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Fourteenth Street NE., D.C.,
Page. Franked Matter-Continued.

Page. appropriation for paving, E to G Streets... 845 report to be made of the revenue therefrom Fourteenth Street SW., D. C.,

if ordinary postage rates paid....... 1037 appropriation for repaving, with granite Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, Pa., block, D to Water Streets...


appropriation for extending heating mains. 182 Fourth Assistant Postmaster General,

for constructing roads, etc...

182 appropriation for, chief clerk, superintend

for noncommissioned officers' quarters.. 182 ents of divisions, etc.. 676, 1295 for completing power plant, etc..

893 for rural mails division.

..676, 1295 for extending mains; electrical transfor equipment and supplies division.. 676, 1295


893 for topographer.....

676, 1295 Frankfort, Ky., for postal service, office of..

581, 1154
terms of court at..

400 for postal supplies.

581. 1154 Franking Privilege, Postal Service, for post route and rural delivery maps,

granted Edith Carow Roosevelt...

1449 etc....

582, 1154 Franklin County, Wash., for expenses shipping supplies. 582, 1154 construction of bridge authorized across for canceling and labor saving ma

Snake River, near Pasco, by Walla

582, 1155
Walla County and....

161 traveling mechanicians.

582, 1155 Franklin, N. H., for mail bags, locks, equipments, etc. 582, 1155

appropriation for public buildings..

165 for labor, equipment shops, D.C...... 582, 1155 Franklin, Pa., equipments, departments, Alaska,

appropriation for public building.... 165 etc..

582, 1155 Franklin, Tenn., for star route transportation, except in

appropriation for public building..... 165 Alaska..

582, 1155 | Franks, Nannie M. (widow), for rural delivery service...

582, 1155

1626 pay of route carriers...

582 Frantz, Mary M. (widow), for village delivery service.. 582 pension...

1566 for travel and miscellaneous expenses. 583, 1155

Fraser, Edward, Fourth Class Mail Matter,

deficiency appropriation for....

1033 provisions for forwarding or returning un

Fraternal, etc., Organizations, deliverable perishable....


no discrimination in benefits of vocational other undelivered; pledge required.. 360

rehabilitation of persons disabled in

industry, based on membership in. 737 Fowler, Agnes (widow),

737 pension..

penalty for violation....

1585 Frauendorf, Martin 0., Fowler, Henrietta (widow),


1619 pension...

1566 | Frazier, Laura (widow), Fowler, Lena A. (widow),


1567 pension

1570 Frazier, Samuel, Fox River, Wis.,

pension increased..

1552 preliminary examination, etc., of, to be

Frazure, Melvin,
made, Oshkosh to mouth.

pension increased.

1544 Fox, William A. (son),

Frederick, Mary E. (widow), pension increased..


1598 Frame, Ellen G. (widow),

Freedmen's Hospital, D. C., pension increased..


appropriation for care of indigent patients. 95, Frame, Mary S. (widow),

866, 1137 pension..

1489 for salaries and expenses...... 206, 920, 1409 Frampton, Hunter C.,

deficiency appropriation for expenses. 1030, 1173 pension increased.


Freeman, Elizabeth widow), France,


1554 appropriation for ambassador to..... 739, 1206 Freer Art Gallery Building, D. C., foracquiring premises of embassyin Paris. 1214 appropriation for improving grounds.... 899 for care, etc., of graves in Army Ameri

deficiency appropriation for heating,
can cemeteries in..

lighting, etc....

328 agreement with, modifying former Conven- Freer, Charles L.,

tion of Commerce and Navigation... 1723 deficiency appropriation for refunding inimporting from, and exporting to, colonies,

come tax, to estate of......

507 etc., wheat and wheat flour, pro

Freight, hibited; exception

1759 charges on, in interstate commerce to be canceled..

paid before delivery....

479 France Field, Canal Zone,

regulations to prevent unjust discrimiappropriation for establishing, etc., avia

nations, etc..

479 tion station at......

612 credit allowed Government, States, etc. 479 Francis, John M.,

combinations of carriers for pooling, of deficiency appropriation for...


different railroads unlawful....... 480 payment to, for death of son.

Freight, Navy and Navy Department, Francis, William (son),

appropriation for...

148, 826 pension increased.

deficiency appropriation for..

345, Francisco, Prudence (widow),

1044, 1169, 1185, 1191

Freight on Bullion and Coin, pension increased..

appropriation for...

651, 1272 Franked Matter,

Freight Trains, report to be made of cost of mailing, of

appropriation for special arrangement for ach department, etc...


conveying mails by, etc.. 579, 1152

Fremont County, Idaho,
Page. Fuel De pots, Naval,

Page. appropriation for sheep experiment sta

appropriation for fuel storage, etc....... 145, 822 tion, etc., in...

240, 699
deficiency appropriation for..

1030 Fremont County, Wyo.,

Fuel, Lights, and Water, Public Buildings sale of Shoshone Indians' lands to school

(see Operating Supplies, Public district.....


Buildings). Fremont National Forest, Oreg.,

Fuel, Marine Corps, appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 249,

appropriation for...

154, 831 708, 1327

deficiency appropriation for; reappropriaFrench Broad River, N. C.,

tion from 1920....

1170 preliminary examination, etc., of, to be

Fuel, Navy, made..

1012 Fresno, Calif.,

appropriation for, and transportation.... 148, 826 purchase authorized of experiment vine

no charter hire for Government ves

yard lands near.

148, 826 Fringer, Sarah A. (widow),

coal mining, etc., in Alaska. 148, 826 pension.. 1592


deficiency appropriation for. Fritcher, Clara E. (widow),

1041, 1170, 1185, 1191

Fuel Oil, etc., pension...

1586 Fritz, Pauline G. (widow),

appropriation for investigation of, for

naval use. pension.... 1594

133, 813 Front Royal, Va.,

Fuel Ship, Navy, appropriation for public building.


limit of cost increased of, designated....... 156 Frost, Betsy G. (widow),

Fuels, Mineral, pension increased..

1577 appropriation for investigating, etc., beFrost, Sarah E. (widow),

longing to United States.... 198, 911, 1186 pension increased...

1510 deficiency appropriation for testing. 1044 Fruit Flies,

Fuhrman, Julius A., appropriation for investigations, etc. 256, 715, 1334 pension..

1547 Fruit Juices, Nonintoxicating,

Fullen, James A., manufacture of, for home use permitted.. 316 pension...

1605 sale, etc., allowed only to authorized Fuller, Mary Ann (widow), vinegar manufactures... 316 pension increased.

1488 Fruit Trees,

Fuller, Mary E. (widow), appropriation for cooperative investiga- pension increased...

1517 gations of propagating... .... 704, 1323 Fulminate, Dry, Fruits,

transporting, in bulk, by common carrier appropriation for investigating diseases of

in interstate commerce, unlawful..... 1445 orchard and other.

242, 701, 1321 Fungicides (see also Insecticide Act), for investigating, etc., growing, market

appropriation for chemical investigations
ing, etc.,

245, 703, 1323

254, 713, 1332 new grape industries.

245 Fur Bearing Animals, for chemically determining maturity of. 253 appropriation for experiments in rearing.. 257, for investigating insects affecting de

716, 1335 ciduous...

256, 714, 1334 for protecting land, in Alaska........ 716, 1335 for investigating insects affecting tropi- Fursey, Mary (widow), cal and subtropical..... 256, 715, 1334 pension..

1545 for distributing information of supply, Furloughs, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps,

market prices, etc.... ... 265, 724, 1342 reduced railroad, etc., fares, to wounded for investigating and certifying condi

or disabled soldiers, etc., having, tion, etc., of interstate ship ents of. 265,

from hospital authorities..

975 724, 1342 | Furniture, Public Buildings, for executing law fixing standard for con

appropriation for, repairs, etc..... 170, 878, 1371 tainers of small.. 266, 725, 1343 deficiency appropriation for..

61, Fruits, Vegetables, etc., D. C.,

65, 344, 347, 522, 1184 standard containers for, established....... 1221 Fyock, Juliann (widow), Frund, John,

pension increased..

1476 pension..

1614 Fry, Mary E. (widow),

G. pension increased.

1477 Frye, Clarissa L. (widow),

G Street SE., D. C., pension.....

1568 appropriation for paving, Fifteenth to Frying Pan Shoals Light Vessel, N. C.,

Sixteenth Streets...

845 deficiency appropriation for..... 62 for repaving, Eighth to Ninth Streets...

846 Fuel,

Gaddis, Frances T. (widow), provisions for securing adequate supply,

pension increased.

1594 preventing injurious speculation, Gaines, Edward, etc., of., during the war... 297 pension...

1547 punishment for violations of....

298 Gaines, Lydia A. (widow), Fuet Administration,


1502 unexpended balances of appropriation for, Gaines, Maria (mother), covered in.... 233 pension...

1551 Fuel, D. C.,

Galanos and Company, N., provisions regulating sales of coal, char

appropriation for refund of immigration
coal, and coke...




Gallagher, Gustavus F.,

Page. Garbage, D. C. (see also City Refuse, D. C.), Page. homestead entry by, validated..

1092 appropriation for disposal of........ 78, 848, 1118 Gallatin National Forest, Mont.,

removal in private containers, etc., appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 249,


848 708, 1327

collections from hotels, etc., excluded. 848, Gallery of Art, National,

1118 appropriation for administrative expenses. 892, Garber, Harriet C. (widow), 1383 pension increased..

1563 Gallinger Municipal Ilospital, D. C.,

Garde, Jethro J. T., appropriation for construction..

96, 1137
pension increased..

1534 contract for construction authorized at Garden City Irrigation Project, Kans., increased cost......

96, 866 cancellation directed of contracts for water Gallipolis, Ohio,

uses from....

1054 appropriation for public building...... 165

liens released, etc..

1054 Gallup, N. Mer.,

Gardening, Landscape, Vegetable, etc., appropriation for highway on Navajo In

appropriation for study of.. 245, 703, 1323 dian Reservation from Mesa Verde Gardner, Catherine (widow), Park to...

1534 pension..

18, 422 deficiency appropriation for highway from

Gardner, Elsie (daughier),
Mesa Verde Park to, Navajo Reser-


1546 vation....


Gardner, Emma M. (widow),

1617 Galveston Channel, Tex., preliminary examination, etc., of, to be

Gardner, John D., alias John Darity,

1587 made...

1012 Gardner, Julia A. (widow), Galveston, Tex.,

pension increased...

1575 appropriation for repair of sea walls, etc., Gardner, Laura E. (widow), defenses of...,


1614 for improving jetty light station... 1416 Gardner, Robert, deficiency appropriation for shipping com


1580 missioner at.

340 Garen, Thomas S., improving jetty light station, authorized.. 1058 pension..

1535 Gambee, Rhoda A. (widow),

Garfield Memorial Hospital, D. C., pension increased ..


appropriation for minor contagious diseases Game,


90, 861, 1132 appropriation for preventing shipment of


1132 illegally killed, etc....

258, 716, 1335 for maintenance of destitute patients.. 95, Game, Alaska,

866, 1137 appropriation for protection of..... 203, 917, 1406 Garges, Helena (daughter), Game Animals, etc., Alaska,

pension increased...

1508 powers over fur bearing land animals con

Garland, Frank R. (son), ferred on Secretary of Agriculture.. 716


1494 walruses and sea lions on Secretary of Garland, Mahlon M., late a Representative in Commerce.


Congress, fur seals, Pribilof Islands, etc., not af

deficiency appropriation for pay to daugh-

ter of...

1180 authority of wardens, etc., under Secre

Garrett, J. C., tary of Agriculture..

717 may be reappointed captain of Cavalry... 607 Game Birds, D. C.,

Garrett, Martha (widou), dealing in designated wild, unlawful...... 368

pension increased..

1494 taking, etc., for scientific purposes, under

Garrigus, Jefferson C.,
license, allowed..

pension increased..

1535 punishment for violations.


Gas, D. C., sales permitted, if raised in captivity, of

investigation of cost, etc., by Standards
designated birds..


935 for propagating...

368 Game Birds, Migratory,

Gas Deposits (see also Oil and Gas Deposits),

provisions for leasing, on public lands.... 441 appropriation for enforcing law protecting. 258,

Gas, Natural, 716, 1335

appropriation for investigating economic proclamation prescribing regulations for

production of...

348, 911, 1401 protecting... .... 1746, 1798, 1817

deficiency appropriation for investigations, Game Preserves, etc.,


1044, 1186 appropriation for maintenance... 257, 716, 1335 Gaskins, John C., Game Sanctuary, Custer State Park,

pension increased...

1601 part of Harney National Forest, S. Dak., Gasoline, etc., set aside as.

1805 Ganado Irrigation Project, Navajo Reservation,

appropriation for investigation of, for

naval use. Ariz.,

133, 813 appropriation for operating, etc.; repay

Gass, Henry (son), ment..

1480 pension...

10, 416, 1232 deficiency appropriation for maintenance, Gass, Mary (widow), etc... 1172 pension increased.

1602 Garage Keepers, D. C.,

Gastonia, N. C., lien allowed, for storage, etc., charges for

exchange of public building at, for new
motor vehicles....

site and building.


Gates, Rhoda M. (widow),

Page. pension...

1551 Gåtewood, Georgia (widow), pension increased...

1544 Gaugers, Internal Revenue,

appropriation for salaries and expenses. 653, 1274
appropriation for standardizing, etc., by

Standards Bureau, War and Navy

683, 1302
Gauley, John A.,
payment to, for injuries....

1470 Gault, William E., pension increased..

1541 Gaunt, Annie Belle (daughter), pension increased.

1505 Geiger, Christine E. (widow), pension...

1541 General Grant National Park, Calif. (see also

National Parks, California), appropriation for protection, etc... 204,918, 1407 deficiency appropriation for commissioner. 1033 cession of exclusive jurisdiction over, by California....

731 attached to California southern judicial district....

731 commisssioner of district court to be ap

pointed for, and Sequoia Park. 733 powers, etc...

733 salary; residence.

734 General Land Office Building, D. C., Old, appropriation for repairs, etc..... 193, 906, 1397 for employees, care, etc., of.

669, 1288 deficiency appropriation for repairs, etc... 513 General Land Office, Commissioner of the,

appropriation for, assistant, clerks, etc. 669, 1288
trust funds of Oklahoma town site deposits

held by, to be covered into the

1354 General Land Office, Interior Department, appropriation for Commissioner, assistant, clerks, etc..

669, 1288 for investigations, etc.

670, 1289 for maps, distribution, etc.

670, 1289
for filing appliances.

670, 1289
for reproducing plats of surveys; sale of

908, 1398
deficiency appropriation for reproducing
plats of surveys.

General of the Armies of the United States,
office of, revived; appointment of officer

specially distinguished in command
of Army abroad..

pay, allowances, and precedence..

283 only one appointment to be made... 283 General of the Army, office to cease when vacancy occurs.......

760 General Staff College, Army, appropriation for expenses.

949 for heating and lighting.

949 for operating force..

949 for clerks, messengers, etc.

955 General Staf Corps, Army, appropriation for General Staff College.... 949 for military intelligence division..... 105, 949 for military observations abroad. 105, 949 for service schools...

105, 950 deficiency appropriation for contingencies,

Military Information section. 1184 composition of....

762 War Department General Staff.

to consist of Chief of Staff, four generals,
and other officers...


General Staff Corps, Army-Continued. Page.
General Staff with troops....

763 officers assigned to General Staff duties

at department headquarters, etc.... 763 details for period of four years...

763 from list of eligibles...

763 board to prepare initial list of eligibles; composition...

763 selection from Regular Army, National

Guard, and Officers' Reserve Corps

763 classes recommended..

763 additions to eligibles only from specially

qualified graduates of General Staff

763 assignments to War Department General

Staff from General Staff College

list of eligibles for, to be published annu-
ally, and in Army Register...

763 assignment of acting General Staff officers in case of vacancies..

763 additional members from noncombatant branches.....

763 War Department General Staff to prepare plans for national defense....

763 mobilize men and material resources for emergencies...

763 investigate, etc., efficiency of the Army. 763 render professional assistance to the

Secretary and Chief of Staff.... 763 committees of, to prepare policies for

National Guard and Organized
Reserves, organization, etc...

appointment, etc., of reserve officers.. 763
reserve officers, including National
Guard, to be added to....

764 designation of National Guard officers

on recommendation of governors,
though not having reserve com-

764 General Staff with troops, to render pro

fessional aid, etc., to general officers. 764 Chief of Staff to preside over War Department General Staff...

764 plans for mobilizing, etc,, the military forces, to be made under..

764 transmission to Secretary of War, etc.. 764 on approval of, to act as agent to carry into effect....

764 plans submitted for legislation by Congress,

to be accompanied by study of War
Department General Staff....

764 comments for or against...

764 by Secretary, Chief of Staff, or individual officers..

764 members of, confined strictly to specified duties...

764 not permitted to assume Department ad pinistrative work, etc......

764 General Staff School, Army, appropriation for instruction expenses....

950 General Supply Committee, Treasury Depart

appropriation for superintendent, chief
clerk, clerks, etc...

644, 1265 for salaries and expenses transferring

surplus office equipment, etc.; pay

644, 1265 proceeds to be covered in; War De

partment to furnish motor trucks. 645, 1265 issues of typewriters and computing machines....

645 688



General Supply Committee, Treasury Deparl- Page. Geological Survey, Interior Department-Con. Page. ment-Continued.

deficiency appropriation for Alaska mineral appropriation for salaries, etc.; cooperation

resources investigations....

512 in storing, delivery, etc., of supplies. 1265 to assist in preparing maps for Army use; two Army motor trucks to be trans


124,970 ferred to Committee.....

1265 George, Charles F. (son), unfit typewriters, etc., transferred to,


1567 as surplus, may be issued for ex

George, James S. (son),
changes; conditions..


repairs to typewriters by, at cost al-
lowed; payment, etc...

1266 George, Orvill, deficiency appropriation for salaries and


1613 expenses transferring surplus office George Washington University Hospital, D.C.,

95. appropriation for care of indigent patients equipment, etc.; pay restriction.... 1161 supplies for Senate and House of Repre

866, 1137 sentatives may be purchased under

Georgetown Bridge, D. C.,
contract schedules of...

appropriation for construction....

900 half from District revenues.

900 typewriter purchases restricted during


name of Aqueduct Bridge changed to. fiscal year 1921, to surplus stock....


for continuing construction.... inventory of War Department supply to be furnished.


sixty per cent from District revenues. 1391 delivery on requisition of Committee... 688 Georgetown University Hospital, D. C., unserviceable, may be supplied at cur

appropriation for care of indigent patients 95, rent prices for exchange. 689

866, 1131 disposal of typewriters by War Depart

Georgia, ment during fiscal year except to,

Cherokee National Forest, Tenn., and, set


1798 typewriting machine prices established

Nantahala National Forest, N. C., S. C.,
for fiscal year 1922.

and, set apart.

1785 purchases to be made from surplus stock

Georgia Avenue NW., D. C., of Committee...

1308 appropriation for paving, Buchanan Street inventory of War Department supply to

to Military Road. be furnished...


Geraghty, Bridget Margaret (widow), delivery on requisition of Committee... 1308


1615 unserviceable machines allowed for Gerding, F. W.,

1494 1308 exchanges, etc......

German and Bolshevik Propaganda, Geneseo, III.,

additional copies of document on,

ordered appropriation for public building....


1633 Genoa, Nebr.,

Germany, appropriation for Indian school..... 17,422, 1238 appropriation for ambassador to.

1206 deficiency appropriation for Indian school. 1171 additional copies of Treaty with, ordered Genther, Abbie J. (daughter),


1632 pension increased..


delivery, etc., to Government of, diplomatic Geographic Board, United States,

and consular property held by Alien


Property Custodian appropriation for printing and binding for...

of property held by Alien Property Cus229, 942, 1430

todian to official of, in the United Geological Survey, Interior Department,

States when diplomatic relations appropriation for Director, clerks, etc... 197,


910, 1399 for scientific assistants....

to subjects of, interned as alien enemies

979 197, 910, 1399 for general expenses....

importing from, and exporting to, wheat

197, 910, 1399
for topographic surveys.

and wheat flour, prohibited; excep-
197, 910, 1400

1759 for geologic surveys..,

197, 910, 1400

for chemical and physical researches;
potash deposits....

197, 910, 1400 Gettings, Mary Ann (daughter),

Germany, War with (see World War). for preparing illustrations.. 197, 910, 1400

pension increased..

1486 for report on mineral resources... 197, 910, 1400 Gettysburg National Military Park, Pa., for mineral resources of Alaska....... 197, 1400 for gauging water supply, etc.... 197, 910, 1400

appropriation for continuing establish

ment of. for discovering, etc., artesian wells, etc.,

185, 887, 1387

Gibbins, Sarah M. (widow),
on arid lands......

197, 910, 1400
pension increased.

1536 for books, etc..

197, 910, 1400 Gibbons, Margaret (widow),
for geologic maps..

198, 910, 1400
pension increased.

for classifying lands for enlarged home- Gibbs, Hannah B. (widow),
steads, stock raising, etc.... 198, 910, 1400 pension.

1555 for survey of water power, electric pro- Gibbs, Rufus F., duction, etc.. 910 pension increased..

1538 for engraving, printing, and binding Gibson, Eliza J. (widow), for.... 228, 941, 1429 pension.

1581 for stream gauging, cooperative with Gibson, Martha (widow), Indian Service.

1483 deficiency appropriation for expenses. ... 64, 345, Gibson, Sarah R. (widow), 348, 523, 1039, 1042, 1186, 1191 pension..

4, 409, 1226 pension..



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