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cated in the report of the Committee on Naval Affairs on the 1915 Naval Appropriation Act.

The appropriation is considered to be applicable in cases involving original dredging and the construction of buildings, drydocks, ses walls, piers, power plants, and other public works. The appropriation is not applicable to dredging areas previously dredged, repairs. minor improvements, upkeep, and operation of public works an. public utilities.


This projects during the

I would like to specially invite the attention of the committees the fact that the tabulation of estimated obligations and cash with drawals, shown on pages 84, 85, and 86, of the justification, indicate that the total cash required during the fiscal years 1940 and 1941 ::. carry to completion projects commenced during previous years w be $10,514,450. This is divided as follows: For 1910, $8,629,4.30; f. 1941, $1,885,000; a total of $10,514,450.

Acting on the authority to be granted by the 1939 Appropriation Act and authority contained in previous Appropriation Acts, it is proposed to let contracts for the public works projects therein specifically mentioned, at the limits of cost stated, as indicated by the column headed “Obligations 1939” on page 86 of the justification. Such contracts will constitute obligations for which it is assumed the Congress will appropriate the additional necessary funds to be paid out when required subsequent to 1939. These necessary additional funds total $10,514,450.

The tabulation referred to above (pp. 84, 85, and 86 of the justifica tion) is as follows:


Public works, Bureau of Yards and Docks, active projects

(Revised November 29, 1937, to conform to approved Budget)

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Active Projects Act Apr. 15, 1935, not in Second
Deficiency Act Aug. 12, 1935:

Pensacola buildings
Cheltenham radio.....
Cape Mala radio...

Canal Zone radio.
Act June 24, 1935:

Charleston shore structures...
Coco Solo air base electric system.
Coco Solo submarine base waterfront...
Pearl Harbor fuel-oil facilities.......
Puget Sound electric system.....

Annapolis radio facilities...
Second Deficiency Act Aug. 12, 1935:

Pearl Harbor dock B .
Balboa ammunition depot....
Pearl Harbor air base barracks....
Pearl Harbor air base officers' quarters
Pearl Harbor air base chief petty officers'

Pearl Harbor air base water system..
Quantico officers' quarters....
Pensacola power plant, etc....
Pensacola assembly and repair shop..

Pensacola quarters for student officers.....
1937 Naval Act June 3, 1936:

Mare Island drydock, preliminary work
Pearl Harbor channel and barbor..
Pearl Harbor moorings.
Pearl Harbor land....
Annapolis radio...
Norfolk Yard power plant...
Norfolk machine shop.....
Annapolis midshipmen facilities.
Annapolis improvement of illumination.
Key West waterfront.....
Balboa radio
Summit radio..
Lualualei radio.
Norfolk base water front...
Yards and stations electric lines.

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Public works, Bureau of Yards and Docks active projects Continued

(Revised November 29, 1937 to conform to approved Budget)

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First Deficiency Act, June 22, 1936:

Mare Island dispensary.....
Norfolk hase heating plant.
Newport ferry slips. ..
Newport carpenter shop....
Norfolk air station shop...

Pearl Harbor air base service systems, etc..
Second Deficiency Act, May 28, 1937:

Puget Sound switching equipment.
Norfolk air station shop...--.
Norfolk base water front.. .

Pensacola water supply...
1938 Naval Act, Apr. 27, 1937:

Charleston power plant.....
Charleston lighting and power in shops
Charleston fire-alarm system..
Washington power plant.....
Mare Island drydock.....
Pearl Harbor--harbor and channel
Pearl Harbor moorings..
Pearl Harbor water supply
Norfolk Yard power plant...
St. Thomas aviation facilities..
San Diego quay wall and dredging.
Model testing plant.....
San Diego air station barracks.
San Diego galley and mess hall.
San Diego services, etc., for barrack

Newport War College library....
Third Deficiency Act Aug. 25, 1937:

Mare Island oil storehouse....

U. 8. 8. Tulip Memorial.....
1939 Budget:

Pearl Harbor, harbor and channel..
Pearl Harbor mooring facilities
Pearl Harbor power plant building
Pearl Harbor power plant en
Bilbon Moers quarters

Annapolis Followhore protection

o n W/M han, chief petty officer

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Total cash, including 1939...
Total obligations, including 1939, 1940, and 1941..-----

20, 184, 49 30, 68,

Cash required, 1940, 1941.

10, 514,45 GENERAL STATEMENT CONCERNING PUBLIC WORKS Admiral MOREELL. Funds are appropriated or otherwise provided under the Bureau of Yards and Docks for all of the public works and public utilities of the naval-shore establishment, which include all classes of construction at navy yards, ammunition depots, hos pitals, marine barracks, and other shore establishments. New construction and major projects of reconditioning are classed as public works. Repairs, maintenance, dredging, upkeep, and operation expenses are provided for out of maintenance appropriations of this or other bureaus.

In 1931 Congress passed the Employment Stabilization Act of 1931, which required the various agencies of the Federal Government to prepare 6-year programs for their needed construction and to keep those programs up to date. Generally speaking, in past years the Navy's shore program called for the expenditure for public works of $12,000,000 to $13,000,000 a year, which includes a reasonable allowance for replacements and reconditioning to make good obsolescence and deferred depreciation of existing structures. Due to rising prices and the expanding needs of the shore establishment. this figure has been increased in the current 6-year program to $20,000,000.

Projects proposed for inclusion in the 1939 bill have a total cost of $16,176,000, which figure represents the total authorized cost of the various projects. Toward the accomplishment of these projects and to carry on projects authorized in appropriation acts for previous years, it is recommended that an appropriation of $10,787,000 be made.

The projects requested are of major importance to the Navy and are necessary to improve the industrial facilities at Navy Yards, re. lieve deplorable housing conditions at isolated activities, and provide additional facilities for aviation and hospitalization of naval personnel.

The principal items are: The development of the air station at Alameda; the further improvement of harbor and channel at Pearl Harbor; improved or increased housing at the air station, Norfolk, fleet air base, Coco Solo, submarine base, Coco Solo, and naval station, Balboa; improvement of power facilities at Pearl Harbor; im

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