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for wages..

Employment Service, Department of Labor,

Engineer School, Washington, D. C.,

Page. appropriation for national employment appropriation for equipment and mainoffices; expenses.

225, 938, 1426

123, 969 allotment for harvesting wheat crop..

Engineering Experiment Station, Naval established for promoting welfare of wage

Academy, earners, improving working condi

appropriation for expenses of investigations, securing employment, etc... 938

tions, etc..

150, 828 Encampments and Maneuvers, Organized Engineers, Chief of, Militia,

appropriation for printing and binding deficiency appropriation for...... 345, 522, 1041 under direction of..

228, 941, 1429 Endicott, Cynthia E. (widow),

England (see Great Britain). pension

1549 | England, Ralph (son), Enemies, Alien,


1571 deficiency appropriation for expenses, Engle, Scott, transporting interned under Navy pension..

1597 Department...

337 | Englert, Arthur Wendle, Enemy (see also Trading with the Enemy),

payment to...

1468 provisions for returning property, etc., to English Language, persons deemed an, solely by resid

Army enlistment requirement of ability to ing in territory occupied by Ger

speak, etc., repealed......

1077 man, etc., armies...

36 Engraving and Printing Bureau, Treasury Enemy Aliens,

Department, deficiency appropriation for expenses of interned, under Immigration Bu

appropriation for Director, assistant, etc 650, 1271

for clerks, watchmen, etc. 341

650, 1271

restriction on services. Engelhardt, Louisa (daughter),

651, 1271

for salaries of employees. pension. 1510

172, 880, 1373 Engineer Commissioner's Office, D. C.,

172, 880, 1373

for custody of dies, rolls, and plates.... 172, appropriation for salaries..

70, 839, 1111 Engineer Corps, Army.,

880, 1373

for materials, etc... expenditures authorized for real estate at

172,881, 1373

use of proceeds from work. training camp, Camp A. A. Hum

172, 881, 1373 for additional boiler.

167 phreys, Va..

for laundry, changes in roof...

874 officer of, may be detailed as engineer officer of Federal Power Commission.. 1063

deficiency appropriation for salaries of emofficers and enlisted men composing....

ployees.. 768

44, 1184

for materials, etc. Engineer Department, Army,

44, 344, 1184

for plate printing. appropriation for expenses of depots.... 123, 968


authorized work for United States, for maintenance of school, Washington, D. C....

National bank, and Federal reserve 123, 969


notes 1919, increased .. for equipment of troops.

123, 969 technical services, etc.

illustrations for Congressional memorial 123, 969

addresses to be made at, and paid for civilian assistants...

124, 969

from Bureau appropriations... 1431 for operations in the field.

124, 969

number of sheets increased, United States
for contingencies, Philippine Islands.. 124, 970
for military surveys and maps....

currency, national currency, and
124, 970
Federal reserve currency..

44 assistance of other Government sur

opium orders and special tax stamps. 44 veys, etc..

checks, drafts, etc.

44 for constructing, etc., roads, bridges, and

customs stamps fiscal year 1920.

1023 trails, Alaska..

124, 970
fiscal year 1921..

1160 for buildings and grounds, District of Columbia.

restrictions on use of power and hand 186, 897, 1388

45 for expenses of fortifications under... 608, 1348

presses temporarily suspended...... for expenses of fortifications, insular pos

reimbursement of employees detailed for sessions.

331 610, 1350 redemption of national currency..

172 deficiency appropriation for South Pass,

work authorized, fiscal year 1920...
fiscal year 1921.

880 Mississippi River...

345 for buildings and grounds, D. C...

fiscal year 1922.

1373 509 for equipment of troops.

1184 Enlarged Homesteads, for operations in the field.

1184, 1190 appropriation for examining, classifying, balances of appropriations covered in,

etc., lands suitable for...... 198, 910, 1400 for operations in the field, 1919..... 1353 Enlisted Men, Army, for equipment of troops. 1353 appropriation for pay of line.

110, 954 unexpended balances available to pay sus

allowed on personal affidavit, if service pended contracts for operations in

record lost, etc.

110 the field.. 1027 for pay, National Guard...

110, 954 Engineer Office, War Department,

for pay, staff corps, and departments.. 110, 954 appropriation for clerks, etc... 660, 1279

for pay, Regular Army Reserve..

110 for additional employees; pay restric

for pay, Enlisted Reserve Corps....... 110, 954 tion...

1279 for Signal Corps; aviation increase.... 110 draftsmen, etc., paid from rivers and

for Air Service, aviation increase.

954 harbors, etc.; limit.. ... 660, 1279 for pay, Philippine Scouts.

110, 954 Engineer School, Fort Leavenworth, Kans.,

for longevity

110, 954 Army Field,

111, 995 appropriation for instruction expenses...

for pay
of retired

106 for pay, etc., retired, on active duty.. 111, 995

travel pay.


Enlisted Men, Army-Continued.

Page. appropriation for pay, etc., Army reservists, on active duty.

111 for commutation of quarters, etc.

112, 956 for interest on deposits..

112, 956 for extra duty pay, Artillery and Ord

nance service, seacoast fortifications. 112 for switchboard operators, interior posts.

112 for extra duty pay, Alaska telegraph system..

112 for 20 per cent increase, on foreign service...

112, 956 for disposition of remains of. 184, 895, 1386

removal, etc., from abroad..... 896, 1386 deficiency appropriation for family allow

1 for extra duty pay, at headquarters, etc. 61, 63,

65, 344, 347, 522, 1041, 1044, 1184, 1190 for disposition of remains of..

345, 348, 522, 1038, 1041, 1044, 1185, 1190 death allowances for wounds or disease ex

tended to retired, on active duty... 367 emergency increased pay, continued.. 110 enlistments to cease until number of, does not exceed 175,000...

1098 grades and base pay established.

761 percentages of grades allowed.

761 temporary increase pay computed on

this rate; application restricted.... 761 ration and transportation allowance

limited to first three grades.... 761 existing continuous service pay allowance repealed..

761 increase of 10 per cent for each five years of service; limit....

761 specialists' ratings established.

761 extra pay for each class...

761 percentages of ratings allowed. extra duty pay for, abolished..

761 no reduction of present pay:.

762 enlistment period optional for one or three years..

775 reenlistments for three years..

775 allowances for...

775 special pay ratings for, abolished.

775 telegraphers excepted.

775 discharge permitted, if family dependent

from death, etc., occurring after en-

775 enlistment requirement of ability to speak, etc., English repealed...

1077 pay increased 20 per cent from January 1, 1920; restriction....

602 effective until June 30, 1922.

604 private property of, lost in the service to

be paid for, etc.; conditions... 1436 retired, having served as commissioned of

ficers during World War, to receive

pay, etc., of retired warrant officers. 786 travel pay to, discharged to reenlist...... 291

discharge from old enlistment author-

allowance of $60 on reenlisting... 291
to retired, and reservists, when entering
or leaving active service....

288 Enlisted Men, Marine Corps, appropriation for special allowances to, serving under unusual conditions. 132, 813

152, 829 for retired.....

153, 830 for undrawn clothing.

153, 830 for transporting remains of, dying abroad, etc..

146, 823 deficiency appropriation for family allowances....



Enlisted Men, Marine Corps-Continued. Page. authorized enlisted strength temporarily increased..

152 average maximum on active duty during fiscal year 1920.

152 authorized enlisted strength established... 830 death allowances to, on active list..

824 retired list, when on active duty.

824 restricted to Regular Marine Corps.. 824 discharged to reenlist in Navy or Marine Corps to receive $60 bonus and

836 enlisting for four years since February 3,

1917, may have period construed as
for the war, and be honorably dis-
charged; conditions..

if reenlisting in four months for four
years to have gratuity pay.

139 or during the war, may extend periods

instead of accepting discharge; pay,
privileges, etc.

gratuity allowance as for reenlist-

140 pay increased 20 per cent from January 1, 1920; restriction..

602 effective until June 30, 1922.

604 permanent strength of active list established....

830 promotion of retired, on active duty, to warrant grades, legalized...

153 reenlisting, after serving as officer in Re

serve, to have credit for active sery-
ice therein..

141 if within four or three months to have former grade, etc..

141 terms of enlistment established for; reenlistment benefits, etc.....

836 warrant officers, accepting commissions in

Reserves, restored to former status on

termination of active service therein. 141 Enlisted Men, Navy, appropriation for special allowances to,

serving under unusual conditions. 132, 813 for recreation, etc., of..

134, 815 for outfits, etc., first enlistments. 135, 815 for transporting remains of dying abroad...

146, 823 for pay, on retired list.

147, 824 for extra pay, on reenlistment. 147, 824 for pay, active list.....

147, 824 for pay of, in trade schools, etc.

147 for paying $60, discharge gratuity.

824 deficiency appropriation for family allow

1 authorized strength temporarily increased;

periodic reductions, to January 1,

137 personnel included.

138 proportion of commissioned officers restricted....

138 permanent strength, commissioned or enlisted, not affected..

138 death allowances to, on active list.

824 retired list, when on active duty.

824 restricted to Regular Navy....

824 discharged to reenlist in Navy or Marine Corps to receive $60 bonus, and

836 emergency increased pay continued during present enlistments, etc...

140 enlisting for four years since February 3,

1917, may have period construed
as for the war, and be honorably
discharged; conditions..



for pay

travel pay.

Enlisted Men, Navy-Continued.

Page. Entomology Bureau, Department of Agricul- Page. enlisting, etc.; if reenlisting in four months

ture-Continued. for four years to have gratuity pay.. 139 appropriation for camphor thrip eradicaor during the war, may extend periods,


256, 715 instead of accepting discharge; pay,

for miscellaneous insects. 256, 715, 1334 allowances, etc...

139 for investigating insects affecting health gratuity as for reenlistments..


of man and animals.. 256, 715, 1334 enlistments may be for two, three, or four

blow fly and screw worm.

1334 years until June 30, 1920...

134 for administrative expenses. 256, 715, 1334 mileage allowance to, who served in the

for preventing spread of moths... 256, 715, 1334 war, if honorably discharged before

quarantine districts to be maintained expiration of enlistment.....


in cooperation with States, etc...... 256, sea travel allowance; condition... 139

715, 1334 one hundred midshipmen to be annually

deficiency appropriation for preventing from, and Naval Reserve Force on

spread of moths..

62, 524, 1177 active duty.

for general expenses..

64, 67, 524, 1187 promotions of retired, on active duty, to

block of Indian land, Forest Grove, Oreg.,
warrant grades, legalized...

transferred to..

349 reenlisting after serving as officer in Re

Entry of Aliens, serve to have credit for service

appropriation for restricting, made imme-

diately available..

385 if within four or three months to håve

limit for fiscal year 1920..

385 former grade, etc....

141 Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Pleniporeenlisting within one year from date of

tentiary, discharge to have reenlistment bene

appropriation for salaries.....

739, 1206 fit..


Epidemics, inoperative six months from approval of

appropriation for prevention of.... 175, 885, 1377 Act..


deficiency appropriation for prevention of. 344, terms of enlistment established for; reen

508, 1162, 1183 listment benefits, etc..

836 Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Washington, warrant officers, accepting commissions in

D. C., Convention of the Protestant,
Reserves, restored to former status on
may grant franchise to women....

278 termination of active service therein 141

Equine Meat, Enlisted Reserve Corps, Army,

appropriation for inspection, etc... 241, 700, 1320 appropriation for pay of enlisted men... 110, 954

meat inspection provisions applicable to.. 241

780 composed of persons voluntarily enlisting.

241 labels, etc., for all shipments of, required.

subject to all regulations forinspection, etc. 241 period of enlistment three years...


Equipage, Army Camp and Garrison, persons serving during World War, for

appropriation for..

117, 961 one year.....


Equipment and Supplies Division, Post Office discharges....


Department, eligibility; continuance of service in time

appropriation for superintendent, etc.. 676, 1295 of war.

780 Equipment, Government, organization, etc., similar to Regular

to be purchased, so far as possible, from Army.


stock of other services, no longer assignment of officers, etc.

needed, due to end of war..

67 active duty service restricted.

780 Equipment, Railway, pay, etc., during...

780 reimbursement by carriers for advances travel pay to, when entering or leaving

furnished by United States for, active service...


while under Federal control..... 359 Enlistments, National Guard,

acceptance of equipment trust securiprovisions modifying, under National De

ties, etc....

359 fense Act, 1916...

127 | Equipment Shops, Post Office Department, Enrolled Bills, etc,

appropriation for light, power, repair of printing of, on parchment or suitable paper

machinery, etc....

574, 1150 determined by Joint Committee on

for purchase of land adjoining...

575 Printing.

520 deficiency appropriation for expenses.. Entomology Bureau, Department of Agricul

514, 1174 ture,

Army buildings at Watertown, N. Y., to appropriation for salaries..... 255, 714, 1333

be transferred to, without charge for. 623 for general expenses, investigations.... 255, Equipment Supplies, Navy,

714, 1333 appropriation for Bureau of Construction for insects affecting fruits, nuts, cereals,

and Repair.....

149, 826 forage, etc.... 256, 714, 1334 for Bureau of Engineering.

827 pecan investigation..

for Bureau of Navigation...

135, 816 Hessian fly and chinch bug.. 256, 714 for Bureau of Steam Engineering..

149 Hessian fly, grasshopper, and chinch

for Bureau of Supplies and Accounts.. 148, 825 bug...

1334 | Equipments, Army Ordnance, for European corn borer, control, etc.... 256, appropriation for Infantry, Cavalry, etc.... 125

730, 1334 | Equitable Defenses, D. C. for southern field crop insects; forests;

may be interposed in all actions at law.... 569 truck crops; bee culture..... 256, 715, 1334 | Equity Courts, for citrus fruit, etc., insects.... 256, 715, 1334 jurisdiction of, to abate nuisances under Mediterranean and other fruit flies.... 256,

War Prohibition Act..

306 715, 1334 under National Prohibition Act..


53 461

Equity Suits,
Page. Ette, Pauline (widow),

Page. provisions governing, against carriers, aris- pension...

1494 ing during Federal control of trans- Ettinger, Georgie A. (widow) portation... pension increased.

1595 agent for, to be designated by the Presi. Euclid Street NW., D. C., dent.....

461 appropriation for paving, University Place Erb, Harriett A. (widow),

to Columbia Road.

76 pension....

1519 Eulogies (see Memorial Addresses in Congress). Erie, Pa.,

Eureka, Utah, appropriation for operating, etc., Govern

164 appropriation for public building.......... ment houses, at....

223 Europe, War in (see World War). for operating, etc., Government apart- European Corn Borer, ments at..


appropriation for cooperative expenses to acceptance of naval brig “Niagara" from,

control spread of.......... 256, 730, 1334 authorized..

827 European Countries, preliminary examination, etc., of, harbor

disposal of flour in possession of Grain Corto be made...


poration for suffering populations of, Ernst, Agnes L. (widow),

etc., authorized....

548 pension increased...


itemized report to Congress of receipts Ervin, Emma S. (widow),

and expenditures...

549 pension....

1622 Evans, George W., Ervin, Joshua H.,

deficiency appropriation for credit in ac


... 1607 pension increased...

50 Esarey, Emma A. (mother),

Evans, Lillian M. (widow), pension.. 1545 pension...

1485 Eschbach, Anna (daughter),

Evans, Margaret Ann (widow), pension increased. 1557 pension increased.

1587 'Esparta,Steamship,

Evarts Street NE., D. C.,. deficiency appropriation for paying judg

appropriation for paving, east of North
ment to owners of......

Capitol Street.


Evashanks, Billie H., Espionage,

refund of land office fees, etc., to........ 1436 offense in time of war, of making false state- Everhart, George R., ments, etc., interfering with national


1599 1360 forces, etc., modified.

Evidence, D. C., provisions relating to interfering with sale of bonds, crippling production,

testimony of surviving party not admitted

as, in contracts between him and abuse of flag, etc., repealed..... 1360

567 former statement of, revived....


legal representative of other. exceptions...

567 Espionage Act, 1917,

right of court to call for, omitted..

567 deportation of undesirable aliens convicted

copy of municipal ordinances, etc., certiof violating, and amendments...... 594

fied by secretary of Board of Comreadmission prohibited......


missioners accepted as, of adoption, Estate, etc., Tax,


567 deficiency appropriation for collecting.... 1183 Examining Surgeons for Pensions, Estates of Deceased Persons, D. C.,

appropriation for fees...

837, 1105 appraisers of; property under letters of col

deficiency appropriation for fees...

1171 lection added..

563 Excess Payments, Public Lands, assets of; debts due by administrator or

repayment of; time limit for applications.. 366 collector to be included..

563 amount to be certified to the Treasury.. 366 distribution of intestate, to widow or sur

appropriation for..

367 viving husband...

563 Excess Profits Tax, persons entitled to administer, of intes

deficiency appropriation for collecting, etc. 1183 tates; surviving husband added..... 561 Excursion, etc., Vessels, powers and duties of collectors extended,

appropriation for preventing overcrowd-

ing of...

680, 1300 provisions for, of wife, stricken out.... 567 Execution Rocks Light Station, N. Y., Esterbrooks, Lucy (widow),

appropriation for restoration and improvepension...

ment of....

213 Estes, Eva (mother),

Executive Departments, etc., D. C., pension increased

1611 appropriation for care, etc., of grounds of.. 187, Estes, William,

899, 1389 pension....

1548 for maintaining efficiency ratings, inEstopinal, Albert, late a Representative in

vestigating administrative needs, Congress,


641, 1261 deficiency appropriation for pay to widow

for expenses, transfer of surplus office

supplies, etc., to...

645 Ethiopian Empire,

cooperation in storage and delivery, treaty of commerce with......


645 Ethnology, American,

deficiency appropriation for testing, etc., appropriation for continuation of researches

supplies purchased for.

340 in..

181, 891, 1383 for maintaining efficiency ratings, etc., for printing and binding Reports of


1156 Bureau, etc.....

229, 942, 1430 additional pay of $240 to employees in, deficiency appropriation for.

provided for.

689, 1308

Executive Departments, etc., D. C.-Contd. Page. Executive Office-Continued.

Page. annual report of publications issued by

deficiency appropriation for expert stenog-
each, to be submitted...

rapher, additional pay...

37 details of cost, etc., required.. 1037 for contingent expenses.

348, 1186 annual statement to made by, of Govern

Executive Office, District of Columbia, ment owned buildings under their

appropriation for Commissioners, secre-

tary, clerks, etc.....

68,838, 1109 details of value, maintenance, etc., re

for divisions in office.

69, 838, 1109 quired...

945 for care of District Building.. 69, 838, 1110 cooperation of, with Federal Power Com

Explosives, mission, directed...

1063 deficiency appropriation for enforcing regucost of mailing franked matter from each,

lations of... 345, 523, 1039, 1042, 1045, 1191 to be reported annually by Post

balances covered in, of appropriations for master General...


enforcing regulations concerning.... 198 detailing classified employees for service

use for concluding work..

198 outside of District of Columbia, re

prohibited transmission by mails.... 620 stricted...

689, 1308
punishment for violations..

621 not applicable to Department of Justice. 689, transmitting with intent to kill, injure

person or property, etc...

621 details from, etc., to Civil Service Com

temporary possession of licensed power mission forbidden..

641, 1262 funds for scientific investigations, etc., may

projects for manufacturing, may be

ordered by the President when safety be transferred to Standards Bureau.. 684,

of United States demands it.. 1072 1302

1072 heads of, to make detailed reports of em

compensation, etc...
ployees in nonpay status, to Civil

Explosives Act, 1917,
Service Commission..

deportation of undesirable aliens convicted

594 investigation, etc., by Efficiency Bureau

of violating, readmission prohibited.

594 on methods of collecting, etc., statistical information by..

343 | Explosives, Army, office supplies, etc., for, under sundry civil

surplus, may be transferred to other execuappropriation Act, to be purchased

tive departments without charge... 130 in preference from other services no

transfer of, to Interior Department no longer needed, due to the end of the

longer needed.......

193 war..

232 Explosives, High, preference in clerical, etc., appointments

transporting designated, on cars, etc., hereafter in, to honorably discharged

carrying passengers, unlawful...... 1444 soldiers, etc., or their widows... 37 smokeless powder, fireworks, etc., perto wives of incapacitated injured soldiers,

mitted; separate from passenger cars. 1444 etc...

37 small arms ammunition, signal devices, publication of journals, periodicals, etc.,

etc., allowed...

1444 by, restricted..


military forces, equipment, on passenger allowed until December 31, 1921... 1433

cars, etc....

1444 specific authorization required thereafter 1433 definitions of words used: “detonating statement of public health activities by,

fuzes,” “fuzes,” “primers," "fuses,
to be submitted..

and “fusees"

1444 supplies, etc., to be purchased, so far as

regulations for safe transportation of, inpossible from stock no longer needed

flammables, noxious gases, etc., to be by other services, due to end of war. 67

made by Interstate Commerce Comsurvey directed of services of, by Joint


1445 Committee on Reorganization to de

binding on all shippers, carriers, etc.... 1445 termine efficient and economical re

modifications, etc., authorized...

1445 grouping of activities, etc...

1083 safety transit devices, etc., to be used. 1445 temporary details allowed to White House

effective date of, and changes...

1445 from.....

640, 1261 assistance of other branches of the Govtypewriting machines, used less than three

ernment in preparing.

1445 years not to be disposed of by.

947 carrying liquid nitroglycerin, bulk fulmiExecutive Expenses,

nate, etc., on passenger or property appropriations for....

640, 1261

cars, etc., by common carriers, unExecutive Mansion, D. C.,


1445 appropriation for care, etc., grounds south of..

186, 899, 1388
quire packages of, for shipment, re-

1445 for maintenance, etc., of grounds. 187, 899, 1389 shipping, under false marking invoice, etc., for care, repair, etc.

187, 899, 1389

1445 for fuel...

187, 899, 1390 without written notice of true character. 1445 for greenhouses. 187, 899, 1390 punishment for violations..

1445 for lighting, grounds, etc. 187, 899, 1390 violations resulting in death or personal deficiency appropriation for fuel.... 1026, 1168


1445 Executive Office (see also Executive Mansion, Explosives, War, D. C.),

appropriation for distributing, etc., surplus, appropriation for Secretary of the Presi

for clearing agricultural land, etc.... 1341 dent, executive clerk, clerks, etc. 640, 1261 Export Trade (see also Federal Reserve Act details allowed for temporary assist


640, 1261 corporations for foreign financial operations for contingent expenses.

641, 1261

may have interest in corporations for printing and binding for.. 229, 942, 1430

engaged in.



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