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Hume. 207

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Authors. Pag.
AMLET to the Players Sbakes. 177 37 Character of John

38 Another
2 Caracter of Marius

39 Character of Henry III.
3 Romulus to the Romans Hocke. 178 40 Another

Smellett. 208
4 Character of Sylla

Middl, 178
41 Character of Edward I.

Hume. 208
5 Hannibal to Scipio Africanus Hvake. 180

42 Another
6 Scipio's Answer

141 43 Character of Edward II.
y Character of Pompey
Middl, 181 44 Another

Smollett. 210
& Speech of Sencca to Nero Corn. Tacit. 183 4.5 Character of Edward III.

Hume. 210
2. Cort. 184 46 Another

Smolleti. 211
10 Character of Julius Cæfar Middl. 185 47 Character of Richard Il.

Hume. 212
11 Calisthene's Reproof of Cleon's Flat 48 Another

Smoliett. 212
Q. Curi. 186 49 Another

Herry. 212
32. Character of Cato

Hiddl, 18650 Character of Henry IV.
13 Brutus vindicates Cæsar's Murder Shakes. 187 51 Another
14 Cæsar compared with Cato Sallut. 188 52 Character of Henry V.
15 Caius Marius to the Romans

188 53 Another
16 Character of Catiline

190 54 Account of Henry VI.
17 Titus Quindius to the Romans Hooke. 190 55 Death of Henry VI.
38 Micipsa to Jugurtha

Salift. 192 56 Character of Edward IV. Hume. 216
19 Character of Hannibal
Livy. 19257 Another

Smollett. 216
20 Scythian Amball. to Alexander 2.Cors. 193 58 Another

Rapin. 216
21 Junius Brutus over Lucretia

Liwy. 194
59 Edward V.

22 adherbal to the Roman Senate Satlift. 195 60 Character of Richard III.
23 Canulcius to the Roman Consuls Hecke. 197 61 Another

Smollett. 217
24 Character of William the Cong. Hume. 199 62 Character of Henry VII.

Hume. 218
Smollit, 200
6: Another

Smolleit. 218
26 Another

Lyttelton. 200 64 Character of Henry VIII.
27 Character of William Rules Blumne, 202 65 Another

Smollett. 220
28 Another
Smuller. 202 66 Character of Edward VI.

Burnet. 225
29 Character of Henry I.

67 Another
30 Another

68 Another

Smollett. 221
31 Character of Stephen
Hume. 204 69 Character of Mary

Hanie. 220
32 Another
Smoliert. 204 70 Another

Smollett. 222
33 Character of Henry II. Hume. 204 71 Character of Queen Elizabeth Rapin. 221
34 Another

Smollett. 205 72 Another
35 Character of Richard I. Bume. 205 | 73 Another
36 Another
Smicllert. 206 74 Character of James I.

Macauley. 225

75 Another

Hame. 219

2; Ancther

Hume. 219

Hume. 225

Humo. 203
Smollett. 203

Hume. 224
Smollett. 225

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Smollett. 239

Authors. Pag. Sect.

Authors. Pag.
15 Another

Smollett. 227 86 Character of James II. Macpherson. 235
76 Another
Hume. 227 87 Another

Macauley. 235
77 Another

Rapin. 228 88 Character of William III.
78 Character of Charles I. Smollett. 229 89 Another

Macpherson. 239
79 Another

Hume. 229 / 90 Character of Mary, Queen Confort
So Another

Macauley. 230

of William III.
81 Character of Oliver Cromwell Noble. 231 | 91 Character of Anne

82 Character of Charles II. Hume. 232 92 Another

Chamberlaine. 241
S; Acother
Smollett. 233 93 Another

Macpberfon. 242
84 Another

Burnet. 233 94 Character of Mary Queen of Scots.Robert. 242
83 Another

Macpberfon. 234

Smollett. 240

Sterne. 245

Sterne. 253
Aikin. 254

в о о к iy.
Narratives, Dialogues, &c. with other humorous, facetious, and exo

tertaining Pieces; and with Specimens of Natural History.
: THE Story of Le Fevre

18 Scene between Iago and Caffio Shakes. 282
Yorick's Death

250 19 Dialogue between Mercury and a Mo-
Alcander and Septimius Byzant. Hift. 251 dern Fine Lady . Dial. Dead. 283
The Monk

20 Scene between Shylock and Tubal Sbakes. 285
5 Sir Bertrand; a Fragment

21 Scene between P. Henry andFalftaff Sták.286
6 On Human Grandeur

Goldsmith. 257

21 Scene between Moody and Manly 288
7 The Hill of Science; a Vision Akin. 259 22 Cruelty to Animals

Pope. 289
3 The Canal and the Brook

261 23 Halfpenny, its Adventures Adventurer. 290
9 The Story of a Disabled Soldier Goidjm. 263 24 Patience exemplified in the Story of an
10 Ulyffes and Circe

Dial. Dead. 266

11 Scene between Colonel Rivers and Sir 25 Enumeration of Superstitions observed

- 269 in the Country
12 On Vulgarity
Cbefterf. 27026 Painting disagreeable in Women

13 On Good-breeding

27.1 27 Astronomy, Study of, delightful Tatler. 297
14 Dialogue betwixt Mercury, an English 28 Character of Toby Bumper
Duellift, and a North American Sa 29 Characters of Gamesters

Dialogues of the Dead. 273 36 Conversation, various Faults in

15 The Art of Pleasing Cbefterf. 275 31 Citizen's Country House described

16 Humorous Scene between Boniface and 32 The Two Bees
Farqubar. 296 33 Pleasant Scene of Anger

Spref: 305
17 A Dialogue between M. Apicius and 34 Faltaff's Encomiums on Sack Sbakef. 305
Dial. Dead, 278 35 w's Soliloquy on Honour

36 Diftompers

Sterne. 293

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Connoiss. 297

Anon. 304

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Sterne, 322
Tbornion. 323




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Authors. Pag. | Sect.

Authors, Pag. 36 Diftempers of the Mind cured Thornton. 306 5 The Wild Cat

Pennant. 38; 37 Character of a Choice Spirit

6 Domestic Cat

388 38 Character of a mighty good Sort of

7 Explanation of some technical Terms in Man


389 39 Character of a mighty good fort of

8 The Pigeon

390 Woman 311 9 Blackbird

39% 40 A Sunday in the Country


392 41 Coronation, Detail cf 316 II Goldfinch

393 A2 Curiosity


394 43 On Pedantry

13 Canary Bird

394 44 The faint-hearted Lover

324 | 14 Sky Lark 45 Letter from a successful Adventurer

15 Nightingale

396 in the Lottery

Red Breast

398 46 Characters of Camilla and Flora Greville. 327 17

398 49 A Fable, by Linnæus 329 18 Swift

399 48 Mercy recommended Sterne, 330 19 Of the Disappearance of Swallows

400 49 The Starling

330 20 Of Small Birds of Flight

Barrington. 403 50 Thc Captiye 331 21 Singing Birds

408 si Trim's Explanation of the Fifth



22 The Eel 332

Perch 53 Detached Sentences

Varinus. 332 1 23

Trout 54 Proverbs, old English


Pike or Jack 55 Oid Italian Proverbs


26 56 Old Spanish Proverbs

Carp 355

Barbel 57 The Way to Wealth

27 Franklin, 362


28 58 In Praise of Virtue

Price. 367

423 59 On Cruelty to inferior Animals Jenyms. 368 29


423 60 On the Duties of School Boys


424 31 Crucian

424 32 Roach



424 34 Chub

425 The Horse


425 Ox

White Bait

426 3 Sheep

380 36 Minow
382 37
Gold Fish


Pennant. 415

52 Health

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338 24 346 | 25


Railin. 371

Pemimur!. 373


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Chronological Table of remarkable Events, Discoveries, and Inventions
Pienoi Learning and Genius

Gubric. 428

- 450






them for the pleasures of that happy place. $1. Tbe Vision of Mirza, exhibiting a Pic. My heart melted away in secret raptures. ture of Human Life.

I had been often told, that the rock before OX W the fifth day of the moon,

which, ac me was the haunt of a genius; and that fccording to the custom of my forefathers, veral had been entertained with that music, I always kept hoiy, after having walhed my: who had passed by it, but never heard that self, and offered up my morning devotions, I the musician had before made himself visible. ascended the high hills of Bagdat, in order When he had raised my thoughts, by those to pass the rest of the day in meditation and transporting airs which he played, to taste the prayer. As I was here, airing myself on the pleasures of his conversation, as I looked upon tops of the mountains, I fell into a profound him like one astonished, he beckoned to me, contemplation on the vanity of human life; and, by the waving of his hand, directed me and, palfing from one thought to another, to approach the place where he fat. I drew Surely, said I, man is but a shadow, and life near with that reverence which is due to a a dream. Whilft I was thus muling, I caft superior nature ; and as my heart was entirely my cyes towards the summit of a rock that fubdued by the captivating strains I had was not far from me, where I discovered one heard, I fell down at his feet, and wept. The in the habit of a shepherd, with a little musical genius smiled upon mc with a look of cominftrument in his hand. As I looked upon pallion and affability that familiarized him to him, he applied it to his lips, and began to play my imagination, and at once dispelled all the tipon it. The sound of it was exceeding sweet, fears and apprehensions with which I apand wrought into a variety of tunes that were proached him. He lifted me from the ground, joexpreffibly melodious, and altogether dif- and taking me by the hand, Mirza, said he, Í ferent from any thing I had ever heard : they have heard thee in thy soliloquies ; follow me. put me in mind of thosc hcavenly airs that He then led me to the highest pinnacle of the *e played to the departed souls of good men rock, and placing me on the top of it, Cast thy upon their first arrival in Paradife, to wear our cyes castward, laid hc, and tell me what thou the impreffions of the last agonies, and qualify fécft. I fee, said I, a huge valley, and a pro



digious tide of water rolling through it. The middle, but multiplied and lay closer together valley that thou seest, said he, is the vale of towards the end of the arches that werc entire. misery; and the tide of water that thou seest, There were indeed some persons, but their is part of the great tide of eternity. What is number was very small, that continued a kind the reason; said I, that the tide I see rises out of hobbling march on the broken arches, but of a thick mist at one end, and again loses fell through one after another, being quite itself in a thick mist at the other? What thou tired and spent with so long a walk. seeft, faid he, is that portion of eternity which I passed some time in the contemplation of is called Time, measured out by the sun, and this wonderful structure, and the great variety reaching from the beginning of the world to of objects which it presented. My heart was its consummation. Exainine now, said he, this filled with a deep melancholy, to see several sea that is bounded with darkness at both dropping unexpeétedly in the midst of mirth ends, and tell me what thou discoverest in it. and jollity, and catching at every thing that I see a bridge, said I, standing in the midst of stood' by them, to save themselves. Some the tide. The bridge, thou Iecft, says he, is were looking up towards the heavens in a human life; consider it attentively. Upon a thoughtful posture, and, in the midst of a more leisurely survey of it, I found that it speculation, stumbled, and fell out of fight. consisted of threescore and ten entire arches, Multitudes were very busy in the pursuit of with several broken arches, which, added to bubbles that glittered in their eyes, and danced those that were entire, made up the number before them; but often, when they thought about an hundred. As I was counting the ar- themselves within the reach of them, their ches, the genius told me that this bridge con- footing failed, and down they sunk. In this fifted at first of a thousand arches; but that a confusion of objects, I observed fome with great flood swept away the reft, and left the fcimetars in their hands, and others with uribridge in the ruinous condition I now beheld nals, who ran to and fro upon the bridge, it. But tell me further, said he, what thou thrusting several persons on trap-doors which discoverest on it. I fee multitudes of people did not seem to lic in their way, and which pa flingoverit, said I,and a black cloud hanging they might have escaped, had they not been on cach end of it. As I looked more atten thus forced upon thein. tively, I saw several of the passengers dropping The genius fecing me indulge myself in through the bridge into the great tide that this melancholy prospect, told me I had dwelt flowed underneath it; and upon further exa- long cnough upon it: Take thine eyes off the mination, perceived there were innumerable bridge, faid he, and tell me if thou feeft any trap-doors that lay concealed in the bridge, thing thou doft not comprehend. Upon look. which the passengers no fooner trod upon, but ing up, What mean, said I, those great flights they fell through them into the tide, and im- of birds that are perpetually hovering about mediately disappeared. These hidden pit-falls the bridge, and settling upon it from time to were set very thick at the entrance of the time? I see vultures, harpies, ravens, cormobridge, so that throngs of people no sooner rants, and, among many other feathered creabroke through the cloud, but many of them fell cures, several little winged boys, that perch in into them. They grow thinner towards the great numbers upon the middle arches. These,

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