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Forcible Entry and Detainer, D. C.,
Page. Foreign Governments—Continued.

Page. summons for, of any real property, to be

deficiency appropriation for representing issued by municipal court..


interests of, growing out of war in Ford, Joseph,

Europe, etc...

524, 1022, 1043 pension.

... 1487 notice to be given, of termination of treaty Fords Island, Hawaii,

restrictions on imposing discriminatexpenditures authorized for Air Service

ing duties, etc....

1007 barracks and quarters at.

455 surplus Army supplies, etc., may be sold Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bureau, De

to friendly...

949 partment of Commerce,

Foreign Governments, Allied, appropriation for Director, assistants, clerks, transportation, medical supplies, etc., to etc.,

678, 1298

discharged members of forces of, for commercial attachés, expenses, etc. 679, 1298

having similar regulations...

374 for promoting and developing foreign and

acceptance of, to members of American domestic commerce.

679, 1298

forces living within their territories. 374 limit for branch offices. 679 funds available...

374 for promoting commerce with South and Foreign Mails Division, Post Office DepartCentral America....

679, 1298

ment, for promoting commerce with the Far

appropriation for superintendent, assist-

679, 1298

675, 1295 deficiency appropriation for commercial Foreign Mails, Postal Service, attachés.

524 appropriation for transportation, by steamfor promoting commerce..

524, 1040
ship or otherwise..

581, 1153 allowance for expenses of branch offices.... 213

allowance for aircraft service. ..581, 1153 limit for branch offices increased...

516 for balance due foreign countries..... 581, 1153 Foreign Books, etc.,

deficiency appropriation for transportacopyright protection of, modified......... 369


349, 1031, 1174 Foreign Commerce,

for balances due foreign countries.... 525, 1189 common carriers by water, of American Foreign Markets, registry, to file schedules of sailing

activities of War Finance Corporation redates, ports, routes, etc.


vived to finance exports of agriculto give specific rate to rail carrier, on

tural products, etc., to..

1084 application of shipper...

497 Foreign Missions (see Diplomatic and Conreservation of space, etc., if offer ac

sular Service). cepted...

497 Foreign Nations, etc., modifications, etc., to be filed.

498 delivery, etc., of property held by Alien regulations to be prescribed.


Property Custodian to nationals of, information of schedules, etc., to shippers,

other than Germany, etc.....

978 to be published..

498 invited to send delegates to International copies to railway carriers for agents, etc. 498

Farm Congress ..

271 distribution...

World Cotton Conference.

271,271 regulations, etc., to be made.

498 Foreign Relations, etc., Department of State, through bill of lading for consignment for

appropriation for officers, drafting imwhich space, etc., on vessel reserved,

portant work on.

642, 1263 to be issued by railroad carrier..... 498 | Foreign Seamen, all charges, etc., to be named separately. 498 payment of wages to, while in American rail carrier not liable after delivery to

harbors by master of vessel...

1006 vessel....

498 enforcement by United States courts .... 1006 provision for limited liability of water Foreign Trade, carrier to be made..

498 modification of shipping rules, etc., in, by delivery of shipment to vessel by rail

departments, etc., may be requested

by Shipping Board..

995 issuance of, not an arrangement for con

rules hereafter subject to approval of tinuous carriage or shipment”. 498

Board, etc...

995 Foreign Countries,

disagreements as to, may be submitted to appropriation for investigating production

the President.

995 of petroleum in...

1433 Foreign Travel, articles for Navy not to be purchased in,

appropriation for restricting entry of aliens, if obtainable in United States at

etc., immediately available...

385 reasonable prices; exception... 157

limit for fiscal year 1920...

385 exemption of seizures of merchant ships

additional restrictions on entry of aliens... 353 and cargoes in, to be claimed by

duration of.....

354 consul....

527 deportation of undesirable aliens convicted execution of bond, etc...

of violating Act regulating ...

594 in suits against masters of such vessels,

readmission prohibited..

594 consul to enter appearance, etc... 527 Forest Fires, arrangement for sureties on credit of United

appropriation for fighting, etc...... 251, 728, 1329 States....

527 cooperation of Agricultural and War payment of judgments; no immunity pre

Departments for air patrol in the judiced..


Rockies and on Pacific coast..... 728, 1329 Foreign Financial Operations (see Federal

for cooperation with States in protecting Reserve Act Amendments).

watersheds of navigable streams Foreign Governments.


.268, 728, 1344 appropriation for furnishing Patent Office

for fighting, in national parks

1406 publications etc., to......


restrictions or allotments of expenses.. 1406 44282°-VOL 41-PT 2- -34

Forest Fires-Continued.

Page. deficiency appropriation for fighting, etc., Glacier National Park, Mont....

335, 512 for fighting, etc., Yellowstone National Forest, Wyo....

335, 512 for protecting public lands from; reimbursement..

335 for fighting, preventing, etc... 339, 1177 Forest Grove, Oreg., transfer of block in, to Entomology Bureau,

Department of Agriculture...... 349 Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, appropriation for Forester, supervisors, rangers, etc......

247, 705, 1325 for clerks, etc..

247, 705, 1325 for draftsmen, mechanics, etc.... 247, 705, 1325 for general expenses.,

247, 706, 1325 tests outside United States forbidden.. 247

706, 1325 limit of cost of buildings...... 248, 706, 1326 adminsitration of forests; sale of timber.....

248, 706, 1326 care of fish and game.

248, 706, 1326 agents, labor, etc.

248, 706, 1326 collating, printing, etc., investigations....

248, 706, 1326 relief of field employees. 248, 706, 1326 contingent expenses; traveling expenses; rent...

.248, 706, 1326 for forest supervisors, rangers, guards, etc..

707, 1326 for field and station


maintenance of designated forests.. 248, 707, 1326 for additional national forests under

Conservation Act.... 251, 709, 1329 for expenses, district administration... 251,

709, 1329 interchangeable appropriations 251, 710, 1329 for fighting forest fires; cooperative air patrol on Pacific coast, etc.....

710, 1329 for selecting, etc., lands within national forests for homestead entry, etc...... 251

710, 1329 for survey, etc., of agricultural lands in national forests ..

251, 710, 1329 for fighting forest fires, etc.

251 for supplies, instruments, and equipments.

251, 710, 1329 for wood distillation, economy in forest products, etc....

251, 710, 1329 for improving range conditions... 251, 710, 1330 for tree planting, etc.... 251, 710, 1330

nursery site, Michigan National Forest. 251 for cooperative, etc., investigations to

determine conservative manage-
ment of forests.

252, 710, 1330 for appraising, etc., timber for sale; ex

penses of sales, etc... 252, 710, 1330 for miscellaneous investigations.. 252, 710, 1330 for roads, trails, bridges, etc.

252, 710, 1330 stock corrals, watering places, etc... 252

710, 1330 eradicating poisonous plants... 252, 710, 1330 traveling expenses restricted.. 252, 710, 1330 restriction on preparing articles for newspapers, etc.

252, 711, 1330 payment of grazing fees in two installments.

1330 for expenses in Washington, D. C.,

under Conservation Act...... 252, 711, 1330 for additional lands under Conservation Act.......

1345 deficiency appropriation for general expenses...

62, 64, 346, 524 1039, 1043, 1045, 1187, 1192

Forest Service, Department of Agriculture-Con. Page. deficiency appropriation for fighting forest fires, etc., additional..

339, 1177 for Olympic National Forest, Wash..... 1177 lands added to Idaho and Payette National forests, Idaho..

324 restriction on employees receiving pay

from outside parties not applicable

to cooperative activities of the..... 270 telephone supplies not needed for Army

transferred to Agricultural Depart-
ment for uses of...

531 Forests, appropriation for cooperation with States,

etc., as to methods of managing,

and forest lands..... ... 252, 710, 1330 for miscellaneous investigations, etc.... 252,

710, 1330 for investigating insects affecting. 256, 715, 1334 combating infestations of insects at national forests, etc....

1334 Forrest, Elizabeth (widow), pension increased....

1515 Forsyth, Mo.,

time extended for bridging White River at. 275 Forsyth, Mo., Road District,

time extended for bridging White River by. 275 Fort Apache Agency, Ariz., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at.

31, 433, 1247 Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Ariz., appropriation for power and irrigation

plant from tribal funds..... 11, 416, 1233 amount from Agency fund.

1233 Fort Assinniboine Military Reservation, Mont., time extended for payments by homestead

entrymen for lands on abandoned.. 1086 interest payments required, etc., 1086 entry forfeited on failure to make paymente.

1086 Fort Bayard, N. Mer., Army medical supplies to be transferred to Public Health Service for hospital

1025 Fort Belknap Agency, Mont., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at..

15, 31, 420, 434, 1236, 1248 Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Mont., appropriation for irrigation systems on, maintenance, etc..

16, 420, 1237 commission to prepare final roll of Indians

having rights on, to be appointed;

1355 pro rata allotment of undisposed of lands, among enrolled Indians.

1355 trust patents to allottees.

1355 cancellation of fraudulent names allotments...

1355 allotments subject to existing tribal leases....

1355 issue to heirs in case of death of allottees. 1356 citizenship declared of allottees receiving trust patents...

1356 subject to State laws, etc...

1356 lands reserved for power sites, agency, etc.,

1356 for parks, etc...

1356 fee simple patents to religious, etc., uses. 1356 examination before allotments as to mineral deposits....

1356 minerals to remain tribal property; allotment of surface land..

1356 coal reserved for irrigation projects.... 1356 timber lands to remain tribal property: domestic uses authorized...







Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Mont.- Page.

Continued. town site locations reserved...

1356 disposition of lots, parks, school sites, etc., on...

1356 appropriation for surveys, etc., to deter

mine needs for irrigation projects.. 1357 assessment of cost of all irrigation projects

on, ratably against lands irrigated.. 1357 reimbursement to United States and tribal fund..

1357 repeal of requirement for reimbursing cost

of Milk River project from Indian

charges to be upon individual allottees;
lien, etc., for.

1357 cost of irrigation work chargeable to land benefited..

1357 all lands included.

1357 lien for repaying irrigation charges to be stated in all conveyances.

1358 provision if purchaser believed to acquire Indian water rights......

1358 delivery of water may be refused until all dues paid...

1358 rights to water, etc., subject to compliance with prescribed rules, etc..

1358 no payment required until water delivered. 1358 domestic, etc., use of water by Indians of, not disturbed....

1358 priority right of waters by any Indian, limited...

1358 homesteads to be designated by allottees before issue of patents..

1358 inalienable during life of allottee, etc.. 1358 to minors....

1358 minerals, water power sites, etc., set aside as tribal property;

1358 leasing permits, etc., for; period limited. 1358 domestic use of coal permitted by Indian head of a family.

1359 to become property of allottee at expiration of 50 years. :

1359 school sections granted to Montana. 1359 lieu selections for allotted lands, etc.; time for completing.

1359 payment for..

1359 Indian children to be admitted to State public schools..

1359 appropriation for lands granted to Montana. 1359 for expenses of allotments, etc...

1359 reimbursable from proceeds of town site sales, etc..

1359 Fort Berthold Agency, N. Dak., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians of...

19, 31, 424, 434, 1240, 1248 Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, N. Dak., appropriation for paying Indians of, for

lands included in Verendrye Na-
tional Monument..

424 all claims of Indians of against the United

States to be submitted to Court of

procedure; evidence received, etc.. 405
determination of attorneys' fees by
Court, etc.....

405 allotments to unallotted children on. 424 trust patents to be issued..

424 mineral rights reserved for tribal benefit. 424 sale at auction of isolated tracts of land, in former; conditions...

595 Fort Bidwell Agency, Calif., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at..


Fort Bidwell, Calif.,

Page. appropriation for Indian school.... 12, 418, 1234

deficiency appropriation for Indian school. 345 Fort Creek Irrigation Project, Oreg.,

appropriation for maintenance, etc., of... 1243 Fort de Russy Military Reservation, Hawaii, right of way across, granted to Honolulu,

for sewer system; conditions.. 1438 Fort Douglas Military Réservation, Utah, licenses for removing sand and gravel from, authorized..

588 right of way through, granted Salt Lake

City for water supply system.. 406 Fort Fairfield, Me.,

appropriation for public building........ 165 Fort Gibson, Okla., bridge authorized across Arkansas River

629 Fort Hall Agency, Idaho, appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at....

31, 434, 1248 Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho, appropriation for support, etc., of Indians

13, 418, 1234 for maintenance of irrigation system....


418, 1234 comprehensive report on enlargement, etc., to be submitted..

418 deficiency appropriation for maintenance of irrigation system....

1171 Fort Henry, Army medical supplies to be transferred to

Public Health Service for hospital at. 1025 Fort Lapwai Agency, Idaho, appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at..

31, 434, 1248 Fort Lapwai Indian Reservation, Idaho, grant of part of Indian school lands to Lap

wai Rural High School District.... 553 proceeds to credit of Nez Perce Indians..

554 Fort Lapwai Indian Sanatorium, Idaho, appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 5,

410, 1227 Fort Leavenworth, Kans., appropriation for Army Staff School and service schools at..

106, 950 for improving water supply

961 for buildings, motor training school.. 963 for quarters for officers, etc.

963 deficiency appropriation for bridge across

Missouri River; local contribution
for maintenance...

510 Boughton Memorial Association may erect building on.

130 portion for post office to be given free of charge...

130 Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., sale of portion of lands, to Big Rock Stone and Construction Company.........

625 revocable lease of additional lands to same Company..

626 to be immediately taken over for use of war risk, etc., patients.

1365 amount allotted for increasing hospital facilities, etc., of...

1365 Fort Lyons, Colo., appropriation for naval hospital, public works....

143 deficiency appropriation for enlarging naval hospital at..

1030 Fort McDermitt Agency, Nev., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at..

434, 1248 610, 1350

Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Md.,

Page. appropriation for expenses dedicating

monument to Francis Scott Key,
and others at.....

1391 Congressional committee to attend.... 1391 Fort Mackenzie, Wyo., to be immediately taken over for use of war risk, ete., patients....

1365 amount allotted for increasing hospital facilities.....

1365 Fort Milllin Naval Magazine, Pa., appropriation for dredging.

144 Fort Mills, Philippine Islanls, appropriation for constructing engineer wharf..

610, 1350 Fort Mojave Agency, Ariz., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at...

433, 1247 Fort Mojave, Ariz.,

appropriation for Indian school...... 9, 415, 1232 deficiency appropriation for Indian school. 66,

345, 1039, 1042, 1171 Fort Monroe, Va., appropriation for Coast Artillery School. 106, 951

for wharf, roads, and sewers..... 183, 894, 1385 Fort Niagara, N. Y.,

appropriation for filtration plant at....... 961 Fort Peck Agency, Mont., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at.....

15, 31, 420, 434, 1236 deficiency appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at..

1171 Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Mont., appropriation for constructing irrigation

systems on; repayment....... 16, 421, 1237

allowance for passenger vehicles..... 16, 421 allottees may select classified coal lands... 421 reservation of mining rights..

421 allotments from irrigable lands allowed unallotted children on.

422 homestead entrymen on ceded lands, al

lowed additional time for paying

365 interest payments to be made.

365 time of payment; further extension. 366 commutation payable in full.

366 interest to credit of Indians.

366 forfeiture of entry on failure to make payments when due.

366 patent authorized of block for school pur

poses in Waukea town site on former. 549 of unappropriated blocks in each town site within ceded lands....

549 Indian pupils to be admitted to schools..

549 Fort Plain, N. Y.,

appropriation for public building... 165 Fort Randall Military Reservation, S. Dak., cash sales of lands in former..

550 Fort Revere, Mass.,

expenditure authorized for real estate at.. 455 Fort Riley, Kans., appropriation for Army Mounted Service School...

106 for Cavalry School.

950 Fort Sill, Okla., appropriation for Army School of Fire, Field Artillery..

106 for Infantry School of Arms.

106 for Field Artillery School.

950 for Field Artillery instruction.

950 substitution of Infantry School, Camp

Benning, Ga., for Infantry School of
Arms at

453 Fort Smith, Ark.,

site of old Federal jail, granted to....... 396

Fort Stanton Sanatorium, N. Mex.,

Page. appropriation for power house..

875 for alteration, etc...

1368 Fort Totten, N. Dak.,

appropriation for Indian school.... 19, 424, 1240 Fort Totten, N, Y., appropriation for machinery, etc., torpedo depot.....

609, 1348 Fort Totten School and Agency, N. Dak., sale of lands in, to school district...

19 Fort Walla Walla, Wash., to be immediately taken over for use of war risk, etc., patients.

1365 amount alloted for increasing hospital facilities...

1365 Fort Worth, Ter., loan of Army tents, etc., for reunion of

United Confederate Veterans at
Hodgkins Springs, near..

1061 Fort Yuma Agency, Calif., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at.

434 Fortifications, appropriation for gun and mortar batteries..

608, 1348 for modernizing emplacements.. 608, 1348 for preservation, repair, etc..

608, 1348 for preparation of plans...

608, 1348 for supplies for electric plants, etc... 608, 1348 for preserving, etc., torpedo structures, submarine mines, etc..

608, 1348 for sites, etc..

608 for land defenses.

608 for installing, etc., electric plants. 608, 1348 for searchlights, etc....

608, 1348 for sea walls and embankments... 608, 1348 for repairs, etc., defenses of Galveston, Tex..

608 for construction expenses, seacost defenses....

608, 1348 for constructing fire control stations, etc.

608, 1348 for range finders, etc..

608, 1348 for war instruction at Coast Artillery posts..

608, 1348 for accessories for submarine mine practice...

1348 for operating fire control installations.... 609 for submarine mine supplies; depot, Fort Totten, N. Y..

1348 for armanent..

609, 1349 for mountain, field, and siege cannon, etc..

609, 1349 for ammunition therefor.

609, 1349 for seacoast cannon.

609, 1349 for ammunition therefor.

609, 1349 for modernizing projectiles, etc... 609, 1349 for ammunition, etc., for seacoast artillery practice...

609, 1349 for altering, etc., seacoast artillery. 609, 1349 for altering, etc., mobile artillery

609, 1349 delivery of Army tractors to State highway departments..

1349 for ammunition for field, etc., artillery practice..

609, 1349 for proving grounds, current expenses. 609, 1349 for accessories for submarine mine practice...

609 for maintenance, etc., submarine mines.. 609 for torpedo depot, Fort Totten, N. Y.... 609 for operating fire control installations.... 1349 for barracks and quarters, seacoast defenses....

610, 1349 for Air Service expenses.

1350 for insular possessions.

Page. Fortifications Continued.

Page. appropriation for preserving, etc., Hawai

appropriation for; operations of arsenals to
ian Islands ..

610, 1350
be maintained..

612, 1352 Philippine Islands.

610, 1350 no pay to officer using time measuring for searchlights for harbor defense, Phil

device on work of employees..... 613, 1352 ippine Islands.

610, 1350

purchases forbidden of articles which Hawaiian Islands...


can be produced at arsenals for a for electric plants, supplies, etc., Ha

less sum.

613, 1352 waiian Islands...


consideration of fortification orders
Philippine Islands.

placed at arsenals, etc.

613 for submarine mine structures, etc.,

funds of bureau procuring stores, etc., Philippine Islands.


from another, subject to requisition for land defenses, Hawaiian Islands. 610

of bureau furnishing, etc., available for sites, etc., Hawaiian Islands..

for two years...

613 for preparation of plans, Hawaiian Is

installation of guns and howitzers di-

610, 1350

1352 Philippine Islands.

610, 1350

specified unexpended balances to be covfor Fort Mills, Phillippine Islands, wharf. 610,

ered in; supplies for seacoast de-

613 for seacost batteries, Hawaiian Islands.. 1350 sites for fortifications, etc.

613 Philippine Islands 610 electrical equipment, etc..

613 for fire control installations, insular pos

sea walls and embankments.

613 sessions.

610, 1350

contingent expenses, seacoast fortificafor seacoast cannon, insular posses


613 sions....

610, 1350
fire control..

610 Coast Artillery war instruction

613 for ammunition for seacoast cannon, in


613 sular possessions..

611, 1350
submarine mines.

613, 1353 for altering, etc., seacoast artillery, insu

barracks and quarters, seacoast defenses. 613 lar possessions.

611, 1350

fortifications, insular possessions...... 613, 1353 for submarine mine structures, etc.,

aviation, insular possessions..

613 insular possessions.... 611 sea walls, etc., Panama Canal.

613 for maintenance, submarine mines,

submarine mine structures, Panama
insular possessions..


613 for barracks and quarters, seacoast artil

armament, Panama Canal.

613 lery, Philippine Islands. 611, 1350

submarine mines, Panama Canal.,

614 Hawaiian Islands... 611 Board of Ordnance and Fortification,

614 for constructing fire control stations,

aviation stations, seacoast defenses. 1353 Philippine Islands. 611, 1351 aviation, seacoast defenses.

1353 Hawaiian Islands... 611, 1351 Ordnance material sales..

1353 for submarine mine supplies, etc., in

automatic rifles....

1353 sular possessions.. 1351 armored motor cars.

1353 for Air Service expenses, Philippine

antiaircraft ammunition..

1353 Islands....


National Guard, field equipment, etc... 1353 Hawaiian Islands.

611 civilian military training camps, ordfor establishing, etc., aviation stations,

1353 Hawaiian Islands.

611, 1351 Reserve Officers' Training Corps, ordfor Panama Canal. 611, 1351

1353 for clearings and trails.


1353 for preservation, repairs, etc.. 612, 1351

ordnance stores and supplies.

1353 for electric plants, etc..

612, 1351
manufacture of arms..

1353 for seacoast batteries.

small arms target practice..

1353 for engineer equipment.. 612 engineer operations in the field.

1353 for preparation of plans, etc. 1351 engineer equipment of troops.

1353 for searchlights.... 1351 storage and shipping facilities.

1353 for land defenses.

612, 1351 Fortney, Ella (mother), for installing, etc., fire control stations. 612, 1351 pension..

1609 for operating fire control stations..... 612, 1351

Foster, Emma R. (widow), for ammunition for seacoast cannon.. 612, 1352

pension increased..

1549 for altering, etc., seacoast artillery ... 612, 1352 for altering, etc., submarine mine sup

Foundlings' Home, D. C., plies.


appropriation for care of children in. 97, 867, 1138

Fountain County, Ind., for barracks and quarters, Coast Artil

may bridge Wabash River, Attica....

401 lery .....

612, 1352

Fourteenth Census (see also Census Office), purchase of supplies, etc., from Army

appropriation for salaries and expenses for.. 1297 surplus stock.

612, 1352

deficiency appropriation for expenses, for Air Service expenses.


1919, preparing for. for aviation station, France Field, Canal

for salaries and all expenses for taking.. 515 Zone...

available until June 30, 1922...

515 all material to be of American manu

enumerators employed from the Army or facture; exception..

612, 1352

Navy, for taking, of military and limit on purchases from private manu

naval forces, to be paid...,

1361 facturers, etc.; waived in case of

proclamation urging all persons to answer emergency.

612, 1352 inquiries for.





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