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General courts-martial prisoners are under the jurisdiction of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy. This officer also administers the two naval prisons, at Portsmouth and Mare Island. To insure uniformity of punishment the Bureau of Navigation makes recommendations to the Secretary of the Navy as to the sentences adjudged by courts-martial. Prisoners are confined in receiving ships where the sentence does not exceed 9 months' confinement and where only military offenses are involved. Probation as to discharge is awarded if the approved sentence does not exceed 9 months and the record of the prisoner otherwise warrants it. As of September 30, 1937, the following took advantage of this opportunity to rehabilitate themselves in the Naval service: Bramen first class ... Apprentice seamen.----Firemen third class ... Erspital apprentices first class Baglers first class. Total..--------------

-------- 21 At the commencement of sentence, all prisoners are credited with one-third of their confinement as an incentive to good behavior. The question of the prisoner retaining this credit is contingent upon his conduct while in confinement.

General courts-martial prisoners are rarely restored to duty, except first offenders as mentioned above.




The Permanent Uniform Board, the formation of which was approved by the Secretary of the Navy on August 6, 1936, has continued to function. This Board considers all questions of uniforms for officers and enlisted men and advises the Department in all matters concerning uniforms.

Length of continuous service on active duty of Fleet Naval Reservists by activities as of

Oct. 31, 1937

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Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps units are maintained in the following universities: Yale University, Harvard University, North western University, Georgia School of Technology, University o Washington, and University of California. The popularity of thes units is evidenced by the fact that at the present time the number applicants far exceeds the authorized enrollment. An increase of th total number of students from 1,200 to 2,400 was authorized in th last session of this Congress. To utilize this authorization the Buresi expects to establish five new units and to commence their operatio in the college year 1938–39. Funds for this establishment and firs year's operation are carried in these estimates.

The summer cruises are the primary means of indoctrinating th students with the practical application of naval science and tactic and are therefore a vital part of the course. It is particularly desirabl that sufficient transportation and subsistence funds be appropriate to provide this training for all sophomores and juniors and some of th freshmen of the six established units, and a large number of the fresh men of the new units since upon the impression of the initial student depends largely the future enthusiasm of the corps.

Enrollment, graduates, etc., of Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps

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Of graduates thus far, number holding 'commissions in Nave Reserve, by branch of service, number commissioned in regular Nary Marine Corps, and number holding appointments as aviation cadets L'nited States Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve are:

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Jeck officers (Fleet Naval Reserve).
eck and engineer officers (Fleet Naval Re-
ngineer officers (Fleet Naval Reserve).
viation flight officers (Fleet Naval Reserve).
Deck officers, volunteer, general service.
Engineer officers, volunteer, general service.
eck and engineer officers, volunteer, general
viation officers, volunteer, general service...
Ledical officers, volunteer, general service...
upply officers, volunteer, general service
Chaplain, volunteer, general service...
vistion officers, volunteer, special service-
Communication officers, volunteer, special

Deck officers, volunteer, special service-
Engineer officers, volunteer, special service...
ntelligence officers, volunteer, special service.
Ordnance officers, volunteer, special service...
apply officers, volunteer, special service-
Civil engineers, volunteer, special service
upply Corps, U. S. Navy.
1. S. Marine Corps...
J.S. Marine Corps Reserve

viation cadets, Naval Reserve. Aviation cadets Marine Corps Reserve esman second class V-5, U. S. Naval Reservel.


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it'ndergoing elimination flight training for appointment as aviation cadets.



The next statement is the operating force plan for the fiscal year 1938 showing the average distribution of officers and men in vessels and shore stations; the actual distribution of officers and men as of 30 September 1937, and the proposed distribution of officers and men in the proposed operating force plan for the fiscal year 1939.

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