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Title 18---------------------

Title 19 (Rev. 1953).----------

Title 20---------------------

Title 21 (Rev. 1955)----------
Titles 22–23-----------------

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Title 34 (Reserved)

Titles 35–37-----------------

Title 38---------------------

Title 39 (Rev. 1955)---------
Titles 40–42–~---------------
Title 43 (Rev. 1954) ---------
Titles 44–45-----------------
Title 46, Parts 1–145 (Rev.
1952) --------------------
Title 46, Part 146 to End (Rev.
Titles 47–48 (Rev. 1953).------
Title 49, Parts 1–70-----------
Title 49, Parts 71–90 (Rev.

Title 49, Parts 91–164_________

Title 49, Part 165 to End______

Title 50---------------------

General Index (Rev. 1955)----

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* As of January 1, 1956, all regulations in these titles are in the Pocket Supplements,
pending revision of the basic volumes.

Order from Superintendent of Documents
Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C.


This book contains a general index to those provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations which were in force and effect on January 1, 1956. It replaces the General Index published in 1950 and its Pocket Supplement. Since the provisions of the Code which were in effect on January 1, 1956, appear in part in the basic Code volumes and in part in the Pocket Supplements to those volumes, the index references may lead either to the basic Code volumes, or to Pocket Supplements, or to both. Subject matter is indexed primarily under the names of agencies issuing regulations, and there each regulation is treated in detail. There are also many main entries giving references to ideas of general interest. References are not to pages but to Code title and part, or to title and section: e. g., “7 Part 58° refers to Part 58 in Title 7, and “7 $58.5” refers to section 58.5 in Title 7. Reprints of the General Prefaces to the 1949 Edition of the Code of Federal Regulations, and to the 1938 Edition, follow this preface. B. R. KENNEDY D. C. EBERHART

November 1, 1956

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