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Vertical turbine pump industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 172
Accounts, records and reports of water carriers; regulations respecting. See

Interstate Commerce Commission; and Maritime Administration.
Agents for; service agreements between United States and general agents or

berth agents. See National Shipping Authority.
Alaska; operation of U. S. S. North Star in, 25 Part 3
Aliens arriving by vessel:
Immigration regulations respecting entry, documentary requirements,

examination, etc. See Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Ports of entry for; immigration regulations, 8 § 231.6
Sale, transfer, etc., of vessels to; approval by Maritime Administration, 46

Part 221
War-built vessels, 46 $ 299.25
Steamship lines, responsibility of, in connection with aliens entering United

States; immigration regulations, 8 Parts 232, 233, 237, 243
Transportation of certain aliens, under Trading with the Enemy Act;

licenses, 22 Part 80
American vessels in foreign ports or on high seas; responsibility of consular

officers, etc. See State Department.
Arming of United States merchant cargo vessels, 46 $$ 147.06–1–147.06–5
Army Department regulations:

Charter of vessels, 32 Part 632

Contracts; master contract for repair and alteration of vessels, 32 $ 605.009
Arrival of vessels:

Advance notice of arrival time in port, 33 Part 124
Documentation of seamen employed aboard, preparation of crew list, crew-

list visas, etc. See State Department.
Entrance and clearance of vessels; customs regulations, 19 Part 4
Immigration regulations. See Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Quarantine requirements. See Public Health Service.

Reports of, by Collector of Customs to Census Bureau, 15 $ 30.48
Brokerage commissions, maximum, applicable to National Shipping Authority

vessels, 32A Chapter XVIII, DTO-2
Bunker oil for, withdrawal from customs custody, 19 $ 10.62
Canal Zone, vessels in; operation, navigation, etc., regulations respecting. See

Panama Canal.
Charter of vessels:

By aliens, 46 Part 221
By Army Department, 32 Part 632
Transportation of coal, grain, etc., by chartered vessels, to various coun-

tries. See National Shipping Authority.
War-built vessels, charter to aliens or citizens under Merchant Ship Sales

Act, 46 Part 299
China; restrictions on movement of American ships and transportation of cer-

tain commodities to Communist China, Hong Kong and Macao, 32A Chap-

ter VII, T-1 and T-2
Coal, grain, and iron ore, transportation to various countries; rates, etc. See

National Shipping Authority.
Construction of new vessels under Federal Maritime Board construction con-

tracts; operators' responsibility under guarantee clause, 46 Part 247
Construction reserve funds for vessels:

Income and excess profits taxes regulations, 26 Part 32

Subsidized vessels. See Maritime Administration.
Contiguous foreign territory, vessels from. See Canada; and Mexico.
Contraband articles (firearms, narcotics, etc.); seizure of vessels transporting,

26 Parts 153, 466, 468; 31 Part 401
Counterfeit coins, obligations, securities, etc., seizure and forfeiture of vessels

used to transport; regulations of Secret Service, 31 Part 401
Crewmen. See main heading Seamen.
Customs regulations respecting documentation, measurement, entry and clear-

ance, etc. See Customs Bureau.
Damage to public works by vessels; determinations respecting, by Corps of

Engineers, 33 $ 209.405

Decommissioning ships; authority and responsibility of general agents to de-

commission ships and tankers to be withdrawn from operation and placed

in reserve fleet, 32A Chapter XVIII, OPR-4, OPR-6
Disasters, maritime; consular authority over vessels wrecked, etc., 22 Part 131
Distress messages, transmission, etc. See Federal Communications Commission.
Drawback of customs duties on vessels, materials, supplies, etc., 19 $ $ 22.1, 22.3,

22.4, 22.18
Emergency evacuation, vessels requisitioned by United States for, 33 $ 19.04;

46 $ 154.04
Excise tax on transportation of persons or property:

Persons, 26 $$ 130.50-130.79

Property, 26 Part 143
Explosives or other dangerous articles, transportation or storage of:

By vessels. See Coast Guard.

By water carriers in interstate commerce, 49 88 71.9–71.11, 73.4
Export control, 15 $$ 370-4 (e), 399.1 (Group 7)
Foreign operators; annual reporting of revenues for carrying imports into,

and expenditures in United States, 15 Part 802
Foreign vessels in United States waters:

Dangerous articles on, handling, stowage, etc., 46 § 147.01-7

Shipboard radio stations on, 47 $$ 8.261–8.263
Freight rates:

Steamship conferences using contract/non-contract rates, 46 Part 236
Transportation of coal, grain, and iron ore to foreign countries; rates, etc.

See National Shipping Authority.
Government contracts with vessel companies (common carriers with published

tariff rates); statutory exemption of contracts from provisions of Public

Contracts Act, 41 $ 201.2
Income from operation of vessels by nonresident aliens; taxation pursuant to

treaties with various countries. See Internal Revenue Service.
Inspection, certification, etc., of merchant marine vessels. See Coast Guard.
Marine protection and idemnity; policies, premiums, claims, etc., 32A Chap-

ter XVIII, INS-1
War risk insurance, for vessels and owners, and for seamen, 46 Part 308
Interstate transportation of freight or passengers; regulations respecting water

carriers. See Interstate Commerce Commission.
Launch services, acceptable as vessel operating expense, under service agree-

ment, 32A Chapter XVIII, OPR-3
Library service for American merchant marine, authority of general agents to

provide for, 32A Chapter XVIII, AGE-7
Lifesaving equipment on merchant marine vessels; specifications for, etc. See

Coast Guard.
Lights and lighting of vessels. See Coast Guard.
Mail, transportation of, 39 Part 95
Maintenance, repair, and operating supplies for water transportation systems,

32A Chapter VI, M-70, and Regulation 1, Table II
Manning requirements. See Coast Guard; and Maritime Administration.
Maritime Administration vessels; exemption from penalty for violation of cus-

toms revenue or navigation laws, 19 g 23.10
Maritime carriers:

Charter, documentation, rates, etc. See Maritime Administration.

Personnel, procedures, etc. See Coast Guard.
Materials and equipment for vessels; specifications for, etc. See Coast Guard;

and Maritime Administration.
Merchant vessels; equipment, operations, etc. See Coast Guard.
Mortgage insurance. See Maritime Administration.
Narcotics, possession of, by vessels:

Contraband narcotics, seizure of vessels transporting, 26 Parts 153, 466
Forfeited vessels; petition for remission of forfeiture, 21 8 304.1 (f); 26 $ 153.8

Medical stores of narcotic drugs on board vessels, 21 8 302.53
Naval vessels:

Excess profits on Navy contracts for, taxation of, 26 Part 17
Merchant crews on vessels under Navy jurisdiction, in foreign ports; ship-

ment, etc., 32 8 765.15

Naval vessels Continued

Surplus vessels, disposal of, 32 $ 736.5 (d)
Trespassing on, 32 $ 765.3

Visitors on, 32 $ 765.4
Navigation requirements for certain vessels in inland and coastal waters. See

Coast Guard.
North Atlantic routes for passenger vessels, 33 Part 105
Numbering of undocumented vessels; requirements, 46 Part 172

Certificate, 46 $ 2.30
Operation, inspection, certification, etc., of merchant marine vessels. See Coast

Pacific Islands Trust Territory; vessels of Interior Department, operated by

Pacific Micronesian Lines, Inc., to furnish transportation for, 33 $ 19.35;

46 $ 154.35
Passenger vessels; equipment, operations, etc. See Coast Guard.
Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946, charter of vessels under, 46 Part 311
Protection and security of vessels, harbors and waterfront facilities. See Coast

Guard; and Panama Canal.
Public health regulations, for vessels engaged in foreign or interstate traffic;

quarantine, sanitation and food. See Public Health Service.
Quarantine regulations, for vessels engaged in foreign or interstate traffic. See

Panama Canal; and Public Health Service.
Radio installations for safety purposes on shipboard, radio services, etc. See

Federal Communications Commission.
Radionavigation aids. See Federal Communications Commission.
Relief supplies for foreign countries, ocean transportation of:

Commercial forwarding of, 46 Part 243
Ocean shipments of supplies by voluntary nonprofit relief agencies, 22

Part 202
Repairs for vessels operating under service agreement; responsibility of general

agents. See National Shipping Authority.
Reserve fleet; authority of general agents to decommission ships withdrawn

from operation and placed in reserve fleet, 32A Chapter XVIII, OPR-4
Safeguarding of vessels, ports, etc. See Coast Guard; and Panama Canal.
Safety radio equipment on shipboard, requirements. See Federal Communica-

tions Commission,
Sale, transfer, etc., of vessels under Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946, etc., 46

Parts 221, 299
Salvage vessels, application for operation, etc.; customs regulations, 19 $ 4.97
School ships and vessels. See Coast Guard; and Maritime Administration.
Sea speed of vessels, formula for determining, 46 Part 246
Seamen. See Seamen.
Ships' stores and supplies:
Customs regulations:

Drawback of duties and taxes on, 19 $ 22.18
In foreign-trade zones, 19 $ 30.16

Removal from zone, 26 $ 199.3
Withdrawal of; exemption from customs duties and internal-revenue

tax, landing of bonded supplies and stores, crediting or cancellation

of bonds, 19 $$ 10.59-10.65
Excise tax on liquors, tobacco, etc., for. See Internal Revenue Service.
Explosives and other dangerous articles as ships' stores, 46 Part 147
Export control, 15 $$ 371.13, 372.7
Export declarations not required, 15 § 30.49
Foreign-trade zone, removal of supplies from, 26 $ 199.3
Slop chests, provisions respecting under general agency agreement, 32A

Chapter XVIII, OPR-1
Specifications for materials for vessels, for livesaving equipment, etc. See Coast

Speed of maritime carriers; formula for determining sea speed, 46 Part 246
Subsidized vessels and operators, operating-differential subsidy agreement, etc.

See Maritime Administration.
Supplies. See Ships' stores and supplies.


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Tonnage measurements of vessels for customs purposes, and tonnage taxes,

19 $ $ 2.0-2.72, 4.20–4.24
Canal Zone; determination of tonnage, in connection with tolls for use of

Panama Canal, 35 $ $ 27.20–27.88
Towage of empty floating vessels (derricks, dredges, tanks, caissons, pontoons,

etc.) to and from shipyards by contract carriers by water, 49 § 315.2
Training vessels, for cadets, enrollees in Maritime Service, etc. See Coast

Guard; and Maritime Administration.
Transfers of vessels:

Documentation; customs regulations, 19 $ 3.32

Merchant vessels, approval, etc. See Maritime Administration.
United States Government vessels:

See also Army Department; and Naval vessels.
Arriving from foreign ports without commercial cargo; report of arrival,

manifest, etc., 19 § 4.5
Passengers' baggage on, 19 $$ 10.24, 10.25
Voyage data, for vessels operating under service agreement, 32A Chapter

War-built merchant vessels, charter, sale or transfer of, 46 Part 299
War risk insurance, for vessels and operators, 46 Part 308
War vessels; manufacture, export, etc. (licensing, registration, etc.), 22 $$ 75.17,

Water carriers in interstate commerce. See Interstate Commerce Commission.
Wrecked, lost, or stranded vessels of United States, duties of consular officers

respecting, 22 Part 131
Vesting orders, for vesting of property of certain aliens. See Alien Property, Office

Allied armed forces during World War II, veterans of; establishment of citi-

zenship for purpose of receiving veterans' educational benefits, 38 $ $ 21.20–

Benefits to; regulations respecting. See Veterans Administration.
Civil service regulations respecting employment in Federal service. See Civil

Service Commission.
Compensation or pension, claims for. See Veterans Administration.
Crop production loans to, by production credit associations, 6 $ 50.22
Disabled or handicapped veterans, special benefits for. See Veterans Ad-

Education and training:

Appeals respecting. See Veterans' Education Appeals Board.

Regulations. See Veterans Administration.
Employment of certain veterans in vocational rehabilitation programs, at

below minimum wages, 29 $ 524.5
Employment services to veterans (job counseling, placement, etc.); policies of

Secretary of Labor respecting, 20 Part 605
Farm ownership, soil and water conservation, and production and subsistence

loans, 6 $$ 301.21, 301.22, 311.3, 316.5, 316.6, 321.3, 321.6
Guaranty of loans on homes, farms, or business:
Guaranteed loans as qualified investments; regulations under Investment

Company Act of 1940, 17 $ 270.28b-1
Regulations for. See Veterans Administration.
Handicapped veterans, with service-connected disability:
Employment of, under vocational rehabilitation program administered by

Veterans Administration, 29 $ 524.5; 38 $ $ 21.290-21.293
Special benefits for. See Veterans Administration.
Hospital care, 38 Part 17

Admission to war and veterans housing projects, 24 $$ 340.2, 340.3, 350.2
Disposition of Federally owned war housing, 24 $ 340.5

Veterans' emergency housing program, 24 Part 350
Immigration regulations respecting children, and spouses of, 8 Parts 205, 206
Income tax regulations affecting members of armed forces. See Armed Forces

of United States.

Insane veterans, inmates of St. Elizabeth Hospital; handling of pension moneys

of, 42 Part 301
Legal services for, 38 88 13.400–13.402, Part 14
Life insuranace for. See Veterans Administration.
Medical care for, 38 Part 17
Naturalization of veterans; nationality regulations, 8 Part 329
Old-age and survivors insurance benefits for, 20 $$ 403.1001–403.1007, 404.1301–

Placement and counseling services for veterans; policies of United States Em-

ployment Service respecting, 20 $ $ 602.5, 603.6, 604.4
Public lands, veterans' rights to. See Land Management Bureau; and Recla-

mation Bureau.
Readjustment allowance programs, 38 $$ 36.5001–36.5009
Selective Service classification and registration, 32 $ $ 1611.4, 1622.40, 1622.64,

Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944:

Loan guaranty to veterans under. See Veterans Administration.

States, allotment of funds to, for admistration, 20 $ 601.7
Social security benefits; payment to survivors of certain deceased veterans,

20 $ $ 403.1001–403.1007, 404.1301-404.1362
Subsistence allowances, in on-the-job training program, not to be used to offset

wages, 29 $ 778.24
Unemployment Compensation for, in various states, etc.; regulations imple-

menting Title IV of Veterans Readjustment Act, 20 Parts 606, 607, 608
Veterans' organizations:

Blank ammunition for, for use in national cemeteries, 32 $ 553.8

Loan of beds, barracks, etc., to, for use at conventions, 32 & 621.1
Vocational rehabilitation programs:

Employment of veterans at below minimum wages, 29 $ 542.5
Manpower policy respecting vocational assistance to men being released

from armed forces, 32A Chapter I, DMP 11
Regulations respecting vocational rehabilitation. See Veterans Adminis-


Veterans Administration:
Adjusted compensation (adjusted service pay and adjusted service certificates),

38 Parts 10, 11

Designation, change, etc., 38 $$ 10.15–10.18

Payments to. See under Payments.
Certification to execution of "demand for payment” forms, 38 $ 10.20
Claims of various dependents, 38 $ $ 10.29–10.47

Children, 38 $ $ 10.38–10.43
Parents, 38 $ $ 10.31-10.35, 10.44

Widow, 38 $$ 10.30, 10.36, 10.37, 10.45

Act, 38 $ 10.27
Child, 38 $ 10.41
Director, 38 $ 10.27
Veteran, 38 $ 10.27

Widow, 38 $ 10.45

Claims of. See Claims.

Payments to. See under Payments.
Entitlement of veterans to adjusted service pay, 38 $ 10.0
Loans by banks on adjusted service certificate, 38 Part 11
Application for payment of certificates:

Under Adjusted Compensation Act of 1936, 38 $ $ 11.109–11.117
Under World War Adjusted Compensation Act, as amended, 38

$$ 11.125–11.130
Federal Reserve banks; rediscount of notes secured by adjusted service

certificates, 38 $ 11.81

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