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penfe his reveal'd Will; infuch
Manner, that any ordinary Capacity
may be enabled to apprehend the
Drift and Design of the Holy Scrips
tures, upon all Occafions; either
when they peruse them at home,
or chear others read them by fmall
Portions at a time, in the Pfalms
and Leffons appointed for the daily
Service of the Temple.tolon
For whatever Dangers and Diffi-
culties may
have been furmis'd, as
attending the Study of them, the
whole Scope of the facred Writings,
from the Beginning to the End, ap
pears evidently to be but this one,
The Salvation of Mankind through



JESUS CHRIST. Which being at tainable only by a proper Faith, and at good do moral oiLife, the Bible contains nothing but what re lates to one or the other of thefe; nothing but Genealogies, Types, Predictions, and Demonftrations, concerning the MESSIAH; and Inftitutions, Precepts, Exhortations, and Examples, for living righteoufly.32

Therefore, that I might not burden, either the Reader or my felf, with more than was neceffary, and perhaps fafe upon this Occafion, I have omitted confulting any of those very learned Authors who have written profeffedly upon the fame Sub


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