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District of Columbia Rents-Continued. Page. Dodds, Augustus E. (son),

Page. assessment of damages for willful with

pension increased..

1519 drawal of service, etc., by owner.... 302 Dodge, Meda E. (widow), determination of, by Commission... 303 pension...

1485 recovery of, in municipal court.... 303 Dodge, Rose (widow), action by Commission for use of tenant. 303 pension..

1587 simple and summary procedure to be pro- Dodson, Lucy A. (widow), vided.... 303 pension..

1497 punishment for exacting bonus, etc., for Doepel, Charles F., leases.. 303 pension increased.

1626 making fictitious sales, etc..

303 Doersh, Adelia (widow), standard forms of leases to be prescribed

pension increased..

1580 by Commission..

303 | Dolce, Pasquale, enforcement, etc., of..

payment to, for injuries..

1531 hotel and apartment owners to furnish de- Dolderer, Charles, scriptive data of rooms, service, etc. 303 pension..

1544 rates by, to be fixed by Commission; Dolph, Thirza M. (widow), hearings... 303 pension...

1547 assignments and subleasing by tenants re- Domestic Animals, etc., stricted....

304 appropriation for protecting, from rabies by rate to be determined by Commission... 304

destruction of predatory wild anirepeal of former laws, etc....


257, 716, 1335 appropriation for expenses; half from Dis- Dominican Republic, trict revenues...


appropriation for minister to.... 739, 1206 invalidity of any clause, etc., not to affect

importing from, and exporting to, wheat others......


and wheat flour, prohibited; excepemergency necessity of Act declared.


1759 to terminate in two years, unless sooner


1773 repealed...

304 Dominion of Canada (see Canada). correction in enrollment of bill relating to, Donahue, Margaret (widow), directed... 1634 pension...

1477 Diven, Mary (mother),

Doney, George W., pension increased.. 1625 pension increased.

1547 Divorce, D.C.,

Donlevy, William C.,

1547 no final decree of, to be made until 90 days after interlocutory order.....


Donley, Mary C. (widow),

1489 application for, to be made within 30 days, or final disposition of appeal..

Donora, Pa., 567

164 Dixie and Sevier National Forests, Utah, Ariz.,

appropriation for public building.........
and Nev.,

Donovan, John,

1613 appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 1327 Dixie National Forest, Utah, Ariz., and Nev.,

Donze, Alice G., (widou)

1499 appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.. 249, 707 Dixon, Anna (mother),

Doorkeeper, House of Representatives,

appropriation for, special employee, mespension....

sengers, etc...

636, 1256 Dixon, David,

janitors to committees placed under, after pension increased.....

close of Congress...

636, 1256 Dixon, Ill.,

Doorkeeper, Senate (see Sergeant at Arms and bridge authorized across Rock River at.... 948

Doorkeeper, Senate). Dixon, Joanna L. (daughter),

Dougherty County, Ga., pension increased..


may bridge Flint River at Albany...... 275 Diron, Virginia A. (widow),

Douglas, Ga., pension...

1579 appropriation for public building....... 164 Doan, Sarah M. (widow),

Douglas, Palace, pension... 1496 pension...

1600 Dobie, Naoma (widow),

Douglass, R. L., pension... 1586 land patent to, authorized..

1094 Docks, Government Acquired,

conveyance of tract to United States in transfer to Shipping Board, possession,


1094 etc., of, on Hudson River at Ho

restored to public domain.

1095 boken, N.J.. 994 fence required..

1095 other, acquired for Army or Navy... 994 Doup, Darid Conrad (son), temporary transfer to Army or Navy for


1588 uses thereof...


Dourine, etc., sales restricted....


appropriation for investigating, treating, Doctors (see Physicians).


241, 700, 1320 Document Room, House of Representatives,

Downey, Idaho, appropriation for superintendent, assist

lands granted to, for protecting water
ants, etc...

636, 1257
supply, etc..

1198 Document Room, Senate,

price; legal rights not affected; other appropriation for superintendent, assist

use forbidden....

1198 ants, etc...

631, 1252
report of use, etc., to be made.

1198 Dodd, Virginia (widow),

forfeiture on failure, etc.

1199 pension... 1518 mineral deposits reserved.


Downs, Melissa 0. (widow),
Page. Duchesne County, Utah,

Page. pension.

1496 appropriation for aid to public schools in, Doyle, Mary J. (widow),

from Indian funds...

27, 430, 1245 pension..

1534 Indian bridges across Duchesne River conDraft, Selective,

veyed to; condition......

1245 appropriation for completing, preserving,

Duchesne River, transporting, etc., records of........ 109 bridges across, conveyed to Utah, and to deficiency appropriation for registration,

Duchesne County...

1245 etc., expenses..

1184, 1190 | Duddleson, Martha J. (widow), allotment from fund for preserving, etc.,


1556 records of, to furnish information Duden, Frederick W., from demobilized Army records.. 907

pension increased..

1605 deportation of undesirable aliens convicted Dudley, Mathow, of violating provisions for...


1620 readmission prohibited..

594 | Duer, Jennie B. (widow), Drain, William R.,

pension increased..

1479 pension..

1598 Duerson, Charles, Drainage Districts, Ark.,

pension increased..

1575 public lands in Mississippi and Poinsett Duff, Adron, Counties, made subject to State


1608 laws, etc., for....

392 Duffield, Elizabeth I. E. (daughter), Drainage Investigations, Department of Agri

pension increased.

1506 culture,

Duganne, C. G., appropriation for expenses of farm, swamp,

credit in accounts...

332 etc..

263, 722, 1340 Du Hamel, Elizabeth (widow), Drake, Amelia E. (widow),


1583 pension...

1519 Duke, John J., Drake, Mary L. (widow),

pension increased...

1475 pension...

1506 Dulhagen, Elizabeth (widow), Drake, Susan M. (widow),


1572 pension increased...

1487 | Duluth, Minn., Drawbacks, Internal Revenue,

appropriation for fish hatchery, foreman's deficiency appropriation for allowance. ... 61, 63,


220 65, 344, 347,522, 1038, 1041, 1044, 1184, 1190 time extended for bridging Saint Louis Drawbacks, Interstate Commerce,

River at..

588 special allowances for, of transportation, Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway, messages, etc., by carriers, unlawful. 479 reimbursement to...

1528 Dreebin, Harris,

Dunbar, Alice (widow), pension increased. 1619 pension..

1577 Driscoll, Dennis,

Dunbar, Martha A. (widow), pension increased.. 1474 pension increased..

1517 Drought of 1919,

Duncan, Catharine (widow), homestead settlers allowed leaves of ab


1494 sence to obtain food, etc., during... 271 | Dunery, Francis, residence construed while absent...

pension increased.

1533 Drought Resistant Crops,

Dunham, Roy R., appropriation for breeding, etc.... 244, 703, 1323 pension..

1534 Drought Stricken Areas of the United States,

Dunn, Ben L., appropriation for seed grain for farmers in;


1536 conditions of loans, etc....

1347 Dunn, Julia S. (widow), Drug, etc., Plants,


1488 appropriation for investigating diseases Dunn, Leroy, of... 243, 702, 1322 pension...

1544 for physiological and fermentation in- Dunn, Honorable Thomas B., vestigations of....

243, 702, 1322 deficiency appropriation' for contested Drug Products, etc.,

election expenses...

58 appropriation for biological investigation, Duplicate Bonds, etc., of agricultural...

712, 1331 issue of, authorized for those of officers and Druggists (see Pharmacists).

crew lost by sinking of U. S. S. Drugs, Adulterated, etc., D. C.,

"San Diego"

45 appropriation for detecting. 90,860, 1131 Duplication of Government Departmental Drugs, etc.,

Business, appropriation for investigating adultera

survey directed to devise methods of avoidtions, false branding, etc.... 253, 712, 1331


1083 Drummers (see Traveling Salesmen);

Duplication of Governmental Services, Dry Farming Congress, Denver, Colo., Inter

annual report to be made by Secretary of national,

Agriculture of, by other departdeficiency appropriation for......

ments, etc.....

1347 Dry Land Farming,

Duplication of Work in Governmental Service, appropriation for improving methods of... 244, records of investigations by central bureau

703, 1323

of planning and statistics transDry Measures, D. C.,

ferred to Efficiency Bureau...

36 use of designated containers, as substi- Dupont, Frederick, tutes for, prohibited.. 1223 pension increased..



Durand, Charles T.,
Page. Eastern Dispensary, D. C.,

Page. pension..

1538 appropriation for care of indigent patients. Durand, Mary M. (mother),

866, 1137 pension increased.

1601 Eastern Transportation Company, Durango National Forest, Colo.,

may bring suit for damages to "Sweetser appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.. 249, 707


1461 Durham, Samuel (son),

Eastham, Mass., pension.


appropriation authorized for tablets, etc., Durham, William H. (son),

in, commemorating, tercentenary of pension increased..

landing of the Pilgrims....

599 During the Session," to mean 116 days...


Eastman, Manella A. (widow),

1258 to mean 207 days.


1583 Durocher, Emma (widow),

Easton, Adella (widow), pension.. 1594 pension increased....

1496 Dust Explosions, Plant, etc.,

Easton, Pa., appropriation for developing methods for bridge authorized across Delaware. River, preventing, and resulting fires.... 1332

between Phillipsburg, N. J., and... 1055 Dutcher, Elmina (widow),

Eclipse of the Sun, 1919, pension


appropriation for expenses of observing.... 181 Duties on Imports,

Economy in Government Administrative Busirate on printing paper valued above 8

cents a pound...

survey, etc., directed to secure.

1083 additional if from country imposing export tax on, wood pulp, etc....

573 Ecuador, treaty restrictions on imposing discriminat

appropriation for minister to... 740, 1206 ing, to be terminated..

1007 importing from, and exporting to, wheat notice to be given foreign Governments.


and wheat flour, prohibited; exDutton, Harriet J. (widow),


1759 1492

canceled. pension.

1773 Duvall, H. M., and J. L. Anderson,

Edge, John H.,

1625 may bridge Great Pee Dee River, Cheraw,

pension increased.. S. C...


Edgewood Arsenal, Md., Duwamish Waterway,

expenditure authorized for reservoir and


pipe lines, Chemical Warfare Service. preliminary examination, etc., of, Seattle Harbor, Wash., to be made... 1013

Edmundston, New Brunswick,
D'Wamish, etc., Indians, Wash.,

bridge authorized across Saint John River,
between Madawaska, Me., and...

.... 161 appropriation for support, etc., of.. 27, 431, 1245 Dwellings, Private,

Edsall, Catherine F. (widow),

1582 exempt from search warrants for liquors;

pension increased.

Education Association of the United States,

rooms in hotels, etc., used solely for
residence included.

charter amended, representative assembly

598 Dyes, Coal Tar,

for active members, authorized..... restrictions on importing, continued until

Education Bureau, Interior Department,
January 20, 1920..


appropriation for Commissioner, clerks,

etc.. Dynamite (see Explosives, High).

671, 1291 for investigating rural and industrial

education, and school hygiene... 671, 1291 for traveling expenses.

671, 1291 E. M. Millard,'' Tug,

for books, etc....

672, 1291 owners of, may bring suit for damages to.. 1553 for collecting statistics, etc.

672, 1291 E Street NW., D. C.,

for documents, apparatus, etc.

672, 1291 appropriation for paving, Virginia Avenue

for investigating schools, etc.

672, 1291 to Twenty-third Street..

845 for kindergarten education investigaEakles, John B.,


672, 1291 pension increased..

1606 deficiency appropriation for maintaining Earp, James Marsden,

registers of teachers, etc...

334 payment to heirs of. 1530 for school and home gardening.

335 East Las Vegas, N. Mex.,

for collecting statistics...

348 appropriation for public building...... 164 for rural and industrial education.

522 East Moline, II.,

for city schools, etc...

582, 1191 appropriation for operating, etc., Govern

for documents.

523 ment house at. 223 for traveling expenses.

1172 East Norfolk, Mass.,

Education, Commissioner of, deficiency appropriation for hospital for

appropriation for, clerks, etc.

671, 1291 discharged disabled soldiers, etc., at 508 for traveling expenses.

671, 1291 East Windsor, Conn.,

for education of Alaska natives under bridge authorized across Connecticut River,

supervision of....

203, 916, 1405 Windsor Locks to....

360 for printing annual report of..... 228, 941, 1429 Eastern Avenue NW., D. C.,

Educational Institutions, appropriation for grading, Laurel to

provisions for establishing Reserve Officers' Whittier Streets.

Training Corps junior division units Eastern Cherokee Agency, N. C.,



777 appropriation for support, etc., of Indians Edwards, Dow (son), at.. 1248 pension..


253, 712 Electricity,

Edwards, Richard E. (widow),
Page. Electric Plants, Army-Continued.

Page. pension

1557 appropriation for maintenance, etc., seaEdwards, Robert A.,

coast fortifications...

608, 1348 pension 1607 for installation, etc...

1348 Edwards, William II.,

for maintenance, etc., Hawaii and Philpension..

ippine Islands.

610, 1350 Eficiency Bureau,

for maintenance, etc., Panama Canal... 1351 appropriation for establishing efficiency Electric Power (see Federal Water Power Act).

ratings, investigating administra- Electrical Department, D. C.,
tive personnel, etc.

641, 1261

appropriation for salaries.... 79, 849, 1120 deficiency appropriation for expenses of

for supplies, contingent expenses. 79, 849, 1120 investigations, etc.... 503, 1156, 1186, 1191 for placing wires underground.... 79, 849, 1120 directed to investigate, etc., methods of

forextending police patrol system. 79, 849, 1120 collecting, etc., statistical informa

for installing telephone signal system, tion by Government activities...... 343

twelfth precinct..

80 records of investigations, etc., of central

for lighting expenses.

80, 849, 1120 bureau of planning and statistics

for extending fire alarm system... 80, 850, 1120 transferred to...

36 for headquarters apparatus; reappropriaEfner, Anna (widow),


80, 1120 pension..

1487 deficiency appropriation for lighting exEggleston, Priscilla (widow)


1017 pension.


Electrical Equipment, etc., Fortifications, Eggs,

balances of appropriations for, covered in. 613 appropriation for investigating methods of

handling, etc...... experimental shipments.


appropriation for survey, etc., of water Egypt,

power production and distribution

of, in the United States.... appropriation for agent and consul general

911 at Cairo....

740, 1206

deficiency appropriation for cooperative importing from, and exporting to, wheat

standardizing devices of, etc., used
in industries....

and wheat flour, prohibited; ex-

1759 Elementary; etc., Education, canceled..

1773 appropriation for investigation of, includEighteenth Amendment to the Constitution,

ing night schools, etc... 672, 1291 provisions for enforcing prohibition under Eleventh Street NE., D. C., the...

307 appropriation for paving, D street to MaryEighteenth Lighthouse District,

land Avenue...

1116 constructing keepers' dwellings at Goat

for paving, H Street to Maryland Avenue 76 Island depot, Calif., authorized.... 1059

Elizabeth City, N. C., Eighteenth Street and Virginia Avenue NW.,

terms of court at..

532 D. C., deficiency appropriation for temporary

Elizabeth ,N. J., office building, operating force... 48

bridge authorized across Newark Bay to

277 for supplies, etc., therefor....

Bayonne from..
time extended for.

1099 Einkopf, Christopher L., pension..

1552 Elkins, Margaret (widow), Eldorado, Kans.,


1482 appropriation for public building.....

164 Elliott, Clara (widow), Eldorado National Forest, Calif. and Nev.,


1592 appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 249, Elliott, Martha L. (widou'), 707, 1327 pension.

1509 Electoral Franchise,

Elliott Street NE., D. C., Amendment to the Constitution proposed

appropriation for paving, F Street to Maryto the States prohibiting denial of,

land Avenue.

75 on account of sex..

362 | Ellis, Henry, certificate of the ratification of, by the


1563 States...

1823 Ellis Island Immigrant Station, N. Y., Electoral Vote for President and Vice President,

appropriation for sea wall.....

221 appropriation for mileage of State mes

for specified repairs and improvements.. 935 sengers with the..

1089 for new service pumps; ferry bridge.. 1423 deficiency appropriation for printing certi

for sidewalks; plumbing, Island No.1.. 1423 fied copies of...

1159 for elevator, contagious diseases hospital, 1423 concurrent resolution providing arrange

deficiency appropriation for repairs, etc.. 1163 ments for counting, by Congress... 1642 for specified repairs and improvements.. 1178 messengers failing to deliver, at proper Ellis, Mary Ann (widow), time relieved from penalty.. 1448

1483 payment of mileage authorized. 1448 | Ellis, Minerva A. (mother), Electric Cars, etc., Postal Service,

pension increased..

1618 appropriation for mail transportation by.580, 1153 Ellis, Warner M. (son), allowance for unusual conditions, etc. 580

pension increased..

1582 deficiency appropriation for mail transpor- Elmer Red River Bridge Company, tation by.

1174 may bridge Red River between Oklahoma Electric Plants, Army,

and Texas.

589 appropriation for maintenance, etc.. at Elmira, N. Y., posts.. 107 952 terms of court at.


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Page. Emergency Shipping Fund_Continued

Page. proclamation of, on importing and export- appropriation for; publication of bulletins, ing wheat and wheat flour.... 1759

etc., from appropriations, forbidcanceling....


181 Embassies,

deficiency appropriation for recruiting, etc. 42 appropriation for clerks at...

740, 1206

authorizations for construction of ships for interpreters to....

740, 1207

891 deficiency appropriation for clerks at..... 1187 appropriation for expenses of Emergency Embezzlement,

Fleet Corporation; sources desigwrongfully converting moneys coming


891, 1382 into possession of officers of United

no additional ships to be constructed... 891, 1382 States courts, deemed..

630 cost-plus contracts forbidden... 891, 1383 punishment for..


use of funds for rent in District of Columbia personal interest therein nota defense. 630


891, 1383 Embezzlement, D. C.,

preparation, etc., of bulletins, etc., for-

891, 1383 punishment for, of estate of deceased per


authorized reports, excepted. 891, 1383 specified provisions of, repealed..

988 Emergencies, Diplomatic and Consular Service, appropriation for unforeseen; balance re

Emery, Jacob D.,

1475 appropriated...

pension.. 742, 1208

Emery, Mary E. (widow), deficiency appropriation for; reimbursement for Peace Commission expenses

1572 329

pension increased...

Employees' Compensation Commission, for payments...

1043 Emergency Commissioned Personnel, Army,

appropriation for salaries..

177,887, 1378

977 temporary retention, etc., of, authorized..

for expenses; experts, etc...... 178, 887, 1379

for allowances, etc., employees' comnumber on active duty limited.... 977

pensation fund.

178, 887, 1379 final discharge not later than December

deficiency appropriation for contingent
31, 1920..


377 all officers of Regular Army holding emer

for compensation payments.

377 gency commissions to be discharged therefrom by June 30, 1920.....


payments to Emergency Fleet Corpo
ration employees.

377 Emergency Fleet Corporation,

for printing..

590 appropriation for administrative expenses, Employees' Compensation Fund, completion of vessels, etc.; sources

appropriation for payments from.. 178, 887, 1379 designated..

891, 1382

deficiency appropriation for payment of no contracts for additional ships to be

compensation, etc...

377 made....

891, 1382

payments from, to Emergency Fleet Corporestriction on rent of buildings, D.C. 891, 1383

ration to be in full for all claims.... 377 publications, etc., restricted.

891, 1383

Employees' Compensation Fund, District of bonds in admiralty causes given by, to be

Columbia, canceled..


appropriation for paying awards of, to inassumption of liability by United States. 526

jured employees...

104, 841, 1112 continued for operating vessels, etc.,

deficiency appropriation for paying awards,
owned by the Government.


1156 cost-plus contracts for ship construction, Employees, Government (see also Government forbidden...

891, 1383

housing of shipyard employees by, termi- additional pay of $240 a year, provided


689, 1308 expenses for repairs, etc., authorized... 994 for enforcing National prohibition, to be early disposal of all properties directed..


appointed under civil service laws, payment for injuries, to employees from


319 Employees' Compensation Fund,

persons excepted..

319 to be in full for all claims.

377 preference to service in World War, for powers of Shipping Board under Merchant

appointments under National "ProMarime Act may be exercised

hibition Act....

319 through.....


restriction on receiving pay from outside Emergency Fund, D. C.,

parties, not applicable to cooperaappropriation for.

92, 863, 1134

tive activities with Agricultural Emergency Hospital, D. C.,


270 appropriation for care of indigent patients 95, who entered armed service during the war,

866, 1137

entitled to reinstatement when hon-
for elevators.

orably discharged....

142 Emergency Shipping Fund,

Employees of Carriers, appropriation for constructing ships... 180 provisions for settling disputes between amount authorized for, reduced.. 180

and employers.

469 for acquiring plants, ships, etc..... 180 Employment of Wage Earners, for housing, etc., shipyard employees... 181 appropriation for maintaining offices for for expenses, taking over certain trans

rendering assistance in the, etc.... 225, portation systems.. 181

938, 1426 for purchasing ships built in foreign

personal services, etc...,

225 shipyards..

181 deficiency appropriation for rendering for purchase of ships; reappropriation... 181

assistance to..

55 restriction on contracts.

181 | Employment Service, D. C., disposition of material, plants, etc... 181 appropriation for maintenance, etc....... 1115

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