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Good day Sir/Madame:
I am Jose C. Bulang, a fifth or sixth descendant of that maritime businessman/men who got shipwrecked in Panglao Island Bohol, sometimes in the late part of 1700 or early part
of 1800. According to my father the late Nicolas A. Bulang (pbuh) that man controlled the barter trade from Dauis Bohol to several part of the Philippines in the later part of 1700 to early or middle 1800. Who could that man be who give us the family name Bulang?
Accordingly, that man claimed to have come and descended from the House of Sulaiman and had given injunctions to us passed from generation that "Bulang must bring his children to a service of one and true God that the blood of Bulang will be clean of its Curse."
I enjoy reading with interest your book, at the same time I am wondering. Anyway, GOD visits his people, God do not favor, God provide the balance of things.
Thank you and May God Bless.
Very sincerely yours,
jose c. bulang, cpa

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