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This fourth supplement to the 1970 edition of the United States Code contains the additions to and changes in the general and permanent laws of the United States enacted during the Ninety-second Congress and the Ninety-third Congress. This supplement together with the 1970 edition establishes prima facie those laws in effect on January 2, 1975, except that titles 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 23, 28, 32, 35, 37, 38, 39, and 44, having been enacted into law, establish legal evidence of the law contained in those titles.

In addition to the general and permanent laws found herein, this supplement Includes the Bankruptcy Rules and Official Bankruptcy Forms, effective October 1, 1973, set out in the Appendix to Title 11; the Rules of Procedure of the Judicial Panel of Multi-district Litigation, set out following section 1407 of Title 28; the Federal Rules of Evidence, effective July 1, 1975, set out in the Appendix to Title 28; and the Rules of United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, effective January 1, 1974, set out in the Appendix to Title 35. These rules are incorporated into the Code to enable the user to locate in one convenient place not only the statutory enactments but also the latest procedural developments in certain specialized areas.

Increased interest in the affairs of the District of Columbia is also evident by new reference material first set out in the third supplement. Two new Tables, Tables III-A and III-B, have been added as aids in determining the relationship between provisions of the United States Code and the District of Columbia Code.

This supplement continues the practice of setting out notes captioned "Section referred to in other sections". These notes have been inserted following each section that is referred to in the text of another section, indicating the section that contains the internal reference. These notes have proved to be useful to the Congress, the bench and bar, and the public.

This supplement has been prepared under the supervision of Edward F. Willett, Jr., law revision counsel of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, with the assistance of the West Publishing Company, of St. Paul, Minnesota, which assisted in preparing all prior editions and supplements of the Code. Grateful acknowledgment is made of the cooperation by all who have helped in this work, particularly by the staffs of the publishing company and of the law revision counsel for this committee, and by the several sections of the Government Printing Office.

Peter W Polska

Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary

JANUARY 2, 1975.

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11. 13. 15.

Special Authority.
Political Activity of Certain State and Local


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TITLE 2.—THE CONGRESS 1. Election of Senators and Representatives. 2. Organization of Congress. 3. Compensation and Allowances of Members. 4. Officers and Employees of Senate and House

of Representatives. 5. Library of Congress. 6. Congressional and Committee Procedure;

Investigations. 7. Contested Elections. 8. Federal Corrupt Practices. 8A. Regulation of Lobbying. 9. Office of Legislative Counsel. 9A. Office of the Law Revision Counsel. 9B. Legislative Classification Office. 10. Classification of Employees of House of

Representatives. 10A. Payroll Administration in House of Repre

sentatives. 11.

Commission on Executive, Legislative, and

Judicial Salaries. 12. Contested Elections. 13. Joint Committee on Congressional Operations. 14. Federal Election Campaigns. 15. Office of Technology Assessment. 16. Congressional Standards and Conduct. 17.

Congressional Budget Office.

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PART 1.—THE AGENCIES GENERALLY 1. Organization. 3. Powers.

TITLE 6.-SURETY BONDS TITLE 7.–AGRICULTURE 1. Commodity Exchanges. 2. Cotton Standards. 3. Grain Standards. 4. Naval Stores.

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Chap. 53. Cotton Research and Promotion. 54. Transportation, Sale and Handling of Certain

Animals. 55. Department of Agriculture. 56. Unfair Trade Practices Affecting Producers

of Agricultural Products. 57. Plant Variety Protection. 58. Potato Research and Promotion, 59. Rural Fire Protection, Development, and

Small Farm Research and Education. 60. Egg Research and Consumer Information.


1. General Provisions. 2. Elective Franchise. 3. Civil Rights. 4. Freedmen. 5. Alien Ownership of Land. 6. Immigration. 7. Exclusion of Chinese. 8. The Cooly Trade. 9. Miscellaneous Provisions. 10. Alien Registration. 11. Nationality. 12. Immigration and Nationality. 13. Immigration and Naturalization Service. TITLE 9.-ARBITRATION 1. General Provisions. 2. Convention on the Recognition and Enforce

ment of Foreign Arbitral Awards.

TITLE 7.-AGRICULTURE-Continued Chap. 5. Importation of Adulterated Seeds. 6. Insecticides. 7. Insect Pests Generally. 7A. Golden Nematode. 7B. Plant Pests. 8. Nursery Stock and Other Plants and Plant

Products. 8A. Rubber. 9. Packers and Stockyards. 10. Warehouses. 11. Honeybees. 12. Associations of Agricultural Products Pro

ducers. 13. Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. 14. Agricultural Experiment Stations. 15. Bureau of Animal Industry. 16. Bureau of Dairy Industry. 17. Miscellaneous Matters. 18. Cooperative Marketing. 19. Cotton Statistics and Estimates. 20. Dumping or Destruction of Interstate Prod

uce. 20A. Perishable Agricultural Commodities. 21. Tobacco Statistics. 21A. Tobacco Inspection. 21B. Tobacco Control. 22. Agricultural Marketing. 23. Foreign Agricultural Service. 24. Perishable Agricultural Commodities. 25.

Export Standards for Apples and Pears. 25A. Export Standards for Grapes and Plums.

Agricultural Adjustment. 26A. Agricultural Marketing Agreements. 27. Cotton Marketing. 28. Tobacco Industry. 29. Potato Act of 1935. 30. Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum and Hog-Cholera

Virus. 31, Rural Electrification and Telephone Service. 32. Peanut Statistics. 33. Farm Tenancy. 34. Sugar Production and Control. 35. Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938. 35A. Price Support of Agricultural Commodities. 36. Crop Insurance. 37. Seeds. 38. Distribution and Marketing of Agricultural

Products. 39. Stabilization of International Wheat Market. 40. Halogeton Glomeratus Control. 41. Agricultural Trade Development and Assist

ance. 42. Agricultural Commodity Set-Aside. 43. Agricultural Attachés. 44. Wool Program. 45. Soil Bank Program. 46. Surplus Disposal of Agricultural Commodities. 47. Interchange of Department of Agriculture

and State Employees. 48. Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter. 49. Consultation on Agricultural Programs. 50. Agricultural Credit. 51. Food Stamp Program. 52. Farm Labor Contractor Registration.


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401. 403. 407.

Training Generally.
United States Military Academy.
Schools and Camps.

101. 102. 103. 104.


131. 133. 135. 137. 139. 141. 143. 145. 147. 149. 151.

Training Generally.
Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps.
Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps.
Uniformed Services University of the Health

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship

Program. Planning and Coordination. Facilities for Reserve Components. Encouragement of Aviation. Procurement Generally. Research and Development. Miscellaneous Procurement Provisions. Production by Military Agencies. Cataloging and Standardization. Utilities and Services. Issue to Armed Forces. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than to

Armed Forces. Exchange of Material and Disposal of Obso

lete, Surplus, or Unclaimed Property.
Acceptance of Gifts and Services.
Real Property; Related Personal Property; and

Lease of Non-Excess Property.
Property Records.
Military Claims.
Accountability and Responsibility.


PART IV.-SERVICE, SUPPLY, AND PROCUREMENT 431. Industrial Mobilization, Research, and Devel

opment. 433. Procurement. 435. Issue of Serviceable Material to Armed Forces. 437. Utilities and Services. 439. Sale of Serviceable Material. 441. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than to

Armed Forces. 443. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 445. Inquests; Disposition of Effects of Deceased

Persons; Captured Flags. 447. Transportation. 449. Real Property. 451. Military Claims. 453. Accountability and Responsibility. SUBTITLE C.-NAVY AND MARINE CORPS

PART 1.-ORGANIZATION 501. Definitions. 503. Department of the Navy. 505. Secretary, Under Secretary, and Assistant Sec

retaries of the Navy. 507. Office of the Comptroller of the Navy. 509. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. 513. Bureaus; Office of the Judge Advocate Gen

eral; Office of Naval Research. 515. Commandant of the Marine Corps; Head

quarters, Marine Corps. 516. Naval Districts. 517. Fleet Commands and Other High Positions 519. Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve.


155. 157. 159.

161. 163. 165.

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345. 349.

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