A Complete Catalogue of Books General, Theological, Historical, Artistic, Educational, and Juvenile: To which is Appended a Separate List of the Volumes Included in Bohn's Libraries. [Oct., 1886, '88, Sept., 1889].

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Page 23 - of Art. DYER (Dr. TH) POMPEII: its Buildings and Antiquities. An Account of the City, with full Description of the Remains and Recent Excavations, and also an Itinerary for Visitors. By TH Dyer, LL.D. With nearly 300 Wood Engravings, a large Map, and a Plan of the Forum. 4th and cheaper Edition. [1874.]
Page 38 - MOKPHY'S GAMES OF CHESS, being the Matches and best Games played by the American Champion, with explanatory and analytical Notes by J. Lowenthal. With short Memoir and Portrait of Morphy. This volume contains by far the largest collection of games played by Mr. Morphy extant in any form, and has received his endorsement and cooperation.
Page 21 - ROGER OP WENDOVER'S FLOWERS OF HISTORY, comprising the History of England from the Descent of the Saxons to AD 1235, formerly ascribed to Matthew Paris. Translated from the Latin, with Short Notes and Index, by JA Giles, DCL 2 vols. SIX OLD ENGLISH CHRONICLES: viz., ASSER'S LIFE OF ALFRED AND THE CHRONICLES OF ETHELWERD, GILDAS, NENNIUS, GEOFFREY OF
Page 28 - Bechstein. TALES OP THE GENII; or, the Delightful Lessons of Horam, the Son, of Asmar. Translated from the Persian by Sir Charles Morell. Numerous Woodcuts and 12 Steel Engravings. TASSO'S JERUSALEM DELIVERED. Translated into English Spenserian Verse, with a Life of the Author, by 3.
Page 14 - BOHN'S SC. LIB. BOND (JJ) A HANDY-BOOK OF RULES AND TABLES for Verifying Dates with the Christian Era, &c. Giving an account of the Chief Eras and Systems used by various Nations; with easy Methods for determining the Corresponding Dates. By the late JJ Bond, Assistant Keeper of the Public Records.
Page 21 - With very copious General and Chronological Indexes. 4 vols. PAULI'S (Dr. R.) LIFE OF ALFRED THE GREAT. Translated from the German. To which is appended Alfred's ANGLO-SAXON VERSION OF OROSIUS. With a literal Translation interpaged, Notes, and an ANGLO-SAXON GRAMMAR and Glossary, by B. Thorpe, Esq. With woodcut Frontispiece.
Page 10 - by JE Ryland. OCKLEY (S.) HISTORY OF THE SARACENS AND THEIR CONQUESTS IN SYRIA, PERSIA, AND EGYPT. Comprising the Lives of Mohammed and his Successors to the Death of Abdalmelik, the Eleventh Caliph. By Simon Ockley, BD, Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge. 6th edition. With Portrait of Mohammed. PERCY'S
Page 26 - or, Calendar of Victory : being a Record of British Valour and Conquest by Sea and Land, on every day in the year, from the time of William the Conqueror to the battle of Inkermann. By Major Johns, RM, and Lieutenant PH Nicolas, RM, with chronological and alphabetical Indexes,
Page 40 - of reading, and it everywhere bears evidence of a scholar's eye and taste. There must be, as we judge, nearly 8000 quotations in the volume, ranging from Chaucer to Tennyson.'—Times. BUCHANAN'S DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNICAL TERMS USED IN PHILOSOPHY, LITERATURE, PROFESSIONS, COMMERCE, ARTS, AND TRADES. With Supplement by Jas. A. Smith. 6s.
Page 31 - DICTIONARY OP LATIN AND GREEK QUOTATIONS; including Proverbs, Maxims, Mottoes, Law Terms and Phrases. With all the Quantities marked, and English Translations. With Index Verborum (622 pages). 6s. Index Verborum to the above, with the Quantities and Accents marked (56 pages), limp cloth, is. EPICTETUS. THE DISCOURSES

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