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Standardization, inspection, and labeling activities of the Federal agencies.

United States Department of Agriculture:

Agricultural Adjustment Administration...

Consumers' Counsel Division...

Consumer Standards Project.

Agricultural Marketing Service-

Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and Engineering -

Bureau of Agricultural Economics.

Bureau of Animal Industry-

Bureau of Dairy Industry.-

Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine...

Bureau of Home Economics..

Bureau of Plant Industry-

Commodity Exchange Administration.-

Extension Service.

Farm Security Administration

Federal Crop Insurance Corporation.....

Forest Service...

Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wis.

Office of Experiment Stations..

Rural Electrification Administration.

Soil Conservation Service

Surplus Marketing Administration.

Technical Advisory Board.

Central Housing Committee.

United States Department of Commerce:

National Bureau of Standards.-

Federal Alcohol Administration.--.

Federal Loan Agency:

Federal Housing Administration..

Home Owners' Loan Corporation:

Appraisal and Reconditioning Division...

Federal Security Agency:

Food and Drug Administration..

Home Economics Education Service of the United States Office

of Education..

United States Public Health Service.

Federal Trade Commission..

Federal Works Agency:

United States Housing Authority

United States Government Printing Office:

Division of Tests and Technical Control..---

United States Department of the Interior:

Bituminous Coal Division, and the Comsumers' Counsel Division,

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Office of the Solicitor..
Bureau of Mines---
Fish and Wildlife Service..
Geological Survey ---
Indian Arts and Crafts Board..

Office of Indian Affairs (Indian Service).

United States Department of Labor:

Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Retail Price Division...

Wholesale Price Division...

Children's Bureau..











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Nomenclature of standards...

Grade terminology of food products..





1. Coal classification-Bituminous Coal Division..

2. Extent of centralized purchasing in States..

3. Status of State purchasing agencies..

4. Departments of which State purchasing agencies are a part-

5. Bureaus, departments, commissions, and institutions for which pur-

chases are made by the State purchasing agency

6. Extent to which States use written specifications.

7. How specifications are formulated by State purchasing agencies.

8. Extent to which States use specifications of the Federal Government

and of national trade or technical associations ...

9. l’se of tests to determine compliance with specifications by State pur-

chasing agencies....

10. Testing laboratories of State purchasing agencies

11. Types of tests made and commodities tested in the laboratories of 13

States where purchasing agencies maintain testing laboratories..

12. Types of testing laboratories used by the States --

13. Growth of centralized purchasing in 118 cities of over 30,000 popula-


14. Extent of centralized purchasing in cities over 30,000 of

December 1, 1939.-

15. Coverage and returns of questionnaire relating to use of standards by


16. Extent to which municipalities use written specifications in purchasing

supplies and equipment-

17. How specifications are formulated by municipalities -

18. Extent to which municipalities use specifications of Federal Govern-

ment and of national trade or technical associations.-

19. Use of tests by municipalities to determine compliance with specifica-


20. Ownership of testing laboratories used by municipalities.-

21. Distribution of families and single individuals by income levels,


22. Average expenditures for main categories of consumption for the year

23. Contract deliveries of meats graded by Federal graders.--

24. Dairy products graded by Federal and Federal-State graders..





I. The Federal Government and standardization...



II. Steps in setting up quality standards for farm products-Agri-

cultural Marketing Service...

facing 14

III. Organization of the Research and Testing Group—National Bureau

of Standards..

facing 78

IV. Organization of the Commercial Standardization Group--National
Bureau of Standards.....

facing 86

V. Typical development of a Simplified Practice Recommendation-

National Bureau of Standards..

facing 88

VI. Typical development of a Commercial Standard - National

Bureau of Standards.

facing 90

VII. Building construction standards activities Federal Housing


facing 98

VIII. Procedure for developing identity

standards for food under the Food,

Drug, and Cosmetic Act-Food and Drug Administration -- facing 106

IX. Procedure for establishing standards in connection with low-rent

housing under the United States Housing Authority program. facing 128

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