Weapons System Management and Team System Concept in Government Contracting, Hearings Before the Subcommittee for Special Investigations of ... , 86-1 Under the Authority of H. Res. 19, Hearings Held April 13 ... August 25, 1959

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Page 536 - ... arising out of both normal and abnormal employee turnover, or any other contingencies that can result in a forfeiture by employees of such deferred compensation. Adjustments shall be made only for forfeitures which directly or indirectly inure to the benefit of the...
Page 535 - Compensation for personal services includes all remuneration paid currently or accrued, in whatever form and whether paid immediately or deferred, for services rendered by employees to the contractor during the period of contract performance. It includes, but Is not limited to, salaries, wages, directors' and executive committee members...
Page 755 - The use of rough yardsticks (such as dollars per pound, per horsepower, or other units) to point up apparent gross inconsistencies which should be subjected to...
Page 535 - Salaries and Wages. Salaries and wages for current services include gross compensation paid to employees in the form of cash, products, or services, and are allowable. However, premiums for overtime, extra-pay shifts, and multishift work are allowable to the extent approved pursuant to 12.102.
Page 182 - The committee will stand in recess, subject to call of the Chair. (Whereupon, at 11...
Page 735 - This report is also being sent today to the President of the Senate. Copies are being sent to the President of the United States and to the Secretary of Labor.
Page 536 - ... determined to be reasonable and such costs are paid or accrued pursuant to an agreement entered into in good faith between the contractor and the employees before the services were rendered, or pursuant to an established plan followed by the contractor so consistently as to imply, in effect, an agreement to make such payment (but see 15.107).
Page 393 - Profit or fee is only one element of price and normally represents a smaller proportion of the total price than do such other estimated elements as labor and material. While the public interest requires that excessive profits be avoided, the contracting officer should not become so preoccupied with particular elements of a contractor's estimate of cost and profits that the most important consideration, the total price itself, is distorted or diminished in its significance.
Page 325 - ... (2) The Contractor agrees to make available at the office of the Contractor at all reasonable times during the period set forth in subparagraph (4) below any of the records for inspection, audit or reproduction by any authorized representative of the Comptroller General.
Page 214 - If the contracting officer believes that the subcontracting plan submitted pursuant to this section does not reflect the best effort by the bidder to award subcontracts to small and small disadvantaged firms to the fullest extent consistent with the efficient performance...

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