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Davenport R. The City Night Cap, a Tragicomedy. Dodsley's Old

Plays, XI.
Davésiés de Pontès L. Poets and Poetry of Germany.

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1858
Davey J. Nature and Proximate Cause of Insanity. 8vo. London, 1853
David and Bethsabe. Love of K. David and Fair Bethsabe. llaw-

kins's Br. Drama, 2.
Davidson R. History of the Presbyterian Church in the State of Ken-

8vo. New York, 1847
Elijah, a Sacred Drama.

12mo. N. Y. 1860
Davies C. Inaugural Address before the Trustees of Columbia Col-
lege, Feb. 11, 1858.

8vo. New York, 1858
Davies H. Lectures on the Physical Diagnosis of the Diseases of the
Lungs and Heart. Sec. Edition revised and enlarged.

8vo. London, 1854
Davies J. On the Semitic Languages ; On the Races of Lancashire as

indicated by Local Names and Dialects; On the Connexion of
the Keltic with the Teutonic Languages, especially with the

Anglo-Saxor. Philolog. Transact. 1854, '55, and '57.
Davila J. de. Piezas interesantes à la historia de España.

4to. Cadiz, 1809
Davis A.J. The Harmonial Man.

8vo. Boston, 1853
Free Thoughts concerning Religion.

8vo. Boston, 1854
The Penetralia.

8vo. Boston, 1857
Davis C. H. Computation of an Orbit from three complete observa-

8vo. Cambridge, 1852
Report upon the Nautical Almanac. 8vo. Cambridge, 1852
The Practical and Scientific Value of the American Ephemeris
and N. Almanac. Two Memoranda on the Objects and Con-
struction of the American Ephemeris and N. Almanac.

8vo. Cambridge, 1860
The Law of Deposit of the Flood Tide, its Dynamical Action.

Smithsonian Cont. 3.
Davis J. F. The Chinese, a new edition. 4 vols. 12mo. London, 1844
Davis N. Carthage and her Remains ; being an Account of the Exca-

vations and Researches on the Site of the Phænician Metropolis
in Africa and other adjacent places.

8vo. London, 1861
Same, American Edition.

8vo. New York, 1861
Davis N. S. History of Medical Education and Institutions in the
United States of America.

12mo. Chicago, 1851
History of the Am. Medical Association to 1855. Svo. Phil. 1855
Davis R. B. Poems with Sketch of his Life.

12mno. N. Y. 1807
Davis S. M. Life and Times of Sir P. Sidney. 12mo. Boston, 1859
Davis Mrs. T. History of the Sabbatarian Churches. 12mo. Phil. 1851
Davis W. H. H. El Gringo or New Mexico and her People.

12mo. N. Y. 1857
Davison J. Considerations on the Poor Laws.

8vo. Oxford, 1817
Davoud-Oghlou G. A. Histoire de la législation des anciens Ger-

2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1845
Davoust Prince d'Eckmühl. Mémoire au Roi.

8vo. Paris, 1814
Davy Sir H. Elements of Agr. Chemistry, new Ed. 8vo. Lond. 1846

Davy J. Practical Treatise on the Choice and Cookery of Fish.

12mo. London, 1845 The Angler and his Friend.

12mo. London, 1855 The Angler in the Lake District.

12mo. London, 1857 Davy P. Introd. to the Making of Latin.

12mo. Dawes M. The Nature and Extent of Supreme Power. 8vo. London, 1783 Dawson H. B. The Sons of Liberty in New York. 8vo. N. Y. 1849 Dawson S. J. Report on the Exploration of the Country between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement.

4to. Toronto, 1859 Dawson M. Sketches of the Life of M. Van Buren. 12mo. Cincinnati, 1810 Dax L. de. Nouveaux Souvenirs de Chasse et de Pêche dans le midi de la France.

12mo. Paris, 1860 Day J. Isle of Gulls, a Comedy. Old Eng. Drama, V. 5. Day S. M. Pencillings of Light and Shade. 12ino. Schenectady, 1830 Day T. The Letters of Marius, or Reflections upon the Peace, the E. India Bill, and the Present Crisis.

8vo, London, 1784 Days of Divine Service of the Orthodox Greco-Russian Church. (In Russian.)

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1837 D'Ayzac M. Le Rectificateur des faits et des dates erronées, qui ont

obscurci et dénaturé l'Histoire sacrée et profane depuis l'origine
du genre humain jusqu'à nos jours.

8vo. Paris, 1821 Deaf and Dumb, American Annals of. Edited by L. Rae.

Vols. 3–12. 8vo. Hartford, 1851-1860 Dean W. The China Mission. Embracing a History of the various

Missions of all Denominations among the Chinese. With Bio

graphical Sketches of Deceased Missionaries. New York, 1859 Deane S. History of Scituate, Mass.

8vo. Boston, 1831 Deane Silas. Narrative, Memorial, and Documents. 8vo. Phil. 1855 Deane W. R. Memoirs of J. & Walter Deane.

8vo. Boston, 1849 Genealogical Memoir of the Leonard Family. 8vo. Boston, 1851 De Bernardy C. W. Index Register for Next of Kin, Heirs at Law,

Legatees, and of Unclaimed Property. 12mo. London, 1858 Debout Dr. Esquisse de la Phrénologie et de ses Applications.

12mo. Paris, 1815 Debret J. B. Voyage pittoresque et historique au Brésil.

3 vols. Fol. Paris, 183439 De Camps Abbé. Sur la milice Fr. de deux prem. races. Leber Diss. 7. De Castro M. T. L'Électricité et les Chemins de Fer. Description et

Examen de tous les systémes proposés pour éviter les accidents
sur les Chemins de fer au moyen de l'Electricité.

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1959 Decembrio P.C. Oratio in funere N. Picinini; vita Fr. Sfortiæ, 1401

1462; vita Phil. Mariæ vicecomitis Mediolensis. Muratori

Rer. Ital. 20. Decloux et Doury. Histoire archéologique, descriptive et graphiqne de la Sainte-Chapelle de Palais.

Fol. Paris, 1857 Decremps M. Lettre à M. Jouy sur un article satirique de sa Biographie des contemporains.

8vo. Paris, 1825 De Cressy, a Tale by the Author of Still-Waters. 12mo. Leip. 1857 Dedekind F. Carmen de antiqua morum simplicitate. Del. Poet.

Germ. 2.

Dee Dr. Private Diary ed. by J. O. Halliwell for the Camden S.

4to. London, 1842 Deering C. Historical Account of the Ancient and Present State of the Town of Nottingham.

4to. Nottingham, 1751 De Flaux A. Du Danemark. Impressions de Voyage. 8vo. Paris, 1862 Defoe D. Novels and Miscellaneous Works. 20 vols. 12mo. Oxford, 1841

Contents: Vol. I. II. Robinson Crusoe. III. Captain Sin-
gleton. IV. Moll Flanders. V. Col. Jack; a true relation of
the apparition of Mrs. Veal. VI. Memoirs of a Cavalier. VII.
New Voyage Round the World. VIII. Memoirs of Capt.
Carleton; Life and Adventures of Mrs. C. Davis. IX. History
of the Plague in London ; The Consolidator. X. The Political
History of the Devil._XÍ. Roxana. XII. A System of Magic.
XIII. History and Reality of Apparitions. XIV. Religious

Courtship. XV.-XVI. Family Instructor. XVII. Complete
English Tradesman. XVIII. Proposal to the People of England
for the Increase of their Trade, etc.; Augusta Triumphans ; Se-
cond Thoughts are Best. XIX. Life of Mr. Duncan Campbell;
The Dumb Philosopher; Every Body's Business is Nobody's
Business. XX. Life by G. Campbell ; List of Defoe's Works
arranged Chronologically ; An Appeal to Honour and Justice;
A Seasonable Warning and Caution against the Insinuations of
the Papists and Jacobins; Reasons against the Succession of
the House of Hanover; What if the Queen should Die, Answered;
The True Born Englishman.
Jure divino, a Satyr.

Fol. London, 1706
More Short Ways with the Dissenters.

4to. London, 1704 Hymn to Victory.

4to. London, 1704 The Dyet of Poland, a Satyr.

4to. Dantzick, 1705 De Forster C. Du Royaume à l’Empire, 1848–1852. Études politiques et philosophiques.

8vo. Paris, 1854 De Gerando A. De la Transylvanie et ses habitants. 2,vols. 8vo. Paris, 1854 Ueber den öffentlichen Geist in Ungarn, seit dem J. 1790.

12mo. Leipzig, 1818 De Gerando J. M. Vie du général Cafarelli du Falga. 8vo. Paris, 1801 Dehon Theod. Bp. Sermons on the Public Means of Grace and Fasts and Festivals of the Church.

2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1856 De Kay J. E. Zoology of New York, being Part I. of the Nat. History of N. Y.

5 vols. 4to. N. Y. 1842-51 Contents: Vol. I. Introduction; Mammalia. II. Birds.

III.-IV. Reptiles and Fishes. V. Mollusca, Cretacea.
Dekker T. Satiro-Mastix, or the Untrussing of the Humourous Poet, a

Comedy. Hawkins' Eng. Drama, 7. 3.

The Honest Whore, a Comedy. Dodsley's Old Plays, 3. Delaage H. Le monde occulte ou mystères du Magnétisme.

12mo. Paris, 1856 Delafield E. Biographical Sketch of Dr. J. Kearney Rodgers.

8vo. New York, 1852 Delafield R. Report on the Art of War in Europe, 1854, 1855, and

1856, from his Notes and Observations made as a Member of a
Military Commission to the Theatre of War in Europe.”

4to. Washington, 1860 Delafond O. Sur la maladie de poitrine de gros Bétail. 8vo. Paris, 1844

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DelaMarre A. H. A. Archéologie. Exploration d'Algérie.
Delamer E. S. Flax and Hemp, their Culture and Manipulation. With

12mo. London, 1854
Pigeons and Rabbits, in their Wild, Domestic, and Captive

12mo. London, 1859 The Kitchen Garden; or the Culture in the Open Ground of Roots, Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits.

12mo. London, 1860 The Flower Garden, or the Culture in the Open Ground of Bulbous, Tuberous, Fibrous-Rooted, and Shrubby Flowers.

12mo. London, 1860 Delamotte F. The Book of Ornamental Alphabets, Ancient and Mo

dern, from the Eighth Century with Numerals. Sm. Fol. Lond. 1860
The Embroiderer's Book of Design, containing Initials, Emblems,
Cyphers, Monograms, Ornamental Borders, Ecclesiastical De-
vices, Medieval and Modern Alphabets, and National Emblems.

Sm. Fol. London, 1860
A Primer of the Art of Illumination for the Use of Beginners.

4to. London, 1860 De Lancey W. H. Bp. Address at the University of Penn. 8vo. Phil. 1830

Report to the Convention of W. New York of the Mission to
Attend the Third Jubilee of the Soc. for the Propagation of the
Gospel, 1852.

8vo. Utica, 1852 Delandine M. L'Enfer des peuples anciens ou histoire des Dieux Infernaux, de leur Culte, de leurs Temples, de leurs Attributs.

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1784 Delano A. Life on the Plains and among the Diggings, an Overland Journey to California.

12mo. Auburn, 1854 Delaporte M. Abrégé Chronologique de l'histoire des Mamlouks d'Égypte depuis leur origine jusqu'à la conquête des Français.

Fol. Paris, 1816 De la Rue Abbé. Sur la ville de Caen et son arrondissement.

2 vols. 8vo. Caen, 1842 De la Rue A. D. Notions de Chronologie.

8vo. Falaise, 1813 De la Touche G. Trigonométrie Rectiligne.

12mo. Paris, 1852 De Latre L. La langue Française dans ses Rapports avec le Sanscrit.

8vo. Paris, 1854 Delaunay C. Traité de Mécanique rationelle.

8vo. Paris, 1856 Théorie du mouvement de la Lune. Mém. Acad. Sc. Math.

1860, V. 28. Delavan E. C. Letter on the Adulteration of Liquors. 8vo. Albany, 1859 Delaware. Superior Court and C. of Errors and Appeals. Cases reported by S. M. Harrington.

8vo. Dover, 1839 Geological Survey. See Booth J. C.

Description of the Province of New Albion. Force's Tracts, 2. Delayto J. de. Annales Estenses, 1393–1409. Muratori Rer. Ital. 18. Del Buono F. I principi della Grammatica.

12mo. Napoli, 1838 Deleau Dr. Sur le traitement du Choléra.

8vo. Paris, 1832 Delécluze E. J. Roland ou la Chevalerie. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1845 Grégoire VII.-St. Françoise d’Assise, St. Thomas d'Aquin.

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1844 Florence et ses vicissitudes, 1215–1790. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1837

Delepierre 0. Analyse des travaux de la Société des Philobiblon. 8vo. Londres.

A Sketch of the History of Flemish Literature and its celebrated
Authors from the Twelfth Century to the present time.

8vo. London, 1860
Delessert E. Voyages dans les deux Océans.

8vo. Paris, 1848
Delhier P. A. Dresos u. Kretische Studien. Wien Sitzungsb. Phil. 30.
Delices (Les) et l'État de la Suisse.

4 vols. 12mo. Basle, 1764
De Lisle de Sales J. B. C. J. Life of Lamoignon de Malesherbes tr. by
E. Mangin.

8vo. Bath, 1814
De Lisle L. Sur l'ancienne Bibliothèque de Corbie. Mém. Acad. Insc.

N. S. 24.
Delisser R. L. Interest and Average Tables. Obl. 12mo. N. Y. 1854
Delius M. De arte jocandi. De. Poet. Germ. 2.
Della Valle C. Lalage nello studio di Canova.

8vo. Torino, 1819
Dellmann F. Ueber ein neues Elektrometer.

4to. Koblenz, 1842
Dellretz P. Culture du Topinambour, etz.

12mo. Brux. 1856
De Lolme J. L. The Constitution of England. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1821
Deloney T. Strange Histories, ed. by J. P. Collier for the Percy Soc.

8vo. London, 1841
The Garland of Goodwill, ed. by J. Dixon for Do. 8vo. London, 1851
Thomas of Reading, or the Six Worthie Yeomen of the West.

Reprint of Ed. of 1632. Thom's Early Romances, 1.
Delonnes A. B. I. Cure radicale de l’Hydrocèle.

8vo. Paris, 1791
Delorme S. Les hommes d'Homère. Essai sur les Meurs de la Grèce
aux temps héroiques.

8vo. Paris, 1861
Delorme du Quesney M. et Desbordeliers A. Du Tir des Armes à feu
et principalement du Tir du Fusil.

12mo. Bruxelles, 1846
Delort J. Mes Voyages aux environs de Paris. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1821
Delpech J. De l’Orthomorphie par rapport à l'Espèce humaine.


2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1828
Delpech Mme. Iconographie Française.

3 vols. Fol. Paris, 1840
Delphini G. Diarium Romanum. Muratori Rer. Ital. III. p. 2.

Delré A. Antiquitates Tiburtinæ. Thes. Ant. Ital. VIII. p. 4.
Delvau A. See Murailles Révolutionnaires.
Delrieu A. Le Rhin.

12mo. Paris, 1846
Deluzy Q. La Russię, son peuple et son armée.

8vo. Paris, 1860
Demaria C. Elogio storico di L. Rolando.

4to. Torino, 1846
Demades. See Oratores Attici et Oratores Græci.
De Mercey M. Études sur les beaux Arts depuis leur origine jusqu'à
nos jours.

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1855
De Merck Gen. La captivité et la mort de Pie VI. 8vo. London, 1814
Demersay L. A. Histoire physique, économique et politique du Para-
guay et des établissements des Jesuites.

Paris, 1860
Demidoff A. de. Voyage dans la Russie méridionale et la Crimée par
la Hongrie, la Valachie et la Moldavie exécutée en 1837.

Planches Fol. Texte 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1840-42
Demme A. V. Handbuch der gesammten Spinnerei und Weberei.
Uebersetzung von Alcan.

2 vols. 12mo. Quedlinburg, 1847
Handbuch der Dampfmaschinen Baukunst ; Uebers. von Bataille
et Julien.

3 vols. Quedlinborg, 1847-50

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