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25. A Plan and serious Address to the Master of a Family, on the important Subject of Family-religi

The fourth Edition. Price 6 d. * 26. A Differtation on the Inspiration of the New Teftament; to which is added, A Sketch of the Arguments by which that of the Old may be best proved. *

27. A Sermon, preached at Northampton, April 25, 1749; being the Day appointed for a general Thankfgiving, on account of the Peace with France and Spain, *

28. Christ's Invitation. A Sermon preached at Northampton, in the Year 1748.

29. The Doom of Capernaum. A Sermon preached at Salter's-Hall, August 20, 1749. Published on Occafion of the Alarm by the second Shock of an Earthquake, March 8, 1749-50. With a Preface relating to that awful Event. *

30. Christian Candour and Unanimity stated, illustrated and urged. A Sermon preached at a Meeting of Ministers at Creaton, in Northamptonshire, January 12, 1750.

31. A Funeral Sermon, for the late Rev. Samuel Clark, D.D. preached at St. Albans, Dec. 16, 1750.*

32. Hymns founded on various Texts in the Holy Scriptures. The third Edition. Price 1s. 6 d.

33. The Family Expositor ; or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament; with Notes, and a Practical Improvement of each Section, in six Volumes, Quarto. Price 41. 10 s.

34. A Course of Lectures on the principal Subjects in Pneumatology, Ethics and Divinity, with References to the most considerable Authors on each Subject. Quarto. Price 16 s.



Books published by the Rev. Mr. Orton, "THE

HE Christian's Triumph over Death. A Ser

mon occasioned by the Death of the Rev. Philip Doddridge, D.D. *

2. Noah's Faith and Obedience to Divine Warnings, and his Preservation from the Deluge, considered and improved. A Fast-Sermon. Price 6 d.

3. Three Discourses on Eternity, and the Importance and Advantages of looking-at eternal Thingsé The third Edition. Price 6 d.

N.B. These Discourses are also published in the Welch Language. Price 6d.

4. An Account of the Life and Death of the Rev. Mr. Philip Henry. The fourth Edition. Price 2 s. 6d.

5. A Catechism, or Summary of Doctrinal and Practical Religion. Part 1. The Evidences and Doctrines of Christianity. 2. The Divine Virtues.

3. The Social Virtues. 4. The Human Virtues. 5. The general Properties and Perfection of Holiness. 6. Of Repentance. 7. Motives to Religion. 8. A general Application to Youth. With a Preface, shewing the Importance and Advantage of a Religious Education; recommended to the serious Perusal of all Heads of Families, and young Persons. Price is.

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