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ing the collection of the late William Packer, Esq. since deposited in the British Museum, and in this task he was assisted by J. T. Smith, Esq. Keeper of the Prints in that national establishment. The Editor has lately had the advantage of a critical examination of the collection made by the late GEORGE BARKER, Esq. of Birmingham, which was since purchased by that munificent Patron of the Arts, George The Fourth, and now forming the Royal Collection; as also the extensive collections of Henry PeTER STANDLY, Esq. of Paxton Place, near St. Neot's ; JOHN SHEEPSHANKS, Esq. of New Bond Street; and H. R. WILLETT,* Esq. of Shooter's Hill. As opportunities of inspecting these Collections did not occur till the greater part of his volume was printed, the Editor has been compelled

* In addition to those Paintings noticed in this work as belonging to Mr. Willett, he is also possessed of the following Pictures. Hudibras vanquished by Trulla, similar in design to Plate V. of “Hudibras."Happy Marriage, Plate I. engraved in S. Ireland's “ Graphic Illustrations,” as noticed p. 357.—A very pleasing sketch, representing Florizel and Perdita, in Act IV. Sc. iii. of the “ Wiuter's Tale.” This painting is erroneously described in p. 366, as the story of “Chrysostom and the Shepherdess Marcella."-Both the pictures of Rosamond's Pond, noticed in p. 367.George the Second and Family, p. 372.-A repetition of the Portrait of Lord Boyne, p. 384.—Portrait of Miss Woodley, p. 386.—The Portrait of Dr. Pellett is not in his possession, p. 386.—The Portrait of Bullock the Comedian, p. 387, was presented by Mr. Willett to Charles Mathews, Esq. the celebrated coinedian, who also possesses the portrait of Quin, p. 397.-Mr. Willett has also the Drawing of Paul before Felic, noticed in p. 397.

In a sale by auction, by Mr. W. Richardson, June 30, 1813, occurs a picture representing a Musical Party, in which were “ introduced the Portraits of the Duke of Bolton, Miss Fenton, &c., the same suhject as Marriage-à-la-Mode, Pl. IV., but differently treated."

to give his remarks as “ Additions" to the Catalogue. The Editor hopes his labours will be found useful to the Collector, although he fears they may be considered too minute for the general reader.

At the end of the volume, the Editor has given an account of such Paintings and Drawings by Hogarth, as have come to his knowledge ; but whilst he fears that some subjects are herein described which Hogarth never saw, he doubts not very many genuine productions of his pencil are buried in private collections, and remain yet to be described.

In selecting the Enbellishments, the Editor has scrupulously avoided all those given in Mr. Major's Edition of Dr. Trusler's “Hogarth Moralized ;" and as this volume is printed in an uniform manner, he hopes it may be considered as a necessary Supplement to that popular work.

J. B. NICHOLS. March 1, 1833.

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