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HE pen has done more | States is refreshing to English people.
than the sword to keep Controlled by the calmer fashions of the
alive international ani- Old World, it is a beneficial stimulus, and
mosities; the pen can an international good.
do more than trade or The discovery of a weighty reason for a
treaties to heal them. new literary venture is almost as difficult
The kinship of a com- as the discovery of a new country. We
mon speech, and the consider ourselves fortunate, therefore, in
heritage of a common finding such important vacant ground as

ry, have been less that which an International Annual must potent in bringing the people of England occupy. and the people of the United States to Some of our readers have heard the story understand each other than the steady of the stranger who went into an English growth of a literature to which both church during a charity service. On a may

equal claim. Warne's pathetic theme, the preacher was most eloInternational Annual aims to continue the quent. The entire congregation, with one work which is being done by American exception, was in tears. The exception was writers in England, and English writers in the stranger. After the benediction the America. It presents a combination of leading pew-owners gathered around him authors and artists of whom the one section inquiring how it was possible he could is as distinctly English as the other is cha- listen to the heart-rending story of the racteristically American. In these practical preacher without being moved. days, our enterprise may find favour with “Well," he said, with irritating coolness, .utilitarians upon the ground of international "the fact is I don't belong to the parish !" usefulness, as a new link of amity between Now, in future we do not propose to leave two great peoples.

the American author in that position. We But we offer our work on other grounds invite him to come into the parish ; and we besides those of mere policy. We stretch intend to make him useful. Scribner's out our hands to the authors across the Magazine has shown us what he is, alone, Atlantic, and join. them with the writers in periodical literature. Warne's Interhere, because we believe such a union national Annual will put him to the friendly will produce a novel and attractive work. test of association, in an English periodical, Handicapped by the absence of an Inter- with English authors. Then, he can no national copyright, our American cousins longer say that he does not belong to the have, nevertheless, developed a literary parish; while the parish, we feel sure, will activity with which it is pleasant to be in welcome him, and be the better for his contact. The vigour of life in the United companionship.

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