Eunomus: or, Dialogues concerning the law and constitution of England. With an essay on dialogue, Volume 3

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Page 220 - Also in such case where the inquest " may give their verdict at large, if they will take upon " them the knowledge of the law upon the matter, they "may give their verdict generally as it is put in their
Page 305 - With store of ladies, whose bright eyes Rain influence, and judge the prize Of wit or arms, while both contend To win her grace whom all commend.
Page 267 - IntroducVion," giving an account of the Earl's public principles, which were jufl what became an Englifhman and a Philofopher. One anecdote, not mentioned there, but an inflance of his modeft ingenuity, ought to be recorded. Attempting to fpeak on the bill for granting council to prifoners in cafes of ' high-treafon, He was confounded, and for fome time could not proceed, but recovering himfelf he faid, " What now happened to him, would ferve ' to fortify the arguments for the bill if He,
Page 80 - ... the bare name of a town, of which there remains not fo much as the ruins, where fcarce fo much houfing as a...
Page 64 - Parliament, but the petition and anfwer were entered in the Parliament Rolls, and out of both, by the advice of the Judges and others of the King's Council, the Act was drawn up conformable to the Petition and...
Page 36 - Draw to one point, and to one centre bring Beaft, Man, or Angel, Servant, Lord, or King. For Forms of Government let fools conteft; Whate'er is beft adminifter'd is beft : For Modes of Faith let gracelefs zealots fight ; His can't be wrong whofe life is in the right...
Page 225 - When a sufficient number of persons impanelled, or tales-men, appear, they are then separately sworn well and truly to try the issue between the parties, and a true verdict to give according to the evidence; and hence they are denominated the jury, jurata, and jurors, sc.
Page 175 - It is true the decisions of courts of justice, though by virtue of the laws of this realm they do bind, as a law between the parties thereto, as to the particular case in question, till reversed by error or attaint, yet they do not make a law, properly so called, for that only the king and parliament can do...
Page 129 - I we get the formula that is still in use. An act is passed which recites that the commons have granted a tax, and then it is enacted by the king, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal in parliament assembled and by the authority of the same, that the tax be imposed. It is not until after the Restoration that the commons begin to contend that the lords can make no alteration in a money bill, but must simply accept it, or simply reject it.
Page 192 - ... of our laws, the true idea of judicial decifions, their ufe as precedents, the authority and qualities of good reports, and other fubje&s of ai: :>:Lr kind, are, likewife, well explained.

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