

through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory 13 He is our God, even the God of for ever and ever. Amen. Whom cometh salvation; God is the TT Then shall the instituted Minister Lord by whom we escape death. Psalm kneel at the Altar to present his supIxviii. verse 20.

plication for himself-win this form. wonderful art thou in thy LORD my God! I will give strength and power unto his roof; yet thou hast honoured thy servant people. Blessed be God. Verse 35. with appointing hiin to stand in thy

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, House, and to serve at thy Holy Aitar. and to the Holy Ghost;

To thee and to thy service I devote myAs it was in the beginning, is now, self, soul, body, and spirit-with all their and ever shall be, world witliout end. powers and faculties. Fit: my memory

Min. The law was given by Moses. with the words of thy law; enlighten

Peap. But grace and truth came by my understanding with the illumiliation Juus Christ.

of the Holy Ghost;

and may all the Min. & Prop. Who Is Gow over all, wishes and desires of my will centre un Wewood for evermoro. Amen.

what thou must commanded And i

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