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Page. activities of War Finance Corporation re

vived to finance, of agricultural

products, etc., to foreign markets... 1084 Exports of Merchandise, national banks may invest in corporations

engaged in facilitating; application,
limitation, etc.....

286 application to state name, etc., of foreign business intended.

286 to furnish Comptroller information of foreign branches..

286 Federal Reserve Board, of export cor

porations; examinations by Board.. 286 Exposition, National Marine, exhibits may be furnished for, by Department of Commerce..

550 Extension of Railroad Lines, certificate from Interstate Commerce Com

mission of necessity, etc., for, re-
quired hereafter, in interstate com-

477 Extradition, appropriation for bringing home criminals from abroad....

742, 1208



Farm Loan Bureau (see Federal Farm Loan Page.

Bureau, Treasury Department). Farm Management and Farm Economics

Office, Department of Agriculture, appropriation for salaries... 236, 695, 1315 for general expenses...

236, 695, 1316 for farm management and practice.. 236,

695, 1316 deficiency appropriation for general expenses..

1187 Farm Products (see also Agricultural Food

Products, etc.), appropriation for investigating utility of,

for food, clothing, etc....... 262, 721, 1339 for diffusing information of marketing, etc., of..

264, 723, 1341 cooperation with other agencies... 264,

724, 1342 studies to prevent deterioration in storage, transit, etc...

724, 1342 for investigating and certifying condi

tion of perishable, etc....... 265, 724, 1342 for cooperative employment of agents to diffuse information as to marketing, of..

266, 724, 1342 Farm Supplies, appropriations for diffusing information as

to purchasing, etc......... 264, 724, 1341 Farmers' Bulletins, appropriation for printing and binding.... 229,

942, 1430 Farmers, Cooperation Among, appropriation for studies of, and diffusing information as to....

266 Farmers' Cooperative Demonstration Work, appropriation for, outside cotton belt.


720, 1338 for meeting ravages of cotton boll-weevil, etc....

261, 720, 1338 voluntary contributions accepted... 262,

720, 1338 Farmers' Institutes,

appropriation for reports, etc...... 261, 721, 1339 Farmers National Bank of Wilkinson, Ind., redemption of lost certificates of indebted

1460 Farmers' Organizations, etc., use of antitrust appropriations for prose

cuting, forbidden...... 200, 336, 922, 1411 Farming Implements, etc., provisions for securing adequate supply,

preventing injurious speculation,
etc., of, during the war.

297 punishment for violations of..

297 Farmington, N. Mex., appropriation for reconstructing approach

to Indian bridge at, across San Juan

1239 Farms, appropriation for irrigation and drainage 'investigations.

263, 722, 1340 for investigating domestic water supply, etc., of.

264, 723, 1341 Farnsworth, Clara H. (widow), pension increased.

1565 Farr, Honorable John R., deficiency appropriation for contested election expenses.

1180 Farrar, Mary L. (widow), pension....

1558 Farrar, Robert W.,

deficiency appropriation for services...... 1180 Faught, S. Eliza (widow), pension..


Fackler, Susan (widow), pension..

1557 Fager, Edwin, pension..

1615 Fairbanks, Alaska, terms of court at.

1204 Fairfield, Ohio, expenditure authorized for storage hangars,

Aviation General Supply Depot at.. 455 Fairhurst, Phoebe A. (widow), pension.

1589 Fairmont, Minn.,

appropriation for public building.... 164 Fairport, Iowa, appropriation for fisheries biological laboratory.....

220, 931 deficiency appropriation for fisheries biological station....

339, 1034 Fairs, State, Interstate, etc., appropriation for making agricultural exhibits at......

271, 718, 1337 Fallon, Nev.,

appropriation for public building..... 164 Falls, Pa., bridge authorized across Susquehanna River at....

282 Family Allowances, Military and Naval (see

also War Risk Insurance Bureau), appropriation for payments of.

172 deficiency appropriation for...

1 provisions modifying.....

372 Far East, The, appropriation for promoting, etc., commerce with..

... 679, 1298 Fariss, George W., pension increased.

1601 Farlow, Clara (widow), pension...

1515 Farm Congress, Kansas City, Mo., Interna

tional, foreign nations invited to send delegates to. 271 Farm Crops, appropriation for emergency expenses,

eradicating soil and seed infesting
diseases of...

244, 703, 1322 Farm Loan Banks (see Federal Farm Loan



Fayette, Mo.,

Page. appropriation for public building...

164 Federal Board for Vocational Education, appropriation for additional amount for expenses...

178, 887 pay restriction,

178, 887 for additional amount for rehabilitation,

etc., of discharged soldiers, etc.... 1379 services to trainees not provided by War Risk Bureau...

1379 revolving fund for advances to persons

undergoing training; repayment..... 1379 pay restriction..

1379 deficiency appropriation for expenses, re

habilitation of discharged disabled
soldiers, etc....

328, 1020 pay restriction.

328 for vocational rehabilitation expenses 504 for salaries and expense.

1187, 1191 additional hospital facilities provided for

patients of Rehabilitation Division
who served in World War...

1365 additional pay allowed trainees for support,

etc., under exceptional circum-

1021 limitations..

1021 extension of vocational rehabilitation of

disabled discharged persons who
served in military or naval forces
during the war...

159 appropriation for expenses.

159 persons notified of eligibility for training,

to forfeit benefits if not commencing
in reasonable time..

maximum time permitted, except cases
of physical incapacity.

1379 provisions for promoting vocational reha

bilitation of persons disabled in in-
dustry, etc..

appropriation for expenses, investiga-
tions, etc.; pay restrictions....

737 surplus Army machine tools, etc., to be

transferred to, without compensa-

504 itemized statement of, etc., to be made. 504 Federal Control of Telegraph and Telephone

Systems. deficiency appropriation for operating deficit under.

1021 Federal Court Reports and Digests, appropriation for continuation of Federal Reporter....

208, 922, 1411 for two sets, Volumes 229-264..

208 for two copies, Federal Reporter Digest,

Vols. 10 and 11, for district attorney
New York southern district..

922 Federal Farm Loan Act Amendments, Board to appoint farm loan registrars to receive applications, etc.

570 deputy registrars; duties..

570 land bank appraisers and examiners. 570 other employment restricted....

570 not applicable to temporary employ

570 farm loan associations; applications for

loans to be investigated by loan com-

favorable unanimous report required for

570 submission to land bank with application..

570 authorized to fix initial charges for loans; limit....

570 acquire and dispose of property.


Federal Farm Loan Act Amendments-Contd. Page. loans by land banks; amortization agreement required.

571 advance payments after five years not limited

571 determination of interest rate.

571 loans authorized; to purchase land.

571 provide farm equipment, etc.;

571 buildings, improving farm lands... 571 pay prior debts incurred for agricultural purposes, etc.

571 farm loan bonds; denominations. 571, 1362

minimum term not longer than ten years. 1363
interest coupons; rate limited........ 571, 1363
form requisites; 'vice president for sign-
ing, authorized.

572 certificate of Farm Loan commissioner

of authority for; nontaxation secu-
rity, etc.

572 extension of time for purchase of bonds

issued under, by the Treasury: 627 bonds issued against loans approved after March 1, 1920, excluded....

627 land bank to be established in each bank district; name

1148 branches authorized

1148 by designated bank, in Porto Rico.... 1148

loans, conditions, etc., in Porto Rico.. 1148 voluntary liquidation of joint stock land banks authorized...

691 payment of liabilities to be provided.. 691 assuming assets and liabilities by Federal land banks allowed..

691 restrictions and limitations waived. 691 amount of obligations limited; special reserve if exceeded....

691 Federal Farm Loan Bureau, Treasury Depart

ment, appropriation for salaries....

646, 1267 unexpended balance of organization expenses fund covered in..

646 for traveling expenses, etc...

647, 1268 for rent, etc., registrars' offices.

647 for examinations; pay restriction.... 647, 1268

for printing and binding for..... 228, 941, 1429 deficiency appropriation for printing and binding for.

593 for salaries and expenses.

1183 Federal Horticultural Board, appropriation for salaries... .. 267, 726, 1344 for expenses regulating importation of

nursery stock, etc. 267, 726, 1344 for cooperative expenses, eradicating potato wart..

268, 726, 1344 deficiency appropriation for general expenses....

1192 employees to inspect, etc.,, plants and

plant products in District of Colum-

727 Federal Land Banks, may acquire assets and assume liabilities

of joint stock land banks going into
voluntary liquidation..

691 restrictions and limitations waived

691 amount of liabilities limited..

691 special reserve required if exceeded .. 691 Federal Power Commission (see also Federal

Water Power Act), appropriation for salaries.

1380 for every other expenditure..

1380 not available for expenses of leases in

National Parks and Monuments..... 1380 creation and composition of.......



Federal Railroad Control (see also Transporta- Page.

tion Act, 1920), additional appropriation for expenses of.. 34 deficiency appropriation for expenses

liquidating accounts of carriers,

589 acceptance for advances made to provide

motive power, etc., of cash or obli-
gations of carriers.

359 cash or obligations of equipment trust organizations...

359 title to be transferred.

359 disposal of cars, etc., to carriers or equipment trust; terms....

359 contracts for sale of cars, etc., may provide

for withholding title until price
fully paid....

359 requirements in executing.

359 powers of President not impaired.

359 may be delegated.

359 emergency of legislation declared..

359 relinquishment of, provisions relating to.. 457 payment of ascertained portion of deficits

of carrier during, if whole amount
not determined..

1145 proclamation announcing the relinquish

ing, etc., of, by the President..... 1782 appointing John Barton Payne, Director General of Railroads..

1793 designating agency to effect reimburse

ment from carriers for equipment
while under..

designating Director General of Rail-
roads to terminate....

1788, 1793 as agent in actions arising from... 1789, 1794 Federal Reserve Act, liabilities under, not included in limit of

indebtedness of national banks..... 297 Federal Reserve Act Amendments, corporations for foreign financial operations authorized...

378, 1145 use of, as depositories, in Canal Zone,

insular possessions, etc., authorized. 1146 organization certificates; details.... 379 charter granted to, on permit of Federal Reserve Board...

379 general corporate powers..

379 directors to be American citizens.

379 adoption of by-laws..

379 specific powers; dealing in commercial paper..

379 securities; exception...

379 accept drafts, issue letters of credit, etc...

379 deal in coin, bullion, and exchange... 380 borrow and lend money:

380 issue bonds, etc.; liabilities limited.. 380 receive deposits outside of United

States, or incident to foreign busi-

380 other powers connected with foreign banking, etc., business..

380 limit of all outstanding liabilities. 380 reserves required for deposits in United States..

380 agencies and branches abroad may be established by..

380 may secure interest in corporations not

engaged in merchandising in United

380 investment in, limited..

380 temporary holdings in any corporation

allowed to prevent losses; disposal


Federal Reserve Act Amendments-Continued. Page. corporations, etc.; operations of, in United

States confined to foreign business... 381 no powers conferred until issue of charter 381 prohibited dealing in other than specified commodities, etc..

381 fixing prices of commodities.

381 charter forfeited for violations.

381 using funds by officials, etc., to control

prices, etc.; punishment for.... 381 capital required; installment payments. 381 increase or reduction; minimum..

381 withdrawal of, restricted....

381 national banks may invest in; limit... 381 majority of, to be held by American citizens, etc....

381 interlocking directorates restrictions applicable to...

381 service of officials of member banks in, permitted..

381 officials may serve in other corporations in which interested...

382 no interest in, permitted member of Federal Reserve Board....

382 shareholders liable for unpaid subscriptions....

382 not allowed to be Federal Reserve member banks...

382 violations to forfeit rights, etc....

382 jurisdiction of Federal courts to determine; procedure..

382 personal liability of officials.

382 remedies against, not impaired by dissolution..

382 voluntary dissolution permitted.

382 insolvency. proceedings, appointment of receivers, etc...

382 disposal of foreign assets..

382 stockholders' meetings; records, reports, etc..

382 examinations of books, etc....

382 dividends from net profits; surplus fund to be set apart.

383 subject to State taxes; stockholders' shares...

383 extension of existence allowed; proceedings..

383 . conversion into, of State, etc., banks in foreign business..

383 capital required, etc..

383 not in contravention of State law. 383 proceeding for conversion..

383 existing stock, directors, etc., may be continued...

383 issue of charter, etc.

383 offenses by officials of; embezzlement, etc...

384 issuing false paper, etc.

384 making false entries, etc.....

384 offenses by receivers, etc., embezzlement of moneys, funds, etc..

384 intentionally deceiving, etc., Federal Reserve Board officials, etc.

384 offenses by accessories.

384 punishment for.

384 representing liability of United

States for securities, acts, etc., of. 384 national banks may invest in export corporations; limitation..

286 applications for foreign business to in

clude statement of business in-
tended, etc.

286 information of foreign business by, to be furnished Comptroller....

286 paper for.

Federal Reserve Act Amendments—Continued. Page. national banks, etc.; information to Federal Reserve Board ..

286 rediscounts allowed reserve banks of notes

of member banks, in greater amounts 1146 liberty bonds, etc., as security; condition of purchase..

1146 not operative after October 31, 1921... 1146 rediscount rates to borrowing banks may be graduated..

550 correction in enrollment of bill directed... 1636 Federal Reserve Banks, assessment on, for details from Engraving

and Printing, assorting notes of, for

331 interlocking directorate prohibitions not

applicable to service in two other
noncompetitive banks, by officers,
etc., of member banks...

626 consent of Federal Reserve Board, etc.. 626 limit increased of rediscounts of notes,

etc., of member banks, secured by
United States securities.

1146 purchase conditions...

1146 expires October 31, 1921.

1146 rediscount rate by, may be graduated.

550 Federal Reserve Board, no member of, permitted interest, etc., in

corporations for foreign financial

382 Federal Reserve Notes (see also National Cur

rency), appropriation for expenses, distinctive

173, 882, 1375 Federal Trade Commission, appropriation for salaries..

178, 887, 1380 for expenses.

178, 887, 1380 deficiency appropriation for investigations

of foodstuffs, etc., production, man-
ufacture, etc...

328 unexpended balances of appropriation for, covered in.

233 Federal Water Power Act, 1920, Federal Power Commission; creation and composition of .

1063 executive secretary.

1063 engineer officer to be detailed from Army 1063 work of, to be performed by Depart

ments of War, Interior, and Agri-

1063 expenses allowed on orders of....

1063 appropriation for....

1063 meaning of terms as used herein; public lands; reservations...

1063 corporation; State; municipality... 1064 navigable waters; municipal purposes... 1064 Government dam; project; project works 1064 net investment; cost.

1064 Commission to investigate, etc., utilization of water resources..

1065 water power industry in relation to commerce, markets, etc.....

1065 use of power from Government dams, and value thereof.

1065 licensees to furnish to, statements of cost

of construction of projects, etc...... 1065 to afford free access to projects, records, etc....

1065 to cooperate with Federal or State

agencies in investigations, etc.... 1065 department, etc., to furnish records, experts, etc..

1065 to disseminate information secured; annual reports to Congress...


Federal Water Power Act, 1920-Continued. Page. licenses to be issued by Commission for

project works to improve navigation,
develop power, etc., in navigable

upon public lands and reservations.... 1065
use of surplus water from Government

1065 within reservations, subject to conditions for protection thereof..

1065 affecting navigable waters, subject to

approval of War Department... 1066 improving waterways affecting interstate and foreign commerce..

1066 record of findings as to.

1066 withheld for two years if Commission

deem Government dam should be
used for purposes other than naviga-

1066 report to Congress.

1066 not applicable to prior Government constructions..

1066 notice required if, applied for without preliminary permit.

1066 preliminary permits to be issued to appli. cants for licenses....

1066 notice to State authorities before granting..

1066 applications for, to be advertised.. 1066 Commission to prescribe rules for account

ing, maintenance of projects, etc... 1066 for submission of detailed statements by licensees..

1066 verification; punishment for false statements, etc..

1066 conduct hearings, order depositions, etc.,

in connection with applications,
regulation of rates, etc....

issue subpænas; assistance of Federal

1067 administer oaths, etc.; witness fees, etc.. 1067

other necessary powers, etc...... 1067 preliminary permits to be issued by Com

mission, giving priority in applying
for licenses...

1067 time allowed for submitting plans, estimates, etc...

1067 conditions of; not transferable, etc... 1067 licenses issued for not more than 50 years.. 1067 conditioned on accepting terms of etc.

1067 revocation, surrender, etc.

1067 preferences in applications for, etc.,

from States, municipalities, etc.;

1067 between other applicants; conditions governing..

1067 applications not to be approved if project

should be undertaken by the Gov-

1067 examinations, reports, etc., to be made 1068 findings, recommendations, etc., to be submitted to Congress...

1068 Commission to investigate, etc., project

for power plant, etc., at Great Falls
of the Potomac River...

1068 submit plans for increasing District of

Columbia water supply, etc.... 1068 appropriation for expenses.

1068 voluntary transfers of licenses, etc., restricted.....

1068 conditions binding on successors.

1068 under mortgages or tax sales not affected. 1068


Federal Water Power Act, 1920Continued. Page. applicants for licenses to submit plans, specifications, etc....

1068 subsequent changes restricted.

1068 evidence of compliance with State laws required..

1068 additional information, if required... 1068 license conditions; adaptability of project

for utilizing navigation, water power,
development, etc.

1068 no alterations without approval of

Commission; emergency exceptions. 1068 maintenance and operation of project works by licensee..

1069 depreciation reserve therefor.... 1069 protection of navigation, etc..

1069 liability of licensee for damages to prop

erty; United States exempt there-

1069 amortization reserves to be established.. 1069 application of; to be specified in license..

1069 annual charges payable by licensee to be fixed...

1069 basis of; expropriation, etc., of exces

sive profits to the Government.... 1069 to avoid increasing price to consumers. 1069 adjustment of expropriation charges from time to time...

1069 using Government dams, etc.; Indian tribal lands..

1069 States, etc., furnishing power without profit exempt from.

1069 smaller projects, except on Indian lands, exempt....

1069 no exemption if Government dam used 1069 reimbursement by licensee for benefits

from works of others, etc...... 1070 determination of amount..

1070 if from Government improvements; use of receipts.

1070 further conditions as Commission may require...

1070 combinations in restraint of trade,

etc., in electrical service, pro-

1070 for smaller projects may be waived..... 1070 except in Indian reservations..

1070 for dams, etc., on navigable waters, to include locks, etc...

1070 right to complete navigation facilities

to be conveyed to the Government.. 1070 to furnish power, etc., for operating navigation facilities...

1070 construction of needed locks, etc., when

not consistent with reasonable in-
vestment cost of applicant.

1070 installation by licensee on failure of

Government to do so in fixed time.. 1070 report, etc., to Congress by Commission. 1071 time for construction and operation... 1071 extensions allowed.....

1071 license to terminate on failure..

1071 proceedings for revocation, etc.. 1071 any project may be taken over by the

Government on expiration of li-

1071 or other property of licensee..

1071 payment for, contracts to be assumed.. 1071 determination of amounts....

1071 value of Government lands, etc., not included in net investment..

1071 allowance for actual cost of lands, etc.. 1072 right of condemnation at any time, reserved......


Federal Water Power Act, 1920Continued. Page. licenses; issue of new license if project not

taken over by the Government.... 1072 to original licensee; to new licensee... 1072 continuance from year to year, if no new license issued..

1072 temporary possession by the Government

for manufacturing nitrates, etc., for
military uses, etc..

1072 restoration; basis of compensation for

1072 disposition of proceeds from Indian reservations..

1072 from all other; percentage to credit of miscellaneous receipts....

1072 from public lands, etc.; percentage to reclamation fund..

1072 'to States..

1073 from all other licenses; percentage to

constitute fund for improving navi-
gation, etc..

1073 navigation facilities subject to regulation by Secretary of War..

1073 fishways by Secretary of Commerce. 1073 penalty for noncompliance.....

1073 public service licenses subject to State regulation, etc..

1073 by Commission, if no State provision therefor....

1073 to cease when State provision made... 1073 rates for power used in interstate, etc.,

commerce to be reasonable, etc... 1073 unjust, etc., declared unlawful..

1073 enforcement by Commission if no State provision for...

1073 issue of securities subject to regulation

by Commission, if no State provi-
sion for...

1074 restriction of .

1074 interstate commerce railroad procedure to govern..

1074 property valuation for making; limitation...

1074 capital expenses included..

1074 right of eminent domain to secure dam sites, etc..

1074 jurisdiction of district courts, if improvement to benefit commerce.

1074 limitation....

1074 contracts for serving power after termina

tion of licenses, authorized..... 1074 approval of Commission, etc., required.. 1074 assumption by successor.

1075 existing rights, etc., not affected.

1075 licenses may be issued under.

1075 valuation of projects already constructed. 1075 method of determining.

1075 construction of project works over other than navigable waters....

1075 license required if affecting commerce. 1075 permission for, if commerce not affected....

1075 public lands within proposed projects to be reserved from entry, etc.

1075 notice to be given, etc..

1075 opening allowed, if not injurious to power development...

1075 payment for damages to crops, etc., from project construction, etc.

1076 former locations, etc., may be completed. 1076 penalty for violations by licensees, etc... 1076 continuing offenses..

1076 equity proceedings for revocation of licenses, etc..

1076 correcting unlawful acts.


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