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Mr. UMSTEAD. For 5,570 additional enlisted men in the fiscal year 1939?

Captain ABBETT. Yes, sir.

Mr. UMSTEAD. The money increase requested here is based upon the statutory allowances for the additional number of enlisted men requested for 1939.

Admiral CONARD. That is correct.

Mr. UMSTEAD. Whatever number may be granted in this bill will require a proportionate part of that increase.

Admiral CONARD. That is correct. We have set up the estimates in such a way as to show the additional cost for the additional number of men.

Mr. UMSTEAD. I believe that your grade distribution is approsimately the same, in proportion, as the grade distribution shown for the fiscal year 1938. Admiral Conard. It is the same.

COST OF 1,000 ADDITIONAL ENLISTED MEN Mr. UMSTEAD. In that connection, please prepare and insert in the record a statement showing what the added cost would be under this or any other subhead of this appropriation or any other appropriation that would be affected, if you were allowed an increase of 1.6 m men for the fiscal year 1939, over and above the 105,000 men you es pect to have at the close of the present fiscal year.

Admiral CONARD. In lieu of the estimate we have here?
Admiral COXARD. We will submit that.

(The statement requested is as follows:) Answering the specific question: At the end of the fiscal year 1938 there wil! be, as appropriated for, 105,000 men. The maintenance of this number will .13 itself require a larger appropriation than in 1938, for the latter was bas upon an average of 102,500, starting with 100,000 and ending with 105.00. Teffect an average increase of 1,000 in 1939, a final number of 107.000 will love necessary, producing an average of 106,000. The added cost of this arerage number of men, over the 1938 funds appropriated, is compounded then from tbe following:

(a) ('ost of general necessary increases not related to the number of mes:

(b) ('ost of the 2,500 men on the average provided by the 105,000 men at the end of the year 1938.

(c) ('ost of the 1,000 men in addition to the 105,000 on the rolls at the end of the year 1938. The total cost of these is $6,875,671..

It is presumed, however, that in addition to the specific question, the rates mittee desires information as to the reductions in the estimates which would result from a cut of 1,000 men below the 107,785 average requested. Such in. formation is as follows:

For each 1,000 men reduced from the arerage of 107,785 the estimate may be reduced as follows: Pay, subsistence, and transportation, $1,350,000.

This amount is distributed to projects as follows: 7. Pay men, active'

------ $952 343 8. Outfits on first enlistment.------

211, NI 10. Pay prisoners.--------

Total pay items --Subsistence---Transportation -



1.064. 643

176. 109. 2

Total pay, subsistence, and transportation

------- 1.37) 1 The limitation (107.785) on expenditures for gunnery and engineering prizes may reduced $1 for each man by which the average is reduced. A reduction at this rate hat been included in the estimate for subhead 7 above.

$11, 200

laintenance, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
fedical Department, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery: Item 7, "Im-

munization for new personnel”.
construction and Repair : Object 16, item 5, “Outfits for new recruits".

Total annual appropriation.l'rust accounts: Naval hospital fund, item 1, "Increased hospitalization"

434 6, 000

1, 367, 634

3, 517


Mr. UMSTEAD. The next subhead covers additional pay for aviaion duty.

Admiral Conard. The item of additional pay for enlisted men on etive Aviation Duty covers the additional pay of 50 percent for that duty. The details of the estimate are as follows: Estimate, 1939

$2, 353, 034 Appropriated, 1938.

1, 818, 604 Difference

534, 430 Alloration, 1938.

1, 818, 604 Expenditures, 1937

1, 375, 000 Expenditures, 1936.

1, 209, 999

[blocks in formation]


534, 430 Mr. U'MSTEAD. I notice you are requesting here an increase of about $34,430.

Admiral COXARD. Yes, sir.

Mr. UMSTEAD. Which is caused by an increase in the number of enlisted men you expect to have on flying duty of 836.

Admiral CONARD. That is correct.

Mr. U'MSTEAD. And, also, by changes in grades and rates of pay of the men you expect to have on flying duty during 1939.

Admiral CONARD. Yes, sir.

Mr. l'XSTEAD. About how many enlisted men are required for each additional plane that goes into the service?

Admiral CONARD. The planes vary in size and types. I think that a more intelligent answer could be given by the representative of the Bureau of Aeronautics, who is quite well posted on that.

Mr. UMSTEAD. These figures were furnished by the Bureau of Aeronautics, were they not?

Admiral CONARD. They were furnished through the Bureau of Navigation. The representative of the Bureau of Aeronautics can give the details.

Captain ABBETT. It depends on the type of plane. A fighting plane is allowed one for each plane and one additional for each three planes of a squadron. For observation, scouting, and light bombing planes, we allow one per plane, plus two for each three planes. Torpedo planes are allowed two per plane; patrol planes are allowed four per plane, plus one additional for each four planes. PT and PR planes are allowed the same thing, or four per plane. plus one additional for each four planes. Utility planes are allowed one per plane, and one for each three planes in a squadron.

Mr. UMSTEAD. Do all of those men to whom you are referring perform flying duty ?

Captain ABBETT. Yes, sir. If they do not perform active flying duty, they do not get the pay.

Mr. UMSTEAD. Ground men in the aviation service do not get the extra pay.

Captain ABBETT. No, sir.

Mr. UMSTEAD. This additional allowance of 50 percent of the base pay is controlled by statute, is it not?

Captain ABBETT. Yes, sir.

Mr. UMSTEAD. When a man performs flying duty, the increase becomes automatic by law.

Captain ABBETT. Yes sir, by Executive order.


Mr. UMSTEAD. The next subhead covers additional pay of enlisted men on submarine duty.

Admiral CONARD. The item of additional pay of enlisted men for submarine duty covers the additional pay of 25 percent for such dutv.

The details of the estimate are as follows: Estimate, 1939_

$651,7 Appropriated, 1938 -

619, (

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Comparison of the details of the estimate for 1939 and the details of the ppropriation for 1938 are as follows:


4, 920 200, 340

165, 240 222,000 387, 240

aqualified: All ratings...... Total shore based...

SEAGOING SUBMARINES ualified: Chief petty officer and petty officer, first class, over

1 year since qualification.. Petty officer and lower ratings.

Total... nqualified: All ratings.

Total seagoing...

Grand total... few London, Conn.:


Total, New London.... labmarine escape training tanks:

New London, Conn....
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii..


Total submarine pay Increase.

Mr. UMSTEAD. The number of men required for submarine duty, as well as the type and number of submarines in the fleet, determine the pay requirement.

Admiral CONARD. That is correct. Mr. l'MSTEAD. Is this extra allowance also regulated by statute ? Admiral CONARD. When these men are assigned to that duty, they are entitled to this extra pay.


Admiral CONARD. The next item is “Pay, enlisted men, active, additional for diving duty.” This item covers the additional pay of divers both for retainer pay, deep sea and experimental diving. Estimate, 1939

$104, 120 Appropriated, 1938_

103, 040

Difference Aation, 1938Expenditure, 1937Espenditure, 1936_ Appropriation, 1938. Eximate, 1939

1, 080 103, 040 73, 770 70, 937

* 103, 040 104, 120



1 Base.

A comparison of the details of the estimate for 1939 and the appropria. E for 1938 is as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Mr. UMSTEAD. Admiral, give us just a brief statement relative the necessity of carrying these men in this classification and for t. extra pay.

Admiral CONARD. Deep sea divers are necessary and when a sh 11 is damaged under water, or when a vessel is sunk, they have to send divers down to examine the situation to see what can be done to bring her up to the surface.

Mr. THOM. Does that include the men at Pearl Harbor who shop the other men how to dive by the tank method ?

Admiral CONARD. No; those men are trained especially for escala from submarines with the lung.

Mr. Thom. Do not those to whom I refer get this extra pay!

Admiral CONARD. I think these are the ones who are regular divers in diving suits and helmets and all of that equipment.

ADDITIONAL PAY OF ENLISTED MEN ASSIGNED AS MESSMEN The next item is “Pay of enlisted men, active.” This item core the additional pay for men assigned for duty as mess waiters. Estimate, 1939 Appropriated, 1938.

309, en Difference Allocation, 1938

14.34 Expenditure, 1937

304, ( ॥ Expenditure, 1936.


2014,37 JI’STIFICATION OF ESTIMATE Appropriation, 1938. $5,130 at $60_ Estimate, 1939, 5,389 at $60.

*$309, (P Increase


1 Base.

Change explained as follows: 1938 appropriation to 1939 estimate, increas in numbers 239 by $60, $14.310.

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