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States can use their set-aside to direct fuel to specific areas in emergency and hardship cases. FEO does have the authority, and uses it, to adjust base period volumes for individual stations to allow for unusual growth caused by the closing of outlets or withdrawal of companies from an area.

10. What is the status of FEO's audit of refineries? When will the information from this audit be available?

The audit of refineries is still in progress. The audit is currently scheduled to be completed by May 30, 1974. It is possible that the audit deadline will be extended.

11. Was hoarding or stockpiling found in Massachusetts? If so, to what extent?

No hoarding was found in Massachusetts. 12. For what states do you have growth rate figures? What are the figures ?

We have growth rate figures for all states. The growth rate is the percentage increase in equivalent motor vehicle registrations over the most recent two year period available. Equivalent motor vehicle registrations are determined on a basis of: 1 for each automobile; 1.55 for each bus; 1.71 for each truck; 0.27 for each motorcycle.

13. How did FEO deal with the transshipment issue involving the port of Boston? How did FEO determine what was going to Massachusetts and what was going elsewhere?

FEO dealt with the issue and determined the amounts transshipped through discussions with refiners, importers and prime suppliers.

[blocks in formation]

2. Street Address

10. Type of Product: Complete separate form for each type of fuel.
i Oa.
0 110 Propane

100. O 540 #5 & #6 for 3. City

4. State
5. Zip Code 106. O 120 Butane

Non-Utilities 10c. O 130 Propanel

10p. O 550 Bunker C Butane Mix

109. 0560 Navy Special 7a. Person to Contact 7b. Telephone (Include 10d. 0 200 Motor

10r. O 570 Other Area Code)

Residuals Gasoline

10s. O 710 Lubricants

10e. O 310 Kerosene 8. Location to which supply is delivered (If different from above - Attach

10t. O720 Special additional sheets if more than one location - Complete 8a. through 8d.) 10f. O 320 #2 Heating Oil

Naphthas 10g. 330 Diesel Fuel

10u. O 730 Solvents 8a. Street Address • Delivery Location

10h. 340 Other Middle

10v. 0 740 Miscellaneous Distillates

10i. 0 410 Aviation 8b. City

8c. State
8d. Zip Code

10j. 0 420 Kerosene Jet

• Fuel

10k. O 430 Naphtha 9a. Storage Capacity of 96. Current Inventory of

Jet Fuel Delivery Location (Gallons)

Delivery Location (Gallons)

101. 0 510 #4 for Utilities
10m. I 520 #5 & #6 for

Utilities 11. Type of Request (Please Check)

10n. O 530 #4 for Non11a. Request For Assignment of Supplier

Utilities 11b. Request for Assignment of Base Period Supply Volume

10w. Specify Grade of Product 11c. Request for Adjustment of Base Period Supply Volume

Adjustment less than 20%. 11d. Request for Adjustment of Base Period Supply Volume - Adjustment Equal To or Greater Than 20%* ile. Request for Assignment of Non Bonded Fuels (See Instructions)

* All adjustments must be greater than 10% for motor gasoline and 5% for all other products.


Name and Address of Suppliers (or Potential Suppliers if Requesting Assignment of a Supplier) - Complete 12 a. through 12f. List principal supplier on the first line and others below. If more than four, provide additional sheets.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

End Use - describe briefly:
If there is a credit or legal problem involving your supply, briefly describe (Attach additional information if necessary).

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September February


October March


November April


December 1Sb. Base Period Supply Volume 15c. Does this base period supply volume agree with your supplier? Check O Yes

If "No" attach copy of Base Period Supply Volume Report and briefly describe disagreement.

Total 1

supply no


Actual purchases in the last twelve months and the percentage of the comparable base period month (Total for all use categones in 166.)

[blocks in formation]


Actual purchases in the last twelve months and the percentage of the comparable base period month by use category. (Space for three use

categories is provided. If more than three exist, attach additional sheets using the following format.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Requested adjusted base period supply volume and the percentage of the comparable base period month.

[blocks in formation]


Justification for volumes requested in item 17 above. Describe in detail the reasons justifying this roquest. (See Instructions)


Have you applied to the State for exceptional hardship





Have you ever filed this form with the Federal Government for the type of feel you are presently requesting actor Check Yes of yes

O No
Other significant factors, special requirements, or remarks Provide additonal sheets if required).

give case #




List titles of attached sheets.


Certification - 1 hereby certify that the above statements are true, accurate, and complete to the best of my kar vledge and that any quantity requested for priority use will be used only for that use.


Signature of person completing form

Signature and title of certifying company official International Air Carriers: Additional Certification for Assignment of Non-Bonded Fuels - I hereby certify that bonded fuel supplies are not available at any price to provide a level of fuel comparable to the average percentage of base period fuel currently supplied to other international air carriers operating into the U.S.

Signature and title of certifying company official

Title 18 USC Sec. 1001 makes it a crime for any person knowingly and willfully to make to any department or agency of the United States any false, fictitious or fradulent statements or representations as to any matter within its jurisdiction.

(Supercedes OOG-PAP-17-11-73)

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