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I. Secretaries of State.-.-

II. Counselors for the Department of State.

III. Undersecretaries of State.....

IV. Assistant Secretaries of State....

V. Second Assistant Secretaries of State...

VI. Third Assistant Secretaries of State...

VII. Chief Clerks...

VIII. Officers and clerks of the Department.


Professional and scientific service.

Subprofessional service ---

Clerical, administrative, and fiscal service...

Custodial service...

Passport agencies of the Department.---

Persons retired from the Department under the provisions of the act of

May 22, 1920.

IX. Organization of the Department.--

Office of the Secretary of State.

Office of the Undersecretary of State..----

Office of Assistant Secretary of State Carr

Office of Assistant Secretary of State Castle.

Office of Assistant Secretary of State White..---

Office of Assistant Secretary of State Johnson..

Office of the Solicitor.---

Office of the Chief Clerk and Administrative Assistant...

Foreign Service Personnel Board....

Division of Far Eastern Affairs.---

Division of Latin-American Affairs .

Division of Western European Affairs

Division of Near Eastern Affairs.--

Division of Mexican Affairs..--

Division of Eastern European Affairs.

Office of the Economic Adviser...

Passport Division

Office of the Historical Adviser

Division of Current Information...

Division of Foreign Service Administration.---

Division of International Conferences and Protocol

Treaty Division.---

Bureau of Indexes and Archives...

Bureau of Accounts....

Translating Bureau.--

Visa Office -

Office of Coordination and Review.

Foreign Service Buildings Office..

Disbursing Office....

Board of Review for Efficiency Ratings



X. Foreign Service of the United States....

Albania, 41; Argentina, 41; Austria, 41; Belgium, 42; Bolivia, 42; Brazil, 42;

Bulgaria, 43; Canada, 43; Chile, 45; China, 45; Colombia, 46; Costa Rica,

47; Cuba, 47; Czechoslovakia, 48; Danzig, Free City of, 48; Denmark, 48;

Dominican Republic, 48; Ecuador, 48; Egypt, 49; El Salvador, 49; Estonia,

49; Ethiopia (Abyssinia), 49; Finland, 49; France and Possessions, 50;

Germany, 51; Great Britain and Northern Ireland, British Dominions

beyond the Seas, India, 52; Greece, 56; Guatemala, 56; Haiti, 56; Honduras,

56; Hungary, 57; Iraq (Mesopotamia), 57; Irish Free State, 57; Italy, 57;

Japanese Empire, 58; Latvia, 59; Liberia, 59; Lithuania, 59; Luxemburg,

60; Mexico, 60; Monaco, 61; Morocco, 61; Netherlands and Possessions,

62; Nicaragua, 62; Norway, 62; Palestine, 63; Panamá, 63; Paraguay, 63;

Persia, 63; Perú, 63; Poland, 64; Portugal and Possessions, 64; Rumania,

64; San Marino, 65; Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Kingdom of the, 65; Siam,

65; Spain, 65; Sweden, 66; Switzerland, 66; Syria, 67; Turkey, 67; Uruguay,

67; Venezuela, 67.

Foreign Service officers detailed as inspectors...

Foreign Service officers assigned temporarily to the Department -

XI. Consular districts------

XII. Supervisory consular offices and the limits of their jurisdiction..-

XIII. Tariff of United States consular fees --

XIV. Disposition of fees and compensation of consular agents and vice consuls--

Fees collected at consular agencies for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1928.--

XV. Officers of the Department, chiefs of mission, and diplomatic agents promoted

from the ranks of the Foreign Service.--

XVI. Classification of Foreign Service officers...

XVII. Foreign Service officers retired from active service under the provisions of the

acts of May 24, 1924, and July 3, 1926 ---

XVIII. Biography: Persons serving under appointment of the Department of State,

at home or abroad, and Diplomatic and Foreign Service officers who retired

from the service during the year 1928

XIX. Obituary: Diplomatic and Foreign Service officers who died during the year 1928-

XX. Biographical reference: List of Diplomatic, Consular, and Foreign Service offi-

cers who have died in or retired from the service since January 1, 1906, show-

ing date of the Register in which their biography last appeared..

XXI. List of principal diplomatic agents of the United States, March 4, 1789–

January 1, 1929.

XXII. Regulations concerning precedence of diplomatic agents..

XXIII. Organization of the Foreign Service.---

XXIV. Board of Examiners for the Foreign Service..

XXV. Dispatch agents---

XXVI. International Commissions, Committees, Institutes, Tribunals, etc.

International Prison Commission...

International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico ----

Alaskan Boundary Delimitation Commission and Canadian Boundary Delimi-

tation Commission

International Joint Commission, United States and Canada.

Inter American High Commission

Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany

International Fisheries Commission, United States and Canada -

General Claims Commission, United States and Mexico.

XXVI. International Commissions, Committees, Institutes, Tribunals, etc.-Contd.

Special Claims Commission, United States and Mexico....

International Water Commission, United States and Mexico..

Tripartite Claims Commission, United States, Austria, and Hungary ---

International Peace Commissions..

Pan American Union.--

Pan American Railway Committee.--

Pan American Committee of the United States.--

Permanent International Association of Road Congresses.

International Institute of Agriculture at Rome..--

American International Institute for the Protection of Childhood.

International Office of Public Health at Paris..

Mixed Tribunals of Egypt.---

Pe anent Court of Arbitration..

United States Court for China...

List of Permanent International Bureaus, Unions, etc., of which the United

States is a member but to which member governments do not appoint

official representatives..--

XXVII. United States Delegations to International Conferences, Congresses, etc., held

during the year 1928-

Sixth International Conference of American States..

Preparatory Commission for the Disarmament Conference

International Conference for the Revision of the Convention of Berlin of

1908 for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works..

Eighth World's Dairy Congress-

International Social Fortnight...

Second Conference for the Abolition of Import and Export Prohibitions and


Commission on the Map of the World on the Millionth Scale--

International Geographical Congress.-

Second International Congress of Radiology ---

Sixth International Congress for Art Education, Drawing and Art Applied to


First Pan-Pacific Women's Conference.--

Nineteenth International Congress against Alcoholism.-

Special Commission for the Preparation of a Draft Convention on the Manu-

facture of Arms and Ammunition and Implements of War...

Seventeenth International Congress of Orientalists.-

International Country Life Commission.---

Fifth International Medical Congress of Industrial Accidents and Occupational


Eighth International Congress of Mathematicians..

International Telegraph Conference..

Twenty-third International Congress of Americanists.

Sixth Conference of the International Union against Tuberculosis-

Fifth World Motor Transport Congress -

International Conference for the Protection of the Rights of Authors.

Ninth General Assembly of the International Institute of Agriculture..

The General Meeting of Governmental Experts on Double Taxation and Tax


Thirteenth International Red Cross Conference.




Secretary of State

Date of com


Sept. 26, 1789

George Washington.. Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia.--.

Entered upon duties Mar. 22, 1790. Retired Dec. 31,


Jan. 2, 1794

Dec. 10, 1795

May 13, 1800

Edmund Randolph, of Virginia..-

Entered upon duties Jan. 2, 1794. Retired Aug. 19, 1795.
Timothy Pickering, of Pennsylvania (Secretary of War).-

Ad interim Aug. 20, 1795, to Dec. 9, 1795.
Timothy Pickering, of Pennsylvania

Entered upon duties Dec. 10, 1795.
John Adams.

Continued from last administration. Retired May 12, 1800.
Charles Lee, of Virginia (Attorney General)----

Ad interim May 13, 1800, to June 5, 1800.
John Marshall, of Virginia.---

Entered upon duties June 6, 1800. Retired Feb. 4, 1801.
John Marshall, of Virginia (Chief Justice of the United


Ad interim Feb. 4, 1801, to Mar. 4, 1801.
Thomas Jefferson... Levi Lincoln, of Massachusetts (Attorney General).

Ad interim Mar. 4, 1801, to May 1, 1801.
James Madison, of Virginia..

Entered upon duties May 2, 1801. Retired Mar. 3, 1809.
James Madison...- Robert Smith, of Maryland.----

Entered upon duties Mar. 6, 1809. Retired Apr. 1, 1811.
James Monroe, of Virginia.---

Entered upon duties Apr. 6, 1811. Retired Sept. 30, 1814.
James Monroe, of Virginia (Secretary of War) -

Ad interim Oct. 1, 1814, to Feb. 28, 1815.
James Monroe, of Virginia...

Entered upon duties Mar. 1, 1815. Retired Mar. 3, 1817.
James Monroe.. John Graham (Chief Clerk).

Ad interim Mar. 4, 1817, to Mar. 9, 1817.
Richard Rush, of Pennsylvania (Attorney General) -

Ad interim Mar. 10, 1817, to Sept. 22, 1817.
John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts.

Entered upon duties Sept. 22, 1817. Retired Mar. 3, 1825.

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