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1870. Jel. 14

Edward S. Rand

of Boston
(H.C. 1855.)



In placing this GENERAL CATALOGUE of my stock of Books before the public, I beg to state that these Books have been brought together by me on account either of their intrinsic value or their fine condition. The Libraries of many eminent Collectors and distinguished Savants are here united in one focus, and thus collected and arranged, form a picture of the whole range of Literature, displaying the marvellous literary activity of the Human Mind at all periods in the existence of civilized nations.

Seldom before has such an extensive Catalogue of the chief or STANDARD WORKS of the Literature of all Countries been issued : they are here represented,-occasionally by an early Manuscript, often by the Editio Princeps, usually by the best edition, and sometimes by the cheapest modern reprint.

Especial pains have been taken to gather an almost complete Series of the TRANSACTIONS of the Learned Societies of Europe, America and Asia. Of MANUSCRIPTS, which are somewhat scattered throughout the Catalogue, the number is about a thousand, including early Biblical and Classical Codices from the Xth Century down. wards, Iluminated Missals, Chronicles, and an extensive collection of Oriental works.

When the great difficulty is considered, which now exists, to obtain valuable books at MODERATE PRICES, the collection here offered for sale, will, I trust, be thought deserving attention. I have bestowed many years of the most energetic part of my life in getting these books together, and they are now offered at their fair market value, many of them even below it. I quote on this subject an extract from a letter in the “Times” of Feb. 29, 1868:

“A delusion which it may be well to dispel, is that large establishments must necessarily entail higher charges. The contrary is “ really nearer the truth, for the larger the trade the more advan

tageously it can be conducted in point of cost of goods and average “ of expenses.”

The CLASSIFICATION of the Books is generally such as to facilitate reference; but is, in some cases, rather arbitrary, this arising chiefly from the fact that many books were obtained when some advance had been made in the printing of the Catalogue, and the new purchases were necessarily inserted in not always the most appropriate places.

The ALPHABETICAL INDEX has been made with care, and has been a most tedious labour. I trust, however, that it will be the means of securing for my Catalogue an honorable place on the bibliographical shelf of Public Libraries, Book Collectors and Savants.

New PURCHASES are added to my stock every day ;—they are advertised gradually in my Monthly Catalogues, which are sent postfree for three shillings per annum. To eager collectors, I recommend a weekly call at my Establishment to secure an early sight of these New Purchases.

To Gentlemen forming a Library, I beg to offer my services in supplying all the best STANDARD Books of English Literature, with an admixture of such foreign works as are indispensable in a good ENGLISH LIBRARY.

To Collectors of RARE Books, I offer my assistance in procuring their Desiderata; as my extensive connections with Book-sellers and Book-collectors throughout Europe, give me a fair hope of success.

NEW ENGLISH and FOREIGN Books I supply at the usual rate.

Gentlemen residing abroad can have all their London COMMISBIONS carefully attended to.

Finally, I beg that this Catalogue may not be judged severely ; being a Bookseller's Catalogue, it has only one object, and that is : to attain the sale of the Books advertised. Every Book has however been honestly described, and Gentlemen who favour me with their orders can rely upon receiving good copies in good condition.


London, June, 1868.

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