Public Works Appropriations for 1964: Hearings ... 88th Congress, 1st Session

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Page 10 - ... incidental thereto necessary in carrying out the purposes of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, including the acquisition or condemnation of any real property or any facility or for plant or facility acquisition, construction, or expansion; purchase (not to exceed four hundred and twenty-three for replacement only, including two at not to exceed $3,000 each) and hire of passenger motor vehicles...
Page 392 - Stores inventories are supplies, materials, and parts normally used or consumed in the production of source and special nuclear materials; in the maintenance of production plants, buildings, and other facilities; or in the operation of laboratories and experimental projects, communities and administrative activities. Stores exclude source and special nuclear materials, weapons components, special reactor materials, and other special materials.
Page 157 - The work contemplated under this project consists of many miscellaneous improvements, alterations, and additions, including minor new construction. Similar work is performed annually in order to provide for the continuity of operations, improvements to techniques, and reduction in operating costs in the facilities supporting the research and development programs. The project covers (1) all of the general plant requirements of the Argonne National Laboratory, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the...
Page 1 - Accrued costs" denotes the actual application of labor, materials, and services to the program during the year, but excludes depreciation of facilities used in the operations. The AEG does, however, maintain accounts for depreciation for the purpose of determining total costs of production and for use in establishing prices for services rendered or products sold to others.
Page 39 - The details of these amendments, the necessity therefor, and the reasons for their submission at this time are set forth in the attached letter from the Director of the Bureau of the Budget with whose comments and observations thereon I concur.
Page 112 - Public Law 85-846 authorized $3 million for the US part of the joint research and development program. This was increased by $7 million in Public Law 86-50. A further increase of $5 million was authorized by Public Law 87-701.
Page 5 - This program includes costs incurred by the Commission in furnishing materials and services to industrial organizations and other private parties apart from those which it provides normally for its own basic program. These costs are incurred only upon the request of others. Charges are made for these materials and services and the revenues derived are included under "Revenues applied.
Page 51 - These funds provide for the operation of Government facilities for the production of special nuclear and other special materials required for use in weapons manufacture, research and development and in the peaceful applications of atomic energy.