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Public Law 95-39







SEC. 501. This title may be cited as the "National En- 42 USC 7001 ergy Extension Service Act".



SEC. 502. (a) The Congress hereby declares

(1) that the general welfare and the common defense and security require a greater public knowledge of energy conservation opportunities;

(2) that scientific identification and practical demonstration of specifically designed energy conservation opportunities, the dissemination of information relating thereto, and the prompt delivery and acceptance of specific energy conservation opportunities require a national effort;

(3) that the national effort required to develop, demonstrate, and encourage acceptance and adoption of energy conservation opportunities should be coordinated at the Federal level by the Energy Research and Development Administration;

(4) that a special effort must be made to develop and demonstrate practical alternative energy technologies such as solar heating and cooling;

(5) that successful implementation of energy conservation and new energy technologies will require both public awareness and individual capability to use the conservation opportunities and new technology;

(6) that this required awareness and capability can only be achieved on a national basis by an active outreach effort;

(7) that existing energy outreach programs are underfunded;

(8) that any Federal outreach program should be organized with the States as full participants, and each State should plan and coordinate the outreach activities within the State, optimizing the use of existing outreach capabilities;

(9) that Federal assistance should be provided for energy outreach activity, including coordinated

Service Act.

42 USC 7001.



Service. 42 USC 7002. Director.



Program development. 42 USC 7003.

energy outreach activities and technical support in each State for such efforts;

(10) that the Energy Research and Development Administration should provide overall national direction and review of federally assisted State energy outreach programs. (b) The Congress declares that the purposes of this title are

(1) to establish a positive energy outreach program directed toward small business and individual energy consumers and the organizations that influence energy consumption;

(2) to stimulate, provide for and supplement programs for the conduct of evaluation, planning and other technical support of energy conservation efforts, including energy outreach activities of States.


SEC. 503. (a) There is established in the Energy Research and Development Administration an office to be designated as the Energy Extension Service (hereinafter in this Act referred to as the "Service"). The Service shall be headed by a Director who shall be appointed by and directly responsible to the Administrator of the Energy Research and Development Administration (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator"). The Director shall be a person who by reason of training, experience, and attainments is exceptionally qualified to implement the programs of the Service. There shall be in the Service a Deputy Director who shall be appointed by the Administrator, who shall have such functions, powers, and duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Director, and who shall act for, and exercise the powers of, the Director during the absence or disability of, or in the event of a vacancy in the office of, the Director.

(b) The Director shall receive basic pay at the rate provided for level IV of the Executive Schedule in section 5315 of title 5, United States Code.

(c) The Director shall have overall responsibility for the national direction of the comprehensive program developed under section 504 and of all other activities conducted under this title and shall annually review the programs of the various States under sections 505 and 506 to insure that they are effectively promoting the realization of the objectives of this title.


SEC. 504. (a) The Service shall develop and implement a comprehensive program for the identification, development, and practical demonstration of energy conserving opportunities, techniques, materials, and equipment, in

cluding opportunities, techniques, or methods responsive to local needs or resources, and alternative energy technologies such as solar heating and cooling, for

(1) agricultural, commercial, and small business operations, and

(2) new and existing residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings or structures.

Such program shall provide for technical assistance, instruction, information, dissemination, and practical demonstrations in energy conservation opportunities, and shall provide an active interface with end use energy consumers at the local level for the purpose of offering active outreach assistance and affording a communication channel for end user technology requirements. Such outreach assistance shall be provided by means of such appropriate local offices, including metropolitan city offices, county agents, and technical staff assistants, and may be required to provide energy extension services.



(b) The program authorized under subsection (a) of Technical this section shall permit each State to establish a tech- institutes. nical support institute at one or more colleges or universities designated by the Governor of that State. Each such institute shall—

(1) have as its purpose to assist in implementation of the State energy extension service; and

(2) provide such analyses and technical support as is necessary for effective State energy extension service activities.

(c) The comprehensive program developed under subsection (a) shall be implemented and carried out within each State pursuant to sections 505 and 506.

(d) The Director shall take such steps as may be necessary to insure that the comprehensive program is implemented in a manner which minimizes conflict with existing services in the private sector of the economy that are similar to those provided under such program.


SEC. 505. (a) The Director shall within forty-five days after the effective date of this title invite the Governor of each State through competitive procurement to submit a plan for the conduct of energy extension service activities as described in section 504 of this title throughout such State including provisions for appropriate technical support within such State of such activities, to disseminate information and provide advice and assistance to individuals, groups, and units of State and local government by means of

(1) specific studies and recommendations applicable to individual residences, businesses, and agricultural or commercial establishments;

submittal to Director.

State plans,

42 USC 7004.


(2) demonstration projects;

(3) distribution of studies and instructional materials;

(4) seminars and other training sessions for State and local government officials and the public; and (5) other public outreach programs.

(b) Each State shall be accorded not more than ninety days to submit a plan to the Director under subsection (a) of this section. The Director shall promptly review such proposals and shall, with the approval of the Administrator, and subject to the limitations of section 512 (c) (1) and (2), provide funds adequate for the support of the proposed energy outreach plan of a State if the Director finds that, such plan

(1) meets the objectives of this title;

(2) was prepared with opportunity for input from State, county, and local officials, State universities, colleges and community colleges, cooperative extension services, community service action agencies, and other public or private organizations involved in active energy outreach programs;

(3) consistent with the objectives and requirements of this title, makes optimum use of existing outreach or delivery mechanisms or programs, and includes to the optimum extent any existing State, local, university, college, or other organizations' programs for energy information, education, or technology transfer which have objectives similar to those of this title and activities similar or related to those specified in section 504 and subsection (a) of this section;

(4) provides that the State will maintain, or require other participating entities within the State to maintain, and make available upon request to the Director, such records with respect to the use and expenditure of any Federal funds paid to the State. or to entities within the State, under this title as the Director may require;

(5) provides for the establishment of effective procedures for responding to external inputs and inquiries:

(6) requires that, to the extent possible, within personnel and funding limitations, on-site energy evaluations will be made available to all consumers and small business concerns, and to other business concerns within such limitations (as to size or otherwise) as the Director may specify:

(7) provides that the State will furnish and widely disseminate information on the types of assistance available under this title, and under other Federal and State laws, with respect to the planning, financing, installation, and effective monitoring of energy-related facilities and activities:

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