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102-1 General (Reserved]
102–2 Federal management regulation system .........
102–3 Federal Advisory Committee Management .............
102–4 Nondiscrimination in Federal financial assistance

programs [Reserved]
102–5 Home-to-work transportation ........
6 102–30 [Reserved]

SUBCHAPTER B-PERSONAL PROPERTY 102–31 General [Reserved] 102–32 Management of personal property [Reserved] 102–33 Management of aircraft [Reserved] 102–34 Motor vehicle management 102–35 Disposition of personal property [Reserved] 102–36 Disposition of excess personal property ........... 102–37 Donation of Surplus Personal Property 102–38 [Reserved] 102–39 Replacement of personal property pursuant to the

exchange/sale authority 102-40—102–41 [Reserved] 102-42 Utilization, donation, and disposal of foreign gifts

and decorations ......... 102–43—102–70 [Reserved]






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102–79 Assignment and utilization of space ..........
102–80 Safety and environmental management
102–81 Security ..........
102–79 Assignment and utilization of space .........
102–80 Safety and environmental management
102–81 Security .................
102–82 Utility services .........
102–83 Centralized services in Federal buildings and com-

plexes (Reserved]
102–84 Annual real property inventories .......
102–85 Pricing policy for occupancy in GSA space .............
102–86—102–92 [Reserved]
102–96—102–115 [Reserved]

SUBCHAPTER D-TRANSPORTATION 102–116 General (Reserved] 102–117 Transportation management ....... 102–118 Transportation payment and audit ......... 102–119102–140[Reserved]



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102–141 General [Reserved] 102–142—102–170[Reserved]

SUBCHAPTER F-TELECOMMUNICATIONS 102–171 General (Reserved] 102–172 Telecommunications management policy [Re

served] 102–173—102–190[Reserved]

SUBCHAPTER G_ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAMS 102–191 General (Reserved] 102–192 Mail management ........ 102–193 Creation, maintenance, and use of records .......... 102–194 Standard and optional forms management program 102–195 Interagency reports management program 102–196 Federal facility ridesharing (Reserved] 102–197—102–220[Reserved]

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PART 102–GENERAL (RESERVED] 102–2.120 How do I know whom to contact to

discuss the regulatory requirements of

programs addressed in the FMR? PART 102-2—FEDERAL MANAGE

102–2.125 What source of information can MENT REGULATION SYSTEM

my agency use to identify materials that

describe how to do business with GSA? Subpart A-Regulation System

Subpart B-Forms

102–2.130 Where are FMR forms prescribed? Sec.

102–2.135 How do agencies obtain forms pre102–2.5 What is the Federal Management

scribed by the FMR? Regulation (FMR)? 102–2.10 What is the FMR's purpose?

Subpart C-Plain Language Regulatory 102–2.15 What is the authority for the FMR

Style system? 102–2.20 Which agencies are subject to the 102–2.140 What elements of plain language FMR?

appear in the FMR? 102–2.25 When are other agencies involved in 102–2.145 To what do pronouns refer when developing the FMR?

used in the FMR? 102–2.30 Where and in what formats is the FMR published?

AUTHORITY: 40 U.S.C. 486(c). 102–2.35 How is the FMR distributed?

SOURCE: 64 FR 39085, July 21, 1999, unless 102–2.40 May an agency issue implementing otherwise noted.

and supplementing regulations for the FMR?

Subpart A-Regulation System NUMBERING 102–2.45 How is the FMR numbered?

GENERAL 102–2.50 How do I number my agency's im

8 102–2.5 What is the Federal Manageplementing regulations? 102–2.55 How do I number my agency's

ment Regulation (FMR)? supplementing regulations?

The Federal Management Regulation

(FMR) is the successor regulation to DEVIATIONS

the Federal Property Management 102–2.60 What is a deviation from the FMR? Regulations (FPMR). It contains up102–2.65 When may agencies deviate from

dated regulatory policies originally the FMR?

found in the FPMR. However, it does 102–2.70 What are individual and class devi

not contain FPMR material that deations? 102–2.75 What timeframes apply to devic

scribed how to do business with the ations?

General Services Administration 102–2.80 What steps must an agency take to (GSA). “How to" materials on this and deviate from the FMR?

other subjects are available in cus102–2.85 What are the reasons for writing to tomer service guides, handbooks, broGSA about FMR deviations?

chures and Internet websites provided 102–2.90 Where should my agency send its

by GSA. (See § 102–2.125.) correspondence on an FMR deviation? 102–2.95 What information must agencies in- 8109_2 10 What is the FMR's nurnose?

clude in their deviation letters to GSA? 102–2.100 Must agencies provide GSA with a The FMR prescribes policies con

follow-up analysis of their experience in cerning property management and redeviating from the FMR?

lated administrative activities. GSA 102–2.105 What information must agencies

issues the FMR to carry out the Adinclude in their follow-up analysis?

ministrator of General Services' func102–2.110 When must agencies provide their follow-up analysis?

tional responsibilities, as established

by statutes, Executive orders, PresiNON-REGULATORY MATERIAL

dential memoranda, Circulars and bul102–2.115 What kinds of non-regulatory ma

letins issued by the Office of Manageterial does GSA publish outside of the ment and Budget (OMB), and other polFMR?

icy directives.

$ 102–2.15 What is the authority for the

FMR system? The Administrator of General Services prescribes and issues the FMR under the authority of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, 40 U.S.C. 486(c), as well as other applicable Federal laws and authorities.

(a) FEDERAL REGISTER under the "Rules and Regulations” section.

(b) Loose-leaf. (See § 102–2.35.)

(c) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which is an annual codification of the general and permanent rules published in the FEDERAL REGISTER. The CFR is available on line and in a bound-volume format.

(d) Electronically on the Internet.

$ 102–2.20 Which agencies are subject

to the FMR? The FMR applies to executive agencies unless otherwise extended to Federal agencies in various parts of this chapter. The difference between the two terms is that Federal agencies include executive agencies plus establishments in the legislative or judicial branch of the Government. See paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section for the definitions of each term.

(a) What is an executive agency? An executive agency is any executive department or independent establishment in the executive branch of the Government, including any wholly-owned Government corporation. (See 40 U.S.C. 472(a).)

(b) What is a Federal agency? A Federal agency is any executive agency or any establishment in the legislative or judicial branch of the Government (except the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Architect of the Capitol and any activities under that person's direction). (See 40 U.S.C. 472(b).) 8 102–2.25 When are other agencies in

volved in developing the FMR? Normally, GSA will ask agencies to collaborate in developing parts of the FMR.

8 102–2.35 How is the FMR distrib

uted? (a) A liaison appointed by each agency provides GSA with their agency's distribution requirements of the looseleaf version of the FMR. Agencies must submit GSA Form 2053, Agency Consolidated Requirements for GSA Regulations and Other External Issuan to-General Services Administration, Office of Communications (X), 1800 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20405.

(b) Order FEDERAL REGISTER and Code of Federal Regulations copies of FMR material through your agency's authorizing officer.

$102–2.40 May an agency issue imple

menting and supplementing regula

tions for the FMR? Yes, an agency may issue implementing regulations (see § 102–2.50) to expand upon related FMR material and supplementing regulations (see $102– 2.55) to address subject material not covered in the FMR. The Office of the Federal Register assigns chapters in Title 41 of the Code of Federal Regulations for agency publication of implementing and supplementing regulations.


8 102–2.30 Where and in what formats

is the FMR published? Proposed rules are published in the FEDERAL REGISTER. FMR bulletins are published in looseleaf format. FMR in terim and final rules are published in the following formats

$ 102–2.45 How is the FMR numbered?

(a) All FMR sections are designated by three numbers. The following example illustrates the chapter (it's always 102), part, and section designations:

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