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veyed lots.

(Sec. 1, 20 Stat. 394; 43 U.S.C. 31) (Regs., Feb. 20, 1913, 41 L.D. 528]

201.3 Review of classification. Review of classification may be had only on application therefor to the Secretary, accompanied by a clear and specific statement of conditions not existing or not known to exist at the time of examination. (Sec. 1, 20 Stat. 394; 43 U.S.C. 31) [Regs., Feb. 20, 1913, 41 L.D. 528]



Sec. 211.1 211.2


Authority for regulations.

in conflict with State Orderly and efficient develop

laws; appeal, delay in ment of publicly owned coal

execution of order

or lands and deposits.

notice. Definitions.

Duties and obligations of lessee (a) Mining supervisor.

211.5 Observance of lease terms; (b) District mining supervisor.

lessee's liability for damage. (c) Deputy mining supervisor.

211.6 (d) Lessee.

Records to be kept by lessee. (e) Leased land or tract.

(a) Production reports and

other data.
(f) Coal.
(g) Mine.

(b) Financial statement by ac

(h) Stripping operation.
(i) Slope.

211.7 Danger in mines to be reported. (j) Shaft.

211.8 Accidents to be reported to min(k) Panel.

ing supervisor. (1) Working place.

Personnel and their duties (m) Rock dusting.

211.9 Certification by State or district (n) Wet coal dust.

mining supervisor required. (0) Gas.

(a) Personnel to be qualified. (p) Gassy mine.

(b) Mine official substitutes. (q) Black damp.

211.10 Mine foremen. (r) Permissible.

(a) Mine foreman for more (s) Fan.

than five

under(t) Booster fan.

ground. (u) Auxiliary fan.

(b) Superintendent may serve Supervisor, district supervisor,

as foreman when less than and deputy supervisor ; powers

25 men underground. and duties.

(c) Assistant foreman for each (a) Inspectional supervision.

75 men underground. (b) Ascertain and report dam

211.11 Fire bosses or mine examiners. age to coal deposits; re

(a) Duties. port wastage of coal;

(b) Examinations during shift. make recommendations to the Secretary.

(c) Fire boss for every 75 men (c) Production and royalty re

employed in gassy mines.

211.12 Additional duties of fire bosses. ports; sealing of mines. (d) Wells or prospect holes

(a) Dangerous places to be through coal beds.

fenced and marked. (e) Abandonment of mine or

(b) Fire boss reports; records of unmined portions of

copied and signed. mine; survey at lessee's

(c) Mine foreman may serve as

fire boss.
(f) Placing seals on leased 211.13 Electrician's qualifications.

211.14 Hoistmen.
(g) Orders to insure compli-

(a) Qualifications. ance with regulations not

(b) Physical examination.



* Instructions. Feb. 16, 1915 (43 L.D. 520).

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Weighing or measuring coal

Provisions for disposal of waste 211.15 Requirements.

211.24 Requirements. (a) Posting records.

(a) Slack and refuse to be so (b) Weighman to make affida

disposed of as not to be a nuivit for faithful discharge of

sance, duties.

(b) Separately storing slack (c) Bone or other impurities

and waste. may be deducted.

(c) Royalty on slack coal. (d) Allowance for waste ma

Surveys and maps terial.

211.25 Mine-office maps. (e) Basis of royalty computa

(a) Surveys to be made and tion.

maps extended every

6 (f) Penalty for light-weighing

months; surveys to be made coal.

before abandoning any section Geologic and bore-hole reports

of a mine. 211.16 Requirements for reports and

(b) Map legend. completion of drilling.

(c) Surface buildings and bore (a) Projected plans.

holes to be shown on mine (b) Bore holes to be cemented

map. and filled.

(d) Coal sections, stoppings, Approaching oil, gas, or water

ventilation, etc., to be shown wells

on map 211.17 Precautions.

(e) Profiles of steeply dipping

beds; vertical view of workSurface structures; their loca

ings in bed dipping more than tion, construction, and fire pro

45°. tection

(f) Blueprints to be furnished 211.18 Building of combustible mate

annually, or semiannually on rial within 75 feet of mine

request. opening prohibited.

211.26 Maps made when lessee fails to (a) Headframe construction

furnish them. and fire doors.

(a) Liability of lessee for ex(b) Flammable material at

pense of survey.
mine opening.

(b) Incorrect maps.
(c) Fireproofing hoist
power plant buildings.

Mining by stripping

211.27 Requirements and prohibitions Development plans

(a) Drainage of stripping op211.19 To be approved in advance of

erations. operations.

(b) Fire prevention. 211.20 To be followed.

(c) Overhanging banks. Mining where more than one

(d) Coal face to be covered in bed of coal occurs

strip pits. 211.21 Requirements.

(e) Underground workings (a) Coal pillars in lower beds

from strip pits prohibited. are to be left until coal in

Manways and exits upper beds is extracted.

211.28 Construction requirements. (b) Pillars to be arranged ver

(a) Escapeways to surface and tically under or over pillars in

distance between at surface. another bed.

(b) Surface exit. Developing through adjoining

(c) Steps or stairways in mines

slopes. 211.22 Development on leased tract. 211.29 Shafts when escape by other (a) Mine not on public domain

means unavailable. to conform to regulations.

(a) Hoist or ladder in shafts. (b) Connections between mines.

(b) Stairway construction in (c) Inspection of adjacent

shafts. mines.

(c) Hoists in both shafts if 211.23 Connecting mine subject to reg

more than 300 feet deep; ladulations; sealing.

derway construction.


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Sec. 211.30 Passageways at shaft landings.

Signals and telephones 211.31 Support of roof and sides of 211.45 Signal code. traveling roads.

211.46 Two methods of signaling re211.32 Fireproof shafts.

quired. 211.33 Fireproof passageways adja

(a) Arrangement of signals. cent to shafts.

(b) Signal circuits not more 211.34 Manways not used for haulage

than 30 volts. to be provided.

211.47 Telephone system. Hoists, hoisting equipment, and

(a) Telephones from surface to shaft landings

and into mines.

(b) Telephone wires on side of 211.35 Hoists.

entry opposite power lines.
(a) Hoisting equipment to be

Pillars and crosscuts
of ample capacity and stand-
ard design.

211.48 Method of construction.
(b) Drum flanges.

(a) Pillar thickness between (c) Hoist brakes.

intake and return airways. 211.36 Hoisting cables.

(b) Crosscut or break-through (a) Safety factor of hoisting

intervals. cable.

(c) Face not to be advanced (b) Broken wires on hoisting

more than 30 feet beyond cables.

crosscut. (c) Attachment of hoisting

(d) Room neck minimum width cable to cage.

and length. (a) Fastening of hoisting cable

(e) Chain pillars and stumps. drum or reel.

(f) Crosscuts to be made at

face of rooms and entries be211.37 Hoistway clearance; overwind

fore abandonment. ing and overspeeding prevent

211.49 Advance workings. ers or detaching hooks.

(a) Limits for removing coal. 211.38 Cages for hoisting men.

(b) Size of pillars. (a) Bonnets, gates, and hand

(c) Basis for computing perholds on cages used for hoist

centage of tract mined. ing men.

211.50 Pillars left for support. (b) Safety catches on cages.

(a) Shaft entry and slope pil(c) Cage rests or chairs.

lars. 211.39 Landings.

(b) Shaft pillar size. (a) Landing gates.

(c) Openings in shaft and (b) Derail for shaft or slope

slope pillars. landing.

211.51 Barrier pillars. 211.40 Shaft and sump guards.

(a) Mining restrictions. 211.41 Shaft sinking, safety hooks,

(b) Lessee may be required to crossheads, and safety doors.

mine barrier pillars on adja211.42 Lights at top and underground

cent lands. landings; painted landings.

(c) If coal-mining rights in ad211.43 Operation of hoists.

joining premises

privately (a) Brakes and indicators re

owned. quired.

(a) Mining isolated blocks of (b) Hoistman not to converse

coal not on leased lands. while engine in operation;

Ventilating fans and air distrirate of speed; dead stop at

bution landing.

211.52 Installation specifications. (c) Operation of hoist after

(a) Fans. stoppage.

(b) Explosion-relief doors. (d) No hoisting while repairs

(c) Fans to be reversible being made.

quickly. 211.44 Examinations and reports on

(d) Auxiliary power for fans. mechanical equipment.

(e) Fan pressure recording in. (a) Inspection of hoisting and

strument mechanical equipment.

(f) Temporary fan. (b) Boiler inspection.

(g) Fan at adjoining mine. (c) Defective equipment to be

(h) Stoppage of fan in gassy remedied.


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Sec. 211.53 Written permission for use of

(c) Warning signs and insulabooster and auxiliary fans.

tion colors.
(a) Booster fans; when used. 211.71 Gassy mines.
(b) Auxiliary fans; when used.

(a) Permissible machines re211.54 Recirculation of air.

quired. 211.55 Ventilating current required per

(b) Tests required where elecman; number of men on one

tric machines are used. split of air current.

211.72 Electric-lighting circuits on in211.56 Air measurement records.

take only. 211.57 Quality of air.

211.73 Safety switches. 211.58 Gassy mines.

(a) Interlocking safety (a) When a mine declared to

switches. be gassy may be declared to

(b) Cut-out switches at inbe nongassy.

tervals in all circuits. (b) Open lights not permitted

(c) Electric current to be cut in gassy mines.

off from unused parts of 211.59 Measures of caution required.

mines. (a) Electric current to be cut

Internal-combustion engines off if more than 2 per cent 211.74 Engines, pumps, and other magas present.

chines. (b) Moving bodies of gas. 211.60 Entrance to gassy mine to be

Haulageways guarded.

211.75 Lights on locomotives and cars. 211.61 Ventilation more than 4,000 211.76 Locomotives in gassy mines. feet from openings.

211.77 Shelter holes. 211.62 Air current control.

(a) Along haulage roads. (a) Stoppings.

(b) On main haulageway. (b) Overcasts and undercasts.

211.78 Safety requirements for traus(c) Ventilation doors.

porting men. (d) Line brattices.

(a) Safety catches or a safety

man car on slopes. Approaching abandoned work

(b) Derails and stopping ings and sealing abandoned

blocks. areas

(c) Frogs ; switch points; guard 211.63 Drill holes in advance where

rails. approaching abandoned work

Storage, transportation, disings.

tribution, and use of explo211.64 Sealing abandoned areas by

sives fireproof stoppings.

211.79 Storage of explosives. Electrical equipment, its in

(a) Explosives magazines. stallation and maintenance

(b) Magazine location. 211.65 Voltage.

(c) Explosives magazines not (a) Low voltage.

to be connected with mine (b) Medium voltage.

workings. (c) High voltage.

(d) Storage of explosives and 211.66 High voltage; use underground.

detonators. (a) Limitation.

(e) Thawing of explosives. (b) Installations.

211.80 Temporary storage of explo211.67 Voltage of trolley lines, under

sives underground. cutting machinery, and pumps 211.81 Explosives in possession of limited to low voltage.

miners. 211.68 Electric wires and cable instal- 211.82 Powder boxes. lations.

(a) Explosives to be kept in (a) Guards for overhead me

tight wooden box.
dium-voltage lines.

(b) Powder-box location.
(b) Trolley-wire placement. 211.83 Caps and detonators.
(c) Repairing broken insula-

(a) Containers.

(b) Storage. 211.69 Rail bonds.

211.84 Issuance and distribution of ex211.70 Electric safety precautions.

plosives. (a) Underground electric sta- 211.85 Transportation of explosives in tions.

bulk. (b) Insulated platforms and 211.86 Permissible explosives; requiregrounding

ments. Page 6


Sec. (a) Required in gassy mines.

(b) When water barrels not (b) Shots to be fired only after

required. examination for gas.

Check numbers for employees 211.87 Nonpermissible explosives may 211.97 Requirements. be used in nongassy mine un

(a) Checking of employees. der certain conditions. 211.88 Depth of drill holes.

(b) Check serial numbers for

Government coal. 211.89 Drill holes to be stemmed with noncombustible material.

Safety guards, timber, and sup211.90 Preparation of explosives.

(a) Making up charge.

211.98 Safety guards.
(b) Open light near explosives. 211.99 Surface openings to be covered,
Prevention of coal-dust explo-

filled in, or fenced.

211.100 Timber supply. sions. 211.91 Rock-dusting or wetting coal

First aid equipment and safety

(a) Shaft within 100 feet of 211.101 First-aid box or supplies.
coal screens to be enclosed.

211.102 First-aid and refuge chamber
(b) Mine car construction.

underground. (c) Water on cutter bar.

211.103 First-aid training. (d) Rock-dusting and sprin

(a) Required of mine officials. kling; rock-dust application.

(b) Safety committee shall be (e) Rock dust to pass 200

mesh screen.

Mine rescue apparatus
(f) Coal dust to be loaded out. 211.104 Requirements.
Fire protection

(a) When more than 50 men 211.92 Requirements.

are employed underground.
(a) Unattended

(b) Where more than 100 men
open lights
and fires for heating pro- 211.105 Alternatives.

are employed underground.
(b) Fires.

(a) Joint rescue station.

(b) Gas masks. 211.93 Hay, straw, etc.

211.106 Mine rescue teams formed and
(a) Taken into mine.

(b) Hay underground limited
to 48 hours' supply.

Health, sanitation, and wel-
(c) Stable ventilation.

fare 211.94 Oil.

211.107 Bath and change house require(a) Lubricating oil stored in

ments. mine.

211.108 Dwellings for employees. (b) Fire-prevention precau

(a) To be kept in sanitary contions.

dition. 211.95 Water supply for fighting fires

(b) Toilets. in mines; more than five men

(c) Water supply contaminaemployed underground.

tion; protection against.

211.109 Ambulance service. 211.96 Water supply for fighting fires in mines.

211.110 Contagious and occupational

(a) More than 50 men em-
ployed underground; water

Administration of regulations
lines for hose; pressure limita- 211.111 Geological Survey to adminis-

ter regulations.

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United States Bureau of Mines: See Chapter I.
Coal permits, leases, and licenses: See Public Lands: Interior, 43 CFR Part 193.
Coal permits and leases and permits for free use of coal in Alaska: See Public

Lands: Interior, 43 CFR Part 70.
Forest Service regulations governing conditions relating to the removal of min-

eral from lands conveyed to the United States under the Acts of March 1,

1911 and March 20, 1922: See Parks and Forests, 36 CFR 251.15, 251.16. Homesteads on coal, oil, and gas lands, Alaska : See Public Lands: Interior, 43

CFR Part 66.

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