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Title 31-Money and Finance:






CHAPTER 1– Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury


CHAPTER 11-Fiscal Service, Department of the Treasury


CHAPTER IV–Secret Service, Department of the Treasury


CHAPTER V-Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of the Treasury


CHAPTER VI–Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of the



Note: Other regulations issued by Department of the Treasury appear in Title 12, Chapter I; Title 19, Chapter I; Title 26, Chapter I; Title 27, Chapter I; Title 41, Chapter 10.

Subtitle A-Office of the Secretary

of the Treasury

0 Standards of conduct.
1 Disclosure of records.
3 Claims regulations.
4 Employees' personal property claims.
5 Claims collection.

Employee inventions. 10 Practice before the Internal Revenue Service. 11 Operation of vending stands by the blind on Federal property under the

control of the Treasury Department. Cross REFERENCE: General Accounting Office: See 4 CFR Chapter I.


Subpart A-Regular Employees

GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 0.735-1 Purpose. 0.735-2 Scope. 0.735-3 Policy. 0.735-4 Definitions.

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST 0.735-20 General. 0.735-21 Summary of provisions of crimi.

nal code.

RULES OF CONDUCT 0.735-30 Proscribed actions. 0.735-302 Political activity. 0.735-31 Strikes. 0.735-32 Gifts or gratuities from Govern

ment employees. 0.735-33 Gifts or gratuities from outside

sources. 0.735-34 Gifts or gratuities from foreign

governments. 0.735-35 Outside financial interests. 0.735-36 Using official designation. 0.735-37 Purchase of Government property. 0.735-38 Outside employment and other

outside activities. 0.735-39 Engagements to speak, write, or


0.735-40 Soliciting aid or advertising for

organizations or associations of

Treasury employees. 0.735–41 Gambling, betting, and lotteries. 0.735-42 Use of intoxicants. 0.735-43 Indebtedness. 0.735-44 Care of documents. 0.735-45 Lending or borrowing money. 0.735-46 Use of Government cars. 0.735-47 Disclosure of information to the

public. 0.735-48 Giving testimony. 0.735-49 Personal communications. 0.735-50 Use of Federal property. 0.735-50a Conduct in and on Treasury

buildings and grounds. 0.735-51 Influencing legislation or peti

tioning Congress. 0.735-52 Soliciting, selling, and canvassing. 0.735-53 Civil Service examination proc

esses. 0.735-54 Falsification of official records. 0.735--55 Miscellaneous statutory provi

sions. 0.735-56 General conduct prejudicial to


INTERESTS 0.735-70 Employees required to submit


Sec. 0.735–708 Employee's complaint on Aling re

quirement. 0.735-71 Exceptions. 0.735-73 Form and content of statements. 0.735–74 Time and place for submission

of employees' statements. 0.735-75 Supplementary statements. 0.735–76 Interests of employees' relatives. 0.735–77 Information not known by em

ployees. 0.735–78 Information excluded. 0.735-79 Review of statements. 0.735-80 Confidentiality of employees'

statements. 0.735–81 Effect of employees' statements

on other requirements.

RESPONSIBILITIES 0.735-90 Assignment of responsibilities. 0.735-91 Department. 0.735-92 The Department's Counselor. 0.735-93 Deputy Counselors. 0.735--94 Role of personnel officers. 0.735-95 Bureaus. 0.735-96 Supervisor. 0.735-97 Employees. LISTING OF EMPLOYEES WHO MUST FILS

STATEMENTS 0.735–100 Listing of employees. Subpart B-Preventing Conflicts of Interest on

the part of Special Government Employees in the Department

GENERAL PROVISIONS 0.735-200 Purpose. 0.735-201 Scope. 0.735–202 Policy. GENERAL RULES OF CONDUCT APPLICABLE TO

SPECIAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES 0.735-203 Applicability of Subpart A of this

part. 0.735-204 Use of Government employment. 0.735-205 Use of inside information. 0.735-206 Teaching, lecturing, and writing. 0.735-207 Coercion. 0.735-208 Gifts, entertainment, and favors. 0.735-209 Miscellaneous statutory provi

sions. CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATUTES 0.735-210 Applicability of 18 U.S.C. 203 and

205. 0.735-211 Applicability of 18 U.S.C. 207. 0.735–212 Applicability of 18 U.S.C. 208.

CONSULTANTS AND ADVISERS 0.735–220 Advice on rules of conduct and

conflict of interest statutes. 0.735-221 Industry, labor, agricultural, and

other representatives. 0.736-222 Responsibility of the individual

special Government employee. PROCEDURES TO BE FOLLOWED IN THE

DEPARTMENT 0.735-230 Information and assistance

special Government employees and their supervisors.

Sec. 0.735-231 Disclosure of financial interests. 0.735-232 Service with other Federal agen

cies. 0.735-233 Resolution of cases involving a

conflict or apparent confilct of

interest. 0.735–234 Disciplinary and other remedial

action. 0.735-235 Legal interpretation. 0.735-236 Safeguard of Information. Subpart C-Additional Rules and Guidelines

Applicable to Employees Stationed in Foreign

GENERAL PROVISIONS 0.735–300 Purpose. 0.735-301 Policy. 0.735-302 General provisions governing con.

duct in foreign countries.

SPECIFIC RULES OF CONDUCT 0.735-310 Basic rule of conduct. 0.735-311 Applicability to American em

ployees. 0.735–312 Applicability to members of lami

lies. 0.735-313 Expression of thoughts and views. 0.735-314 Political activities. 0.735-315 Acceptance of employment by a

member of a family. 0.735–316 Sale of personal automobiles and

other personal property.

ADVICE AND COUNSELING 0.735–320 Responsibility for guidance and

assistance. Appendix A-Identification of Positions the

Incumbents of Which Must File

Financial Statements. Appendix B-Confidential Statement of Em

ployment and Financial Interests. Appendix C-Statement of Employment and

Financial Interests for Special

Government Employees. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part o Issued under E.O. 11222, May 8, 1965; 18 U.S.C. 201 note; 5 CFR 736.104.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 0 appear at 36 F.R. 19056, Dec. 16, 1970, unless otherwise noted. Subpart A-Regular Employees

GENERAL PROVISIONS $ 0.735-1 Purpose.

This part describes the standards of conduct required of all employees of the Treasury Department. The regulations in this part implement Civil Service Commission regulations (5 CFR Part 735) Issued on October 1, 1965, in accordance with Executive Order 11222. The standards of conduct in this part are not to be considered all-inclusive and may be supplemented by bureaus to meet specific

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