Catalogue of classical works ... lately printed by A.J. Valpy

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Page 15 - Cicero remarks, that not to know what has been transacted in former times, is to continue always a child. If no use is made of the labours of past ages, the world must remain always in the infancy of knowledge.
Page 11 - CLASSICAL DICTIONARY; Containing a copious Account of all the proper Names mentioned in Ancient Authors; with the Value of Coins, Weights, and Measures, used amongst the Greeks and Romans; and a Chronological Table. By T.
Page 1 - Commentators, by avoiding that profuseness of annotation which frequently anticipates the ingenuity, supersedes the industry, and consequently retards rather than promotes the improvement, of the pupil. EXAMINATION QUESTIONS, adapted to the points discussed in the Notes, and INDEXES, are also added ; and the Series, it is hoped, will constitute a convenient introduction to the niceties and elegancies of Greek Literature, and to the perusal of that portion of the relics of antiquity which is best...
Page 8 - Lexicon, which has for so long a period facilitated the labors and promoted the knowlege of Greek students, comes recommended to the notice of the juvenile reader by having the explanations in our own tongue. The plan of introducing into School Books plain English for bald Latin, in the interpretations of Greek words, has within these few years been sanctioned by many most respectable teachers of youth, and we trust that a plan so founded in common sense, useful alike to the instructor and the pupil,...
Page 11 - A TABLE OF ANTI-LOGARITHMS; containing to Seven Places of Decimals, natural Numbers, answering to all Logarithms from 00001 to 99999 ; and an improved Table...
Page 8 - ANTIQUITIES OF GREECE; Being an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Greeks, designed to illustrate the GREEK CLASSICS, by explaining Words and Phrases according to the Rites and Customs to which they refer.
Page 9 - Fundamental Words of the Greek Language, adapted to the Memory of the Student by means of Derivations, and Derivatives, Passages from the Classical Writers, and other Associations, 8ro. (pub. at 10< (/) eitra ctuih boards, 5i . 1826 " I have frequently consulted this work of ihe learned arid ingenious author with considerable satisfaction."— ТЛ
Page 9 - The present edition has this advantage over its predecessors, that it is enriched with many hundred phrases which have hitherto been unrecorded ;, and these have been drawn from the purest fountains by actual perusal ; from Cicero, Tacitus, Terence, Plautus, &c.
Page 6 - This Greek Testament with English Notes is a valuable accession to the aids of the undergraduates, the divinity student, and even the theologian. It is preceded by a very able summary of the important doctrine of the Greek Article, — a field on which...
Page 5 - Vigerus. Mr. Berry, what I now recommend is really one of the most useful parts of education. You should make them read Vigerus in this way twice every year for five or six or seven years.

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